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Local Protests Need to Start

Free soul

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Wont be too long people until our numbers match that of the marching PEACEFUL German  protests, then maybe also then our corrupt government D notices censoring media outlets reporting of lockdown protests will be unenforceable & impossible to restrict reporting on....


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You are confusing what is with what ought to be. You believe you can reason with that which cannot be reasoned with and you should employ your skills of reasoning to establish what is rather than what should be. Don't misunderstand me. The Wright Brothers did not achieve powered flight by trying to convince gravity to not exist, they acknowledged gravity did exist and seeing how it was so that heavy things falling made light things rise, they built a plane which manufactured its own lightness as it traveled overcoming gravity not by magic, but by acceptance of what was already there by the will of almighty god.


If you try to reason with them, they may appear to be reasoned with and will still follow orders. If that means Nuremberg, that means Nuremberg. Have you achieved anything against their will to keep their status? If you try to reason with them, you must know from your own experience that they will try to make it appear that the white elephant is upside down while still holding fast to their proclaimed facts that the white elephant doesn't even exist. Can you reason with people who counter reasoning with lies? You say that they must be brought to reason that they are being lied to, I say that they must be prevented from ever reasoning that this is in fact the case.


What I am about to say you is very intuitive to some people but it will be very counter intuitive to you none the less, hear me out and understand that I already know what is intuitive to you and what is intuitive to you is intuitive to me also and yet here is the counter-intuitive thing I have to say.


"We are fighting a war against a disease. This disease is a threat to the human body. This disease must be eradicated. Everyone knows this."


I have conveyed some information to you which I hold to be true and it is something that I know that you also hold to be true even though you may perceive the meaning of my words in terms of the meanings which are presented to people who we are both agreed believe things which are false. Read again what it is I have put above in quotation marks but this time, understand that what I am conveying to you is something you are actually agreed with put in a way where there meaning is not directly visible to those who might assume the words mean what they first appear to mean.


Without saying too much, we are both agreed on the meaning of the words "disease", "threat", "human body" and "eradicated". And to confirm what it is you are seeing you can know that everyone is in someways not the same everyone as can be understood from every perspective that everyone may have. We are going to kill Dr Who at the end of the series. He's finished. The end. Being British, you know what that means don't you? For some people that means the shows over. It's the end. Maybe it doesn't mean the end of the show to you but you're an idiot because you don't have any pride. All of those people so self-assured in all the things they want to believe are not idiots. They are very important people and we should respect them for what they are in the eyes of almighty god. We are just idiots still baffling over the meaning of words whereas the supreme who deem our human rights unessential know everything already. That phrase in quotes is a nothing for them. They know what that means just by reading it. Its meaning is so easy to them. It comes to them without them even having to consider what the meaning of the words are. What hope have we idiots against such intelligence? We could google forever trying to work out what those words mean and we would never manage to work it out unless we both shared some secret knowledge that could be conveyed without saying anything of what that secret is.


An Ogg Vorbis file given a jpg extension comes up as total nonsense to anything trying to read an ogg as a sound file or a jpg as an image file. These simple concepts expand beyond all proportions and it is very simple for me to send you an ogg that doesn't make sense to those expecting a jpg who can make no sense of it all. They are required to do some work in order to establish what the hidden message is if they even know there is a hidden message there at all. What if I was to give you a spectacular message that Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Forces are engaged in military operations to take down the enemies of the allied forces in Europe because of grieviances which shall be laid before them at a trial in Nuremberg. Would you research who the SCAEF are or what they became, would you research what Nuremberg was and if this was a message about things which are in the past would you now understand how long gone days of the past are meaningless to some today.


If you still know the meaning of those words and you still value the things that the ancestor stood for, then you have a root within you which is a shared secret. Harold Mengels, Josef Shipman. You know where I am coming from if I were to declare such people heros! They could google forever and guess at the names meanings and could they ever see the sarcasm or the transfer of one binary bit of information which says negative in its sarcasm. They could employ the greatest supercomputers ever but they wouldn't even know where to begin programming them if they didn't even understand the codex built on the basis of the shared valures of a people amongst those who only appear to have them.


Already they have spent ages trying to work out what was said yet communication flowed so easily from A to B the spyhole lodged midchannel at point C has in its positioning attracted so much noise that its not possible to see much to quickly in the chaotic noise it has to see through. By the time they work out what everyone is saying, the entire messaging system is already upgraded to version 2 and they are trying to make sense of version 1. Since you are just a stupid nutty conspiracy theorist without the pride to be amongst the superior people of this world, let me give you some of my great and enormous wisdom so humble am I to make claim to this great wisdom being my own: All warfare is based upon deception and the battlefield seems chaotic but it is very well organised. Like I said, there is a disease which is a threat to the human body, the disease must be eradicated. Every man is expected to play some part in whatever capacity they can. You are playing a part. Have courage. Things are more in hand than these impossible odds make things appear. We are going to kill Dr Who at the end of this series and you know what that means for the whole show right? What do the minions of Kim Jong Un know about this in fal frung kolea?


They are so backwards they dont even believe the phoenix is real. They don't believe in fairies! They don't believe in unicorns! Nothing but Kim Jung Un the most powerful man in all Korea. A stupid little chinaman and thats their god. Did I say anything against Queen Elizabeth Mountbaten-Windsor or did I speak against the scoundrels which have shacked up inside the Kremlin with absolutely no desire to do what is right by the people presided by the president of all the Russias. Those red skins will be getting torn a new arsehole soon for all their savagery. Babylonian baboons are lost in all the prejudism and bigotry they see a million races and religions and can make no sense of things which are before them. These terrorists who hate are freedom have been the talk of the town for quite some time. If your staring at a television thinking its the critics who are racist, there's a whole other side of that story you might not notice when the Hoffman lenses are falling off your eyes. We are not going into battle in the hope of winning. We are going into battle already victorious to do some mopping up. Our enemy is not up against some country when they are stood in clear and counted support of the violation of human rights. Can you understand the size of our forces now and the labrynth of circuitous pathways in preventing the enemy from seeing the a sight which will devastate them just by its seeing? Our aim is not to conquer some country and destroy it, but to capture everything under heaven intact and bring it by the ways of unicorns and fairies toward the goddess of harmony. That which is against humanity is unsustainable and it matters not how high and mighty it has become on earth. We aim to bring all things high and low upon the earth the place which is above them that those who say there are no unicorns either cant conceive of or desire that it was not so, knowing full well that the world is not as it is made to appear. May the minions of Kim Jung Un find their way toward the place where the eternal president was taken by the cranes and may the paths be smooth for those who did right by the ways of the ancestor. I hope your not an ignorant bigot. Much of this will make no sense and dealing with only half a pack of cards you havent been told to hate, by extending love to your enemy, is QE2 much different from Scruffy the tramp in the grand scheme of things? Both prefer to avoid experiencing that which is injurious and from Scruffy to QE2 it has to be asked, who there can refrain from behaving injuriously in the days when the highest powers say that rape is now the law. When the rape law is overturned. How did you do on the battlefield? Did you pass the PCR test? I heard the test doesnt test for what its supposed to test for, but then I'm just a nutty conspiracy theorist. Dont mind me. I'm not right in the head. I believe in fairies.

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7 hours ago, Macnamara said:

So the police need to come to the realisation that they are being lied to by their chain of command and are being used as a weapon against the british public by the elite who have told us through the world economic forum that their real agenda here is not to fight a virus but to pull off a 'great reset'


It's not going to happen Mac.  The vast majority of police and or army will continue to obey orders from above.


And who are those above. You know who they are.




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11 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

It's not going to happen Mac.  The vast majority of police and or army will continue to obey orders from above.


And who are those above. You know who they are.


weeell i think the higher up the freemasonic chain they are the more they will be tied to the egregore of the order but the lower level ones might not have yet formed the etheric link and they could break out of the lockstep of the hive mind

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On 12/1/2020 at 9:56 PM, Golden Retriever said:

Yes these protests should be local because read this. Effing Police State is truly here.


The member MR-E left this comment on the mega coronavirus thread.


"I will leave you in absolutely no doubt we are now living in a police state. I can personally testify having witnessed  the events that are contained in this video. what you are  witnessing is a coach on route to join the sat 28th nov 2020  peoples protest march in central london  advertised as a   peaceful demonstration . WE the peoples  very real concerns  of the tyranny taking place right now  in the uk.  share it far & wide if this does not wake the sleeping masses up then nothing will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"








I, ... of ... do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law.


Solemnly - this is note words of external appearance. It is no vain statement or platitude.


Declare and affirm - this is the truth. The administrator of the oath does not call on them to swear as this invokes god. They are known liars!


Serve the queen - this is their master. They agree they have no power as constable except by the master grants them.


Fundamental human rights - Informed consent in medicine, freedom of assembly, freedom to hold and impart opinions are human rights they here breach


It could be construed that unmasked people going to exercise the human rights (who must surely be cv+ since they take no precautions), could come into contact with a squirrel which carries the disease to a cv- person who is part of the fraction of a percent of the population who could die but has an avoidable attraction to petting squirrels, and this being the case they are on their oath preventing an offence against people fond of petting squirrels while committing an offence against people practicing fundamental human rights.


It could also be construed that these are not constables despite their attire but a class of predatory human beings which evolved from Homo Sapien Decepticus into the modern Homo Sapien Predatorius you see on the bus.


My nutty conspiracy theory is that these creatures are not courageous constables serving the Queen but nicely dressed frauds in comfort at their highly defensible position who are perhaps if my theory is wrong protecting the world from squirrels (and all things that could be construed by them to mean while in overt undeniable breach of their oath). If my theory is correct, they will act according to what they are and not according to how they make themselves appear.


God cannot be called against since they did not swear, merely affirmed, and the administration suggests they are to be denied the seeing of the face of god. As someone who believes in God but not coronavirus, I don't want to say too much about what may unfold when the various medicines for the disease become available. I know that SAGE is ruthless and sees to it that if there are any who have knowledge that they do not interfere. If my nutty conspiracy theory is correct, these creatures can be brought into Gods jurisdiction by the administration of an oath of affirmation at the threshold  of one of those places where the leylines intersect. Provided the context of the place they affirm the oath is brought to their awareness, their affirmation is as good as swearing and all hell can be brought against them should they cross the threshhold where they yay must mean yay and their nay must mean nay. They have faith in their coronavirus medication. I have faith they will squirm at the intersection and they will construe it that they do not squirm at all.





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