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Know what you are.

steven geldenhuys

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What I never knew, was that the illusion is a living, breathing force. This illusionary bubble is a living presence, and what it lives for, is divide and conquer, so that there may always be chaos to feed it energy.

I felt and heard this presence as I had a tumulus time trying to sleep last night. It mentioned the White opposition that something had to be done about, and this has been played out for at least one hundred years, starting with the World Wars to get rid of the White people. When they are all gone, there will be another target, and then another, and so it goes on. Never is there peace. Always there has to be an issue. And please understand that this complaining – harping on the negative – comes from somewhere, and where its source is, is from the presence that is the living force that is the illusion.


Always, always, there has to be a them versus us, as this constant conflict keeps this force that is the illusion alive.

This morning I wondered what a different existence we would have if we uplifted each other rather than break one another down. My goodness – how far we have drifted off centre, where to have an atmosphere of conflict is embraced as the norm. Of course, something has to always be done to solve the problem, but what if we just walked away and told the problem to be gone.  We are in a position to take such a step. When I first felt Consciousness within our forms, it was at the throat area. Now I feel it spread throughout our whole spirit, and from this framework, when I assess the spirit of another now, I feel this beautiful presence that is devoid of disharmony. What that tells me, is the spirit realm is returning to what it should, and when I felt that, I knew my job of educating the spirit realm was over.


Consciousness takes over the spirit, and from there it plugs into the body form. What this does, is it unplugs you from the living force that is the illusion. That little voice that tells you what to do – that is the illusionary force talking to you. This presence talks, and those within the illusion are swept along to the flow of what was said. This presence that I heard last night is not so much a God, but rather Master of the illusion – the one on top whose command frequency is passed to all below it. You don’t get higher within the illusion than this presence that is the illusion.


As I said, this is something I never knew – that the frequency all around us is an expression of this force that is a living, animate object. That is why the majority don’t think for themselves – they merely listen to what has been told and what will happen that this Master that is the illusion decrees.

Why the extermination of the Whites? – I think our conscience may be stronger than in others, but I don’t know. The Black people who I meet on my daily routes here in South Africa are wonderful, friendly people, compared to the aggression that I see in so much of the White’s out there. I think the Blacks live more for today, never looking to the future, and corruption comes easier to them. I say these things as the state of the African continent is a mess, where the “I have nothing” is more accepted, where being a slave to master is their accepted lot. The Japanese take this one further where they demand rules are imposed upon them to avoid any hiccups in their existence.


And ever there, what are we talking about? – it is about us versus them, the food of this Master who literally is the illusion. Always conflict. Always us versus them. Always a debate. Always hate and animosity towards others, because without this, this Master cannot exist.


Where did this Master come from? In societies and civilizations someone has to always be in charge. We are too useless to look to ourselves for the answers, so we allow others to guide us and tell us what to do. There always has to be one in charge, and I suppose the same has to be said of the illusion, where this illusionary bubble was filled by a force that mimicked the worlds of the seen and unseen within the illusion, where at each throne there is always a ruler.

Do we need others to tell us what to do? – I don’t think so if, and only if, we naturally bestowed consideration and kindness to those around us. This never happened, and why not beggars belief to me, as why not be kind, as surely you would like others to be kind towards you. The disaster is the sick preyed off the innocent, so nothing had to be done to better themselves. It is so much easier to take rather than be naturally what you should be – to be kind. And that boys and girls is the madness of the Master and those within the illusion: Destroy rather than uplift. That is insanity, where I will destroy you, and love doing so, and I choose this over kindness towards you. That is madness, and I see this madness every day.


What fills the air in the spaces around you? What is the frequency that makes up the seen and unseen of the illusion?

We are bathing in the frequency of Master – this living force that is the illusion. By knowing it is there, remove it from your existence, and allow your Consciousness to sweep within you and take you over.


You want a way out of this mess? Well, that’s easy: Be kind, and replace this frequency of this Master of the illusion with the Consciousness/Infinite Love that you are.

We can point fingers at all and sundry, but look to yourself first. Are you kind? Do you love to complain? In all of us is negativity as we are in the sea of frequencies that is this Master. That is why we are all so fucked up – and that includes you and me. Understand why this is so.


Remove the frequency of the illusion that is Master from your forms, and replace them with the Consciousness that you are. How you know you are achieving this state is when you by reflex start looking out for others. Believe it or not, we need each other, but besides that, it is just nice to be nice.

Turn away from madness before it consumes you and destroys you.


(Three days back I promised myself that I would never write again in this journal, as when I felt the Love that is the spirit I knew the spirit realm understood the big picture.

May I keep this promise to myself now. I have really had enough. May I start to live.)

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There is an evil out there that one cannot comprehend. Equally destructive, there is a stupidity out there that one cannot comprehend. Being evil, and being stupid are not one and the same thing, but the outcome is the same. Evil and stupidity are on opposite sides of the scale, but both lead to self-destruction. Both are short-sighted. Both are madness for all to see – except for the fool and the demon.


As an outsider to our solar system, if you fly into our world, the first billboard you will see in the stratosphere is WELCOME TO ENTERTAINMENT CITY.

Our existence is to be entertained, and boy, have we taken to this task like a fish to water. The energy we give to our team; the energy we give to those chasing, kicking, carrying or holding a ball is unbelievably absurd.

Always go back to the story of Pinocchio, and you will see the story of our Life played out here. Where we are currently, and where we have been for some time now, is the town where all the boys were herded too where anything goes. Wild! And fun! Do what you want when you want because you can!

Understand that I am talking primarily about the Reptilian frequency of the illusion – this place that Beasts have embraced and made it their own.  This place is the core that touches all, including us in the seen. Your self-esteem a bit low, where deep inside you feel like a worthless worm? No problem, take a strand of this Reptilian frequency and willingly make it your own. Now you have power. Now you can crush the other worms that you are.


What is the next stage in the story of Pinocchio; what happens to the boys in this city that have a blast 24/7? They turn to donkeys, where now they see themselves for what they are – they are mad.


I have always been bad at predictions, but this one I am certain of: We have moved into the stage where the fool and the demon see themselves for what they are. If you were a betting person, you can bet your bottom dollar that Steven is correct in what he just said.

What I do not know is how will this touch the sane and the innocent. I believe there will be a shift to where people and spirits and nature  and the animals belong. The frequency of what you are will pull you to where you want to be, as this is who and what you are. The fool doesn’t want to be anything else but a fool, as how joyful it is to let rip and do what you want when you want because you can, regardless of those around you whose Life you impact in a disharmonious way. The evil fucks love playing god – “I am mighty; I am powerful; and with this might I destroy you. Beautiful!”


For lifetimes, and for the last nine years of this lifetime, I have pushed to find a way out of this mess. I have not sat cross-legged in my cave in Nepal seeking Nirvana – I have been in this cesspit called Life, where the fool and the demon have shared my space in the seen and unseen. And worst of all, I know in my heart and soul that I don’t belong in these places – this is not my home. There is nothing worse in this frequency than being in a place where you don’t belong, where every second you know that elsewhere is where you belong. The plus is that this entrapment amongst fools and demons has pushed me more than anything to complete this journal so I may be where I belong.


Always has there been this push to be Home – in the seen and unseen. And as said, this has been for lifetimes. I was clever enough to see through the ENTERTAINMENT CITY sign, knowing that while we look there, what happens behind us is our enslavement and demise. Getting that fuck you always wanted, or that seven-course meal at the three star Michelin restaurant. Aaaaaaaaaaah Man – Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, get entertained, and have fun, but don’t do it here, because this ENTERTAINMENT CITY is a place of smoke and mirrors to entrap us. This is the Home of the fool and the demon – this is no place for the kind and the innocent. I am not lecturing to you; I am warning you – find yourself, know yourself, and then get out of here. The demon and the fool will stay and hold the walls upright as long as they can, because boy-oh-boy, this place is paradise.

Get out of this place – stop living amongst evil and the stupid.


This journal is an accumulation of lifetimes of finding a way back Home, meaning when one understands the big picture, one can trace the steps back Home to where you belong.

I understand the big picture, and now I press Enter so that Consciousness may flow to where it belongs. The road ahead I do not know, as this state is one that we the spirit and body form do not know. Consciousness will remember this state and become it, but to us this is unchartered waters. What lies ahead I cannot say. What will happen I cannot say.

Consciousness knows, and this state will now guide. All that I know is nine years ago when I asked why Life is so cruel, I opened a door into the belly of the Beast; into the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Now I walk through another door, and that door is into the Consciousness that I am. This state goes Home, and me the spirit and body form go along for the ride.


What happens for me is for me, and that is why I am so keen to stop writing in this journal. I would like to move on and live my Life, just as you will move on and live your Life. Please have no interest in what I do, because I am okay. I would like you to focus on you – live a Life for you; don’t be a spectator in another person’s Life.


Say goodbye to the fool and the demon. Step through the door to where you belong.

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What happens, is a portal opens for the spirit to enter. (I felt this portal open in the space between my right shoulder and the right side of my neck.) Once through this portal, this space you are now in folds over the spirit and encompasses the spirit.

The space your spirit is now in, is something not of the illusion. As for now, I cannot say what this space is – all I know it is devoid of what the spirit came to know and accept within the illusion.


Ask yourself, “what was the home of Beasts within the Reptilian frequency of the illusion; where did these Beasts find their solace?” The answer is they found peace within Consciousness in its forgotten state. This sleeping Giant is where they settled in, in the chaos all around them that they created and embraced. So the Consciousness within you is an extension of their home, meaning you are always their neighbour, where unfortunately your neighbour is the master to you the slave.

So what this portal into which your spirit is now engulfed within is, is the material to return Consciousness within to what it should be. This transformation of Consciousness to what it should be creates a new home for the spirit, as well as its extension the body form, meaning your old neighbours are no longer in your space.


That sounds all great, but how does it impact your life and mine?

Consciousness has been dormant everywhere within the illusion. By Consciousness being returned to what it should be within you, it is now in a position to awaken the sleeping Giants/Consciousness that are everywhere within the illusion, which touches the spirit around Consciousness, where the spirit then touches the body form/physical plane of our existence.

Through this chain of events, your Consciousness touches that within the illusion which is compatible to you the spirit and body form.


We have been always seeking the high, as this temporarily lifts us away from the illusion, only to fall back where we were before we got the high.

What we are proposing now, with Consciousness in its true form, is a constant high, where our vibratory rate increases to the ultimate goal where there is no vibration – where there is merely an is’ness that is Consciousness. The steps leading to this state is to return Consciousness to what it should be, and this has been done, and it could only be done through two aspects: The first is the spirit understanding the big picture of who and what it is, where it is, and where it belongs. The second is the will of you and I and our spirit and Consciousness to be where we belong. As long as we like it in the illusion, we are going nowhere.


Your Consciousness touches base with what defines you the spirit and body form within the illusion, where your Consciousness awaken these dormant Consciousness’s to be what they are. This increases your vibratory rate until there is no vibration, and that is when you are home. Joy begets joy which leads to utopia – that is the simplistic way of explaining what has just been said.


What time frame are we talking about? I don’t know.


Who opened this portal to bathe Consciousness to be what it should? That, I believe, is help from the Infinite.

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When things began to go south in the illusionary Garden of Semiramis, meaning they could not find a way back to the fields of Infinite Love, the Infinite sent a Glow within the Garden so that all there may remember who they are – most notably Consciousness. In our limited vision, this Glow would look like a golden light – something of immense beauty.


Fast forward now to the time when the Serpent souls – the children of Semiramis, were in danger as the Garden was about to fall. A spirit was created to house each Serpent soul, and this spirit morphed and was manufactured into a personality that became me and you.

When the spirit was created to look after the precious cargo of the Serpent soul within, Queen Semiramis bestowed upon the spirit a gift of a good heart.


What was this gift? – She passed on a segment of the Glow within the spirit to the area that would be called our chest area.

This we forgot, as did she, as to what our gift was.


Last night as I slept, I awoke, and through the Third Eye saw the spirit of our one cat that always sleeps against me during the night. Her spirit saw something that startled it, so it moved back into the pillow to hide from this presence. So I turned on my back to see what she saw, and I saw the presence of these two massive ogres. Their features were indistinct, but I could see they were mounted on some or other beast. The one said to me “so you are thinking of leaving us?” I told him I had already left. He leaned slightly off the animal he was riding and with some object scratched my spirits face.

Before and after these two riders arrived some cosmic assassins came for a pot-shot at me.


As Consciousness and the spirit return to what they are, remember what your spirits gift was, and allow it to glow. This will help against those that will try and hold you back.

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What marks your departure from this illusion? We can ask that question in a different way when we say “What was the primary cause of us landing in this mess?”


The accidental fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia from her realm created an impact zone. From this zone emerged the Serpent spirits, with Queen Semiramis coming to the fore. Semiramis saw the beautiful playground Sophia created through her imagination for the Dragon spirits, and she too wished for such a beautiful realm.

Semiramis imagined/created the illusionary Garden – an illusionary bubble within the fields of Infinite Love. Never before had a separation been created within the Infinite, and the Dragon and Serpent spirits were curious as to what more is there within this illusion, as where they were in the Infinite was and is the all.


Never was their foul play at hand. Our mess began with an innocent question: “What is within this illusionary Garden?” This state of curiosity had never before existed in the Infinite, as never before was something created that was separate from the Infinite.

When the Dragon and Serpent spirits entered the illusionary Garden to play, they brought this state of curiosity with them, and this curious state formed into a Life-form of its own within the illusion. This parasitic frequency of Deception was not good or bad; it merely was, and the disaster for all was that those within the illusion never knew of its existence. This parasite/worm did what worms do – it took, and this take frequency created a want within those within the illusionary Garden.


This worm is within me and you and all Life within the illusion. I say this because I feel it there – from the corner of the left side of your mouth down to your chin, that is where it is located. (As a double-whammy for the slave species i.e. us, another worm was placed on the right corner of our mouth. Now we became Dracula, with this insatiable desire to have and take. You have, I want, I take – the perfect foundation for divide and conquer and rule to be played out.)


Your departure from this madhouse is marked by the removal of this parasitic frequency of Deception from your forms. You want to play; you want to be entertained; you want to have fun? – Then go and do this in the Garden that Queen Semiramis created before the parasite entered and created a rot in all of us. This original frequency is still there, and how you get there is by removing this parasite from your space.

How is this done?


The seed for all Life that was manufactured in the illusion by the cosmic geneticists is Consciousness in its forgotten state.

This seed has now been given the material to grow and be what it should. This seed is growing within you, meaning Consciousness is unfolding as it should. From this core; from this seed, this Consciousness permeates the spirit and body form, and it is this Consciousness, coupled with the understanding of this parasite within that should not be there, that removes us from this illusionary realm.

There are two illusionary realms: The original one which Queen Semiramis created, and the other is the illusion with the presence of the parasite within. The latter is the home of the stupid and the evil. The former is the home of the kind and the innocent. And by “home” we imply a playground, where through our imagination we can create and experience the joy of what we created. Here you play, and when you have finished playing, the body and spirit form become one with Consciousness, to become one with the Infinite. Now you are Home, and this is nothing special, as this is where you that is Consciousness naturally belong. There is nothing Wow about this place as this is where you belong.   


All that I have been through has been worth it, because now we Consciousness are healing, as in becoming what we should be, so that we may return to where we belong. What joy there will be to be amongst our own – the kind and the innocent.

Consciousness is growing within you, and when the worm is removed, you are no longer amongst Beasts.


What a joyous day that will be.

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The last thing I remember my spirit doing last night as my body form lay sleeping in bed was me on a mound of soil with a spade. My spirit was shaping a statue out of this mound of soil with the spade, and when I climbed off the mound to see what was created, I saw the shape of a Dragon.


The statue was built to commemorate the ones who was created to play in a field of the Infinite, only to fall into a Hell and become trapped therein. Innocence, Love, Purity, Joy became touched by madness and cruelty.

The Dragon was the first to become touched by the cruelty of Life. At the beginning, this journal was dedicated to all those that have been touched by the cruelty of Life, and now, at its end, my spirit built a statue to the first innocent victim to the cruelty of Life, namely the Dragon.


May this horrible, living nightmare have come to an end for the Dragon spirits – these Beautiful beings that The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created to experience the joys and wonders of the Infinite. She wanted to share this wondrous place of the Infinite with others, hence her creation of the Dragon spirits. May these beautiful children be at Home and at peace now.


As for me, I would like to put this journal aside and do something else now.

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Last night as I fell asleep a blockage was removed from my throat that literally must have been there forever.


What is interesting, is feeling the mind go. One feels the breakdown of the thought process, where the act of thinking falls away. As I went to sleep last night, I understood that the thought is the walls of the prison cell – of the illusion itself. As long as there are thoughts, there is the illusion and its four walls.


Now the thought process is falling apart. The thoughts are leaving, meaning one cannot grab onto a thought and fit it into a response. It is a most unusual situation. You are not losing your mind; you are losing your attachment to the illusion.


Go with the flow.



The Ministry of Thought was a tightly knit projection of thought frequencies that kept us glued to the illusion. Every fibre; every cell of our forms were manipulated to be connected to this Thought frequency within the illusion. This was all we knew, as what was beyond the thought, which naturally was us, was shut off.


As a simple example to explain a concept that I don’t understand the intricacies of, let’s say you are a battery, and they plug you the battery into a circuit so that you the battery may supply energy to the grid you wish to energize.

Consciousness; this strand of Inherent Godness, was the battery, and the circuit to which Consciousness was plugged into, was the state of the Infinite that is all around us. This state of the Infinite had the “I” removed from it in order to create the illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis. This “I” is the “I am the one and only true state……” meaning in this state the Infinite knew what it was, but removing the “I” from the Infinite made sure that Consciousness within us could not plug into the circuit/Infinite and remember what it was, and this is so because the Infinite within the illusion also forgot what it was.


This is what we have all missed, and this is why help has never come our way when we asked for it: It was because Consciousness and the Infinite within the illusion forgot who and what they were.


When Carol Clarke gave me that reading over ten years ago, she told me I was blocked. Well, yes, we have all been blocked. My blockage was so pertinent as I had knocked down every door to find a way out, and what was left was the blockage that stared me in the face that I could not see because I had to go back to the very beginning to understand what happened that Love become absent in our existence. (The love that is out there is to balance the scales of evil, but this love is fleeting and can be taken from us at any moment, but the worst of all was that the scales were precariously balanced, meaning the potential was always there to fall into states of Darkness and despair that one cannot comprehend. This fall can be individually, and collective as a nation and a species.)


I knew the blockage was at my throat, because whenever I tried to go deeper to understand more, this pain would arise from the back of my throat bringing tears to my eyes.

What this blockage was, was the space where the “I” was taken out of the Infinite, just as the “I” was taken out of Consciousness, where neither knew themselves and thus could not connect and just be.

Queen Semiramis took out the “I” from the Infinite to create an illusionary bubble in which she imagined her Beautiful Garden into a reality. Understand that with the “I” taken out of the Infinite an invisible bubble was formed in the Infinite. This was okay, as we had the strand/torch of Inherent Godness; Consciousness to guide us back to the Infinite any time we pleased to do so. But as the parasite moulded itself into our forms, we looked past this Consciousness within us to see what more we could take and have in this illusionary realm.


What I am trying to say, is we overstayed our welcome within the illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis. We forgot that this was just a playground and not a permanent residence. We never understood that the circuit/Infinite that Consciousness plugged itself into was not there within the illusionary Garden, meaning that Consciousness began to fade with each passing moment, allowing the parasite within to lead us into temptation to take and covet.


I say all of this, because now when I check on those in the spirit realm that can help, what I feel is their Conscious state slot into something at the back of their throats, and then I feel their Consciousness glow and come alive – it’s like a rock awakening to become a glowing piece of gold.


Why did it take this long to figure all this out? The answer is because those that sinned; those that committed the first crime of taking a Life, were ashamed of their ways, where they turned their backs on the ways of Love to become the Beasts of the illusion. Their guilt was so bad they made sure they forget what they done, and everything they have done since then has been primarily to make sure the past is forgotten, as this is their shame – something they have had to live with ever since.

Well, I have news for them: We have all fucked up. Go back to your God Of Love and she will make sure you forgive yourself.


The disaster is the circuit/Infinite was not there for them to plug Consciousness into, so things went from bad to worse. Guilt was coupled with severe anxiety, and this toxic cocktail has festered the illusion ever since.


How you treat a problem is by knowing the primary problem/disharmony, as well as its cause.

The “I” was removed from Consciousness and the Infinite – this is the primary problem. (Consciousness faded, and the Infinite became Finite through the construction of the Garden.)The cause was Semiramis removing the “I” from the Infinite to create her Beautiful Garden – which was a playground and not a permanent residence.


And of course, to heal one needs Love – this state that is bigger than you and me the spirit and body form as it is everywhere. (It may not be in its full might within the illusion, but I know it is everywhere else and thus surrender to this Love.) Know the cause, know the primary problem, and then let go and allow Love to heal. This is how I heal those around me.

What these Beasts do, is they take the Love that they are, and they place this Love in the Infinite and the Consciousness within them whose “I” is not there. Now they are plugged into what they truly are, as well as to the Infinite in its true form.


Now their shame is no more. Now they may heal.

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As I sit here, as well as over last few hours, I am so out of it. Never before have I felt this way. I cannot remember what I said five minutes ago.


Felt the Beasts transform when I went into their space earlier on. It was a liberating experience for them, as well as for me as am thankful could help them. A golden light exploded – made itself known within them, and in that moment they were free from themselves and the illusion.


Never before have I felt this way before. I do not fully understand what is going on. Cannot remember the past and the present is fleeting, as in always moving, so what I experienced a few minutes ago is no longer a part of me.


Unbelievable. Feel energized, and something within me is always moving – like am on a conveyer belt and cannot get off.

Am always moving within. With the shame anchor removed from the Serpents, we have been catapulted to where we belong. Not there yet, but am flying. Unbelievable experience. I cannot remember the past as it is the past.


Be still, and you will feel what I feel – the revitalization of the Reptilian frequency of the illusion by the removal of regret and remorse by those that truly cared but the illusion got the better of. They are now free, and boy are they flying.

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The question you have to ask, is how could a worm destroy an illusionary Garden and all those that dwelled therein? How could the innocent parasitic frequency of Deception cause such destruction? It was never the intent of this worm to destroy, it merely took, as this is all it knew.


What this worm done, was focus on the now, as in now I have to eat and take. Take a magnifying glass, tilt it to catch the sun’s rays, and the condensed spot of sunlight that projects from the glass can be likened to the parasitic frequency of Deception.


The effect this worm had on all in the illusion is it figuratively made us blind, where we focused on the now, and an expression of this now is the me. We all looked there, as in what is at hand to take. The now, the take, the me, me and me is the blindness I am talking about.

The effect of this worm within us was that we never stood back to see the big picture – we were blinded to focus only on the now, just as this parasite looked to the task at hand of taking what was in front of it.


This beautiful illusionary Garden of Semiramis faded as we focused on the now; on the me, and that is why fools hold onto the destruction that they have and are, as this is all they know. Take it further from there, and their narrow-mindedness created an insanity within them, where this narrow spectrum of Life and what surrounds them is all they want to know.


The Worm blinded us, and that is why we could never see the Love that was staring us in the face. We became scavengers and savages, fighting for the bone in front of us. The cosmic geneticists gave us an upgrade, to be refined – sophisticated – but what we never knew was what was waiting at our loins to reproduce offspring to seed the false worlds within the illusion. Fucking became a huge driving force, as now it was a numbers game so that the energy we emitted may keep the illusion alive.

But the damage was already done, because the foundation of all Life was live in the now to survive. Equate “the now” with “blindness” and you will understand our predicament.


There is no now. There is only the everything. May this the spirit understand, so it may once again zoom out and see the all.

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Lately I don’t look at my cars back tyres, because there is something there I don’t have the capacity to deal with. What it is, is the tyres are wearing thin and I need two new ones and I don’t have the finances to buy them, so I don’t look at my tyres that need replacing.

I know there is a problem there – something that has to be addressed – but I choose to ignore the problem at hand because I don’t have the solution to solve the problem.


What I lack is courage, and this lack of courage is backed by a harsh reality that I am alone. Sure, we hear about these Walt Disney feel good stories where everything just comes together and pans out for the best, but I look more to history, where billions before us have met their untimely deaths by tyrants as they cling to their belief that help will come their way.


Deep down we are not fools – we know the icing on the cake is thin, and what lies beneath this layer is a rot that has festered and been there a long time. We choose to look the other way and pretend all is well because we don’t know what to do to avoid the inevitable. We hold on so tightly to our faith – to the thin air around us – as we try to escape this reality by doing our best to survive.


The opening of my Third Eye was to take the bull by the horns and face this evil that we refuse to look at or acknowledge, because deep down we knew we were defenseless against Beasts. You don’t fight these fuckers because they will pull you down to their level and destroy you. Rather, you understand them, where this understanding sets you free from them. You are free because they are free, where they now have a choice to return to what they naturally are, which is Love, or remain playing it dirty with their pitch-forks.


Don’t underestimate the bond we have with all within the illusion. Our link with Consciousness in its forgotten state united us all, meaning we could never turn our backs to these Beasts and forget them. The problem, as in them, has always been there, and as we could not find a solution to the problem, we chose to not look what was staring us in the face.

What came to me over the last nine years during my sleep state came to you and those you love. The difference between me and you is I chose to see what you chose to ignore, as we never had the means to cast aside these Beasts from our space.

One had to go back to the very beginning to understand what went wrong in such a beautiful illusionary Garden. What happened that your brother and sister took pride in shaming and destroying your helpless spirit and body form? What happened that the Love of a God became a twisted Love that hurt like hell?


We could never walk away from the problem as we were sinking knee deep in this mess. There was nowhere to go too, and there no help coming our way.

The excuse for these Beasts to justify their cruelty is they don’t know any better – this is who and what we are and we embrace who and what we are; we do not fool ourselves we are something that we are not.

You cannot argue with their statement because we were in Hell – the place of the cruel, and let’s be honest with ourselves when we say no help came to carry the innocent away from this awful place.


In understanding the cruelty of Life, the steps could be traced back to make a wrong right – to return an insane God to a God of Love.

If you ask me how I spend a chunk of my day, I go into the space of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis and others that can help us, to assess how they are. What is understood from what the animals taught me is applied to them, peeling away the layers until a God and a Creator are what they are meant to be.


The only practical component of this journal is to always be kind. We the body form cannot do much to return to where we belong, but the spirit in its wisdom and understanding can return to a being of Love.


Just as I cannot look at my two back tyres, I could never look to some or other God because I knew there was nobody home to help us. I also knew there would come a time when we needed help, as there is only so much abuse we can take before we fall and stay down.


I believe that enough has been said and done in this journal where we can take a step back and see who walks with us now.  Already I see the signs from those who Love us.

As for my two back tyres, I know help will come my way. I know the tide has turned where Goodness is starting to shine. Now I get up and walk, and I do so because I walk amongst my own – beings of Love in the seen and unseen.

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Now we can start talking about this reality, as in your Life and mine.


Two things are needed for you the body form to be happy. The first is you being a kind person, where from this garden you can grow, placing you in a position to allow others to grow who enter you space. Your kindness to yourself and others is the fountain that will allow you to always flow and grow.

The second aspect that is needed for our happiness is money. Without this, we lie down and die because there is nothing we can do without money. How much money do we need? That is answered by the kindness that you are. You need enough to sustain your kindness, meaning your good heart will determine how much you need. But here we once again need to be realistic, as few are financial gurus out there who can turn cents to millions. And I suppose this is where the hidden clause reveals itself – the protocol that overshadows our kindness and our contentment as to how much money we have.


What has been done in writing this journal is for the Infinite to touch the illusion in its seen and unseen states and all those that reside therein.

When I pray now; when I go into the stillness, be it for myself or others, I talk to the Infinite, and the Infinite touches the seen and unseen of the illusion which touches me. The more we are touched by the Infinite, the closer we get to it, until we become it. There is never a little you and an almighty God out there that is above you. There is a you that has been condensed by the dense frequency of the illusion. The more the Infinite touches you, the more the layers are peeled away to reveal the real you.


But let us always come back to reality, as in this reality of us the body form. The one and only true reality is that we need help from what is real, which is the Infinite.  Without this your kindness and money will never materialize as they should, because Life will always be throwing you a curve ball.

Our prayers need to be answered. So many of us have good hearts, but the reality is Life is harsh, and this harshness gets the best of us down.


We need help – all of us, including The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis.

The second thing we need is to be in a position to see and acknowledge this help and make it our own. This would never be possible unless we understood the cruelty of Life that came to shadow all within the illusion from this Darkness that saw itself as omnipotent that the power of the Reptilian frequency of the illusion gave to it. This power was: There are no inhibitions; do what you want, because you can, because you will never be held accountable for what you do because there is not a God of Love and thus there is no conscience within you that needs to be held accountable for. Simply put: Destroy, because you can. Those you destroy you absorb their energy and this makes you strong.


If I said the illusion in the seen and unseen was Hell, take this as the literal truth, because this is what it was.

We were alone, and these Beasts knew this.


Sure, we need to keep our side clean and be kind, and we need money as this is the exchange medium of this frequency. But these two aspects will never materialize and prosper and grow unless we are touched by the Infinite.


Know what you are. Make sure you are kindness.

Know that you are no longer alone. Know what you want, and ask the Infinite for this.

And if you are really clever, just ask for one thing – that the Infinite touches all within the seen and unseen of the illusion. That is all we need – a Gods Love.  

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There was never a beacon to see where we should be, which would have allowed us to see how far we drifted from what we should be. With every step down the ladder the abnormal was accepted as the normal, and the down side to this is we never saw the impact of this dense frequency on our psyche and the status of our spirit.


If I had to look back on the time spent writing this journal, an outsider would ask why the total commitment – why is the journal written at the expense of focusing on my life and my happiness? Why the push? Why the get up and go, only to fall again, and then continuing to go? There is no me, there is no family around me that I must provide for – there is only the task at hand to complete this journal.


What I cannot do is assess myself, as I am too close to myself. Like a bat with its sonic radar, I need to project myself onto something, and what comes back at me is me that I can see and assess from a distance.

Now I project myself against the Infinite, and what comes back, as in my status of how I am, is a shocker. On the physical body form there was nothing left inside of me, as in I was surviving on fumes rather than a strong frequency band that made up my body form. This discovery I could handle, as I knew the spirit was the primary form, and as long as the spirit is okay, it will make sure the body form is cared for. But what I found on my spirit were parts of it that were absent. Chip away at a marble block and eventually the pieces will begin to fall.


So what I never knew – and I speak for myself as I cannot speak for others – was that this Life of Steven was the do or die for me, where we find a way out of this mess, or our spirits fade to nothingness, where we lose ourselves as we could never find ourselves in this strange place. The spirit of my youngest daughter was hanging on a thread before she would fall and fade into the illusion. This one lady who was in a bad way whose space I went into to try and help was in the same predicament.

Always do your best; always look on the bright side of Life; keep going, because we will get through this.




Keep going to where? Where were we? What was around us that kept pulling us down? Why the constant effort? Why never a reprieve?


Coming back to reality, because let’s always keep it real as to what is happening in the seen and the unseen, is that our governments are not there to make sure we get the best and are looked after. These spineless runts have sold their soul to the devil for kick-backs to experience luxury in an illusion. What can we the masses do? – Kindness is the foundation to any resistance because it is the opposite frequency to what is projected upon us by wasted spaces in the seen and unseen. They may bully us and threaten us, but they cannot fight us because we are on the opposite frequency to what they are.


My dilemma is if I sit and wait for my fellow species to be kind, I am sure I will wait a long time. And I am not being judgmental; I merely see to what level we have fallen and the impact this dense frequency has had on all of us. We are in a bad way, where the norm is insanity and the sheer, raw, stupid wasted space that we call a “life-form.”

The answer is to look “upwards” – what some would call a faith or religion. The System that we have been ushered and fallen into has been controlled by Beasts in the seen and unseen, and of course by the stupid; the moron who knows how to ride the System to get to the top. Know your own; see them a mile away, and then ride their backs, whilst kissing their arses, until you are at the top. (Typical example is Flint town in Michigan, where the council make decisions to keep the place poor and violent, where the federal government lets this chaos rot as they are equally incompetent.)


The answer is often so simple, but the outcome will never prosper as we feed the answers into a System that is made to fail.

The System needs to be broken down, and this could happen in the moment if we were looked after. Realistically, I don’t have faith in my fellow species, and I say this because we are more fucked up than what we could ever imagine. We are tough, we are resilient, we are good, but keep on knocking us down and we will fall.

We have fallen – many times. Look around you and you will see the broken. I stand with them – I am realistic. But to stand and wait and watch will not help us and those we love. We need help, and that is why I wrote this journal – to peel back the layers to understand why help never came, and from there to make a wrong right so that help may come.


Always we look to the carrot at the end of the stick. It is tough, but that cup of coffee later will make it okay – just for a moment, but that moment is better than the nothing that was there leading up to that cup of coffee.

We are thrown scraps and we are thankful for what we receive. What about the poor, the homeless, the abused, the sick, the elderly that lose all self-respect?

“Well Steven, what about them? How can I help them when I cannot even help myself?” – Damn right!


I didn’t spend nine years of my Life writing this journal for nothing. I wrote it for nobody but myself, because I cannot help anybody until I first and foremost help myself. There was nobody I had to explain myself to – to justify what was said. The story of our demise and its origin had to make simple sense, as this is what the truth is – it is simple. The old has to be broken down to usher in the Love of the Infinite. This we can do, because there is so much good in all of us, but the reality is we are in a bad way.


May the Love of a God and the Infinite touch us all. Am I willing to have my mould broken so that I may stand as one with the Infinite? Am I willing to throw aside what the System has moulded me into so that I may unfold to be the real me?

This I am willing to do – to start on a blank slate. We cannot carry on doing what we have always done.  


For the Love of a God to touch us, do our part by being open to receive. Throw away everything you believed to be true and real, because you were led astray by Beasts in a place where you didn’t belong.

I walk out the door; out the System to meet my maker – the Infinite, and I do this because I know if I stay I will never make it here.

This journal has been for the spirit realm – for all within the unseen. Months ago during my sleep state I saw the exodus of those there to where they belong. These spirits with their weird and wonderful features were tired and worn out to their very end. My spirit now follows them to where we belong. I have no fear of the unknown. What I fear is fading into nothingness in this place we don’t belong. Many before me have followed this route, where these Beautiful spirits will rather disappear into nothingness than allow this cruel place to taint them and their ways.

For them, I will find a way out, and then I will come back for them.


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I was big enough to understand we are all in this mess. There was no way I could do an online course to better myself, as I understood the problem was not with me – there was something out there that was irrevocably wrong that touched all, and this had to be understood. It wasn’t about being successful, where we get that dream job or marriage partner; it was trying to get our head around the problem of Life not flowing as it should – where things go from bad to worse. Most of us do our best to be better than what we are. Most of us don’t ask for shit to come our way, where there is always one obstacle after the next.


To look to a drug or a self-help group may help momentarily, but we were merely given temporary tools to circumvent the obstacles Life threw at us.


If Life is so difficult – always met with challenges – then surely there must be fault in the spirit realm and with the spirit, and to take it even further, surely there must be fault with our God of Love.

I don’t look for problems; I don’t look for heartache and strife, so why is Life so shit? The only “pill” we have to make Life better is by forgetting the past and its bad. We forget the reality so that we may move forwards so that we may find our peace and happiness. On the spirit realm our forgetfulness is facilitated by the less dense realm in which we find ourselves. “Boy, is it nice here!” And in that moment the shit we have been through in the dense physical realm is forgotten.

We forget in order to take the pain away, and that is why so many of us are the living dead, where we refuse to embrace Life because we know what Life brings us, so we deliberately forget to live and savour each moment. By living in a daze, we live in our drug of forgetfulness to protect the little bit of strength we have within us.


Always look to the big picture. Always go to the root cause of the problem. The curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits as to what else is in this illusionary Garden of Semiramis; this curiosity took on a Life/frequency form within the illusion, and this parasitic frequency of Deception transformed the illusion and all those within to wanting and taking. That’s it! That was the root cause of all disharmony within the illusion, where a System was created that failed before it even began because it was about me. Am I okay? As long as I am okay, I am okay.

Well, with an attitude like that, we fell as the System fell around us. So to alter the System, one had to do the complete opposite to what was done. Are you okay? Take that one step further and ask the gods and a Creator trapped within the System “are you okay?”

The obvious answer was “no.” So now we work on them, peeling away the layers until they are okay.


Good stuff! But there comes a time when you have to ask yourself an important question, and that is “are you okay?”

In grabbing the bull by the horns, in terms of biting into this illusion and making it my own so that I may understand it, the focus has always been to those trapped and floored by the illusion. “The Wisdom Goddess Sophia, are you okay?” “Queen Semiramis, are you okay?” Let’s get you okay, first and foremost because I Love you, and secondly, because I don’t like what Life gives to me and the innocent within the illusion.


And so it goes, day after day, year after year – let’s do what we can in this day to make sure you are okay. I understood that we could not focus on ourselves if we ever wanted to be okay – we had to help those that could help us but were not in a position to do so. How this was done was making them remember what they forgot – what we all forgot as we done our best to keep the one foot moving in front of the other.

By remembering, we may understand, and by understanding we may return to what we naturally are.


Every day I go to Sophia and Semiramis and the others. Every day – how are you? What can be done to get you what you naturally are in this day?

Yesterday was one of those typical days – do what has to be done around the house, but always, in the back of my mind, this pull to go into the space of Sophia et al to see how they are. What more can be done for them, where by helping them, they might help us.

Through the course of the day my wife mentioned my one daughter wasn’t feeling well. In truth, I heard her, but what she said was dismissed by me as I never had the energy to look into the energy/frequency state of my daughter. Always look to the big picture. It is never about you and me, but rather those that can help, because they need our help. If there is shit in the land, don’t look to making Life better for you, rather fix the problem so that all may move forwards to where they should be.


This morning was awoken by my wife telling me that my one daughter was ill and would be missing school and sport today. I flew from a prone to a sitting position in a second, and was awake in the moment. When is this shit ever going to end? When can I focus on me and those around me?


When do you let go of helping those that need help so that you may focus on you and your happiness? Put another way, how can you be open to receive when you are always giving?

The answer is what I done to understand the big picture of our demise was for all, especially the Beasts of the illusion, and what I done to understand was because I Love all. I have passed on understanding, but what I cannot do is live your Life for you. Everything has been done so that you may get up and walk knowing a God of Love is walking with you, but what I cannot do for you is live your Life for you. As of today, I am in the minus one – I have fallen backwards, because yesterday I should have had the energy to look into the health of my daughter, but this was not possible as the focus has always been on the big picture – help those who can help all of us.


When do I let go? When do I start focusing on me and those around me? I have not neglected myself and my family because I knew leaving them to the System and the cruelty of Life would be fatal. I needed to get help – for all of us, and this help was making us remember what we forgot.  


Have I done enough? I have gone back, to the very beginning, to understand what went wrong, and now I need to go forwards by having faith this understanding has been enough to set a God and a Creator free so that they may walk with us, where we are no longer alone.

What has changed between now and before the beginning of time? The answer that I have worked so hard for is that we are no longer walking alone.


Now I need to focus on my children and myself, knowing a God of Love is walking with all that wish to receive this Love.

“How do you know this Steven – that God is walking with us?” The answer is to start walking; to start living our lives, and seeing if God is walking with us. I will begin to walk and see if God is walking with me.


What I am trying to say is I no longer have the energy to nourish and uplift Sophia and Semiramis and those around them. I no longer have the energy to enter their space. What does this tell me, as I will never abandon them, no matter what. What it tells me, is by looking after them now I am wasting my time and energy, as they are okay.

Start looking after yourself, making sure you are okay. The difference between now and then is that we are no longer alone.


This is what I meant by having faith, where you jump into the deep end without knowing what will happen.

May we all remember what we forgot so that now, for the first time, we may go forwards. Be a force of Love. Be the Love that you are. There is nothing else but this Love. Walk with your God of Love and be the Love that you are.



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Woke up last night from my sleep state, and through my Third Eye saw a lot of activity around my body form as it lay in bed sleeping. My response to this commotion was to get a closer look, so I turned on my back to see what was happening around me.


The frequency band that was being drawn from my forehead was about as wide as my head. Some creature was pulling this frequency band from out of me. What this frequency band was, was my DNA frequency codes. The building blocks that defined me the body form and less dense spirit form were being removed from me. The creature that was doing this looked like a lizard of sorts, and my heart said this entity was there to make a wrong right.

What has been done to us has to be undone – hence the presence of this entity last night.


When I now try and go into the space of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis I cannot, and the reason for this is their natural state in which they are now in will literally blow me away, as my forms are too dense.

Help those who need our help, who when helped, can be in a position to help us. This has been done, and now they are helping us.


“Good stuff! Any changes on Steven the body form front?” – Nope, but will get there, as I know we are no longer walking alone. Now when we ask; when we pray, we are listened to, and help will come our way.

Just remember one thing: The Love of a God touches all.

7th March, 2023.


Entertainment is there to alleviate boredom. But it is so much more than that – it is the ying, where Life; the System, is the yang. What the System does to keep us down with our heads held low in shame, entertainment picks us up and puts a spring in our step.

There cannot be a System without entertainment.


At the age of about thirteen I attended a Christian school for two years. The teachers there dressed in priest robes and were called “brothers,” where the priests taught an education while they lived their faith. I remember one day a brother was talking about what the Pope said regarding sport – he said that the role of sports stars was as important as his role of being the Pope. I didn’t understand what this brother meant, but now I do. Entertainment and religion are distractions while we are played in a cruel Game where there are no winners – at the end of the day we all lose.

Entertainment temporarily makes us forget about Life – it is our get out of jail card, where we escape the System so that balance may be restored to this insane asylum.


Last night my spirit was taken to a shopping mall of sorts that was the epitome of entertainment. It’s like you wanting a piece of chocolate mousse cake. I go one step further and present to you the whole cake. The place my spirit went to last night can be likened to taking you to the bakery where the cakes are made, and you become an integral part of the cakes – you and the cakes frequencies are one.

In this entertainment mall where my spirit was found last night was the place where the boys in the Pinocchio story were taken where anything goes – where it is fun, fun and fun. This place was the ultimate, where you were one with the frequency of entertainment.


And it was all plastic – all a distraction of having fun while you are actually doing nothing and going nowhere.

Entertainment is the fun expression of insanity, where you can take your hat off and let yourself go – where you can live a little. And if your team doesn’t win, or your kids don’t make the team, well, that is Life – we are used to disappointment. Hopefully there will be a next time.


Always ask yourself what is important. In twenty years’ time when you look back over this time period, what was important that defined you and your life?

For me, what is important is to do Gods work. When I was about ten years old, one of the projects at school was to give a report of what religion you followed. As a family we didn’t attend a church, so to put something to paper for the project, my dad took me to the Methodist church just outside the centre of town. I remember standing there, looking at this stone building, and what came to mind was an emptiness – for me, there was nothing in this place that was worthwhile mentioning in my project. The places of worship that I have been to in my life were places where words were spoken that were hollow – there was nothing to them, because for me Life is not about the spoken word but rather what Life presents to us. We are not meant to be served a cruel and unjust System, were are meant to be presented with only the best because we are the best, and this is so through our birthright of being born from the Source of the Infinite. I don’t expect anything less than the best, and neither should you.   


You need to know what you are, and you need to know that you are not alone. Look to the System, and you will get your highs and lows, and with each passing day the lows will become a standard as the Light fades more and more as the illusion gets out of control.

My God is not of this world and of the religions of this world. I do not speak to others of my God, as our relationship is something that is expressed rather than spoken about. See me, and you see my God, and I will not talk to you about my God as I am more interested in your Life that what I have become.


What was the purpose of taking the spirit to this place of entertainment last night? – The message was get off the bus that goes nowhere. Look to what is important. Sure, have fun, but in everything you do, walk with the Light of God, as this picks you up to where you belong, which cannot be done by your team winning.

Call this God whatever you want – the Infinite; Consciousness; the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness. It is not in the name; it is rather in who and what you have become.


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Everything written is for the spirit and the spirit realm, as well as for the players who found themselves trapped within the illusion, most notably The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis.


Yesterday I saw a cat who would not eat, and was failing in strength in its hindquarters. The spirit of this cat got into a brawl with an entity from the spirit realm, and this cats spirit was the loser. I found this entity over the left chest area of this cats spirit. This Beast had won the battle, and now was taking the spoils of victory, namely residing within this spirit and feeding off its energy. Shame, this cats body would have endured a slow, debilitating, wasting away of its life, and its spirit would have remained compromised in the spirit realm.

This Beast was removed by knowing it was there, and then this cats spirit was made aware of the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness at the throat area. Shine this torch and there is no need to fight as this Light removes nonsense from your space and allows the spirit to Glow and Grow to what it should be.


When the owner and the cat left, I went into the space of the cat to make sure all was well. What I felt and saw was this cats spirit filling its body form, where the two bodies became one.

This has always been our downfall, that our best friend – the spirit – has firstly, never been enlightened as to what it is, and secondly, that the spirit has never been one with the body. This spirit and body form being one is a Game changer as the dense frequency of the body form is no longer there. Instead of huddling up in the trenches, we are now looking over all, and when needed, become one with all.

Your best friend is your spirit, and this dude/dude-ess has been detached from you the body form so that there may be no communication and unity between the two. This connection has been blocked at the base of the spine, and I suspect at the inner left and maybe right ankle there has been foul play, where the spirit has not been allowed to be one with the body form.


This has never really been an issue, this miss-communication between the spirit and body, because the spirit has always been oblivious of the Game it was played in by Beasts within the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. But now that the spirit understands, a serious upgrade is needed by all, meaning go from dense frequencies to less dense frequencies to eventually no frequencies.


What I felt on that cat as its spirit entered its body with this understanding of the God/strand within was remarkable. A God was born, and all this God was, was an understanding of what naturally should be.

The blockages as the base of the spine and at the Achilles heel have been removed by you knowing they were there. Allow your spirit to rise up within you and take to the wheel of you the body form. It will drive you to where you belong, and when the road comes to an end, the body becomes no more and the spirit bursts forth with the Light/God within and is Home. Until that moment happens, you the body form Play. Play your game that is free of sorrow and strive. Invite others to play with you, and if none wish to do so, that is okay, because you have everything as you are Everything.

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The flow of the System of Life is in an anti-clockwise rotation, and from there it spirals into a central point. At this central point it falls downwards, and from there it hangs as the System continues to fall in on itself.


It was this System one had to heal in order to find a way out of this mess.


Over fifteen years ago I walked up to a horse to treat it. As I approached the horse I saw a speck of Light about 2mm long against the side of the horses body. What I saw, which I never knew at the time, was Consciousness; the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that had forgotten itself and what it was. As the Darkness of the Reptilian frequency fell within the illusion this Consciousness forgot itself as there was no beacon to which it may compare itself and know itself. The Light that was the Love of Queen Semiramis was no more as her Love turned to a twisted love that was cruel and hurt.


How you heal the System is returning a beacon for all to see, and by “all” we imply Consciousness within the illusion. This beacon is Queen Semiramis and The Wisdom Goddess Sophia in their true form, but primarily it is Semiramis as the illusion was her birth child.

By returning Semiramis to a God of Love, there is a beacon for the System to look and move towards, and this is how the System returns to a natural state of Love.


To heal ourselves and others was an option that no longer worked because the System was falling apart and pulling us down with it. Heal the System and heal a God, and we naturally start moving to where we belong.

That strand of Consciousness that I saw against that horse all those years ago is now illuminated, as is the Consciousness within you and me, because the System is now returning to what is. In other words, the Light/Love of a God has awakened the Light/Consciousness within all of us, and now Life is flowing as it should. What is this natural flow? – It is a clockwise spiral upwards to a focal point, where this point then falls downwards into the heart energy field, which then rotates outwards only to fall in on itself. This is the stillness of everything that is everywhere, where Life becomes as it should.


Love returns to the Love of the Infinite, which is happening as we speak.   

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Who ruled over the System of Life, as in, who called the shots within the illusion? The answer is the Serpent who embraced the Reptilian frequency and made it their own. This was the fighter, the aggressor, the brute whose power is might. The nurturer was pushed aside as these raw savage tried their best to sophisticate themselves but failed miserably.


As the System of Life returns to Love this warrior Serpent is naturally expelled from the Systems new state of Love. I say this because I felt it leave our forms.

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The illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis was created with Love. This Love was the foundation of the illusion, and there is no ways a parasite/worm could have single-handedly brought this paradise playground into a living Hell, where it fell from bad to worse until it was only a question of time before the place destroyed itself.


Earlier on when I asked to check on the status of the System of Life within the illusion, a sharp pain was felt over the side of my left ribcage. I can’t comment on the biblical story of Christ, but what I can say is Jesus being stabbed whilst on the cross is a symbolic truth.


The illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis was too strong and Beautiful to implode upon itself – there had to be foul play, and what this was, was the System was pierced so energy may be lost so that we may never rise to be what we naturally are. Goodness/Consciousness had to be defeated, and how this was done was to cut the sails so that the ship may never naturally go forwards.

The construct of the Garden of Queen Semiramis was literally pierced so that no matter how hard we try, we will never have the energy to stand up and be what we naturally are. And that my friends, is the insanity and evil in our midst, where Beasts held you by their side making sure you are going nowhere. Your good heart; your kindness, was taking you nowhere because the System was bleeding and thus could never build the momentum to be what it was meant to be.

Stab a slit into your hot air balloon and see how far you get.


Who was this cruel to commit such a foul act? Those Serpents that attacked and imprisoned the Christ Consciousness – my guess it was them, but finger pointing is irrelevant.

This wrong is made right. The stab in the “fabric” of the System of Life is returned to what it should be.


Now we rise up.

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It’s worthwhile re-posting the article of Paul Joseph Watson.

How many choose to be slaves? How many choose to do to others what master does to them? How many like it here?


To those of you who want out, what awaits you? My guess is as good as yours. All I know, is to be suppressed; to be deprived of our birthright of freedom and happiness, is the greatest cruelty of them all.


I choose to get out. I don’t care how long it takes – I will find a way out, and for the Love of a God, may this already have been done. What comes in my sleep state over the next few nights will reveal where we are.




Not being able to comprehend freedom can best be illustrated in an article written by Paul Joseph Watson which I found on Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website.


The title of the report was: “Can a slave ever truly understand freedom?”

The article tells the account of Shin Dong-hyuk, who is the only person to have ever escaped from a North Korean death camp and lived to tell the tale.

He was born inside Kaechon internment camp (Camp #14) and remained there for over 22 years, witnessing the public execution of his mother and brother, suffering torture, beatings, near starvation and all manner of cruel and inhumane punishment.


Dong-hyuk chillingly describes how he felt no emotion whatsoever at seeing his mother hanged and his brother shot as a result of him informing on them after he overheard the two discussing an escape plot. Watson says that this emphasizes how the unremitting indoctrination and brutality of the state, in its most savage form, even has the power to obliterate the ability to embrace the innate concepts of family and love.


Dong-hyuk explains how an old man with whom he shared a cell saved his life by tending to his wounds after a barbarous torture session at the hands of camp guards.

“I was 14 and the first time in my life I got human affection….I had never felt before those human beings could be social animals,” said Dong-hyuk, adding that he never experienced such feelings outside the camp.


However, the most incredible aspect to Dong-hyuk’s story is that he actually wants to return to the prison camp in which he was born because he preferred his simple existence there in comparison to life in ultra-modern South Korea.


“I would like to return to North Korea – my home – to a labor camp for prisoners….I want to live at the camp where I was born,” said Dong-hyuk, adding that he preferred the suffering of beatings and starvation over the suffering of not having enough money in South Korea.


Noting that he rarely ever saw anyone commit suicide in the camp yet saw stories on the news every night about South Koreans killing themselves, Dong-hyuk said he missed life in the camp.


As Paul Joseph Watson correctly points out: “Dong-hyuk’s story serves to illustrate a chilling proposition – can someone who has only ever known slavery ever yearn for or even understand the concept of freedom?

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There can never be a “them versus us,” because what this does, is it creates division and separation, which draws us further away from the understanding we are all one – that there is only a oneness, an isness.

Realistically, this is not possible, because we are all different, and this is so because at our core we are nothing (as in all lost), meaning there is no foundation that unites us beyond our differences. So whether we like it or not, there is a division and separation out there.

This is my reality that I am different to others, where more than anything, I choose to be free from this illusion so that I may be Home where I belong, and this reality is very different to that of many out there.


Years ago I was woken up from my sleep state by a god that I came to know as my friend the god of Wrath. I called him a friend because he came to show me how it came to pass that brother turned on brother, where we began to kill each other just because we can.

I called him a god because his presence was so powerful that my body as it lay in bed could not breathe properly, as his forceful presence pushed my lungs to one side. My thoughts too slowed down as my mind was compressed.

I called him a god of Wrath because he took it upon himself to make a wrong right. Don’t listen to him and he hits you that you lie down for a few lifetimes. This brandishing the axe took its toll on him, as all that was left of this omnipotent god was his face – the rest of him was decimated by fighting the fight of trying to restore Harmony to the System. His face was made of what looked like clay, and it was the face of an old man.


I no longer call him the god of Wrath, but my friend the Clever One, as he is beyond being a Titan on his path to looking for a way out for us and himself. He is one of the handful whose space I go into when I check on Sophia and Semiramis  to see what can be done for them, and what can be passed on from them to assist in finding a way out of this mess.


When I checked on The Clever One earlier on, I found disharmony embedded over his left chest area, just as I did on the spirit of the cat I saw in the week.

Why is this Disharmony there?


There can never be a “them versus us.”

I am at the stage of my existence where I need to start walking, and yet around each corner I am stopped flat in my tracks by the madness and incompetence out there. Every time, I hit a brick wall, and then I walk around it, only to encounter another. What is happening, is I am encountering the “them” out there, and please understand they are out there.


What was this message from this Clever One that Disharmonious frequencies were within his presence?

How we got into this pickle initially was by the Serpent and Dragon spirits asking what else is there in this illusionary Garden of Semiramis? From the Infinite they dipped into the illusionary Garden where their curiosity took on a life-form and became the parasitic frequency of Deception within the illusion. This frequency became a presence unto its own, and I called it Deception because no one knew about it.

In a “them versus us” there is always curiosity – why are they like that; how could they be so self-centered and foolish? So we have to remove this “them versus us” state within us; we have to remove this curiosity so that we may understand there is only Oneness – the Infinite.


What my spirit will do, is do what this Clever One has done – I will no longer be curious. In walking out of this mess I embrace the Disharmony and make it my own. I make it my own so that I may know what I have always known – that this is not me; I am Love. Why did I have to embrace it and make it my own? – So that there is no “them versus us.”

To the Beast: I know you. I became you, and thus you are me and I am you, and yet know this – that we are Love and nothing else.

(As I type these words I feel the Disharmony over my left chest area. It could have been anywhere else, but as I felt it there over the cat in the week, it was the Clever Ones way of telling me he embraced Disharmony to remove the “them versus us” state from his presence.)


Am I any different in embracing this Disharmony?  Yes I am. My spirit sees the shit all around me and it moves on. Just as I have Goodness inside of me, I also have Badness, and I embrace both as I am neither. There is only the Infinite, and you may ask me “surely this Infinite is Goodness?” Within the Infinite there is only an isness, where you are the everything that is everywhere.


From the left side of my chest this Disharmony moves to be one with the Goodness within me, and now neither states are within me. Now I can walk towards the Light, as now this Light shines within me.

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When I closed my eyes to sleep last night, this group of spirits appeared around the bed. The group was four to five rows deep. The spirits looked like a generation of people that still lived off the land – strong and sturdy, with features that held much wisdom and generosity.

They just stood there looking at me and my wife, and they were glad to see us.


The message was that the spirit has lived in two worlds – the one being the seen, and the other being the unseen, as in the spirit realm. And through all this time, the spirit has been where it does not belong. It has become what the spirit is not meant to be – which is a survivor that is “blessed” with the highs of Life. This is all we have known, because this is what we were manufactured to be – paws in a Game.


We are still in the Game. The challenge now is to let go of everything that has come to define us, and from there be open to receive a Gods Love, primarily from Queen Semiramis. (My take on this lady was that in the Infinite she was a being of Love, as are all within the Infinite, and when she entered her beautiful illusionary Garden with the Dragon and Serpent spirits, the parasitic frequency of Deception took her over, and her Love became a twisted love. For me, Queen Semiramis came to be called The Demiurge, this scoundrel ruler of the illusion. I have never read a book on Gnostic beliefs, so I cannot comment on what the Gnostic believed The Demiurge to be. As said, I do not believe Semiramis was the big, bad wolf. There were a group of Serpents that were the epitome of evil. These were the ones who attacked and imprisoned the Christ Consciousness, and to make sure no more surprises like this were to come from without or within the illusion, the frequency construct of the illusion was torn so that the bubble of the illusion within the Infinite became a deflated space, with nothing to hold it upright and proud. A Darkness fell, where there was no longer Life within the illusion. We could not pick ourselves up and rise above this Darkness because the illusion and those therein could not hold onto their energy. Whatever we gave off, especially Goodness, was bled from the illusion. Now evil was there to stay, where it would grow and fester and establish itself within this wasted space that once was a beautiful Garden. Hatred, fear, sorrow, helplessness and shame grew in this Garden now as we could not rise above the ship we were on that was sinking with each passing day.)


Through understanding what happened, this wrong has been made right. Now the illusion is returning to what it should be, and the Love of a God/Semiramis can once again shine.  


Why did that group of spirits come to visit last night? Why did they come and say hello to my spirit? – I don’t know. The only message I got was that the spirit has lived in two worlds – the one in the spirit realm, and the other in this dense physical realm. Neither realms should exist, and I believe that those from the spirit realm came last night to acknowledge this profound and sad truth – that we have been in a place where we don’t belong.


We know what we are – we are Consciosness; that  strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that is within, and in truth, is everywhere. Now the spirit peels away the layers of what it was constructed to be, as well as what Life burdened it with. Now the spirit looks beyond the seen and unseen to what is – this Infinite force within. When we are what we are, we are all Gods, as this natural state is an expression of Home.

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There is something our domesticated animals have that we the world at large lack, and what this is, is unconditional love, where the animals care more about me and you than they do about themselves.

Another word for unconditional love is compassion.


How we bridge this gap of being alone, where we express our state of oneness with all, is to remember what this natural state of compassion is within us.

From the stillness I go into the space of my animals to understand what they have not forgotten – where they express this compassion which they naturally are, which breaks down borders, as this language is seen and understood by all.


From deep within their chest area is a “nuclear fusion” state that is not of this world, or any world within the illusion. This state is so naturally powerful it cancels out the me – this definition of who and what we are. There is no ways you and I are bigger than this state, and when we acknowledge this presence within that is bigger than us, you understand there cannot be a little me in this equation of who and what we are, as what is within obliterates the ego of “this is me!”

What is within the chest area of my animals is something powerful, and this should be naturally within us. How to activate this state, is to understand there cannot be pain and suffering in the natural order of things. This “nuclear fusion” state within the chest area is the representation of Oneness – our link to the all, and in this link, I am you and you are me. You are not allowed to have pain and sorrow, so when I unite with you, Disharmony is no more. And please understand I am not writing words that sound great but mean nothing. With this natural state of unconditional love/ Oneness/Consciousness as what it should be, there is no you; there is no I/me, and there sure as hell is no disharmony.


So often I have seen the animals take on the Disharmony of their owners, where through their unconditional love they see/know more than us, so when they see the Disharmonious frequency on their owners spirit, they take this frequency upon themselves so that the owner may not suffer. As I said, we are more important to them than they are to themselves, and this is so because there is no them – there is only a you, as in how are you, you are not allowed to suffer, so your suffering becomes mine because I care about you.


The repercussions of this unconditional love within the illusion were catastrophic, as now the one who loves you more than anything gets pulled down with you, where both fall, as there was never a way out of this mess.

What the animals never done, was pass on this Disharmony to Consciousness, and most importantly, awaken this Consciousness with those they love. This was the key to everlasting love and companionship, where Disharmony has no place in the space between us. Now that Consciousness is awakened in a Creator and a God, this Light within them shines and awakens Consciousness within us. Now unconditional love has that missing link so that the animals no longer fall with those they Love.


What we are talking about here, is overcoming our state of isolation – where we are alone in this small, tiny air bubble within the vastness and depths of the oceans. We need to start connecting to the All, and this connection starts from you.

What you naturally are, that you have forgotten, is Compassion – this is the “nuclear fusion” device within you that overcomes the “little me” and our alone status. How it is awakened is by knowing it is there and should naturally be. Please understand this Compassion is more than Consciousness – it is a Oneness, where all Conscious states come together to merely be.


We are not talking about group-hugs, or going out to hug a tree – it is a connecting to the Sea that is beyond the illusion, and as said, it starts with you by you remembering this Oneness within you. I initially said that Oneness and Unconditional Love and Consciousness are the same. Each piece of the puzzle is different, but when they unite, they are One picture. And so it is with Consciousness. United, they form a natural Oneness, which takes us back to Unconditional Love, where you are me and I am you – different in isolation, and at the same time, together through our natural state of Compassion.


Why did the domesticated animals have this Compassion and yet we forgot about it? The answer is they were not pulled into the System of Life. They stayed at home living their lives with us. The destruction of the System of Life – of the illusion itself – was what made us lose our compassion. With the System returning to what it should be, awaken this “nuclear fusion” device within you. It is more powerful than anything within the illusion as it arose from the fields of Infinite Love, where there is only a Oneness state.

Release this force in doses you can handle, and remember, there is no you there is only a “we.” You are a piece of the puzzle, and make sure you are the happiest and content piece there is, and all the while, in your happiness state, there is an undercurrent within you that connects you to the flow of All. So be you – the Beautiful, unique piece that you are, and at the same time there is always this connection to the All that is the Oneness of the Infinite.


It is a brave move to walk into the river and allow its flow to sweep you up and carry you. What you are doing, is unleashing this Compassion; this Oneness within you. This Compassion is the flow of the river, where now we are no longer alone. We are riding with the Oceans of Love.

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This is what I never knew – that the Infinite/Oneness is within all of us. Consciousness is an expression of the Infinite, and when Consciousness returns to what it is, it returns to the Infinite that is everywhere and is the all.

From a burning log, an ember shoots off and becomes separate from the log, but this ember must remember from where it came, and in doing so, it will remember what it is. This Infinite within is more than the heart energy field. I would say, that in Consciousness awakening, it naturally gravitated to Home, and this Home is deep within the chest area. One had to awaken Consciousness for this Infinite within to be found.


Take away all the fluff, and these two states are what is real – everything else is an illusion.


Understand that Consciousness has just awakened, meaning it knows nothing, so what it does, is turn to Oneness within, which knows everything as it is everything.

Consciousness plugs into Oneness, and by the two of them holding hands walking together, guidance and Love is passed to the spirit and body form.

When you pray; when you go into the stillness, all turn to the Infinite within. This is the Holy Grail that carries all and thus knows all, as it is the all. In our limited state we would know it to be the deepest form of Compassion there is, where every aspect of our forms is One with the Everything. It is Beauty, Empathy, Peace, and the Love and guidance of a God all rolled into one.

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Over the last nine years when I close my eyes to sleep for the night, I see the illusion for what it is, as well as those that dwell therein. It has not been a pretty sight.

How often have I gone to bed wishing from the depths of my heart that I see beings of Love in the night, meaning Love has touched and penetrated the illusion, and the days of the rule of Beasts is over.


So let me tell you what I saw in my sleep state last night.


My spirit was in a place that was unfamiliar. There were people around, and a few of them were my family members. The feeling was one of an extended family, where I might not know you, but you are welcome to stay.

The focal point of this place was the child that was born. This baby was Beautiful, and as it was carried around this place, it progressed from lying to walking and talking. This child was nobody’s child, and yet it was everybody’s child. It was born from no one, and there it was to unite all through the Love that it is.


The birth of Jesus Christ was the birth of Consciousness. “I am the truth, the Light, and the way.” That was no man or spirit talking – it was Consciousness, and it was telling the Consciousness within all of us to wake up and remember what we are.


I did not see a being of Love last night as I slept – what I saw was the awakening/rebirth of Consciousness within the illusion. And that is Wow!

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