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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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Chief borders inspector ‘frustrated’ by cancelled meetings with Priti Patel

The chief inspector of borders and immigration has said he is “disappointed” and “frustrated” that he has not been able to meet the Home Secretary since taking up the role more than a year ago.

David Neal, independent chief inspector of borders and immigration, said he has asked to speak to Priti Patel on a number of occasions since he was appointed in March 2021.

But five or six pre-arranged meetings have been cancelled, he told the Home Affairs Committee.




Because its all bullshit.


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On 6/7/2022 at 8:47 AM, skitzorat said:

Five jewish Books Created for Tyrannical Global Domination and Destruction of the White Race


Five Jewish Books

by Ben Klassen, 1973

These books are: 

  1. The Old Testament. It has been a powerful instrument in uniting the jewish race. 
  2. The New Testament. It was written to confuse and confound the Romans in particular, and the White Race in general. It has been devastatingly effective. 
  3. The Talmud. It was compiled over several centuries to give the jews a Code of Laws to live by and a formula by which they could successfully destroy the “Goyim”, i.e., the White Race. 
  4. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This was a modern distilled-essence of the principles scattered throughout the Talmud but concentrated and brought up to date. 
  5. Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. Together these two are the foundation and program for turning the Gentile peoples of the world into an organized jewish slave labor camp. This program has already been successfully executed in Russia, Cuba, China and dozens of other countries now under the jewish heel. 



Out of the 24 Protocols below, only one of them can actually defeat us ... if we're not careful. Can you guess which one it is? 
Deep down, many have known the answer all along.

Who are the Elders?
Protocol I The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II Economic Wars
Protocol III Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV Materialism Replace Religion
Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII Provisional Government
Protocol IX Re-education
Protocol X Preparing for Power
Protocol XI The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII Control of the Press
Protoco XIII Distractions
Protocol XIV Assault on Religion
Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI Brainwashing
Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX Rulers and People
Protocol XX Financial Programme
Protocol XXI Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler

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It's not Biden, it's the dual-citizens which make up his cabinet.



Researchers at the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed monthly Census Bureau data, finding that, as of April, about 47 million foreign-born residents reside in the U.S. This is “the largest number ever recorded in any U.S. government survey or decennial census,” as researchers note.




All going to plan......




The future of whiteness

The aging white population, alongside a more youthful minority population, especially in the case of Latinos, will result in the U.S. becoming a majority-minority country in around 2044.

The demographic shift in the U.S. has resulted in many whites proclaiming that they are losing their country, and that they already are or will soon become a minority group.





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5 hours ago, The OC said:

only one of them can actually defeat us ... if we're not careful. Can you guess which one it is?

not sure which one, but I would say 12. Control the Press has had, and continues to have, the most devastating impact on not just the raw population numbers of the White Genocide and decline; think advertising from 60s of birth control to the media coverup of the huge amount of immigrant on white violent crimes (UK/Europe)


(*note her murderer wasn't a Somali she was an Albanian (muslim))





and black on white (US.)




- to the complete debasement of our culture:


see Allen Ginsberg





or perhaps something a bit more modern.



It's like they shot in the knees and then they laugh as they piss on us as we lie there dying. It's all about the humiliation. It's a sick twisted Talmudic revenge.

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Don’t you just hate when “teens” (which has now replaced "urban youth" from yesteryear,) commit vicious assaults and murders?

This race of “teens” sure have caused our society(s) to become a dangerous hell-hole(s) (all white countries, US/UK/Europe/Canada/Aus/NZ)

The media participates in a campaign of damage control, wherein violent crimes are always reported in a way to emphasize white perpetrators and black victims, even though victimizations are much more likely to be in the other direction. When the races of violent crimes are actually reported, we can be reliably certain that the crimes conveniently fit the narrative. Otherwise, the racial makeup is obscured. The "White Supremacy" and "systemic racism" narratives must be maintained at all cost.


When Teens Attack 1.30







"Crew of robbers" Lol they'll do anything to not say "black gang"

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On 6/8/2022 at 7:11 PM, skitzorat said:

Report: Germany Averages Two Gang Rapes A Day

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to make sure every white woman in Germany gets culturally enriched by the Muslim savages she imported is working. “Foreigners”—meaning Muslim migrants—are gang-raping two women every day. Look out, American women. Let’s Go Brandon has dumped more than 70,000 into towns and cities near you.

“677 gang rapes were recorded in 2021, a massive increase from around 300 in 2018,” Dan Lyman of InfoWars Europe reported, citing German newspapers  [Germany Averaging Nearly Two Gang Rapes Daily as More Than Half of Suspects ‘Foreign,’ June 2, 2022].



More than 50 knife attacks every day in Germany


German police authorities recorded around 20,000 knife attacks last year. That is an average of more than 50 attacks per day, notes Junge Freiheit. The highest number of 5,411 happened in North Rhine-Westphalia, a query from Welt am Sonntag to the interior ministers of the federal states revealed.

In second place comes Berlin, with 2,593 knife attacks. In Lower Saxony, there were 2,377. Only the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania did not provide any figures. In total, at least 100 people died in such incidents.





Eyewitnesses say rampage was deliberate.


"car crash"



"car ploughs into crowds"



Gay Pride Parade in Germany Attacked by “Men of Southern Origin”



A gay pride parade in Germany was attacked by a group of young men of “southern origin,” a euphemistic term authorities usually deploy to describe Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.


Around 30 men of “southern origin” attacked the pride parade, setting fire to a rainbow flag and physically attacking the participants.



Father of Swedish Child Islamic Terror Victim Says Her Stockholm Grave Has Been Desecrated Over 100 Times

Ebba Åkerlund’s grave vandalized yet again.



Part and parcel. Thoughts and prayers. Mentally illness. Lone wolf.  Diversity is our strength.


We need stronger vehicle control



The vehicle responsible for the latest diversity incident in Berlin. Vehicle control advocates have for years described vehicles similar to this as “assault-style vehicles”.


Cultural Status: Enriched.

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8 hours ago, skitzorat said:

not sure which one, but I would say 12. Control the Press has had, and continues to have, the most devastating impact on not just the raw population numbers of the White Genocide and decline; think advertising from 60s of birth control to the media coverup of the huge amount of immigrant on white violent crimes (UK/Europe)


No, it's not Control of the press


You live in the States? 

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3 minutes ago, The OC said:


No, it's not Control of the press


You live in the States? 

I meant to say,


Not sure which one [can actually defeat us] but controlling the press has had the most impact.....





New Zealand...


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10 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

I meant to say,


Not sure which one [can actually defeat us] but controlling the press has had the most impact.....





New Zealand...



I've met a few kiwis in my city. Some very down to earth people.


There is only one that [can actually defeat us] but not everyone can see it.

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*knock, knock*
Special delivery for Spain!!


Biden announces new plan to deport migrants to SPAIN as he blasts 'dangerous' migration


If it's not Trump telling Europeans to take back ISIS fighters, it's Biden sending us a special delivery. smh

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Throughout history, the White race of Europe was always the Jews' biggest rival for world power.
The Zionists want us out of the way, so they can build their paradise (hell) on earth.










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PETER HITCHENS: Glasto's too white? Rwanda too tough? I have the solution...

By Peter Hitchens for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 22:06 BST, 18 June 2022 | Updated: 22:06 BST, 18 June 2022


Sir Lenny Henry worries about the lack of black and brown faces at the Glastonbury Festival. He says: ‘It’s interesting to watch Glastonbury and look at the audience and not see any black people there. I’m always surprised by the lack of black and brown faces at festivals.’

And he has a very serious point. Events such as Glastonbury and the even more self-admiring Hay Literary Festival are summer pilgrimage sites for the Liberal Elite. They go to them to admire each other and themselves. There they are, ageless, virtuous, fashionable, open-minded, or at least that is what they think. But they are also, undoubtedly, as Sir Lenny says they are. And he is absolutely entitled to be worried about it.


No doubt the organisers of these events feel bad about the problem that Sir Lenny has identified, and wish to put it right. Well, I have an instant solution. Instead of sending cross-Channel dinghy migrants to Rwanda on expensive aircraft, why not bus them instead to Glastonbury? The vast sums saved, in transport costs and legal fees, could be used to erect good-quality housing and provide food and other necessities, while also paying for them to have free tickets to the festival. No doubt they would enjoy it greatly. There, they and the Liberal Elite can make each other’s acquaintance in friendly and relaxed conditions. Once the event is over, the migrants could be housed permanently on the site, unless they had all by then been invited to share the homes of festival-goers. The mingling of migrants and elite could become a regular event.


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On 6/13/2022 at 1:32 PM, WM35 said:


Throughout history, the White race of Europe was always the Jews' biggest rival for world power.
The Zionists want us out of the way, so they can build their paradise (hell) on earth.











The jews don't allow us to use this term anymore but a better term for the "White race" is Aryan.


I think we need to start being more provocateurs (where it's legally allowed) and push back.

For example, there is no such thing as judeo-Christainity, but there are such things as:




slap that shyte on everything....


I think it's WAY past time we stopped listening to what the jews tell us and our children about OUR ancestors and start listening to what our ancestors said about the jews! 

Edited by skitzorat
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On 6/19/2022 at 11:17 PM, Macnamara said:

PETER HITCHENS: Glasto's too white? Rwanda too tough? I have the solution...

I'm sure being a Scot you would have seen this, but I was reminded of it just now.


My Granny would be turning in her grave hearing someone who, while not being *quote my Granny* "as black as the ace of spades," is clearly not ethnically Scot, say this with such jaw dropping bravado.







96% of Scotland needs to stop working in the civil service. 


It's actually hilarious at this point, but I feel sorry for the children:

'Scottish pupils are now going to be taught that the Loch Ness Monster is anti-Scottish'


- you hear that kids, Nesse is offensive!


I saw Wales was being attacked a while back because their native language isn't inclusive enough:




but I now read they've signed up to be "anti-racist":



so the Welsh, just like the Scots, the English and the Irish, will have their opportunity to redeem their Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-ness soon enough. Nothing a horde of young middle eastern and African men can't fix.

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Their schools compulsively tell White children how awful it is to be White, how White people enjoy unearned “privilege,” how they benefit from “systems” put in place by and for White people for the sole purpose of oppressing “people of colour.”

Plagued by guilt, the children—almost all of them girls—rush to the sanctuary of “LGBTQ+” identity. Once there, they are turned into hero status. According to Patricia, some teachers at her daughter’s school are more forgiving toward “queer” and “trans” kids who hand in their homework late.



The Assault on Children’s Psyches

California’s ethnic-studies curriculum is fuelling a mental-health crisis among teenagers.

Leor Sapir

June 20, 2022



Chanting and invoking Satanic bloodthirsty Aztec gods probably doesn't help much either.

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On 6/22/2022 at 11:47 AM, skitzorat said:

My Granny would be turning in her grave hearing someone who, while not being *quote my Granny* "as black as the ace of spades," is clearly not ethnically Scot, say this with such jaw dropping bravado.



He is intolerant of white people


There are many countries he can go and live in to be part of a demographic majority but instead he has chosen to live in a country that is a white demographic majority and intends to beat everyone round the head with his own racial agenda


to people like him with a race consciousness EVERYTHING is about race and because he then militantly pursues a racial agenda to force change on places that are demographically white majorities he then foments a race consciousness in everyone else too because now we (white people) are being told that our existence is not acceptable


A far easier solution here would be for him to leave me alone in my native land and for him (the person with the problem) to find somewhere he can be happy because i will NOT apologise for existing


i wouldn't move to pakisthan and then start complaining that everyone there was brown because that would be a dickmove

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Almost All 5,000 Gang Members In Sweden Are Either 1st- Or 2nd-Generation Migrants

by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2022 - 07:00 AM

By Denes Albert of Remix News

The urban crime gangs dominating Swedish cities are almost exclusively made up of immigrants, according to Amir Rostami, a leading criminologist and professor who based his findings on police data.

In Sweden, the number of gang-related crimes is increasing every year, and as a result of mass and uncontrolled immigration, the authorities are losing control over more and more areas where migrant gangs are taking power.

“It is not enough for many immigrants to come to Sweden from a less developed country and enjoy the benefits. They want excitement and want to get rich quickly,” says criminologist Rostami.

Rostami has divided these gang members into two categories. Disorganized criminals are mostly made up of slightly younger members between 20 and 25 years old who have poorer impulse control, less education, and are primarily dealing with weapons and drugs. Then, there are the slightly more mature, rational, and better educated members who are involved in more extensive criminal networks; some of these members are even accountants, people with degrees, and former military personnel. This group is responsible for a huge share of crimes in Sweden, suspected of committing 40,000 criminal acts every year. These criminal networks not only compete with each other, but also work together.  

Rostami sees himself as an example of someone who chose another life. He was born in Iran, came to Sweden with his family as an immigrant, and grew up in the Frölunda district of Gothenburg, which is now considered to be a “sensitive area” where large immigrant populations live. He said his upbringing was fraught with the risk factors of becoming a criminal, but instead of taking the path of crime, he chose to study, according to the Hungarian news outlet Magyar Nemzet.

Regarding migrant gangs, the criminologist highlighted that the business is passed down within the family. He said that fathers and other relatives teach young males in the family to commit crimes. Rostami argues that it is an almost insurmountable task for society to bring these individuals into a crime-free way of life and requires far more resources than are available or can be reasonably allocated to the task.

Police estimate that the number of people active in gang crimes in the so-called “sensitive areas” exceeds 5,000, of whom almost a 1,000 live in Gothenburg. According to Swedish police, almost all registered criminals have an immigrant background.

It is estimated that in about 15 years, each immigrant criminal will cost taxpayers an average of 25 million króna (€2.35 million) over the migrant’s lifetime. This represents a total financial burden of SEK 125 billion króna (€11.7 billion) for society. A shortfall in taxes paid to society, to which these people would have contributed if they had chosen an honest life over crime, must also be factored in.

According to Rostami and police records, all of the country’s convicted gang leaders are first- or second-generation migrants. Twelve of them are still serving their prison sentences, and one of them is on the run and hiding.


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Leftist Lament 95% of Citizen Science Volunteers Are White: Meaning, Literally No Non-Whites Volunteer to Advance Human Knowledge


In a society that vilifies whiteness, anything too white must immediately be deemed illegitimate.

Regardless of the good it does for humanity, if the endeavor is too white, it is axiomatically wrong.

[Citizen science volunteers are almost entirely white, The Conversation, June 22, 2022]:


A few small studies have found that citizen science volunteers tend to be white, well-educated and have high incomes. But this homogeneity of participants is common knowledge among researchers, and few collect detailed demographic data on participants in citizen science.

In our survey, we collected data about race, income and other demographic information. Overall, we received 3,894 responses. Most of the responses – 3,191 – came from the 2016 Christmas Bird Count, the world’s longest-running bird-related citizen science project. Since 1900, thousands of people in the U.S. and abroad have counted birds around Christmas and reported the results to the Audubon Society.


Overall, 95% of respondents identified as white. The lack of racial diversity was striking for each sample, with 96% of participants in both the Christmas Bird count and Candid Critters identifying as white and 88% of respondents from SciStarter saying the same. 

Problems from a lack of diversity





Well we have been told for a while now the outdoors and rural living is "too White" and needs diversity - even farmers markets are a hot bed of White supremacy and hate™








I mean, think of all those racist birds!






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STEPHEN GLOVER: There's a huge new migrant issue unfolding. So why isn't there any real debate about THIS one?

By Stephen Glover for the Daily Mail

Published: 01:13 BST, 30 June 2022 | Updated: 02:02 BST, 30 June 2022

Some extraordinary figures about population growth were published on Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics, though they attracted very little comment from the BBC or much of the mainstream media.

Between 2011 and 2021, the population of England and Wales grew by a staggering 3.5 million, or about 6.6 per cent. Since during this period net migration was usually running at over 200,000 a year, and occasionally at more than 300,000, the main cause of the rapid expansion isn't hard to fathom.

Most of the population growth took place in the South-East, parts of London (up 22.1 per cent in Tower Hamlets, though there was a 9.6 per cent decline in Kensington and Chelsea) and Eastern England, where it rose by a whopping 8.3 per cent.

Imagine a city the size of Nottingham. Then one as big as Bristol. Add Birmingham. Then Manchester and Liverpool. Pop in Sheffield while you are at it. The combined population of these great cities roughly equates to the increase in the population of England and Wales that has taken place during a mere ten years.

Is it any wonder that vast tracts of the country, particularly in the already congested South and East, are being built and Tarmac-ed over to accommodate a surge in population growth, most of it driven by immigration?

Should we be surprised by the dire shortage of houses when, according to the excellent MigrationWatch whose forensic analysis is unparalleled, at least half the demand for new homes is accounted for by immigration?

Nor need we look very far to explain the pressure on schools, hospitals and GP surgeries which millions of us have experienced first-hand in most parts of the country. The decade that saw a population increase of 6.6 per cent was also a decade of austerity and government cutbacks.

Some people may say that I am referring to the pre-Brexit past. One of the main purposes of leaving the European Union was to get back control of our borders so that immigration could be regulated and controlled.

Yes, we have indeed 'taken back control'. The Government is in charge of our borders. But although there are no authoritative up-to-date figures, partly due to the pandemic, it is possible, if not likely, that immigration is running at near record levels.

In the year ending June 2021, net migration — i.e. the difference between those leaving the country and those arriving — was 239,000. That number was probably slightly limited by the effects of Covid. Nevertheless, it was still higher than the net migration figure for 2012 or 2013.

We won't know the Office for National Statistics net migration figure for the 12 months ending June 2022 until later in the year, but it is a fair bet that it will be considerably higher than that of a year ago.

According to separate Home Office statistics, visas were handed out in profusion in 2021 — 432,279 for students, 280,776 for family visas and 239,987 for work. Overall, EU migration has declined sharply as a proportion of the whole since Brexit, while non-EU migration has risen very significantly.

What strikes me as odd is that there has been almost no public discussion about apparently soaring levels of legal immigration, given that before the EU referendum in 2016 there was so much agonising over the issue.

By contrast, the Government is very exercised about the number of asylum seekers crossing the Channel in small boats, and plans to send some of them to Rwanda if it is able to face down the interfering European Court of Human Rights, and persuade our own judges that it is not inhumane to transport them.

The Government is, of course, right to be concerned by cross-Channel migration. The numbers are by no means insignificant: 28,526 people are known to have crossed in small boats last year, and there could be as many as 50,000 this year.

Moreover, this is an evil trade orchestrated by ruthless people-smugglers who, by putting asylum seekers in unseaworthy boats, expose them to the risk of capsizing and drowning.

So it is a big issue. The wonder, though, is that so much time and energy are spent debating about asylum seekers while few people have noticed the growing numbers of legal migrants that are arriving in this country.

These are certain to put further pressure on our already crumbling public services, as well as housing, where the Government seems unlikely to meet its manifesto target of building an additional 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

I naturally don't dispute that there are labour shortages which foreign, increasingly non-EU, workers are happy to fill. Despite some Remainer-inspired propaganda, under the Government's new points-based system it is easy for employers to recruit workers abroad for jobs that are relatively poorly paid.

Meanwhile, our universities, some of which are extremely mediocre, are doing their utmost to attract as many foreign students as possible, more than a quarter of whom are Chinese.

The business model of these reputed centres of learning relies on their attracting many thousands of students from abroad. Believe it or not, about 30 per cent of students at one university, namely Liverpool, are Chinese.

But what may be good for businesses happy to recruit industrious foreign workers, or for universities dependent on students from abroad, is not necessarily in the best interests of our already overcrowded island.

In many parts of England, people are fed up with overstretched, underfunded public services, and they don't want to see further swathes of their neighbourhoods concreted over.

In particular, the Government has seemingly given up on people who, while not officially categorised as being unemployed despite often receiving welfare payments, could be encouraged back into the labour market through a judicious combination of carrot and stick. There are reckoned to be several million of them.

But it is much easier for employers to dip into the limitless pool of ambitious and industrious workers who will cheerfully cross the world for a decent, though not necessarily very well-paid, job than it is to attract the long-term underemployed.

Four days after the June 2016 referendum, a prominent politician doubted in his newspaper column whether 'those who voted Leave were mainly driven by anxieties about immigration'. It was, of course, Boris Johnson.

If he was attempting to play down the importance to many Leave voters of regaining control of our own borders, I fear that he was much mistaken, possibly fatally so.

Would it be too cynical to suggest that the Government welcomes the kind of displacement that is taking place? People are encouraged to believe that it is grappling with the problem of the Channel crossings while it is, in fact, ignoring the more alarming wider picture.

The Government may be able to get away with it for a while, but sooner or later what is really happening will begin to sink in. If net migration exceeds pre-Brexit levels over the next few years, as it seems on course to do, there may be hell to pay with voters.

Many of them will reasonably ask: what was the point of taking back control if we end up with something worse than we had before?


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