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Wales ID passports


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They have been selling ID cards for years and the only person Ive ever met who wanted one was a homeless girl in such desparate poverty and perfect manicured skin she was probably a crisis actor trying to sell ID cards to the general public. Just as there's a bigotry about the hooray henry's like Rees-Mogg amongst the poor, theres a bigotry about the less priveleged classes amongst the rich. They get this notion that being within 50 feet of the smell of a peasant means theres a chance they will be mugged. This is an illusion manufactured by the middle against the top seeking to be masters of the bottom while terrifying the top with the bottom but what would Rees Mogg know staring at a dictionary. ID cards mean every peasant is instantly accountable on the spot for anything they newly deem a crime. In the last episode of Im a British Citizen Get Me Out of Here, smoking a cigarette in a bus shelter became a crime. In this weeks episode, not wearing a mask. In next weeks episode who knows what the bus shelter criminals will be up to next. What the mail failed to notice was the Covid-19 Tracking API whether activated or not by an NHS app, in disregard of autogenerated new identities every thirty minutes, anyone can be ID'd by anyone in their vicinity by total strangers without the person even knowing they've been ID'd. There's an inherent flaw in Bluetooth LE which is highlighted by the Covid-19 Tracking API that can be exploited by anyone producing apps thst google play could not pheasably vet. Anything Covid-19 Tracking API could do, Rocket Boost Bells and Whistle Maker Pro can do better and rather than enter the era of a stealth surveillance state the unaccountable salivate over while making promises of tomorrow to those expected to account for not wearing a Naqib in a bus shelter over a fake narrative of a fake media ruling over a fake democracy, the only people safe from universal access stealth surveillance are the people who toss their phones in the bin and walk about in a mask. I'm still waiting on the news from the media about the surrender of national sovereignty by an unelected Prime Minister at Maastrict on February 9th 1992. I suppose we will be hearing the first reports of the Covid-19 malware exploit in about 50 years time from the media. At least Alex Jones (no not The One Show shadow maker) is keeping the public informed by reporting the news ten years before it happens while the media was saying 'nutty conspiracy theory - could never happen here'. The mainstream media went out with the gramaphone and theyre too proud to report their own demise.

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Im guessing its fake or not going to happen so as a thought experiment  if you   presume  the vaccine is real and works  


right now no one can get a vaccine  even if you wanted one 

but  after a certain point say in 6 months  most people who want a vaccine will have had one  and the speed in which they need to vaccinate  

they  are not going to be able to   do lists  for people   your going to be told they have a vaccine at some local community hall you turn up and  get jabbed 


plus it would take much longer than that to sort out any  id immunity  card 

and by the time they  sort it   the   whole thing would be pointless

cause we would also presume if you vaccinated  60%  of the population the virus will be hitting walls in the transmission rates 


your only problem might  come from going overseas which the uk government will have no control over 

so you might  need to get  some  sort of proof you've had a vaccine

but i think it will  just be a numbers game  if your country   has  a  tiny percentage infected your going to be able to travel freely 


this all  presumes the vaccine is real   


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