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Free Banknotes


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There's three ways to do this, one is to rob someone who has banknotes, the other is to open a bank and print them yourself.




Oh! My mathematical skills in mentioning only two ways but saying there's three ways? Well I'm shit at maths, so suck it up.


Well okay then, start off with an infinite supply of bank notes and take one bank note away, how many bank notes do you have left over?




Take away one bank note an infinite amount of times and you end up with an infinite number of bank notes and a big pile of infinite bank notes that you started with left over!


They say that the best way to make a small fortune is start off with a large one. Fuck that! Start off with an infinite fortune and create an infinite fortune out of it instead!


Quite a high start up cost though eh?


Lets start off with something a bit more within our reach then.


Lets start off with just one bank note.


Titilating and tantalising isn't it?


Now take an infinitely small part of that bank note away, how much of the bank note do you have left? The whole thing minus and infinitely small part of the bank note!


Take another infinitely small part of the bank note away and add it to the other infintely small part of the bank note you took away earlier. In your left hand you have a bank note minus an infinitely small part of a bank note and in your right, you have an infinitely small part of a bank note.


Take an infinitely small part of the bank note away an infinite number of times and in your left hand you will have a bank note minus an infintely small part, but in your right hand ...


You have an infinitely small part of a bank note multiplied an infinite number of times, plus a bank note with an infintely small part taken away (no one will notice it shhhh!)


Put the bank note with the infinitely small part of bank note taken away aside and lets focus on what you have left over.


An infinte number of infinitely small parts of a bank note.


Put them all together and now what have you got?


A new bank note!


(plus another bank note with an infintitely small part of a bank note taken away which you can make more bank notes out of)


I have one bank note and its driving me nuts how to take the first infinitely small part of bank note away from it.


I started off just about to tear a little corner away and I noticed that a corner of that corner was maybe a bit closer to the infinitely small bit I wanted to tear off. So I moved my thumb in a bit and I noticed that well there was still some bit of that corner that wasn't quite infinite smallness so I got out a magnifying glass, then a microscope and before I took the tweezers out of my masturbation equipment I noticed that no matter how zoomed I could get my microscope, there was still some corner of the corner that wasn't quite infinitely small.


So I'm on the edge of infinite riches here, I'm just looking for some technique to grab an infinitely small part of a bank note an infinite number of times and create a brand new bank note, then I'll pay you back for all your help.


Our perception of reality is very fucked up compared to whatever reality must be.


People think science knows everything already. All it has is a few proven theorems and absolutely millions of unproven theories which tend to explain things adequately but not perfectly and when the imperfections are ironed out, if it destroys a theory that everyone has staked their reputations on, well that's when Galileo is tossed in jail and mistreated for being the bearer of an inconvenient truth that the Ministry of Truth does not want to be embarassed about. The universe holds truth. All men hold is some crude understanding of the universe but it in no way compares to what the truth must be.




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