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Have You Ever Tried To Release Yourself Into The Sleep Paralysis Terror? My experience.

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On 7/22/2021 at 1:58 PM, solowrist said:

                                    Hi, Weedo, I was out walking with my eldest daughter yesterday and we ended up sat in the bright sunshine on an old tractor bridge over a river. I ended up telling her about some of the stuff that has been happening at home with me. I didn’t really know why I was telling her about my woes because I thought that I would be just talking to myself. Strewth, if she did not come right back at me with pretty much the same astral explanation that you wrote to me about. I thought, now, where I have heard this before? I smirked a bit and she thought that I was taking the Mickey and so got a bit stroppy with me. When I shown her what you had written she came back with, “see I told you so, dad. I just wanted tell you that and let you that somewhere in time on an old tractor bridge over a river you were in the thoughts of two strangers.

The house where I live has had its fair share of strange happenings in the past, but the last few years things have heated up a lot with more activity and I have had more than my fair share of what I term as, “bedroom visitors of late.” For the most part they just stand and stare whilst other times they seem to pass by unawares going about their business. Men, women, and children of various nationalities seem to have taken it upon themselves to drop in on me from time to time. I particularly like the term “magical sabotage.” Does that mean psychic attack? A long time friend of mine once gave me some advice many years ago, he said, “always be polite with people and choose your words wisely.” I have tried to live with that ethos but I have not always been that successful. So maybe somewhere along the way someone, with the knowledge, has gotten the hump and taken to psychic attacking me, it’s just a thought... Portals and vortexes are a strong possibility because I live over old mine workings with underground streams flowing through them. My daughter tells me that water is a good conductor of energy, hence the activity in my home. I can deal with the night walkers by turning over and going to sleep, but the paralysis thing is a different ball game.

“Do I believe in a higher power?” I do talk to Something in my quiet moments with the hopes that the Something is listening.



What a nice story, and lovely daughter you've got. Tell her great minds think alike :) 


Anyway, I took the decision not to take part on the forum anymore, as people have attacked (via insults) my God, my prophet and my religion, so according to my religion I must stand up an leave. But I remembered our conversation, so I came back to check if you responded, and if I can be of further value to you specifically. 


You are a very clairvoyant person, and some would call you an indigo child, or a supracelestial being. I am pretty sure that other people would not be so easily aware and in touch with what David Icke would term as other "frequencies". Your range of perception is more than the average person, and while it may feel like a curse, it is a blessing in disguise. There are two types of people, good and bad, and I can tell that you are from among the good, and I hope I'm right. From experience, I've not been the best judge of character, so don't take my judgment on your goodness as supreme. :)  


Anyway, energy vortexes almost always occur from underground water streams, while the direction and quality of the stream makes all the difference. When two streams cross, that is the most powerful one, and you could be right on top of a crossing. Whether it is good or bad is another question. Those energy hot stops could act like star gates between the two most closely related world of what we see as material, and the next in line, which is independent of gravity, and has a whole range of new species of creatures who are like us. Some are purely there, and others are capable of being here and there, like you are. Then there is the most gifted creatures from there who are capable of not only being here, but even are able to manipulate our physical world. Those are known as poltergeist, and as a Muslim i haven a story of such an 'ifrit (Arabic name for such) who worked for prophet solomon. This poltergeist actually managed to bring him the physical throne of queen Sheeba over a distance of 100s of kilometers in a blink of an eye. They vary in strength and abilities, but no need to be scared of them. I'll explain to you why shortly. 


So it is important for you to know that 'spirits', who are basically physical beings on a different frequency - that has its own set of physical rules - can be good and can be bad. They are born and die, just like us, and they can help/hurt us, while we can do the same to them. 


Anyway, so those beings from other realms also can work in tandem with people such as sorcerers and that is what I meant by spiritual attack. It is possible to pay people money to employ such beings to harass or make life difficult for people in our realm. My mother was such a victim, and she was living under spells made by her very high ranking witch aunt. Witches occur in pretty much all families, and some call their craft black magic. Those spells can be neutralized, but one must find the actual spell pouch or bundle to really stop it. In my mother's case, we never found it, and no exorcist was able to take on the demonic entity or entities that hovered around her aura. For an exorcist to solve the problem, he must be more powerful than the person who made the spell. And my mom's aunt was from a very affluent, old, and rich family, so she had all the tools and even family blood to be stronger than most. Also blood lines make a difference in this. Anyway, my mother was mostly fine, and managed to use this spell in her favour. She would turn into this very scary lioness or something when it came to protecting her kids for instance, while she was able to control this thing at other times. But in general her life was not easy, and she always had to fight more than others for simple things. Life was always an uphill struggle for her, and she always complained about how hard she's had it since she was 12. She unsurprisingly passed away relatively young with cancer, after she spend years not really wanting to live anymore. The only thing that kept her going was literally me, and trying to establish me somehow. So my message to you is that even if there is magical sabotage, it can't touch you, as long as you are a good person. My mother never did any ritual religious things like prayer, fasting, reading Quran etc., and I believe that this was because of the spell. But she was the best person I've ever met, most honorable, kind, charitable, selfless, beautiful, strong, noble and decent lady I've ever met. She was successful at raising me and my sisters too, even though I think that they aren't very nice. They haven't inherited her nobility, soft heartedness and selflessness. Unfortunately they are materialistic and heartless. But anyway, she was successful, so those magical attacks aren't the end of the world - of you even have one. But witches and witchcraft is more prevelant than most think. The thing is that the nature of the dark arts, is that they remain hidden and secret. They don't flount their shameful religion and practices, as that is nothing to be proud of. 


But from the little I read from you I think that the main problem might be the location, and perhaps also amplified issues due to anxiety brought about by being alone. I've known many ladies who basically start 'hearing things' or 'seeing things' when they are alone. That is normal. Especially women and children should not be alone in the house, yet in today's world most women are alone. I am not sure what your status is, but that could be an extra reason. Especially women with your talent should not be left alone, but I know that you might not have a choice, except to pray for good company (like for example your daughter) . If you get a dog (ideally a good guard dog of at least medium size) that would help for sure. Dogs are aware and can see the other world too. One of my dogs woke me up once from a horrible dream through howling. If you get a smaller dog, that's better than nothing (terriers are great) , especially if they have a fearless attitude. Even having a cat helps psychologically, mentally and spiritually. Their purring has healing effects. 


From what I read in your previous post, it seems that most entities that visit you are kind beings, and perhaps every now and then you'll have somebody annoy and try to scare you. So it's not calling for panic, as we probably have more humans in this world trying to annoy us than from that other world. But if they invade your private sphere and bedroom, then that's a problem of course, that needs to be solved. 


Whether it is this problem or that is actually not that important. You can find out one day, if you get the chance to live in a similar setting somewhere else. But what is important is your personal strength and resilience to what may or may-not be. A kind of 'don't give a shit' attitude concerning those entities and occurences. The aim and goal at hand is to reach a state of mind and a state of being, where you fear none of that. No matter who you face, or who harasses you, you feel superior to them in a way, and safe. Like they can't touch you beyond some childish or silly annoyance. They can't mess with you for real, and not only that - but you can mess with them! They have more reason to fear you, than you have to fear them. I'll come to you in a bit as to why. 


That is the goal, and let me tell you, that people like you are dangerous, if they learn to use their talent. Your higher ability in vision can also be found in actions, that you are likely not aware of right now. Let me tell you that the trick to controlling and manipulating the 'spirit' world - which is basically material, but in another way - is through the mind and imagination. Add to this words, and your breath, you have a recipe to disaster for any of your enemy. 


How do you do that? 


Well that is what it all boils down to:


This being who created us all, and Created those beings, and is the Lord of all the worlds and frequencies - this being totally hears and understand you and your every thought better than yourself. This is 100% guaranteed. And how can I prove it to you? Just try it! Ask and you shall receive. Ask for signs, ask for help, ask for protection, ask für money, ask for love, ask for whatever it is you feel is good for you. Just some tips and tricks from me :


1 - don't always ask for specifics, because it might not be good for you. As they say, be careful for what you wish for. Always keep words like ".. Whatever is best for me and being closer to you". ( just an example).... Handy. 


2 - patience. Not every 'prayer' works immediately, but they all do work. Time flies, so retrospectively it always seems fast

3 - the more you remember the eternal being, the better. If you can be mentally in touch 24/7, then do so. 


4 - when you want to ask for specific things you really want badly and desperately, wash up, put perfume for the occasion, wear clean clothes, isolated yourself and beg. (from heart and entire being) 


5. ALWAYS thank God after you get something good, E. S. P. E. C. I. A. L. L. Y after receiving something you asked for. This way you will get more, and easier and faster next time. 


6. Asking for others is more powerful than asking for yourself, plus it will give you what you asked for them. But it will give you more, than if you asked for your loved ones. 


7. I know in #1 I said not to be always specific, but other times be as specify as possible. Ask for the gas in your car, to feed you, to get you tissues, to afford your medical bills, etc

And above all, I find it most important to always rationalize 'why'. Why you want what you ask for, and how will it make you closer to God, and a better person. Or why you think this person deserves that, if you pray for somebody else. (hope that makes sense) 


These are some tips and tricks I can think of. This creator being, that David Icke calls Eternal Conscience, can solve it all for you. Actually it is my belief that not only is this being the only one who can help, but 'He' is all you need. 


Mark my words. 


Try it and you will see! You will be safe God Willing. 


And I truly believe that we all have guardian invisible - to-us entities commissioned by God to protect us. So keep in mind that this Eternal Consciousness can easily kill or maim any creature He likes, so once you are part of the 'Club' of those who surrender their consciousness and their wishes to this eternal being, you become a very object of fear to all the lower beings that might think about harassing you. You become protected, you become safe, you become at peace. Day and night - God willing. 

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I have printed off your last post, Weedo and will show it to my daughter when I see her on Thursday morning when we meet on the old tractor bridge. Thank you for taking the time to answer me and I am truly sorry that you have been ridiculed for your beliefs. Unlike your critics I have no complaints where you are concerned. Thank you so much for the kindness you have shown me regarding my problems. You take care now, Danny.

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The first time I experienced sleep paralysis was the scariest moment of my life. I remember being completely awake but unable to move any part of my body. I remember thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack; my heart was racing almost out of my chest and I was sweating like crazy. I remember being paralysed for what seemed like an eternity. That moment really shook me. I've experienced it several more times since the fist time - once I experienced it twice in one night. What causes this?

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My sleep paralysis began and ended with a relationship.  The girl was troubled but it wasn't clear to me at first.  Over the duration of us being together I experienced sleep paralysis three times.  Each time, I awoke to feel a presence, an intense pressure from my waste up to my neck,  was paralyzed except I could move my eyes, and I could not breathe.  I attempted to fight it but was helpless.  Just when I thought I could no longer take it and that I was going to die it stopped.    Easily the most terrifying experience that I've endured. 

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I just caught this topic by chance,and it reminded me of a few experiences which,at the time,were the scariest I have ever had.


Waking up,face down on the pillow,unable to move a muscle.


My breathing is restricted by the pillow but I can't move my face or arm to stop the slow suffocation.


In desperation I somehow manage to kick the bedclothes away in one swift action,and my muscles began to function again.


That is why I always try to sleep on my back and never pull the duvet up above my shoulders,it is something I learnt the hard way.

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I experience sleep paralysis quite a lot but I'm still too afraid to let myself dive into it. Usually I don't see anything but I do hear strange noises in my room and I feel this pull if being dragged into unknown. 


I believe the reason why I am somewhat afraid to let myself into it is it happened twice when I could not wake up again into my reality/timeline. Now I don't know much info about realities and existing in different timelines at the same time. 


But I do know that walking up and realising that it's a different date (2 days in advance) from the time I took a nap and then trying to get back to sleep and again I wake up In a different timeline or even a different reality as if it's a second Life and this happens 3,4 times and when I do wake up in my timeline I do not even know if I'm still dreaming and I will wake up or not it's super weird. 


It makes me lose for a while touch with reality and where I am excatly. So I believe this is my biggest fear that I will not come back to my life or not from the first try at least.

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On 1/21/2021 at 4:45 AM, rideforever said:


There is another factor that is important and that is individuality.
What is the internet ?  It is a collective consciousness ... like a shared brain.  Well humans have built a physical representation with their servers and cables ... but already they are connected.
Part of us is collective ... part of us individual.
Inside your head you think thoughts of the crowd ... and others of yourself.
Do you see.
This is all the deep structure of our existence.
When I said we share a collective consciousness ... well it's actually a collective subconsciousness.
Basically we are a herd and the herd has one collective subconsciousness.
Existence pours this herd into different bodies ... mostly upon death the body breaks it's all poured back into the soup and stirred ... whoever that body was no longer exists ... because it never existed.

Spirituality deals with individualisation.  It means that whilst in the body this particular bit ... started to live as itself.  It developed its own thoughts and feelings.  It fused into an individual.  It is quite rare.
Then when the body breaks it all goes back in the pot.
But it does not dissolve because it was fused into an individual ...and at some point it is laddled into another body and is still the same person  - it is immortal.

Most people upon death ... just dissolve because they never actually became individuals.   So nothing is lost, just an illusion.
Consciousness is a higher intelligence that forms individuals.  It's not just a higher collective .... Consciousness means individualisation.
More or less.

How does one avoid dissolving upon death? I looked up the magus of java but they don’t specifically tell you the method of how to merge the ying and yang 

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A friend of mine recommended this book, and hopefully some day I'll read it, God willing. If anyone reads it, please leave a comment here on it. My friend told me that it really helped him, and that the basis of thought here is that we stop differentiating between sleep or awoken states, and that we basically need to treat our sleep paralysis issues that we have while being awake as well. In other words, most of the time we are asleep and unaware, while being spiritually paralyzed, regardless of us thinking we are sleeping or not. 




I suggest you read the reviews to get a head start ..



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I experienced a serious of sleep paralysis events in my mid-twenties. During this same period of time I was also experiencing random, excessive nose bleeds and headaches I assumed were migraines (though would later learn they were nothing like actual migraines people report to have experience).


The first time experiencing a sleep paralysis event, I had no idea what was happening. It was at night. I awake from being asleep, only to find my body wasn't responding. I was not dreaming, since my mind was fully aware and awake. I was, mentally aware of my surroundings; aware I was in my apartment, aware I was on my bed, aware of the relative time it was happening, yet my body remained in it's sleep-like state. 


As I tried to wake my body, as it were, I found myself unable to do so, which began to cause me to panic. I began to fight the sensation by trying to jerk my body out of it's state of paralysis. As I fought against this unusual sensation, my body began to convulse. My mind felt even more terrified now, yet I continued to fight on and push myself to break out of this state of paralysis. The harder I fought it, my more severe the convulsions felt. Eventually, I was able to break from it's lock on my body.


After that first event, I recall feeling so thankful and relieved to have broke from this strange experience. As it was still the middle of the night, I calmly went back to sleep. It was only these many years later that I would reflect on just how odd that was of me. Why would I almost immediately dare to dive back into a slumber after such a traumatic event? The sleep I would have that followed was very peaceful and, when I awoke later that morning, I felt quiet sated. 


This same sensation, the sleep paralysis, would happen three or four times more during the course of the next month or so. Perhaps even more times, though I have a difficult time recalling, now. The first event has stayed in my memory, as well as the last one, during that time period. For it was during that last one where I experienced one slight variation of the former events, and that would be a sound or sounds I would hear just as I broke form the paralysis. 


With each of these events that followed the first, I fought the grip it had on me and would experience those convulsion sensations mentioned previously. My body would violently shake and shudder as I fought to break from the paralysis. On the last event I experienced during that time period in my mid-twenties, just as I began to fight it and the convulsions started, I heard this strange sound/noise in my ears. Difficult to properly describe, really. It was like a combination of static, white noise and, what can only be described as cartoonish Martian talk (similar to the aliens in "Mars Attack").


After that one, I didn't go right back to sleep. It would also be the very last time I would have these experiences until just a few months ago. The most recent experiences took place in the late afternoon while simply napping on the sofa, rather than during my night's sleep. Three in all, that I recall. Those experiences differed in that, unlike the others from my past, these were accompanied by dreams. With these more recent events, I was also in a state between being awake and in the dream, as opposed to the ones in the past where I was fully awake and aware, yet physically "asleep". 


Though not that long ago, as I mentioned, I can only recall the last experience's dream. A demonic, yet cartoonish-like creature was standing over me, extending it's arm down towards me, as I was laying on the ground on my back. With these more recent events, along with "fighting" myself out of the physical paralysis, I also became saying, "Help me Lord, help me Jesus", over and over again. In this respect, it was like a lucid dream, in that I was mentally aware I was in a dream state and napping on my couch, and that I was trying to break from the hold of the paralysis. 


Calling out to Christ during those recent events came from having heard some old Art Bell radio broadcast with regards to alien abductions. On some of his  broadcasts on the subject of alien abductions, some folks had reported that calling out to God, Jesus, the Lord, seemed to have "scared off" the alien intruders. I must have stored that in my headed someplace, as I ended up using this method during those more recent events. I noted, just as I broke form the paralysis; in the dream state I was in, my calls to God were clear and understandable, yet as I began to break from the dream state, I could hear myself trying to mouth these words in a slurred speech, as I was still physically in the temporary state of paralysis.


The alien connection others have claimed associated with these sleep paralysis events was never anything I was aware of at the time of those first events I experienced. It was only a little while after the last event, from my mid-twenties, where I had mentioned them to my mother. She then told me about a series of books she had been reading at the time, starting with "Communion" by Whitley Strieber. She then got me to watch the movie based off the book staring Christopher Walker. Scared the cr@p out of me, for some reason. When she took me home that night after having watched the movie, I was too frightened to go into my own, tiny studio apartment by myself. She came in with me and we both checked every closet and cupboard in the house. Even still, she had to stay with me a few hours before I felt okay enough to be on my own. And I ain't a wimp, mind you!


Since those initial experiences, I've read more on the sleep paralysis, from various points of views. I've heard other accounts of it, as well. My interests waned over the years, since it never happened again, until those which took place a few months ago. I'm still not one hundred percent sure what to make of the experiences. Stress related? Just an odd medical anomaly? Alien encounter/abduction? I have no idea. The odd, unexplainable nose bleeds which occurred around the same time of the initial sleep paralysis experiences, as well as the strange headaches could lead me to think of the alien angle, as my mother thought there might be just such a connection (though knew better than to scare me any more than she had with the film and books, lol). Now, with those more recent experiences, I began to consider that as a possibility, as well.


Though no nose bleeds are massive headaches had been experienced during the time of those more recent sleep paralysis events, I did noticed an unexplained "scoop" on one of my arms. One that was not healed, like a fresh wound. Such a wound would have been noticed by me during my waking world experiences. I can not think of any event where I would have harmed my arm in that spot. I have other "scoop-like" scars on my arms and legs, like others whom equate them with alien abductions/interactions. Also during that time period, I had the painful sore on the roof of my mouth, further back that I've ever experienced one before. You know the kind you get from a potato chip cutting the roof of your mouth? Though, this one was much more severe. Again, no recollection as to the event that caused it to get cut. It took much longer to heal than a normal sore of it's kind. Even making a slight return after it seemed to have healed. 


There was also I brief dream I had around that time period. The quality of which was unlike any dream I've ever experienced. There was a realness and clarity to it it like no dream I've ever had before nor since. Best described as my regular dreams are like watching a regular television, yet this one was on a high definition, wide screen set. Unlike other dreams of mine, this took place in real time, of sorts. In that it was of this time, in this apartment, while looking at the actual sky line I see from my apartment. In it, it was day time, the sky was clear and sunny. I was looking up at the sky, just as it is from my back windows, and seeing a flying saucer styled space ship. A circular, disc shaped styled vessel. As I watched it appear in the sky above, my neighbor joined me. I became aware of others on the street stopping to take notice. I felt a sense of awe and fear as I watched it. I turned to ask my neighbor if he was seeing what I was seeing. He said he was and appeared to be in awe of it, as well. Nothing more was said. Then the disc turned in a way so it's underside flipped up and was now facing us. It then began to act as a larger speaker, of sorts. I don't recall what it was about to "say", as I suddenly woke up at that point.


When I woke, I felt a sense of terror and amazement, just as I did in the dream. There was something about this brief dream that was like none other I've ever experienced. Something too real about it, too clear in it's presentation. Oddly enough, a month or so after the dream, I was listening to an old radio rebroadcast from the Art Bell show where some UFO expert was on discussing, among other things, flying saucers and alien space craft. He claimed that these disc-like saucers actually fly in a manner where they flip on their side, rather than flying like a Frisbee disc. That freaked me out a bit, since the disc in my dream had raised up on it's side in this manner, something I'd never heard of them doing prior.


So, there you have it, folks. That's my sleep paralysis story. Aside from my mother, I've never really told anyone else about these experiences. My mother passed away over sixteen years ago now, so she was only aware of those earlier events. I'm still not sure what to make of them all, to be honest. My current physical health seems to be pretty good, as it was in my mid-twenties when I had the initial experiences. If it is aliens, I'd prefer they leave me the heck alone. I imagine it could just be stress and/or some odd physical anomaly. That is to say, I hope it's just stress and/or some odd physical anomaly.


Note to Weedo: I have a cat (see my icon) and he sleeps with me or near me every night. Never too far from my side when at home.

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I have a theory about sleep paralysis, which is based on my own practical experiences.
I believe sleep paralysis is caused by being in an "in-between" state between the Astral world and the physical world.
While going out-of-body once it happened to me. Yes, it was a very unusual and not very pleasant feeling, but I lay there thinking about it. I came up with an idea.

I had just felt the "vibrational state" which usually precedes an out-of-body experience, but had been unsure... not determined enough to launch myself out. And hadn't quite made up my mind to come back to the physical earthed state either.

I decided to experiment, and make a firm definite decision. I decided to will myself to step right out of my body, and that's what happened. From that moment there was no sense of paralysis.
The obe didn't last long. Just "walked" a few steps in my room while out of body, then came back. And made a firm decision to be physical, lock in to the physical state, and all was well...no more paralysis.


Another time it happened and I just made the firm decision to be physical (minus the OBE) Same thing happened. The paralysis was aborted.


I think it is quite a natural condition, While in theta wave state, the physical body is not capable of movement!
If consciousness (awakeness) is present at such a time, then there is an awareness of physical "paralysis".
From there, if we're not clear about it, fear can take over (which is also pretty natural. No creature who is used to the physical world is used to feeling trapped like that!)
We can use clear thinking and direct the mind and intent.  And decide where we want to be!

And know it's not an unnatural state at all. It is quite logical under the unusual circumstances.

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