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Reptilian Eyes

Carolyn Joy

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He's 93 years old. I'm more concerned about his formative values in the Hitler youth. It would be good to hear his thoughts on the matter in a sincere way. Obviously he loves Germany but what about Nazi ideology, Eugenics (there's some 'appreciation for this in catholocism), his views on Jews, even criticisms because there was alot of decadence in the weimar republic and the obvious insincere thing to do is paint the jews beyond reproach. What about the other dissidents and the people who were killed due to aktion t4 at the start of the holocaust. How does he feel about these practices and if he approves of the same practices in the mirror of today. Thats the scariest thing about pope benedict. As for how he physically appears ... Id rather rub my bell end on Kayleigh McEneny's naughty bits but then I'm an internet pervert.

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