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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

to achieve complete destruction of white people

If we very crudely divide the main 'ethnics' of the Aryan People;


1. Slavic/Eastern European; Russia, Poland, Czechia-


2. Germanics/Northern European; UK, France, Scandinavia 


3. Mediterranid /Southern European; Iberian, South France, Italy, Greece


1. Decimated by Bolshevism "....reduced to a bestial condition" - Trotsky

2 & 3: Completely brainwashed to the point of not even even feeling 'worthy' to fight for the preservation of their extremely unique traits and heritage; thanks solely (IMO) to post WWII "Nazism=bad" relentless jewish programming, which has now been ratcheted up to undeniable genocidal levels.



The people who really do hate us hate this: - and the people who are programmed to hate us hate this without consciously realizing it.. IMO.



What is the "Faustian Spirit" of the European Race?


“It is the source of both our basic restlessness as a race and our basic inquisitiveness. It is what makes adventurers of us, drives us to risk our lives in ventures which can bring us no conceivable material benefit—something which is totally foreign to other races, accustomed to judging everything according to its utility only.

It is the Faustian urge which has made our race the pre-eminent race of explorers, which has driven us to scale the highest mountains in lands inhabited by men of other races who have been content to remain always in the valleys. It is what, more than intellect alone, has made us likewise the pre-eminent race of scientists—especially in those days before the practice of science became a well-paid profession. It is what sent us to another world and has us now reaching for the stars.”

Dr William Pierce, 1979


Full Extract of speech; including who Faust was.




Faustian Rome: The Indo-European Nature of the Roman Republic, Part 1



Oswald Spengler and the Faustian Soul of the West: Part I







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2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Once we drop under 50%, we will still be a majority among minorities. It's when we're not even the biggest minority group, that's when they'll change the rules. Then the next group that's deemed to be too privileged will be the target, which will probably be Eastern Asians.


divide and rule = first rule in the imperialist handbook

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On 2/6/2021 at 9:54 PM, Macnamara said:

pediatricians NEED sick children; if something doesn't go wrong with a child the pediatricians have nothing to do. A midwife always has something to do. She will deliver babies and advise the mother how to breastfeed them but unless something goes wrong with the child the pediatrician has no relevance so they NEED to find something wrong with the child to justify their own self image as someone deserving of a large paycheque. They will poke, prod, test, retest and keep looking for something because what they want to do is hook the child upto some sort of machine that will inevitably damage the child in some way which of course will then lead to more medical interventions like a cascading spiral of intervention as they seek to treat the problem that they have caused from their last treatment; vaccines are a perfect tool for this. They vaccinate the child or even the mother, while the child is inside her which then leads to future health problems in the child which the pediatrician can then 'treat' with more synthetic drugs and expensive machines. If pediatricians had a motto it would be 'maximum intervention'. pediatricians should be watched like a hawk


Sajid Javid announces police are investigating SIX HUNDRED cases in wake of Shrewsbury maternity scandal: 201 babies and 9 mothers died needlessly during two decades of repeated failures at NHS Trust, damning five-year inquiry concludes

  • Inquiry found a fixation on 'natural births' at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust led to poor care
  • Poor care led to the deaths of several mothers and over 200 babies and left 100 more with brain damage 
  • Some parents  of the deceased babies are now calling for police action to bring those responsible to justice 
  • Javid said the report is 'tragic and harrowing' and changes must be made to ensure it never happens again  

By John Ely Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline

Published: 11:05 BST, 30 March 2022 | Updated: 14:57 BST, 30 March 2022

Police are investigating 600 cases related to the Shrewsbury maternity scandal, Sajid Javid has revealed following a report detailing how more than 200 babies needlessly died in the NHS's biggest ever maternity scandal.

The publication of the damning inquiry has prompted victims to call for the police to prosecute hospital bosses.

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust presided over catastrophic failings for 20 years and failed to learn from its own inadequate investigations, which led to dozens of babies being stillborn, dying shortly after birth or being left severely brain damaged due to an obsession with natural births.

The landmark probe claimed 201 babies and nine mothers would have survived if the Shropshire trust provided better care. Ninety-four children suffered avoidable brain damage. Mothers were even blamed for their own deaths and their 'poor outcomes'.  



From skull fractures and brain injuries to the mother handed her stillborn baby she thought was alive... devastated parents given 'bittersweet' victory after damning report lays bare NHS maternity scandal

  • Mothers and fathers whose children passed away shortly after being born at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital
  • Some of them added they hope the police now have enough evidence to prosecute medical staff responsible
  • 201 babies and nine mothers could have - or would have - survived if the NHS trust had provided better care

By James Gant For Mailonline

Published: 13:30 BST, 30 March 2022 | Updated: 15:07 BST, 30 March 2022

Some 201 babies and nine mothers could have - or would have - survived if an NHS trust had provided better care, an independent inquiry into the UK's biggest maternity scandal has found.

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust presided over catastrophic failings for 20 years - and did not learn from its own inadequate investigations - which led to babies being stillborn, dying shortly after birth or being left severely brain damaged.

Some babies suffered skull fractures, broken bones or developed cerebral palsy after traumatic forceps deliveries, while others were starved of oxygen and experienced life-changing brain injuries.

Several mothers were made to have natural births despite the fact they should have been offered a Caesarean. Here, the parents tell of their traumatic experiences:


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The Self-Destructiveness of Ethnic Europeans

Over time there is fanciful talk of additives being applied to water supplies. These would impact negatively on a selected indigenous group whilst leaving the hostile ethnic group unaffected. I sometimes wonder if a malicious biological additive has been placed in water supplies of ethnic Europeans. This causes this targeted group to become as trusting and docile as abattoir-bound sheep.


Is this far-fetched, a sci-fi fantasy? No, it has already been done by adding fluoride and various other substances to water reservoirs. Malignant Jews, at the highest level, came very close to exterminating millions of ethnic Germans after World War Two by taking such a measure. The evidence that this occurs is thought-provoking. It offers credible reason to explain the ethnic-Europeans’ sheep-like acceptance of their fate.



Let me remind you: wherever and whenever an Afro-person loses his life to a policeman there is mayhem. However, far more ethnic Europeans die as a consequence of police malpractice. Response is shoulder-shrugging indifference. Two Jews die during an incident in Occupied Palestine and it makes world headlines. Yet, airliners, each carrying hundreds of Europeans, when destroyed by terrorists, make the news for just a few hours. This is unless the deaths of several hundred innocent passengers can obscenely be used to score political points.


The herd-like Hebrew forms a line of defence whenever and wherever it is threatened. Far-sighted Jews build tomorrow’s defences today. Other races, or those of mixed-race, given their security in numbers, cannot begin to imagine the threat to the existence of ethnic Europeans. The latter now represent just 8% of the world population of 7.3 billion.








The core Jewish population, whose numbers officially amount to just 14.2 million, are more secure than are ethnic Europeans. This is despite their constant claims to be at risk, which is part of their survival toolkit. Such strategy, or indeed any survival tactic, would be wasted on ethnic-Europeans. Under threat and constantly reminded of their likely extinction they bicker among themselves.


Lemming-like Europeans cascade into the abyss of self-destruction. Like the rabbit population when stricken by the myxomatosis epidemic in the 1950s, or elm trees affected by Dutch elm disease, the European is seemingly doomed to decimation or extinction.


The ethnic European is a species. There are about 2 million different species on earth. Each year it is calculated that 0.1% species will not survive, they become non-existent. A small number perhaps, but it represents the total disappearance of up to 2,000 species each year. Reflect, many of these doomed species are far more resilient than are ethnic Europeans.


The latter does not wait to be a victim of circumstance or catastrophic ecological change. No, the decadent European encourages and embraces same-sex relationships, abortion, race-mixing, sterilisation, and ‘family planning’. He welcomes into his last citadel European-hating rival ethnic groups to conquer his lands, humiliate the menfolk, and select women from the streets as though they were of no purpose but to provide for their self-indulgence depravities.


And, how do Europeans respond? Protesters are ‘kettled’ down side streets. Police water cannons are brought to bear on dissenters down whilst rabid renegade rhetoric is bull-horned to heat up the passions of the invaders. Some perverse ethnic European women take to the streets with posters that carry self-hating epithets. Many women beg to be raped by non-Whites whilst as many ‘men’ invite the coloured invaders into their community and their homes.



The ethnic-Europeans, dominant throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, have been decimated by two world wars and countless conflicts. The Slavic peoples, who make up one of the three key components of the Ethnic-European species, have been brought close to annihilation by Jewish Bolshevism. Official U.S figures forecast the U.S. population dropping from the current 316 million to just 69 million in 2025. In the United States reservations are being prepared for the ethnic European survivors. Western Europe is close to doomsday scenario.


Government Sourced Website Proves End Is Near

What could posterity learn from the extinction of ethnic Europeans? Will it be Jewish power, the ‘winds of change’, the conspiracies of a powerful elite? No, all ethnic groups are subject to the same threats. They survive because, unlike Europeans, sheer numbers guarantee their survival. In cases where this doesn’t hold up, then measures are taken to create and abide by a stratagem that ring-fences a racial group such as that of the Jews or Japanese. The obituary of the species known as ethnic European has already been written by those reveling in our imminent destruction and it contains just one word: Suicide. It is our job to prove them wrong.













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8 hours ago, skitzorat said:





11 October 2021 

 Sarah-Lee Heinrich, spokeswoman for the German Green Party's youth union Grüne Jugend,


On Twitter, the 20-year-old politician has written, among other things, that she “one day” wants to send all white people out of Africa.


In 2019 as a representative of Greta Thunberg's climate movement Fridays for Future talked about “the disgusting white majority society”.


In connection with the old Twitter posts, the Grüne Jugend top has received a lot of criticism.

A number of leading representatives of the German Green Party defended her;


“Stay strong and continue our fight against incitement against ethnic groups and attempts to destroy “Vulgar tweets” are not a scandal,“ wrote Congresswoman and ex-minister Renate Künast. Chebli has previously stated that there is no racism against white people.


The new federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, receives death threats because of controversial earlier Twitter statements – and is temporarily withdrawing from the public.


“Sarah-Lee Heinrich is receiving tons of death threats right now,” said the Green Youth. “She will therefore only express herself in the next few days and classify the events – for the time being, the safety of Sarah-Lee Heinrich and those around her takes priority over interviews.


Heinrich complained “I guess they are jittery about a black, left-wing woman.”


I've been to germany a couple of times. They are whipped as a culture. All that WW2 guilt is unbelievably pathetic. They just can't put it behind them, and that's the basis for this new wave of white shame. Germany is the perfect test case.

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5 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


They're not allowed to put it behind them. They're occupied just like the rest of us.


I was disgusted (but not surprised) how they brainwash their school children from day 1 to feel all the white guilt from the time of Hitler. They must continue the mandatory guilt payments for at least the next 100 years.

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10 hours ago, DarianF said:


I was disgusted (but not surprised) how they brainwash their school children from day 1 to feel all the white guilt from the time of Hitler. They must continue the mandatory guilt payments for at least the next 100 years.


How much do they drum the awful things colonials did to the aborigines in your head? The news barely goes a day without something. Now times that by 6 gorillin.



Yascha Mounk, a 31-year-old German Jew who’s a doctoral candidate at Harvard, has offered another definition: You are a Jew if your parents or grandparents were called out as Jews, persecuted as Jews, and killed as Jews....


In his book, Mounk explores German attitudes toward Jews during the 70 years following the Holocaust (Mounk's parents and grandparents are Eastern European Jews, and he was born in Germany). But he also offers a broader theory about identity: that people understand themselves and others through their genetic ties to history’s victims and oppressors. This pattern develops repeatedly and in diverse contexts, Mounk argues: In Germany, there’s collective guilt about Jews and the Holocaust; in America, a similar phenomenon shapes discourse around blacks and slavery. Each new generation matures into its role as steward of historical hatreds; although the legacies of genocide and enslavement become refracted through time, young people can’t escape the grievances of prejudices past.




That this is still the social environment of 21st-century Germany raises profound questions. How is it that young people come to feel guilty about the sins of their parents and grandparents? How did today’s twenty-something Germans learn to internalize guilt about Auschwitz, maybe even coming to resent the assumption that they’re supposed to feel guilty at all? How do atrocious ethnic crimes become disembodied ideas, morphing into a vague sense of moral responsibility?




These people hate us; especially Germans - they're incredibly salty about the Germans; (jealousy of their beauty, valour and power?) but because of the metaphorical black eye the National Socialists gave them when they booted them from the country.

And frightened, not scared of being "holocausted" but because Aryan Nationalism (todays White supremacy) was/is a bulwark to international Jewry's communistic genocidal goals. The Germans in the 1930s and those ideals must be smashed into 6 million pieces so the filthy European goyim never catch on and rise up and stop their extermination. And they've unfortunately been very successful.

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Report: “Someone is Making a Fortune” Out of Giving Non-Ukrainian Migrants Fake Ukrainian Passports

"Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees."

According to a report by German newspaper Bild, “someone is making a fortune” out of giving non-Ukrainian economic migrants fake Ukrainian passports so they can slip into western Europe and get free welfare.

More than 50 migrants clashed on Saturday night during a riot at a refugee facility in Munich as chairs and paving stones were used as weapons, prompting a huge police response.

Bild cited a police source who said the overwhelming majority of the “refugees” were from the Sinti and Roma ethnic groups and that, “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees.”

“They have brand-new Ukrainian passports, which are also real. Someone in Ukraine is making a fortune right now,” the newspaper quoted the police representative as saying.

The fight at the asylum center broke out “after authorities attempted to separate some of the individuals who have scabies,” reports ReMix News.

As we previously highlighted, according to reports out of France, as many as a third of so-called ‘Ukrainian refugees’ entering European countries aren’t Ukrainian or refugees.

The official Twitter account of the Roscommon GAA Gaelic football team recently deleted a tweet which showed that around half of the “Ukrainian refugees” they welcomed to a game weren’t exactly Slavic-looking.

they deleted it, but the Internet is forever pic.twitter.com/5jTvTeoEGF


— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) March 30, 2022



As is highlighted in the video below, a group of Pakistani men who arrived at Dublin airport claimed to be “Ukrainian citizens.”

They also dubiously claimed to be 60 years old, despite obviously being younger, as a means of evading the question as to why they were allowed to leave Ukraine given that all men aged 18-60 are forced to stay under martial law.

The reality of the situation is clear; Economic migrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia are cynically exploiting the Ukrainian refugee wave to abuse the system and get free accommodation and welfare in European countries with poor vetting systems.

This comes at the expense of genuine Ukrainian refugees who need urgent help.

But apparently to moral exhibitionist leftists, being ‘seen’ to help is more important than actually helping those who desperately require aid.


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Dear Mexican: Do Mexican Men Only Want White Women?


Dear Mexican: I own a shop in a small complex. I see lone Mexican guys (no wife or girlfriend in sight) buying expensive jewelry. I’m sure they are going to trade the jewelry for quickie sex, possibly with our women. Isn’t this crude, low-class, and tantamount to prostitution? At least us white Americans of European descent know how to wine, dine and make a girl feel special before asking for the hot biscuit. Where’s the romance? Are Mexicans only interested in getting their rocks off?
Honestly Outraged Local Entrepreneur
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I wouldn't worry about Black and White. Most Black dudes aren't into White girls. But I know that in the USA, Mexican and White couples are WIPING out White held regions. 


Texas and Arizona we're White Nationalists strongholds which are now overrun with Mexican "people." All the Black dating White is storefront nonesense.

Any American sees White and Mexican relationships in the highest numbers.


[There are seven types of interracial/interethnic married-couple combinations that make up 95.1 percent of all such married couples. The largest of these is non-Hispanic whites married to Hispanics, which increased in 43.2 percent of counties.Jul 9, 2018]

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Top NYC health official sparks outrage after she refers to whites as 'birthing people' but calls pregnant blacks and Hispanics 'mothers' in tweet

  • On March 23 Dr. Michelle Morse, the first medical officer at the NYC Department of Health tweeted about the expansion of a new citywide 'birth equity' initiative
  • In her tweets Morse refers to one group of moms by the woke term 'birthing people' and black and Hispanics as 'mothers'
  • 'Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people,' she tweeted
  • Morse was accused of being divisive and separating mothers due to their race, with white mothers falling into the 'birthing people' category
  • 'If you're wondering why trust in the medical profession is rapidly eroding, this tweet is a great place to start, someone tweeted. 

By Gina Martinez For Dailymail.Com

Published: 20:57 BST, 2 April 2022 | Updated: 21:58 BST, 2 April 2022



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Ethnic minority pupils are ‘happier and bullied less than white teens’, Government report claims

  • Ethnic minority students are 'more academically confident', new survey finds
  • They're also less likely to be bullied, less anxious and driven in English and maths
  • Department for Education report supports conclusions of last year's race study
  • Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities found education is a success story for black and Asian pupils - less so for African-Caribbean and Pakistani students

By Julie Henry For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 22:39 BST, 2 April 2022 | Updated: 22:40 BST, 2 April 2022

Pupils from ethnic minorities are happier, more academically confident and less likely to feel bullied than their white classmates, according to a Government report.

In a survey of almost 9,000 families commissioned by the Department for Education, ethnic minority children and their parents gave higher positive responses on all aspects of education than their white counterparts.


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Catholic University Speaker Calls for Christians to 'Crucify Their Whiteness'



March 3rd’s event was called “Rejecting White Christianity.”

And on the table lay not only rejection, but death upon a cross.

If you’re white, he made clear, don’t worry; there’s still hope:

“Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white. But the good news is there is salvation. … We [who are colored] have to crucify our colonized minds, and for our white brothers and sisters, they need to crucify their whiteness.”

It’s a novel idea. Normally, Christian optimism comes courtesy of Christ’s crucifixion. But Miguel sees another nailing necessary.

But even if it’s done, he made clear, don’t get your hopes up:

“We embrace Euro-centric concepts like hope because it helps to pacify the oppressed during their oppression. It leads to spiritual liberation, and ignores physical liberation.”

I have news for Miguel: He and his message are too late.

The best I can tell, whiteness is already being crucified:

Political Science: Academics Attack the ‘Whiteness in Introductory Physics’

Extremely White College Professor Fights the Lie — and ‘Disease’ — of Whiteness

A Whistleblower Shares a Racial Justice Lesson From Coca-Cola: ‘Try to Be Less White’

Report: BYU Professor Orders Students to Snap Photos of On-Campus ‘Whiteness’


UC Berkeley Professor Told Students Abolishing Whiteness Means Wiping out White People

Major University Professor Fights Math’s ‘Harbor for Whiteness’

Mental Health Journal’s Article on ‘Parasitic Whiteness’ Laments There’s ‘Not Yet a Permanent Cure’




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On 4/11/2022 at 11:08 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


Why are normies so happy about their deracination?



Ancient invaders transformed Britain, but not its DNA


Some people are reportedly "baffled" - I smell BS reporting

I don't believe that.

Ben Mee is white, but I bet he only said that otherwise he'd loose his position and me hounded in the street.



The Mirror:

As Liverpool and Manchester City were engaged in a 2-2 draw on Sunday afternoon, a plane flying a banner including the words “British to be minority” was flown over the Etihad Stadium.


However, the banner, spotted by a number of people watching the game, baffled football fans following on social media. What’s more, it is not the first time a plane banner has attracted attention during a Premier League match.


“British To Be Minority By 2066” was the wording on the banner, with a photo appearing on Twitter during the first half. “Words fail me” was the verdict from one viewer, while another claimed the message “Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever”.


It comes less than two years after a controversial banner was flown over the same stadium during City's game against Burnley. On that occasion, "White Lives Matter Burnley" was the message displayed.


Clarets captain Ben Mee was asked about that incident back in 2020, and strongly condemned the act. "I'm ashamed and embarrassed that a small number of our hands have decided to fly that around the stadium," the former Man City defender told Sky Sports at the time.

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