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SOS - Save our Souls


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Although we've known it's been coming for a long time now, the vaccine is now in touching distance. I wholeheartedly believe the vaccine will alter those who take it, in such a way where they will loose their human touch forever (their souls). My family, parter and close friends have all bought into the carrot on the end of the stick "if we take it, it'll all go back to normal".


Is it at this point in our own lives we have to unleash both barrels on our loved one's and under no uncertain terms put all our cards down on the table and leave nothing behind in an attempt to stop them taking it? No more half truths, beating round the bush and 'only saying so much' to avoid upsetting people. 


In my opinion, this all comes down to ego. At this stage if you still don't believe there is something inherently wrong with this 'pandemic', i'm sorry, but you are choosing to stay plugged into the matrix. In the same breath, I feel like we've all got to have one last groundhog day with our loved ones... in a last ditch attempt to stop them falling into the trap...

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I had the series of newspapers for the week the maastricht treaty was ratified. While it was only one publication, the stark change in angle could be seen in that series. Mon, tue, (we were a strong country laughing at those who were suggesting we allow the EEC to be some kind of federal state with more power than the parliament. Wed, Thu, Fri, we were all so pleased to be part of a great new era for Europe. This sharp contrast happened across the whole media like it was one organisation that had suddenly did a u-turn against the very underpinnings of democracy and sovereignty itself. I kept those papers at the bottom of a computer magazine box as evidence that something had occurred. I related this thing I found 'terrifying' to 'family' and immediately became an outcast, although it took me some years of doubt and confusion to realise this. During those years I revealled to 'family' I still misplaced trust in that I had evidence if they would stop stonewalling what I was saying and looked. They asked about the evidence, stonewalled it, but later found the excuse of going into my possessions and getting rid of the newspapers. It was only piecing it together later that things began to make sense.


Between the Maastricht Coup and the roll out of surveillance cameras on public streets, I actually doubted myself I had been stonewalled so much by people I misplaced trust in. When they didn't notice anything odd about public cctv cameras, I stopped doubting myself and assumed 'family' had some kind of mental problem being unable to see what was now bleeding obvious.


I got on with my life and further things became apparent about this mentally blind 'family' I was so faithful to. Now I don't mean what they were doing and saying and encouraging me to believe but how it was the world as it truly was, was starkly different from what they were encouraging me to believe while being extremely hostile that I shouldn't put their encouragement above my own experience, angry at the idea I had experience to talk about they now treated me as some mentally retarded person for even speaking from my own experience.


They were encouraging me to believe in a deception having already deceived me about so much of what I am. They had me in a bubble of deception where I thought I was a piece of meat and far from relating to me that they did deceive me about my soul or why they were engaged in that, other interesting 'disappearing newspaper incidents' began to happen from the brakes in a car I rented from them being rigged against my need for an income from that car. I discovered they were secreting pharma into my food by quite a sneaky means. These are just two easy to describe 'moments of clarity' that made me realise 'family' wasn't family anymore and may have never been. There were other more sophisticated manipulations too complex to be in this scope but with elements that were too unlikely to be 'just paranois'. I actually saw the pills in food I was expected to eat. They hadn't be crushed properly and I have no idea what they were. This was on two ocassions.


It's not everyone who can put themself in the shoes of another so I expect these things here are just my problems in life and I should keep them to myself but I'm not here seeking any help. I cut the ties to 'family' for my own safety. I have many possible avenues which could explain what I have experienced but one route that I didn't realise I never could seek an explanation from was 'family' which to me has felt my whole time with them like a kind of subjugated existence that would turn into mutual respect some day after tomorrow, but meanwhile, I was to constantly be demeaned and belittled and somehow see myself as trampling over them. This is not about one particular deception but a whole series of them throughout my whole life.


That sovereignty didn't matter and democracy was irrelevant despite assurances about after the much complained of Margaret Thatcher, it was when the political farce hoved into view that I first cottoned on that something wasn't right. The degree to which things aren't right is incredible and there are many out there who are just like 'family' with a cleeky will to power speaking platitudes about free speech and liberty to those they keep within deception. Be deceived no more.


This isn't the story of a guy living in his mothers basement. This is the story of a guy who has always had tabs kept on him by 'family' who must have seen me as some sort of property unentitled to my own experiences of life or at least to even express it. They taught me about sovereignty and democracy and obeying that topsy turvy iniquitous world the televised government calls the law but when all of that swept away by the European Union, all that remained was 'obey the law' (as seen on TV) and never was there any mutuality, on the level, eye to eye between myself and 'family'.


Do yourself a favour, if your family doesn't love you enough to be straight with you in non-hostile confrontational manners. If there's no just sitting down and sharing moans and groans about the ways of the world, if you are expected to sit in silence and listen to their concerns but they'll roast you for sharing any back, its over. Its a hostile environment which is destroying you and making you bitter. Leave your last words to them in a letter, maybe an email, tell them to reply once they can include all the missing shit in their letter and an explanation for why thry tried to delete reality for you and thst short of this basic level of recognition and respect, there will be no need of reply since a reply to superficiality csn only be superficial and you've paid enough free energy to whatever system it is they are really involved in becayse you know the one they've disgraced you with isn't the actual system that exists.


Like they treated you when you had problems, well maybe they have problems now, but these are not your problems anymore than your problems were theirs. If there's a thing called love that's about respect, loyalty and a desire to see the ones we love getting by well, then it has to mutual. There may be people reading this who will express a presumption that my words are bitterness and resentment or some such thing. In the circumstances where the owner doesn't love his property, the property becomes bitter and resentful about all his owner has deprived him of despite his love for his owner. This bitterness and resentment can be destructive to a person in such a circumstance, probably also to deceived to the reality of his soul which places him at a gross disadvantage to those who can see his soul saying nothing. If your soul has been revealed to you (something emitting from you which cannot be seen), could your 'family' see this and conceal it from you that there was anything to be seen at all? You have been deceived. You are not their child, you are their slave. They would sooner have you die in an accident than explain their deception to you. The political intrigues are a massive distraction.


The churches teach the god of the dead to the deceived. The synagogues say the circumcission of the flesh is the true circumcission. The mosques say the holy city is on the earth. You have been taught you can pray to the dead. Your deceivers know you can pray to the living. Do so and let it be by your own will in rejection of those who deceive you. The real new world order isnt about a global government but an apocalyptic transition for a man, for many men and women, a new heaven and a new earth where the lies of this world will be blown to oblivion and you will be blown to kingdom come - a place you have emanated to your whole life long but never knew it.

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Oh bless your hearts.  All deep and all.  

Can’t convince these bastards of anything anymore than I can convince them they’re eating drugs and not food and when it starts to kill them the other drugs they’re given will kill them even faster.  It’s all the same to me.  Unless I’m on TV or wearing a white coat what I say doesn’t matter. 

But guess what when they’re falling apart and can’t do anything who are they going to rely on?  Moi.  Fucking family. 🙄

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