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Net Curtains

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Not really a topic, just like to say this morning i went to put www.davidicke.com in my phone to show a friend a clip.......TALK TALK MOBILE Blocked me from entering the site¬†stating for my own safety LMFAO...........so i phoned them up....... cancelled my contract and did what any civilised slave would do....told em to shuv the phone up their arseūü§£



anybody got a spare phone 

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Go to this page on my site: https://auranos.org/torc/


These are installation files of the tor browser for various platforms I've downloaded from https://www.torproject.org/


Ideally you should download the appropriate browser from that link but in the nutty control freak world, the last bastion of free speech is now the evil dark web filled with criminals and kiddie fidlers and by such hate-speech and gross misrepresentation, ISPs sometimes block the torproject.org site too make it more difficult for people in the censorship bubble to get out.


TOR is like a putting a series of VPNs between you and industrialised cyberstalkers. It's theoreticalls not invisible to ISPs if you use the standard obs4 bridges which are used by default but in practice, only Chinese ISPs actively seek and block obs4. They have no ability to recognise meek bridge TOR connections so this stuff kicks ass out of the VPNs recommended by those who wouldn't know malware or its need for removal rather than disablement if the Corona1984 API slapped them on the face.


I would go into greater detail on using this safely if your whistleblowing (ie Being a real journalist) or saying things the nutcases will want to destroy your life for but your only trying to access David Icke and other sites being censored by your International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights violating criminal ISP TalkTalk, so the information I've given will help you access ordinary sites your ISP is censoring. The caveat is that you need to read up on the other things you need to do to protect your arse from the police state if you are going any further than simply being part of a forum the loonies like to pretend is all theoretical (hence the censorship right?)


So have TOR but be careful of its power (free speech online) before reading up on extra security measures.


The https://www.torproject.org/ link is the first place to go for security tips and downloads but if the site is blocked, download from my site https://auranos.org/torc/ and install and you will be able to access the whole internet as well as the websites and services available on the onion network (read up on security before getting into the onion world and dont be shouting to much about it where people accepting and supporting human rights violations are too plentiful).


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Thank you,


i already have a VPN (expressVPN). The fact that its so well known is obvs dodgy in its self and corrupted, no doubt about that. 


When you start going down further and further into the depths, you start realising everything is so fragile and in my experiences just falling apart around me, but i feel its getting that bad i need to start thinking about the security of my family, by security i mean the very real possibility of sanctions being given just because im subscribed to the Ickonic Site.


Any advice on how can be subscribed to the site without the digital paper trail to the bank. Software such as Paypal, is definitely laced with spyware.


thanks again



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I'd be more concerned with getting google out your life than worried that your bank will say you watch Ickonic. The banking level will shut down Ickonic before they come to knock you over. The biggest threat to your electronic privacy is the Covid-19 Notification API. That needs to be removed, not disabled, but removed and it means certain google/apple features of your phone will no longer work, despite you paid for them, presumably didn't opt in to having spyware installed and they changed the contract midway and are at present in violation of section 2 of the copyright licence they rely on to produce the phones operating system. Google has the cheek to copyright public domain satelite imagery. These people are treating private data stored on their google drives as if that information belonged to them. They have server boxes installed in government agency HQs across the world, they've went rogue and they're covering it up encouraging everyone into a false sense of security while funding internet censorship. If you look closely at this site, there's google analytics on it. The information you're after is very sensitive and this side of the internet is a very precarious place to leave sensitive information over what is essentially an entertainment platform. There are means of doing what you want but there's various problems for others involved in less frivolous pursuits should the means be shut down. Google doesn't know everything but it wants to know everything and it will commit crimes to get what it wants. If you cant stop google spying on you, nothing will be told to you that those who wish to protect themselves from crime, don't want google to know.


Investigate onion security advice on TOR and find your way through the labrynth. Google will not get entry.

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