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A Proper Protest- Hong Kong Style

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17 hours ago, Reptile hunter said:

Brilliant, thank you for sharing. I never realised their protests were so large and strategic.


It kinda makes sense as the Chinese are known for their ability to be super organised, and the youth LIVE online, its genius really. The organisers must have watched a ton of military videos! We could learn a lot from this operation.

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Yes, I like this as using military/tribal ways with new sensibility of flash mob.   Innovative!


I have an much smaller modest activist idea I want to share. Maybe some of you who have been on this forum longer would suggest best section for posting? 


My thought came out of reading about the peep in UK going out to applaud the "front line workers" I guess it also became a "profile your neighbor" thing too. So let's have a special time, like Sunday noon, to do a FIRE YOUR MASK. Go out and burn a mask or some. FIRE that mask job! We don't want this job anymore - Fire it, we quit.


I am not on much of that social media stuff so if anyone wants to elaborate upon / make posts, run with it.


Goddess blessings, Lupa🐺

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If there is one thing I detested it was the "front line workers" being saints bollox. And the subversion of the rainbow again, used for the agenda. There is so much in your face hypnosis and pyschology being used its laughable, and yet folks still refuse to see the truth.The hong kong video needs reposting regularly because it is so powerful to see the pure organisation of those involved. Though with platforms being taken down daily, finding one thats not monitored and getting everyone to use it will be a challenge. However, they managed with MUCH less during WW2 in the resistance. People need to stop being afraid of authority, THAT is the key.

Its such a farce. I saw today that Melbourne is trying to introduce $50k fines for non mask wearing- for a MANDATE, not a law even. Like anyone could or would pay that,or that they could enforce it, its pure fear theatre.

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