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Dozens killed in attack on farm workers in Nigeria


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I wonder what "boko haram" actually are. Haram is an arabic word for 'bad', 'malevolent', 'prohibited'. I doubt they would call themselves this. Attacking loggers (people tearing down the inigenous landscape) and a class of labourers so up to date they can travel 1000km to find work. In 1500AD, someone who travelled 1000km into Scotland was a bloody immigrant and if they decided to start tearing away at the natural resources they were pillagers from a far off land. Is the actual name of these groups not maybe names with clicks and unfamiliar syllables because they are the indigenous savages simply pissed off at the huge civilised rapers and pillagers of their homeland.


In the red corner we have the evil savages doing their damnedest to keep their ways of life alive who probably wouldn't know what a Nigerian was if they looked at their bone pierced nose in the mirror. In the blue corner, we have the former tribes people of the land the Europeans daub Nigeria, preferring polyester garments and aluminium kettles to expensive alternatives only the rich can afford in the indigenous culture.


It's easy to see who's going to win, but who is slaughtering who, how can this be averted and would the guarded truths and lies of the MSM like to have a nice cuoppa STFU.

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