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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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21 hours ago, Bombadil said:

Of all of the psychotic agendas being played out in the west this has to be in the top three, or so,if not number one. You can argue ignorance much like with many other agendas such as CV, great reset etc. But this is children being directly affected, backed by the vast majority of people. The levels of psychopathy involved in creating and implementing this agenda are a giant leap past Nazi Germany.


yeah so there are a few things i would say about this topic. First of all how can a child of three know that it is born in the wrong body? It can't. So what you are looking at there is a parent or parents who have taken that child to the clinic and told the doctors there to transition it. Now if the doctors had been responsible human beings they would have told that parent(s) that a person so young is not in a place of maturity through which they can make such a life altering choice and that they must leave


But clearly there are doctors within the system who for whatever reason are willing to be evil. They might be ideologically driven for example they might be neo-marxists or they might be occultists for example satanists or they might just be people who can drown out their conscience with money. But those people are out there, in the system and are protected and enabled by our government and its apparatus.


So that's the first point. The second point is that i think that we are being exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals that are affecting us on a hormonal level because these chemicals are being put into countless products by cabal owned corporations. once again this is enabled and protected by the state which is supposed to be 'regulating' these sorts of things. These gender bending chemicals are affecting people in all kinds of ways and are destroying fertility and the ability for men and women to hook up and have children and in order to conceal this from the public i believe the cabal has pushed the whole trans-agenda as a way to normalise the sabotage of peoples physiology.


So now if anyone asks why there are so many children presenting with gender identity issues that person will not be met with an understanding agreement that some sort of urgent investigation is warranted but instead will be attacked and decried as some sort of bigot


Another aspect is that there seems to be a link between autism and gender confusion which should lead any rational person and society to ask questions about what is autism and what is causing it but once again in the same way they promote trans-pride they promote autism-pride so that anyone asking those questions will once again be painted into a corner as some sort of small minded, hateful person who is clearly not on board with the 'we're all in it together', state worshipping, rainbow bandwagon/juggernaut


Also as well as neo-marxist, virtue signalling parents who want to have a trans child as if it is some sort of status symbol that they can signal their virtue to the rainbow world through like some sort of gucci handbag fashion accessory there are also neo-marxists in the schools shoving rainbow poison down the childrens throats leading to confusion, especially amongst the increasingly gender bended and 'autistic' young. None of which has anything to do with numeracy and literacy which are both crashing



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"Where Meritocracy Goes To Die" - DEI Is 'Racist, Bigoted, Collective Punishment'

by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 09, 2024 - 02:40 PM

In case you missed it, the topic of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies has been smashed back to top-of-mind recently as two billionaires battle in public over the benefits (or detriments) of corporate DEI efforts.

Mark Cuban (fighting out of the virtue-signaling pro-DEI corner) did not like Elon Musk's (pro-meritocracy, anti-DEI) criticism of diversity goals set by United Airlines pilot-training academy. The airline wanted its academy to have "50% of enrolled students who are women and/or people of color."

Musk wrote on X:

"The airline industry can't find enough qualified pilots even without insane DEI requirements!"

Cuban snapped back:

"Once they graduate, it's a multi-year process to have an OPPORTUNITY to pilot for United,"

"Since I'm a nice guy and want you to be fully informed, I'll share with you the benefit of the 60 seconds I spent looking for how the program works. BTW, looks like multiple layers of merit-based evaluations before they can fly for United…," Cuban continued while attaching a link to the academy's website.

Musk was not impressed and replied to another user on X, that:

"Mark Cuban is a racist."

Adding (rather humorously) that "The only way to prove he is not racist AND sexist is to put an Asian woman and a white woman on his basketball team!" reiterating his suggestion for Cuban's (former) NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks.


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Major US companies gave 94% of new jobs to people of color in 2021, report says

by tts-admin | Jan 9, 2024 | 6 comments

Jackson Walker – abc15 News Sept 27, 2023

Of the more than 323,000 jobs added to the U.S. workforce by major companies in 2021, 94% went to people of color, according to Bloomberg.

The data stems from an analysis of 88 workforce demographic reports submitted to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by S&P 100 companies. The companies include industry giants Apple, Wells Fargo and Walmart.

Of the 88 companies, which employ a combined 9 million people, 74 saw an increase in the number of workers of color from 2020 to 2021.

White workers accounted for 20,524 jobs or just 6%, while people of color accounted for 300,000 jobs. Hispanic individuals accounted for the most hires with 40%, followed by Black and Asian people with 23% and 22% respectively.

The shift followed public commitments by several of these companies in 2020 to hire more people of color, according to Bloomberg. Microsoft promised to double its number of Black managers and senior leaders in the U.S. by 2025, while Amazon said it would double its number of Black vice presidents and directors.

Multiple companies, including Nike, also joined OneTen, a nonprofit coalition which strives to get 1 million Black employees middle-class jobs within a decade.

Much of the workers of color accounted for in Bloomberg’s analysis were added to fill position in lower-level roles, such as sales and labor. Those same roles also subtracted more than 18,000 White workers.

Hiring decisions for executive positions were seemingly more balanced, as 1,300 workers of color were added compared to 1,000 White.

At major companies that lost employees, 68.5% were White workers compared to 16.5% Black, 9.7% Hispanic and 2.3% Asian. At Nike, 1,000 White employees left the company.

Bloomberg noted that some of these decisions may have already been undone following significant job cuts due to economic slowing and backlash against corporate diversity initiatives. Broader societal trends may also be at play in these numbers, the publication suggested, such as a significant number of White employees retiring during the pandemic.

Efforts aimed at promoting diversity in workplaces have received backlash nationwide. Late last year, Texas A&M University was sued over a hiring practice which allegedly discriminated against White and Asian male applicants seeking employment opportunities at the school.

Courtesy Les Visible


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Multicultural Americans to become majority population by 2050: Report

by Cheyanne M. Daniels - 01/17/24 9:00 AM ET

A new analysis has found that minority Americans will make up the majority of the nation’s population by 2050. 

Using data from the American Community Survey, Collage Group found that since 2021, America’s multicultural population has increased by nearly 4 million.


About 192.2 million white Americans make up about 58 percent of the population. Black, Hispanic, Asian and other races account for about 141.1 million Americans, according to the group’s report.

By 2050, Hispanic Americans are expected to have the most population growth — an increase of about 6 percent — while the white population is expected to decrease by about 11 percent. 

“The growth in Multicultural populations in the U.S. means these segments wield immense influence. Their desire for diverse perspectives and a deep understanding of their cultural identity by brands and organizations will be ever more critical in the future,” Sudipti Kumar, director of multicultural Insights at Collage Group, told The Hill in a statement.

The reasons behind the changes vary. For instance, the growth in the Asian American population is mostly attributed to immigration, the report said.  

The report also broke down different characteristics and viewpoints of the growing multicultural population, and these population changes could impact political outcomes.

More than 30 percent each of Hispanic, Black and Asian Americans reported that they identify as liberal in their political views. Black Americans were most likely to say so, with 37 percent identifying as liberal. 


But the demographic change also could mean an increase in the need for foreign language services.

While most Hispanics speak English proficiently, more than two-thirds speak Spanish at home. Nine percent of Black Americans speak non-English at home, and 68 percent of Asian Americans speak a non-English language at home. 

The growth is spurring a cultural transformation faster than originally projected, and brands will now need to speak to cultural diversity at “an even more granular and nuanced level,” said Jenny Wolski, Senior Analyst of Cultural Insights at Collage Group. 


“Americans are expecting this interaction from brands and at a higher rate,” said Wolski. “Moreover, such engagement is what will set brands apart from others and help resonate with the diversifying American population.”

Despite the increasing multiculturalism in America, the report found that Black Americans are particularly affected by systemic inequalities. 

Both Hispanics and Black Americans are least likely to have earned a bachelor’s degree and earn less than the total population median. 


Asian Americans and white Americans are most likely to own their own homes, and Asian Americans are the highest-earning demographic of all races and ethnicities.


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As the US border Crisis Worsens So Too Do Europe’s Migration Figures.

January 30, 2024 5:55 pm by CWR

by Chris Black

At least 275,000 illegal migrants crossed into Europe in 2023 (www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/eu-migration-policy/), the highest figure since 2016.

In Sweden net migration is expected to be 120,000 for 2023 (www.scb.se/en/finding-statistics/statistics-by-subject-area/population/population-projections/population-projections/pong/tables-and-graphs/immigration-and-emigration-by-sex-and-country-of-birth-and-projection/).

In a country of just 10 million people, only 7 million of whom are ethnic Swedes.

Germany’s foreign population is projected to have grown by 532,000 people. (www.oecd-ilibrary.org/social-issues-migration-health/international-migration-outlook-2023_214b39be-en)

While in the UK more than 800,000 non-White immigrants arrived in 2023. (migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/resources/briefings/long-term-international-migration-flows-to-and-from-the-uk/)

Whether it be illegally crossing a border or legal immigration via a visa, demographic change is swamping numerous White countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Jewish nonprofit HIAS accused of using $105 million in taxpayer money to import huge numbers of non-White immigrants to America
02/06/2024 // Laura Harris
A Jewish nonprofit organization has been accused of receiving over $105 million in taxpayer dollars in 2023 to import massive numbers of non-White immigrants to the United States.


The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), a Jewish-American nonprofit established in 1881, has a history rooted in aiding the resettlement of Russian Jewish immigrants fleeing antisemitic persecution. Over the years, the organization has expanded its mission to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees of all backgrounds globally.


According to an investigation conducted by Red Ice and published on Telegram, the $105 million that HIAS received contributed to the "invasion" and will help turn White Americans into a minority in their own country.


"HIAS received $105 million of US taxpayer money in 2023 alone. This is how they are funding the invasion that is turning European-American children into a minority in their own country," the multimedia company posted on Jan. 23.


HIAS and other globalist NGOs contribute to the "Great Replacement"

Jose Nino wrote for Big League Politics that HIAS is one of the many international nonprofits and non-government organizations actively working to speed up the "Great Replacement" and the introduction of a new non-White majority population in the United States.


"In a proper nationalist polity, such NGOs must have their power and influence greatly reduced. Their very presence allows for the political class to continue to import millions of foreigners to the West and predominantly European polities on an annual basis," he argued.


"Great Replacement," a theory that can be traced back to the early 20th century through French writer Renaud Camus, argued that leftist and Jewish elites are orchestrating the ethnic and cultural replacement of White populations with non-White immigrants, ultimately leading to the displacement and "genocide" of White people.


According to the theory of Camus, immigration from Africa and the Middle East will lead to the extinction of the native White European race. The narrative is considered antisemitic by mainstream academia.


A study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) backed his claim when it found that the foreign-born population in the U.S. has reached an all-time high of 49.5 million since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021. Immigration from South America (28 percent increase), Central America (25 percent increase), Sub-Saharan Africa (21 percent increase), the Caribbean (20 percent increase) and the Middle East (14 percent) has surged. The CIS estimates that over half of this increase, around 2.5 million, can be attributed to illegal immigration. (Related: They’re taking over: IMMIGRANTS now make up 15% of total U.S. population.)


"The scale of immigration is so high that it appears to have made the new Census Bureau population projections, published on Nov. 9 of this year, obsolete," the report stated.


CIS Director of Research Steven A. Camarota and CIS Demographer Karen Zeigler suggest that if current immigration trends persist, the foreign-born population could reach nearly 59 million, exceeding 17 percent of the total population by the end of Biden's second term in December 2028, if he were re-elected.


This trend contributes to the controversial ideology of "The Great Replacement."


Visit InvasionUSA.news for more updates on illegal immigration in America.


Watch the video below as Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) decries the Biden administration's new migrant policies.


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WATCH: Leaked Internal Footage of Senior Officials at Federal Aviation Administration Reveals Plan to Reduce Number of White Males in Aviation


The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh released internal footage of senior officials at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Program Operations division working on a plan to reduce the number of white males in aviation.

BREAKING: I’ve obtained internal footage of senior officials at the FAA’s Flight Program Operations division — which is responsible for all aspects of aircraft operations — workshopping a plan to reduce the number of white males in aviation.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) February 7, 2024


According to Matt Walsh: The footage, which is from April 2022, begins with FAA acting deputy chief operating officer Angela McCullough saying more workers need to go from “ramp to cockpit,” meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilots.




2/ The footage begins with FAA acting deputy chief operating officer Angela McCullough saying more workers need to go from “ramp to cockpit,” meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilots. pic.twitter.com/2KAeHNcJA2

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) February 7, 2024


Angela McCullough complained that Flight Operations is “white-male dominated” and told the managers they need to “talk about what the future could look like.”


3/ As the meeting goes on, McCullough declares that it’s important to “get a little uncomfortable.” She complains that Flight Operations is “white-male dominated” and tells the managers they need to “talk about what the future could look like.” pic.twitter.com/cZCSAluWyN

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) February 7, 2024


The FAA’s Vice President of Flight Operations David ‘Wil’ Riggins agreed with Angela McCullough that there are too many white men in aviation. 

“That’s great, honestly. Those are some words that we really need to spend some time digging through and thinking about,” Riggins said.

4/ In response, David ‘Wil’ Riggins, the FAA’s Vice President of Flight Program Operations, says, “That’s great, honestly. Those are some words that we really need to spend some time digging through and thinking about.” pic.twitter.com/pDftSZZQc5

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) February 7, 2024


The aviation industry’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) hiring practices are putting the public in danger.

Last month a large piece of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX blew out in mid-air.

The plane door flew off amid Boeing’s focus on (DEI) hiring practices over a passenger’s safety.

Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening. https://t.co/FcTyzZD0uW

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 10, 2024


According to a new report released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday, the door panel that blew out had no bolts installed.

Furthermore, the faulty door plug was manufactured by Spirit AeroSystems in Malaysia.

Sleep well, America.


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Irish doctor who highlights 5.3 million adverse reactions to covid injections is labelled as “far-right” and “anti-vaccination”

More than five million adverse reactions were logged, a total of 5,286,822 in just three years of covid vaccine circulation. For comparison, the GP checked out results for Amoxicillin, a commonly used penicillin antibiotic.

The website, an affiliate site to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is vigiaccess.org.

“Everyone’s had amoxicillin, babies have it, dogs have it. If you look up amoxicillin, you’ll get 160,000 reported adverse events over 52 years.

“Now if you put in covid vaccine, and bear in mind that it’s one in a hundred of these events that gets reported and the covid vaccines have been around for three years. And this is on WHO’s own website. There are 5,25 million adverse events recorded.

“I don’t see the WHO saying anything about that,” Dr. Ralph said.

The adverse reactions logged on VigiAccess show that more adverse events occurred in Europe than anywhere else in the world and that females sustained a rate of injury almost twice that of males.


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WEF Proposes Ban on Gardening

February 15, 2024 10:00 pm by CWR

The globalist overlords are attempting to block every option we have to remain independent from government tyranny. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has proposed a full ban on homegrown food, citing their favorite excuse – climate change.

That’s right, the WEF believes that home gardening is destroying the planet. “The impact on the environment is almost five times higher at 0.34kg per portion for individual gardens, such as vegetable patches or allotments,” they stated, alluding to a study by the University of Michigan that was funded by the very people supporting this agenda. “The carbon footprint of homegrown foods is five times greater than produce from conventional agricultural practices, such as rural farms, data show.”
Fruit is apparently 8.6 times more eco-friendly when grown by government-controlled agencies, and vegetables are 5.8 times safer for the planet when grown under the same conditions. Tomatoes and asparagus were the only produce they identified as safe to grow at home. “We find that urban farmers and gardeners can reduce their net impact by focusing on foods that are high-carbon in conventional agriculture,” one of the study’s researchers claims. Obviously, all of this is absolutely ABSURD.

The elites want complete control over our food supply. They have already implemented numerous regulations to prevent people from hunting and fishing. Now, they demand that we peasants cease gardening at home and use studies they are funding as examples.

Ironically, the US government and others were promoting at-home gardening, such as “Victory Gardens,” during the last World War when food supplies were diminished. The people will be easier to control when they are hungry and weak. The globalists feel the need to control us in every aspect of life. Any agency associated with the World Economic Forum is not to be trusted, and the governments who comply with their demands are traitors who want to watch society crumble.


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14 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

WEF Proposes Ban on Gardening


And then the councils will have an excuse to close down all the allotments and sell the land for more blocks of flats for the migrants. They're already advertising in my local area for people to put up migrants in their homes but of course there'll never be enough space. 

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1 minute ago, Campion said:


And then the councils will have an excuse to close down all the allotments and sell the land for more blocks of flats for the migrants. They're already advertising in my local area for people to put up migrants in their homes but of course there'll never be enough space. 


increase the population while reducing the food = 'behavioural sink'

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Over 100% of the Increase in Employment Since 2020 is Foreign Born

February 16, 2024 8:53 pm by CWR

via Mike Shedlock

US-born employment is lower now than it was in January of 2020. Foreign-born workers make up over 100 percent of the employment gains.


The Center for Immigration Studies reports Compared to 2019, All Employment Growth Has Gone to the Foreign-Born

Comparing the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2023 shows 2.7 million more people working in the United States — 2.9 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) and 183,000 fewer U.S.-born Americans. Since the depths of the Covid Recession in 2020 employment has increased for both groups. But the number of U.S.-born workers has not made it back to the 2019 pre-Covid level. Equally important, the share of working-age, U.S.-born men without a bachelor’s not in the labor force deteriorated in the decades prior to 2019, and the rate in the fourth quarter of 2023 was lower still. These individuals do not show up as unemployed because they have not looked for a job in the four weeks prior to the survey. The long-term decline in the labor force participation rate of less-educated men is linked to serious social problems, from suicide and crime to drug overdoses and social isolation.

This analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies is based on the Current Population Survey (CPS), collected by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We focus on the peak years of prior economic expansions (2000, 2006, and 2019) as well as 2023 because it is the most recent quarterly data available. Immigrants (legal and illegal together) in the CPS are often referred to as the “foreign-born” and include all persons who were not U.S. citizens at birth — primarily naturalized citizens, lawful permanent residents, long-term temporary visitors (e.g. guestworkers), and illegal immigrants.


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EU Committee Passes Migration Pact Dubbed the “Soros Plan” – Will Result in Massive Wave of Migrants Storming the EU Borders

by tts-admin | Feb 17, 2024

The European Parliament’s LIBE Committee passed a new migration pact earlier this week. The plan for mass migration into the continent is being called “the Soros plan” and “the suicide of Europe.”

Evidently, US politicians are not alone in their quest for national suicide. It’s the entire Western civilized world.

Modernity News reported:

The EU has passed a migration pact dubbed “the suicide of Europe” which could lead to the continent being flooded with as many as 75 million new migrants.

The European Parliament’s LIBE committee passed the act on Wednesday, which formalizes the distribution of migrants to member states and punishes those that refuse to take them.

Because cultural enrichment and diversity is “our greatest strength,” countries that try to maintain their national identity without being subsumed by migrants will be hit with severe financial penalties.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of National Rally’s parliamentary wing, previously said the pact would lead to “the suicide of Europe,” adding that it was a deal with the devil and represents an “organized plan of submersion of Europe and the nations which compose it.”

It appears that 93-year-old George Soros is doing his best to destroy, not just America, but the continent of Europe before he passes.


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Microsoft Brags That It Pays White Employees Less Than Non-White Employees Despite ‘Same Job Title’

Microsoft bragged that it pays its white employees less than non-white employees who are employed in similar roles in a diversity report touting the company’s “pay equity” agenda.

The admission came from the tech giant’s 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report, which outlines the company’s loyalty to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda.

“All racial and ethnic minority groups who are rewards eligible combined earn $1.007 total pay for every $1.000 earned by US rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure,” the Microsoft report, first reported on X, brags.


Former Google Employee Says He Was Told He Couldn't Be Promoted 'For Being a White Man'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 23, 2024

Former Google employee Shaun Maguire revealed Thursday night on Twitter that he was told by Google that he could not be promoted because he's "a white man."

Fuck it,

This happened at Google

That company is an absolute trash can dumpster fire https://t.co/JP2bpa99mT

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) February 23, 2024

He first teased the story in Dec 2023 but went public in the wake of Google facing tremendous public backlash for programming their AI "Gemini" to erase white people.

Should I go public with the story about the time I was told I can’t be promoted for being a white man?

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) December 16, 2023


“I’m really not supposed to tell you this. It could get me fired.

But you’re one of the highest performing people here but I can’t promote you right now because I have a quota. My hands are tied. You’ll get the next slot. Please be patient. I’m really sorry.”

— Google https://t.co/0I7bmWmPIu

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) February 23, 2024


Gemini is the tip of the iceberg

They need to fix the bias in their culture which trickles down into all of their products

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) February 23, 2024

Maguire also signaled he's looking to sue Google for anti-white discrimination:

Hit me up

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) February 23, 2024

Elon Musk said Thursday that he's "glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all."

I’m glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 23, 2024

Google has shown the entire world that they're anti-white.


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"Google's AI chatbot just erased white people from human history," wrote Mike Solana over at Pirate Wires.




When the white race has been eradicated through miscegenation, AI will erase all records of our history, cullture and very existence for future generations.


People will believe the world was always exclusively black and sadly, black people are already eagerly buying into this BS, because it empowers them.


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16 hours ago, dumbcritic said:

I guess I'm already on a list.




So far the extremist list has 5 organisations on it, 3 Muslim and 2 far-right although it may face a legal challenge.  




One thing which struck me is how the definition mentions our 'fundamental rights and freedoms'. So what exactly are those? Do we have them written down in our constitution or a bill of rights somewhere? If so then it gives us the chance to draw a line and push back at the intrusions into our 'rights' when the ptb themselves infringe them. 


Of course if there are no legally recognised fundamental rights and freedoms then the new definition is meaningless. 


Also the point about replacing our democratic system could mean that campaigns to change our voting system, for example replacing first-past-the-post with proportional representation, could fall under the definition of extremism.  

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40 minutes ago, Campion said:

One thing which struck me is how the definition mentions our 'fundamental rights and freedoms'. 


It wasn't so long ago that 'fundamentalism' was the target of liberals, such as fundamentalist Christians and Muslims. Curious that the f word has surfaced again here. 

Also use of the word 'permissive' in a negative way, when we we supposed to have transitioned into a liberal 'permissive society' since the 1960s. 


It's like a form of cognitive dissonance going on here. 

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Musk: AI could kill to push diversity

March 17, 2024 8:01 am by CWR

“If an AI is programmed to push for diversity at all costs, as Google Gemini was, then it will do whatever it can to cause that outcome, potentially even killing people”

A friend of mine suggested that I clarify the nature of the danger of woke AI, especially forced diversity.

If an AI is programmed to push for diversity at all costs, as Google Gemini was, then it will do whatever it can to cause that outcome, potentially even killing people.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 15, 2024


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  • By 2050, 75 per cent of the world's fertility rates will not sustain population size 

Three in four countries face the threat of 'underpopulation' by 2050, researchers warned today. 


Terrifying threat of 'underpopulation' is laid bare as startling maps reveal how 75% of countries are facing baby busts by 2050

By Chris Pollard For The Daily Mail and Emily Stearn, Health Reporter For Mailonline23:30, 20 Mar 2024 , updated 23:42, 20 Mar 2024

View gallery
  • 64shares

Three in four countries face the threat of 'underpopulation' by 2050, researchers warned today. 


By 2100 this could even rise to 97 per cent of all nations, following current trends.


Researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) warned the global fertility rate — the number of children born per woman — is plummeting, leaving the world at risk of economic collapse. 

The problem is particularly acute in wealthy nations. 

In the UK, the birth rate is predicted to fall to 1.3 children per woman of childbearing age by 2100, well below the replacement level of 2.1 children — the number each woman would need to have, on average, to replace both parents.

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It's possible that the West is relatively peaceful, refined Western values to an extent are more developed and instilled within the population, hence the elite are trying to change the demographics to make it as chaotic as everywhere else. Else it's just opportunistic because they can get away with diluting the barriers between cultures because people want to move to the West and white privilege. There's an intentional erasure of the culture happening in India which started with Islamic invasions and colonialism under European Christianity. The left demonizes Hindus within India, the caste system is justified as a reason to abolish Hinduism. The Church funds Christian missionairies in India, and they work together with the left, and many Indians themselves go on with it due to the inferiority complex instilled through colonialism. Many Hindus think by denigrating Hinduism they'll gain a high status in the West. They're not trying to reduce the white population, but either changing the culture or diluting it

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