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Where David predicted a pandemic..


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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 hour ago, Beth91 said:

Can anybody tell me which book it is where David predicted a pandemic. Driving myself mad trying to find it to show someone 


The David Icke Guide To The Global Conspiracy [And How To End It] page 552:


"When you have your people manipulating all sides, the Reptilian hybrid-controlled World Health Organization can announce there is going to be an epidemic of something or other, and the Reptilian hybrid agents in government can start a mass vaccination against this alleged 'danger', via the medical profession. The Reptilian hybrid drug companies can then sell them the vaccines." 

The Perception Deception 2013



"Problem-Reaction-Solution is designed to provide the excuses to impose what the Archon agenda demands because they know that without the manufactured excuse and fake justification there would be public opposition that could thwart their evil ambitions. In stage one of PRS you covertly instigate a problem and blame it on someone or something else. This could be an engineered terrorist attack, financial collapse, epidemic and so on. In stage two you tell the population through an ignorant, corrupt and pathetic mainstream media the version of the manufactured problem that you want them to believe. You want to trigger a public reaction of fear, outrage and demands that ‘something must be done’. Then in stage three you openly offer the solution to the problems that you have covertly instigated." 

(moving thread to DI discussion)
BC  :O)


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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, Just hoping said:

Surely, most doctors are aware of the evil Agenda perpetrators?

lf you follow the information coming into this forum and follow 'Alternative Media' then you'll see the answer is - yes and no.

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1 hour ago, Just hoping said:

Thanks BC.... But why would the medical profession eg doctors, administer/inject such an evil vaccination? Surely, most doctors are aware of the evil Agenda perpetrators?.. No? 

A retired Dr confided in me that modern doctors are insensible. The old were taught things like looking at the patient. The new are taught things like looking at computers. This is the message I got from a ten minute conversation with someone no longer worried about professional worries. It started out as a thing about the departure from something she called the five sense system of diagnosis (this didn't touch on ESP for anyone interested in Hermes and the Cadeuceus from my other writings). It was like she was saying the five base senses were being neglected by modern practitioners and not being a doctor I would crudely put it that she considered a modern Doctor might see a bruise or smell a bile when there was no bruise or bile and not see a bruise or bile when these things could be witnessed.


I also managed a nice conversation with a practicing doctor concerned with responsability of choosing whether an baby should live or die as the coronapanic spread through the medical profession. Keeping the zombie horde away from the uninfected seemed like no problem but the moral maze of killing zombies seemed like something upsetting.


The Department for Sweat collected samples of Doctors sweat from a random selection of Doctor and before aligning the samples into a poisson distribution according to how much sweat was given off according to the horrendousness of the deed they were expected to perform, it was noted that not all Doctors were generating sweat and this made the Minister for the Department of Sweat very angry. The department for Boiling Blood managed to acquire data that the minister for sweats blood temperature was indirectly proportional to the amount of sweat generated by doctors when faced with decisions regarding the sanctity of life. Theres a theory that some doctors have no sweat pores and this proves some doctors may be reptillians, but who is who?

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On 12/2/2020 at 11:36 AM, Beth91 said:

Can anybody tell me which book it is where David predicted a pandemic. Driving myself mad trying to find it to show someone 

Try coming at it from a different angle Beth, the pandemic is fake, the vaccine however is real and David has written/warned of it many, many times.


Pages 847 to 855 of The Trigger is a good place to start.

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