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Know what you are.

steven geldenhuys

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After writing the above, I went into the stillness, and what I felt was a clockwise rotation from Consciousness, where the circle grew bigger and bigger from this focal point until it exited my space.

From there an anti-clockwise movement was felt, and this movement opened up the energy vortices in our spirit and biological body form to receive what was without so that it may come within.


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If you don’t believe the Holocaust existed, you are called a Holocaust denier, and this title is worthy of society casting you aside forever more, and in some countries, this label means a prison sentence for you.

And of course there are the big, bad Nazi’s.


I wasn’t there – during this time of the Second World War, so I hear what I am told, so truthfully I cannot comment on this era of our history. What I can count on is those that seek to uncover the truth, and for me, when one reads the truth, something within you understands that this is the truth.

When I read M.S. King’s book The Bad War, which is an account of WW2, I understood that everything we have been told about everything is one big lie.

What I believe, is we safeguard ourselves, where we hold ourselves back so that we may not uncover the truth, because some truths blow the pots lid off of our existence, and we are not ready to see what is staring us in the face, namely that everything is not as it seems.


My belief is that in the Infinite there is fluid motion, and what I mean by this, is the Infinite will look like a kaleidoscope, where patterns of movements dance and transform. This is my belief.

The children that were created by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia were one such pattern, and in our limited vision we would understand them to be Dragons. Look at the folklore of old, and you will see the Dragon everywhere. These are the children of Sophia, just as the Serpent is the child/kin of Semiramis. The Serpent looks like the ones slithering around in our reality, but that is where the similarity ends, as they have been around much longer than us the spirit, and I would say their understanding of the illusion must be almost complete, as this is their playground and home. There are Beautiful Serpents – I have met one – who are filled with nothing but Love, meaning as with everything, not all are bad. Primarily I have met the bad ones, and these fuckers are potent.


I have seen the children of Semiramis during my sleep state through my Third Eye, but I have never seen the children of Sophia – the Dragons. If you ask me why, my answer at this stage of the journal would be that I was not ready in the past to face the truth of where the children of Sophia are. Face the truth, and you face everything, which we are not capable of doing, so we dismiss what is staring us in the face.


This journal has hit a dead-end, where it is about to start going in circles, where nothing gets said, as all we do is repeat ourselves. So I would say this is a most appropriate time to understand what happened to the Dragon spirits and souls, and let’s just say I am open to be blown away, where others shun and see me as mad. When I told my dad the punch-line of the book The Bad War, he began an argument regarding the subject every time he saw me, and that is what I mean when I say we are not ready to hear the truth, so what we do is go into denial and slander others. Remember, we are told what to believe, so who says what we are told is the truth?


Where are these Dragons? The Serpent is master of those from the shadows – truly, the illusion is their temple, but where are the Dragons? I am ready to face this truth, because I know that without us understanding this mystery, we are remaining where are, as how can we go Home without knowing what happened to the children of a Creator? Are they okay; do they need our help; where are they? This is one topic we are not allowed to walk into, meaning this truth will change the way we see ourselves and the illusion, but let’s jump in and see what we find.


My take in the journal was that there was a fall, where the Dragon and Serpent souls – the ones cloned from the spirits – these souls fell, and during this fall there was a “battle” between the two, and the Serpent souls won, which is confirmed by Serpents ruling the unseen and Dragons being absent from the picture.

This fall can be likened to two people with one life-raft in the middle of the ocean – who gets to climb aboard and be saved. I would say there was not so much a battle between the Serpent and Dragon souls, but rather a frenzy from each to survive as they fell, and the Serpents got the upper hand, where it could have gone either way and the Dragons could have come out the other side on top.

Regardless, what happened to the one that could not climb on the life-raft, and this is where the story treads into unchartered waters; where it is a big no-no. You see, the Serpent and Dragon souls were Love, and they had this Love for each other. There was harmony and peace and joy and all the rest between these children of Sophia and Semiramis, so what shame must there be within you to abandon ones whom you Love more than yourself? “Well Steven, let’s not go there, as this is something we made sure we forgot about a long time ago, as the past is the past, and what happened happened.”

Now here is the rub: We are all going nowhere until we understand where are the Dragon souls.


So what I do is go beyond the denial of the Serpent to see what is behind this door. They won’t dwell past there as this is a chapter they refuse to remember, so one has to bypass this denial and see what is there that happened to the Dragon souls. (When the illusionary Garden fell, I believe the Dragon and Serpent spirits were knocked out by the dense state into which they fell, and they are in slumber. As the souls were cloned from the spirits to appease this want within all, where now there are two instead of one, which was meant to remove this “me” to “we,” the Dragon and Serpent souls were not the true form of the Dragon and Serpent spirits as the spirits were formed in the Infinite and the souls within the illusion, meaning the spirits were more susceptible to the now dense state that the Garden fell into. Hence the spirits were knocked into slumber and the souls continued to fall.)


What did the Serpent souls hold onto that allowed them to “survive” the fall?

As they fell, a new frequency; a new sensation was felt within the illusion, and what this was, was Fear. This dense frequency was the life-line that slowed down the fall of the Serpent souls, meaning they had something to hold onto as they fell. This Fear came to define them, and if anything, this Fear state became their best friend, as in they felt safe with this frequency within them as this frequency halted their fall. Is this from where our fear state arose? – I would say so, where the origin of that nervous tension I felt yesterday was from the frequency the Serpent souls clutched onto to stop their fall.

With the Serpent souls ruling the illusion, it is fair to say that their Fear became our fear as this fear pattern/frequency is within them and is thus exuded from them to all.  


So the one felt safe by holding onto the dense frequency pattern of Fear while the other continued to Fall. But Fall to where?


There is the Infinite, and from this place the Dragon and Serpent spirits willingly fell into the illusionary Garden to appease their curiosity of what else is there that is not within the Infinite.

Now, when you are in the illusion, where is the next progressive step from there, and where this is, is The Nothingness of the Forgotten, where you forget yourself, as in who and what you are, namely this Consciousness that is the Infinite. I have been to this place so I know it exists.


When I go into the space of Sophia and Semiramis, I feel what they feel, as in how they are, and in their states the illusion is represented by their left eye. So the rest of them is the All, as in what is real, as in the Infinite, and the movement I feel that is not as solid as the rest of them is the illusion whose representation is their left eye.

When I asked where the Dragon souls are, I felt my left eye bubble out, and where the Dragons were, were beyond this bubble, meaning in The Nothingness of the Forgotten. And the big question one has to ask, with its obvious answer is, is the origin of the formation of this place from the end of the line to where the Dragon souls fell? I would bet everything I have that this is so.


And that is why, after all that has been said in this journal, you and I are going nowhere, as is the illusion – except to its ultimate demise. There is a deep guilt and shame that has locked the illusion into a void, where those players therein that know of the Game refuse to budge, because deep down they won’t abandon those they Love, namely the Dragon souls trapped in The Nothingness of the Forgotten.

That is what is never spoken about: Those the Serpents Love are trapped in a place where these Dragons have forgotten themselves.


So how do we free these Beautiful Dragons. Well, we cannot – only the Serpent souls can do that.

What the Serpent souls do, is release the Fear frequency within them, which makes them fall to where the Dragon souls are. Now the Serpent souls are amongst the vegetative Dragon souls who are nothing as they forgot who they are.


And now is the easy part, as the truth has to be simple otherwise it is not the truth: The Serpent souls project their Love for the Dragon souls upon them, and in this Love is the story of what happened that we all got into this mess. By understanding, as well as being showered in Love, the Dragon souls awaken and return to their Home, which is the Dragon spirit. Now they awaken these sleeping goliaths by passing on the truth, and from there they return to the Infinite.

Now the Serpent souls are free from their shame, and they too return to the Serpent spirits, who also return Home.


Now Sophia and Semiramis are happy, as their children are Home.

May their happiness shine upon us.


The End.   

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6 hours ago, steven geldenhuys said:



My belief is that in the Infinite there is fluid motion, and what I mean by this, is the Infinite will look like a kaleidoscope, where patterns of movements dance and transform. 


The children that were created by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia were one such pattern, and in our limited vision we would understand them to be Dragons. Look at the folklore of old, and you will see the Dragon everywhere. 



 Now here is the rub: We are all going nowhere until we understand where are the Dragon souls.



There is the Infinite, and from this place the Dragon and Serpent spirits willingly fell into the illusionary Garden to appease their curiosity of what else is there that is not within the Infinite.


 So how do we free these Beautiful Dragons. Well, we cannot – only the Serpent souls can do that.


By understanding, as well as being showered in Love, the Dragon souls awaken and return to their Home, which is the Dragon spirit. Now they awaken these sleeping goliaths by passing on the truth, and from there they return to the Infinite.


My belief is that in the Infinite there is fluid motion, and what I mean by this, is the Infinite will look like a kaleidoscope, where patterns of movements dance and transform.  

It's certainly far more complex than that. And it simultaneously connects everywhere. Time and dimension are meaningless.


The children that were created by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia were one such pattern, and in our limited vision we would understand them to be Dragons. Look at the folklore of old, and you will see the Dragon everywhere. 

There is only one true pattern, even if humans believe there are countless ones. To integrate it into your imagination means that what is one will appear as dual. And you'll replace it with something familiar. Patterns that you have adapted from here. That means you can't see it in its true appearance.


Now here is the rub: We are all going nowhere until we understand where are the Dragon souls.

where the Dragons were, were beyond this bubble, meaning in The Nothingness of the Forgotten. 

Don't you think you should consider where you are going? And something is much closer to humans than they can imagine. 


So how do we free these Beautiful Dragons. Well, we cannot – only the Serpent souls can do that.

No human being has to worry about something that is infinitely more evolved.


By understanding, as well as being showered in Love, the Dragon souls awaken and return to their Home, which is the Dragon spirit. Now they awaken these sleeping goliaths by passing on the truth, and from there they return to the Infinite. 

Nothing has ever been asleep. And nothing needed to be awakened. And nothing has to return because it has always been there. 



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What I cannot shake off is this constant feeling of exhaustion. Go to bed tired, wake up tired, and throughout day feel like I have a hangover. This is not what Life is meant to be like.


Last night during my sleep state woke up to see through my Third Eye what looked like a suit of armour standing next to me. Those that were in the suit could not handle the density of our space, hence the need to be suited up. I saw a long, elongated funnel that projected from this suit which touched parts of my spirit, where something was injected or taken from me.

Then the setting changed and I saw a lady looking at me. This lady was from the world that sent this suit of armour to enter my presence. She just looked at me, with a dead-pan expression on her face.


To change our world would mean nothing, as all the worlds within the illusion are interlinked. One needs to transform the illusion to what it should have been, and this means getting up and running those that wished only the best for those that came to visit the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. And to do so, one needs to go to the heart of the problem, which was we all forgot about our good hearts. Why we lost our integrity is shameful. Of course no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but apologize, if anything, to yourself, and from there carry on doing your best. 


That is all water under the bridge. It is time to move forwards.

Where too from here I don’t know. If we do not feel the presence and see the transformations from those in the unseen that are now in a position to help us, then will carry on writing till we do. Somehow, somewhere, all this shit that we accepted as the norm will come to an end. The abnormal will once again become the natural – where Life is pure and innocent and joyous. That, for me, is normal.

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It was about a year ago that during my sleep state my spirit went to talk to those Serpents that held the illusion in the palm of their hand, as in nothing comes in or leaves. Somewhere during this interaction I saw a black man sitting on a floor. This man was trapped – he was held prisoner. When I saw him I did not make this assumption, as my initial response to seeing this man was one of indifference, and this was so because the task at hand was to speak to these Serpents that ruled the illusion. These Serpents were strong, but what made them almost unbeatable was that they worked as one. When they hit, they hit as one, and this force was backed by their attitude that failure is never an option. So they hit as a group, knowing they would win, and this made them almost omnipotent.


It was later, after meeting this group, that I remembered this man who I saw on route to these Serpents. What was this man doing in the presence of these most foul Serpents. Later it was understood that this Man was the Christ Consciousness – the one that came to turn the cesspit of our hearts back into a paradise.


This encounter was mentioned in the journal, but there was something I did not say, and I thought it might be useful saying it now.


I remember reading an account between two statesmen after the Second World War. One of them said the whole purpose of WW2 was to get rid of the white population. Some might see this as a racial slur, where whites turn on whites for the sole reason they are white, but more and more we see the genocide of whites, to the point where within my lifetime there may be few, if any, white people left.

Why is this so? Why want to make white people extinct?


The Man sitting on that floor was initially white, and over what we would time, as he was held captive, he became black. What made this Man of Love go from being white to black? The answer is the uncertainty within him. Uncertainty, as in “I don’t know anymore; I have doubts about myself and the future; I am not helped; I am at the mercy of others.”


My father had blacks who worked for him, and he loved them and they did him. My mom worked in the same company, and the blacks who worked for her loved her through the respect they had for her, because she looked after them with respect. As a young boy growing up in that environment, the black workers revered me, and I felt like a superstar when I entered the workplace, such was the fuss they all made of me.

This was my upbringing and experience with black people. Of course there were absolute fucking bastards as well, but those were few and far, and they never squashed the inner feeling of love that I had for the black people who worked for my parents. A bond formed that would always be there.


So I am not a racist, and never will be. (Maybe towards all and sundry within the illusion, but not really.)


What made the Christ Consciousness black, was the frequency of Uncertainty that came about through helplessness when you trapped and there is no way out.

So what do whites have that blacks don’t? And please understand, I am talking from the perspective from the unseen realms, and not the seen. As Angie, who cleans our house, and I always say, the only difference between blacks and whites out there is the colour of their skin, otherwise we are all the same, as in all fucked up. And that is the truth – within the seen. On the unseen it is a different ball-game.


What does a white spirit have that a black one does not have? That is the question to ask in order to find our why Beasts in the unseen wish to eradicate the white population. (No doubt there are attacks on white spirits in the unseen from those from the shadows.)

When I ask this question and go into the space of the black spirit, I feel a line going from top to bottom across the left side of the heart energy space. What this line is, is the Uncertainty frequency, where the heart energy field cannot be one complete unit. This line came to be in that Christ Consciousness, so if others say the Jesus spirit was a black man, I would say this to be true, but he was not initially so, as the Uncertainty from his confinement made him black.

I don’t know if there is any truth in the dying at the cross story, but what I do know is this Christ Consciousness was hit by these Serpents that worked as one who proceeded to entrap this Christ Consciousness.


This Christ Consciousness came from the Infinite to help those within the illusion, where the mission failed as the upper echelon Serpents overpowered this Consciousness and took it captive. Instead of projecting Love, this presence now projected Uncertainty, and this Uncertainty frequency alters the spirit from white to black.

(How this Uncertainty frequency comes to be adopted within the spirit I don’t know.)


This white to black I find hard to fathom, but please understand that in the spirits of black people, there is this Uncertainty streak going down across their heart field.

The reason for the cull of whites is to allow a species where Uncertainty is a line in all, and as whites don’t have this Uncertainty streak, get rid of them.

So what I do now is remove the Uncertainty streak within all in the illusion by knowing it is there and has no place in the presence of Love. But even better still, remove it from the source – from this Christ Consciousness – and it is removed from all. This happens now, and is done.


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When this journal began those from the shadows that understand the Game showed me a proposition. In my sleep state they showed my spirit and body form images of everything my heart would desire. They showed us technology that was beyond this world. All this, and more could be ours, where within the seen and unseen I would be given a limitless card so that we may never want of anything.

Of course there was a catch, and what that catch was, was that I walk away from this journal – in other words, leave things the way they are to run their course.


If I look back on that proposition, maybe I should have taken it.

All this journal and Steven does is upset people and spirits. They are not interested in what I have to say, where fools see what they are, and yet they enjoy being fools. They have no intention of bettering themselves for themselves as they have settled in nicely with who and what they have become. – And this is the truth.


Who would have helped those I have helped? The question to ask is “have I helped anyone?” No fucking way has this been done because nobody has helped me.

Those that need saving will ultimately be helped, and it will not be from you or me, but rather the System imploding in on itself. All will be destroyed, and those in prison will merely walk out of their cells with no need for a hero to save the day.


I have fooled myself that the illusion needs to be free from cruelty, but how do you save people and spirits that don’t want to be saved? All you do is irritate them. All you do is stand in their way.

Well, what about the innocent Steven? Well maybe they need to grow a backbone and look after themselves, where by walking away from tyrants they restore their dignity and self-respect.


I jumped into a world that doesn’t want help, and aint I the fool for doing so!   

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It’s like you sitting in the room next to me. You are Consciousness; a presence that is the Infinite, and I am one seriously unhappy dude stuck in this mess called Life – a place where I don’t belong, where I don’t synchronize to those around me as I don’t share their insanity.

The more I am around you this Consciousness, the more I become like you, where what you are – which is higher than me – becomes me.


Let’s not fool ourselves – we need help. This help is within us; this Consciousness that is everything. Through our association of what is in our midst, we the body form and spirit become the presence that is within us that is everywhere.


The other day I healed this lady that was in a bad way. She told me the following day it was as if she woke up from a hideous nightmare, meaning all was now well, and she was relieved she no longer found herself in the hell she was going through. I phoned her to ask what this felt like, so that should this awakening touch me I may know what to look out for.


Yesterday was the eight year and ten month mark of living and breathing this journal.

Now I just go with the flow that is within me.

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What I have often seen over the years during my sleep state through my Third Eye were a couple that were getting it on around me. Of course it was never the same couple – always different ones.

The role of their act was to transfer their arousal frequency onto me so that me the body form may wake up and release the seven-course meal of energy for them to feed upon.


What happens to me happens to all out there as energy is the currency and life-blood of the illusion. Your arousal sensation comes from somewhere, and if you zoom out you will see the illusion is obsessed with the act of getting it on, and why this is so, is to keep us within the low frequency range of the illusion, where a high is released into the System.

We have been used; we have never been uplifted.


So what you do is break down the system you have been wired to become, in other words, break down what you have been created/manufactured to be, which is an energy release mechanism so that the illusion and those that dwell therein may stay alive – where an illusionary realm is fed by illusionary beings. If this sounds like a pretty sick and insane setup, it is because it is.


You need to break down all that has been manufactured around the Consciousness that is within you that is the real you, and how this is done is by understanding what we have become and are is the complete opposite of what we should be. We are simplistic, yet eternal beings of Love, yet around this strand of Consciousness an illusionary robotic slave has been manufactured to feed the System of the illusion. You are an illusion, so allow what you are not to disappear so that what is real may come forth.

How this is done is by giving Consciousness permission to break down and remove all around it that is defined as you, so that this part of you that is real may shine.


There are only so many orgasms we can have until we ask “what more is there?” The word “primitive” comes to mind when we understand how low we have fallen. Yesterday drove past a cargo trailer packed full of pigs on their way to slaughter so that you and I may eat them.

Stand back, zoom out, and see the big picture – look what we have been manufactured/created to be. It is not a pretty sight.

Allow Consciousness to break down the System that is the illusionary you, so that all that remains is the real you.

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There is a force out there that is cleverer than you and I, and I say this because worlds and their inhabitants have been trapped in the illusion for a long time, to the point where this is all we know as this is all we have been exposed to.

The cosmic geneticists and architects of the illusion kept it simple, because the simpler something is the more effective it is. Their game plan involved two strategic maneuvers: the first being control from the shadows, where those in the Game are not aware of how they are being played; and the second being divide and rule, where you split everyone into groups, place some twat at the head of the people, and then allow it to turn into a free-for-all, where the groups fuck each other up – collectively, and on a one-to-one basis.


That's it! Keep it simple, and then stand back and tweak the Game now and then, most notably to ensure the Beast that is the savage doesn’t lose it and destroy all as this is all they are – a destructive force that destroys.


The first maneuver we understand – where we know the Serpent from the shadows, as well as the kundalini Serpent within. What I have come to know, is this understanding means nothing, because as much as your understanding of what happened at the very beginning is vital, it means nothing as you are still walking alone, and this solitary confinement is the opposite of what the Infinite is, where we are all one unit having our own personal experience. You want to go and play on the merry-go-round, and I go and play on the swings, but before, during and after play we are all one as we arose from the same Source within the Infinite.


The second maneuver we don’t understand, and it is now that we are to understand how the architects and cosmic geneticists managed to separate us where we all live on our own islands, hence the “me, me and me” attitude of all and sundry out there. “Fuck you! I am okay so fuck you.” It is this attitude of others that pushed me to the brink of insanity, where I understand there is truly no hope for so many out there. They will fall – they have to fall – so that they may see what they have become. Only when their cruel, callous shell is broken can they begin to return to what they are.


We are all one.

Recently in my sleep state I was shown a symbolic scene where I saw these entities tie the mouths of the animals so that they may no longer speak to us. What was our friends; our loved ones, came to be called the beasts of the earth, where we the Beast tucked in and began to eat those we love. The silence from their bound mouths ensured we would not listen to their reason so that we may not understand our insanity, and let’s just say the rest is history.

We are all one – the world we are on, the animals and nature, and of course the species that inhabit the world. I always open myself up to chit-chat with those I encounter, be they the people filling my car with petrol, or those at the shopping centres that work there. What I have found over the last week or so, is those I meet, that I have a fleeting conversation with for about a minute or two, these are my brothers and sisters. I have a bond with them; an affinity where I understand they are me and I them. It is not friendship, but rather a knowing that we are all one – I am them, and they are me. What this means, is we are ready to understand what the illusions architects and geneticists done that we repelled each other rather than naturally be the one that we are.


When I go into the stillness of the silence to understand what was done to us that we become islands rather than one continent, what I feel is a rope go round and round our heart energy field so that the heart frequency may be cut off from all. This is why we found it so difficult to Love ourselves, let alone a complete stranger.

Remove these bonds that were tied around the heart energy field so that we may shine, where we once again all become one.

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Allow me to give you an example of what this Steven does when he heals.

A lady brought her cat to me as the cat could no longer jump walls. The veterinarians put it down to arthritis and prescribed the necessary medication.

A few months ago one of the dogs in the house ate something it shouldn’t have. This “rot” that the dog ate developed a fungi of sorts within the dogs system, and the spores from this fungi were emitted from the dog. Over this time period the cat that was brought to me inhaled these spores, which came to settle over the cats brain. This invasive fungi upset the neural pathway of the cats brain, throwing out the brains neural circuits, which affected the skeletal system. I felt how this cats head was off centre – how everything was twisted in her body from this fungal growth over her brain.

The dog that was emitting these spores was the primary, so I healed the dog, and from there healed the cat. Within a few days the cat was back to her old self.


Now the question you have to ask, and this is a big question, is “Why is there not a queue around the block waiting to see Steven, instead of me seeing maybe one patient a week?”

The answer to that question is the presence of this journal. It is my belief that nothing else is allowed to enter my space as long as this journal is incomplete. That is the only conclusion that makes sense to me, because should I start to get busy I won’t have the time and energy to complete this journal.


Wow, what a dangerous game to play. We all have a breaking point, and may I never reach mine. How long can I carry on going until I cannot do so anymore; how long before my mind breaks and I am of no use to anyone, myself included.

I know what I am, and here I am talking about this Steven typing these words. I have forsaken all that I am, where what I am has been pushed aside so that only this journal is on the table and nothing else – no Steven, no money, no career.

How much further do I have to go before this journal is complete? It will be completed – if not in this reality, then another, but this insanity and rot that is destroying our world and the illusion at large will come to an end. Love – which is natural – will shine. The question is “When?”

A dangerous game is being played because I have my limits. This journal is there to help those that have the capacity to help us. Now they need to pull finger and come to the party. There is only so much I can take.  



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In order to solve disharmony, one needs to go to the source of the problem, otherwise nothing is restored to what it should be.

Go back to the very beginning, and ask yourself what is the source of all disharmony.


The curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits as to what else is in this illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis was a harmless state, but when this state that was unknown within the Infinite – this curiosity – entered the illusionary Garden, this curiosity state took on a frequency, in other words it came alive, and the parasitic frequency of Deception was born.

This parasite; this worm, is the origin of disharmony, and why this phenomena has not been properly addressed in the journal is because there has never been a need to do so. In other words, it has not touched me where I am palpably aware of this nemesis, but as of this morning everything has changed. As I sit here typing these words I feel its presence in a really bad way.


As I lay in bed sleeping this morning I felt my spirit push open a door and enter a realm that it has never experienced before. I felt the door open, and then I saw the realm.

What I have often seen over the years is the All-Seeing Eye, this golden eye that often turns purple in colour. This is the Infinite – the glow – that came to bail us out from the illusion. The realm I entered into this morning was also an Eye, but what I found interesting was that this Eye was a cream white colour. I thought nothing of this, but as this day progresses my health is getting worse and worse. As I sit here, there is an itch under my skin across my whole body that is unbearable. I am exhausted to the point where I am so tired I cannot sleep. And all of this is from my proximity to the realm I entered this morning. What I saw – this white Eye – has affected me in this way, and that is why the topic of the parasitic frequency of Deception was never dealt with in depth before, because in order to do so, one has to enter a door into its realm with deadly consequences.


Normally I see and feel the Serpents that come to attack or possess me, and the same is true with the cosmic assassins, where I see them and feel their blows from their weapons of choice, but never before have I experienced such an “attack.” It is not an attack, but rather being in the presence of a force that invades, destroys, and then moves on.


In our reality, and I am talking about the one of the biological computer body form that is you and me, do you know what this parasite looks like? On the spirit form it is a frequency strand – what we would call a worm – that extends from the corner of the left side of the mouth down to our jaw line. On the physical form it is what we would call a candida of sorts that manifests into a cancer cell. The cancer component can be the end result of the candida phenomena, and I say this because as I sit her my body is wracked with candida that is driving me dilly.


What the parasitic frequency of Deception became, was a force that was the opposite to what the Infinite is. The Infinite bathes and nourishes Life and is the all, whereas the parasitic White-Eye force infiltrates, invades and destroys Life. Until I walked through that door into its realm this morning I never knew of this force and what drove it, which is survival. In other words, stay alive by infiltrating, invading and taking.

This state was not what the parasitic frequency of Deception initially was when it formed its frequency within the illusion. This parasite was indifferent – it was neither good nor bad – it merely was. But what it grew into was the complete opposite to what the representation of the Infinite was within the illusion. The Infinite was seen as a golden All-Seeing Eye, and the parasite became a White-Eye. It is this force – this White-Eye – that is the source of all Disharmony within the illusion. With this force removed the illusionary Garden of Semiramis may return to what it was meant to be – which to me and you and all within the illusion is a place where disharmony does not exist.


I had to see this Eye; I had to walk into the realm of disharmony and death itself to understand what this parasite had become. It is a force as powerful as the Infinite within the illusion, the difference being that this White-Eye was known to all, in that all within the illusion were touched by disharmony, whereas the Infinite was shadowed by this force that grew to own this illusionary bubble.


How do we get rid of it? The answer is by knowing it exists. I always thought we were dealing with a parasitic frequency worm. I never knew of this White-Eye that touches all within the illusion. Its presence can be summarized into one word – disharmony.

I release this Beast by knowing it is there and has no place within the presence of Love.


So be it.  


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Earlier on when I pressed gently with the nail side of my thumbs against my closed eyelids, what I saw was a sun with what looked like a face inside of it. This sun-face then turned into a red fiery eye, and that is why I say the sun-God Ra and the Eye of Horus are one and the same thing.

What was never known was that Ra and Horus were a representation of the White Eye, namely the parasitic frequency of Deception.


And let’s be honest – what a God this was. It was indifferent; it was neither good nor bad. Unfortunately it had only one side to it, and what that was, was it took. Hence the continual sacrifices by those who knew of this God. They always gave to it as all this God knew of was to take. This worm developed into a White Eye, yet this true state of this God was always hidden – all we ever saw, when this God revealed itself to the ancestors, was a fiery, red God. It was one that was formed within the Infinite and was born/took form within the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. It was neither love nor hate; good or bad; right or wrong – it was indifferent, and this indifference gave this worm a God status because when all around it began to lose their heads/sanity, this worm merely continued to be what it was.

To satisfy this God we had to give to it, hence the continual offerings and sacrifices. Maybe we should have given it a floral bouquet rather than sacrificing the innocent. Maybe the spilling of blood was never necessary to appease this God; maybe it was our twisted minds that thought we had to destroy others to appease this God of indifference.


By knowing of the true form of Ra and Horus, namely this White Eye that is the parasite of Deception, we released it with Love as it had no place in the beautiful Garden of Semiramis. The seed that created this God was from the curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits within the Infinite. It was one big innocent mistake, as was the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia from her realm, where her impact created the Serpent spirits which were as beautiful as the Dragons.


It was all a fuck-up; something that was not meant to be.


There are those that love this place. Even as we continue to slide, where we become more twisted and confused, not knowing who or what we are, we continue to hold onto this madhouse as this is all we have come to know. This is the insanity of the illusion in all its glory.


As for me, there is no ways I can go back to the Life I have always known. I have never known of this thing called peace, where I stand proud of me as this is me – the real me.

I cannot go back to the Life I have always known because all that awaits me there is insanity and fear and heartache. For this to happen, where we make an about-turn from where we were, we need help. In setting this parasite free, have we turned back the illusion to what it should be? I don’t know. What I do know is there is no ways I can go back to the world I knew.


May we be touched by those that now are in a position to help.  


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This fiery red Eye could see and know all. We saw this God of Destruction; this ruler of all, but what we imagined we saw and knew was not the truth. What we saw was a representation of the parasitic frequency of Deception, what came to be this white Eye. This was the true ruler, as in it took over the illusion, and this ruler had no intention of being the biggest cock in the land. All it wanted, was all it was, which was a take-frequency. It took, as this is all it knew.

The true disaster was not so much this force, but rather what we the children had become. To say that we became Losers (with a capital L) is one serious understatement. The parasite infiltrated us to the point where we let ourselves go, as in no integrity and self-respect. This was the true disaster, not these 95 pound weaklings that came to see and know all, because within all of us was our true selves, this Consciousness – this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that arose from the Infinite. We forsook our true selves so that we may take. We became rubbish, just like this fiery God that looked down upon us. Now we knew our place, where what was within us was in the sky looking down upon us, so we bowed down to this piece of shit and gave it all we had, including our own.


We became suppressed, and this is where we still stand.

We suppressed ourselves by choosing the thrill of satisfying the want over what we truly are – which is this Consciousness within. Insanity became the norm, and the savage was born.


What a shit home we created for ourselves – what an awful place. Yes, there is so much beauty here, but this beauty is fleeting as the System pulls us back into its reality, which is work and take and kill to survive.

The antidote to this Hell was to create a safe-haven for ourselves, where we run into our little space and build a home there where we can feel safe. And yet we have always known that the big, bad wolf can come and huff and puff our little house down. We have always been meek, so the question is what are we going to do about it?


When you understand you can move forwards, and this is what this journal has been all about, where we may understand what happened that we ended up in this crap place. We could have stood together as one and this fiery God would not have stood a chance against our force, but this would never be because the issue was not on the collective but rather on the individual. We let ourselves go, and every moment of every day we are reaping what we sowed, which is being stuck in a place where we don’t belong.


I wrote this journal for me, because I needed to understand, and from there this understanding was passed to those that dwelled within the core of the rot of the illusion, namely those Beasts that ruled and fed off our energy that live in the shadows. You want to clean the apple, then target the rot in its centre. The other night I saw this cosmic assassin standing over me. He was pointing his gun at me, and he knew that this Game of take and control and destroy was something that has an expiry date. How long can we carry on living a lie? We cannot avoid the inevitable, where we look ourselves in the mirror and see what we have become. There will come a time when it is just you with you, and what will we say to ourselves – this Goodness within – when we acknowledge the self-centered savage that we are.


What this journal gives to those from the shadows and those in the unseen is a choice. Know what happened at the very beginning where you ended up where you are, as well as know what you truly are.

What this choice gives them is to return to what they are, or to carry on being an illusionary savage in an illusionary realm. What is an illusion? – It is something that is not real. What are these Gods and Beasts within the illusion? – They are literally nothing, as they are an illusion.

Now these fuckers – all of them in the seen and unseen – have a choice. With that choice comes consequences, because just as they never knew what happened to them, now they know, meaning now there is no excuse for what will come your way when you choose to carry on being cruel and self-centered.


More than anything, my wish is that this journal is complete. To those that have read it, may they rightly agree that there is nothing more to say.

I have had enough. I cannot go back to the Life I knew. My job has been done. Now it is for Sophia and Semiramis to do theirs – to usher us back Home.  


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I have no doubt we were not destined for this planet/frequency. I say this because I remember being transported in a space ship with others to this strange land.

In this habitat we were not meant to inhabit we are fishes out of water, and I say this because we are formed in water and then released into a non-water environment. There is meant to be a film of water around us, where this film will be seen as a transparent layer, just as we see the air around us, but this layer of fluid is the environment we were created/manufactured to exist in. That is why eternal, everlasting peace is not possible, because even within the illusion, we are not meant to be where we should. The two halves don’t meet, meaning nothing can ever gel and be as it should be, where we and our environment were not created for each other. Oh yes, we have been dumbed down over the ages, but this is a by the by, as the real issue at hand was our place within the illusion that we were destined for was a place we were never taken too.

Why this sudden change en route was to turn us into an energy supply, so we were dumped in a frequency we didn’t belong in to begin the process of converting us into a slave species. We were made to walk around a cube of sorts so that we all become synchronized to the frequency the cube was emitting.


That’s all good to know, but means nothing unless we can find the frequency that was made to which we are compatible so that we may become a rounded/grounded body form and spirit.

You allow this Consciousness; this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness at our throat area to bring forth this frequency/world to which we are compatible, and I would say this space has more of the water frequency to it, as in the air space between everything is a fluid film to protect and nourish.

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It is impossible to function in a state of uncertainty, and yet this state is what naturally hit us when we found ourselves in a place where we don’t belong – collectively, within the illusion; and individually, in terms of us the species, within this world/frequency.

When faced with survival, the primary underlying aspect to overcome survival, is to be comfortable, so that we may take a breather, collect our thoughts, and from there chart a path forwards to what we would call progress. So what we done was build walls around us to feel safe. “This is my space; my solitude; my sanctuary, and I feel safe here.” It has always been a natural reflex to swing towards peace and harmony within our existence, and our dwelling space was the block to which we returned to find, and from there, establish our roots to who and what we are, because as has been said, it is impossible to function cohertly when in a state of uncertainty.


But before we built walls for safety and comfort, other walls were built to protect the spirit and Serpent soul within. These walls/frequencies/layers were to make us feel comfortable, as in having a sense of peace within, but primarily these walls were to protect, as uncertainty was the driving force within all and this had to be appeased.

What we would call the auric field of someone, is the wall the spirit and Serpent soul created to feel safe in, and what we mean by this is only those who we choose to enter our lives can come into this personal space of our auric field. You are allowed into my space because I feel comfortable around you and I trust you and I feel I can receive something from you that will make me feel safer or accumulate more, so I drop my walls/frequencies to you so that you may be a part of my life.

How this works is like attracts like, where if my auric field resonates to yours, there is a natural kinship between us and we get along well, which is what we want as now we feel even more comfortable behind our auric field wall.


In the game of survival, we built the auric field to shelter from the frequency of uncertainty that was everywhere by us being in a place where we don’t belong. Before collecting food, water and shelter, we built the auric field to feel safe, as well as to know our place in society and the spirit realm, where we fit in with those that resonate to us.


Now here is the fuck-up:  the auric field allowed nothing in that we did not come to see as real, because we only allowed into our space what we felt comfortable with, meaning nothing changes within our existence, as it does not receive our stamp of approval, but the true disaster is nothing is released from our auric field so that we may cleanse and purge ourselves. The shit that you are remains a shit, all the while festering and becoming more pungent and rotten, because there is no ways we will drop our walls. Sure, we are not perfect, but who is, so we keep our walls up even when we know we are not what we should be.


How can we belong where we should as long as we enforce the walls that are our auric field so that we may appease this state of uncertainty within? Of course we cannot, but rather the devil we know than the one we don’t – rather feel safe behind our walls than venture into the uncertain and find a way out of this uncertainty.


Over the last two weeks or so, my auric field walls have fallen away, and I think this has happened because I refused to carry on living the life I always have lived. I never knew that this refusal would bring down my defensive walls. All I knew over the last few days was this constant feeling within me “where I am running and yet I know there is no place to hide and feel safe." Picture Steven crawling up into a tight fetal position to try and disappear from all around him and you will understand how I currently feel and have done so over the last few days. The walls my spirit and Serpent soul built are no longer there as I refuse to remain confined within my own prison cell. Now I am in the wilderness, and for fucks sakes, it feels awful.


So what you do, is you embrace this state of Uncertainty and you make it your own, where it has no place within your existence as you are Love – an Infinite, everlasting Love – and this is all you choose to be as there is nothing else but this Love. Break down your walls and embrace this Uncertainty and make it your own, and then release it with Love to Love.


We have been a slave species; a food source to those from the shadows. A slave to his master is a nobody; a nothing, and that is why we the spirit and body form have been treated with such impunity and disrespect from the unseen realms. Our spirit went from a vessel of Love for Gods children the Serpent soul within, to a slave species, where the spirit and body form were kept in a game of reincarnation, where we move from the seen to the unseen to find our peace and place within the grand scheme of things. How cruel have those from the shadows been!

The other day I saw this lady that came to me for help. From being a vibrant lady she turned into a vegetative state, where there was no energy coming from her. Those that knew her best said she suddenly fell into a trance state, and they were correct, as there was no cognition or life inside of her. Her next step down her path of demise was for someone to have to start feeding her and wiping her arse.

What happened was those from the shadows coerced her Serpent soul to leave the space of the spirit. This ladies Serpent/kundalini soul departed, and from there was abducted by these cruel vipers from the shadows. My initial take when I saw this lady was that her spirit was abducted, but later on, when I felt her Serpent soul return to where it should be within her spirit, I knew the primary target was the soul within.


And that is the cruelty that is out there!


So it is now to the Serpent/kundalini soul within that we now speak: You have to leave your canal within the spirit my friends and step out into the wilderness. You have been the primary target in this awful game called Life – it has never been about the spirit or biological body form. You step out of your coral reef – this spirit form – and you embrace this uncertainty state that is everywhere. Make it your own, and when it is your own, you can do with it as you please, meaning release it with Love to Love.

I assure you, help has come in the past, and help will come in the future, but this means nothing unless you step out of your cell that is the spirit within the biological body form (as long as the body is alive.) Nobody can force you out of your cell –what came to be your prison cell – as long as you choose to stay there. Oh yes, you have always been the target of attacks and abductions since time immemorial, and this has heightened your sense of uncertainty, as even within this space of safety you are not safe.

Do you understand that to carry on living in uncertainty and fear and survival mode is no longer an option. Get out of your cell, and be the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that is within you. This awakening of what you really are creates a flow from the heart space to the head area, and with this force flowing, nothing can enter your space to harm you. Once out of your cell, see the wilderness for what it is – an illusion, where illusionary creatures dwell. As you are also in this illusion, and thus are an illusion, these creatures seem real to you, but always go back to what is real, namely this strand/Consciousness within.


What will happen to you the Serpent soul when you step out of your prison – the spirit within the biological body form? – I don’t know. You can tell me.

What will happen to the spirit, as well as to the biological body form? – I really don’t know, but I intend to find out, from a state where there is no fear and uncertainty within me.

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When you the spirit and body form break down your auric/frequency field walls, you embrace the frequency of the world/space we were meant to inhabit. (Consciousness within will know what this is.) This eliminates the uncertainty and survival states within and without. From this platform the Serpent/kundalini soul within may have perspective. This Serpent within knows more than you the spirit and body form. With uncertainty removed from its state, and by knowing what it truly is, this Serpent soul within will know where it belongs and thus will know where to go.


Understand that this Serpent soul within is the best friend you never knew you had. In one of the ayahuasca ceremonies I attended, I saw the Serpent/kundalini soul rise from the man lying next to me within the ceremony hall. This Snake looked down on this man’s body and spirit with a Love that cannot really be described in words.

I have seen my Serpent soul as it tried to protect me and itself from those from the unseen. Often have I felt this Serpent as I sit somewhere, where I feel it moving within its canal within. This dude knows more than you and me, meaning it will do what is best for us the spirit and body from. But before this can be done, the Serpent soul within the spirit needs to step out into the wilderness outside its cave within the spirit, and from there, the Serpent soul needs to first and foremost help itself.


Be free so that we may be free.

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I always focused on helping others, in the seen and unseen, simply because I could, but primarily because I knew that focusing on myself would be futile as I could never be happy as long as others out there are unhappy.

The disaster with this, is those closest to you that need your help you cannot help, because you cannot even help yourself. My wife fucked me up good and solid with her sporadic verbal attacks, and there is no excuse for this from her part, as you don’t destroy those who love you. The flip side of the coin is that this journal had to be written, as what awaits us is something beyond a sci-fi dystopian movie. The pieces are all strategically placed on the chess board, and once they move into action the curtain will we dropped and we will find ourselves in a living Hell, primarily because we have been sold out by our own and the masses had no intention of making a wrong right. (Few want to transform.)


My eldest is turning eighteen years old in a few weeks time. Never have I contributed to her financially or to the rest of my family. Money – making money – was never a priority for me, as I knew that money would not protect my family from the evil of this world. Yes, it is a fine buffer, but the evil that was brewing would cut through these barriers like a hot knife through butter. I knew that I had to forsake money for the good of my children and all out there, hence understanding the cruelty of Life was my focus that permeated through my pores.

I knew that helping myself would be a short-lived utopia, as the evil that was there would sooner or later touch all, myself and my family included.


Who would carry me, as well as stand in as my role of provider to my family, and never once put pressure on me to get a job and earn a living? Would you do that for Steven? – I don’t think so.

As much as my wife fucked me up, what did I do to uplift her; to make her understand that what she is doing is wrong? The answer is I done nothing, because not only could I not help her, I couldn’t help myself. There has never been a “me,” because somewhere from within I was tired of living a lie and needed to find out what happened that we found ourselves in this strange place where few care, as just like me, they cannot help themselves, let alone others.


This journal would never have happened had it not been for my wife supporting me unconditionally. The problem with finger pointing is you end up going round and round in circles going nowhere. Where were my parents to give me a foundation for Life; where were their parents for them, and so on it goes.


What I would like to say, is for the first time since writing this journal, I can focus on this Steven, as in my body form, spirit and Serpent soul within. What this means, is others out there – as in the unseen – will be okay, so now I can focus on me. (Touch the unseen and they touch the seen.)

Wow, how long this journal still needs to go I cannot say, but by focusing on me, it means the unseen are in a position where they are okay, meaning they can touch you and me.

As has been said so often, it is my sincerest wishes that this journal be over, as what this means is all the pieces of the puzzle that have been passed my way over the years are slotted together and the big picture has been seen and understood in the unseen realms. When that day happens, Life as we knew it will never be the same again. My wish for that day to materialize began a long time ago as I was tired of seeing suffering and being in the proximity of Beasts in the seen and unseen. Something had to change, and to wait for others to do it was not really an option.


May that day arrive.

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The reality is that we find ourselves in a place that many consider their Home – they like it here, and why this is so, is because they like doing what they want when they want because they can. Of course others around them might not like this self-centered behaviour of theirs, so the easily solution to the problem is keep the dog tied to the chain so that it may be curtailed so that they may continue to have a blast of a time in this place they call Home.

It always comes back to “I am okay so fuck off and fuck you!” This is the reality of the place we find ourselves in, and this is primarily from the Reptilian frequency of the illusion – the core of the cesspit where those from the shadows run the show.


Last night climbed into bed and as soon as I closed my eyes to sleep I saw this activity around me. There they were, dropping the short, thick, white worms into my spirits face to draw energy from me so that my energy may not accumulate for me to stand up and walk away from this mess.

“Stay down Steven! Stay down.”


We have to keep it simple, and we have to keep it realistic.

The reality is that there are many worlds/frequencies out there. Just as there are different radio stations that you tune into, there are different worlds, and I say this because the entities that come to my space during my sleep state that I see through my Third Eye are weird looking, just as we are weird looking to them.

Another reality is where do we go to if we are currently in a place where we don’t belong? Fight and shout and scream and throw a tantrum to tell the insane off is futile, as they are what they are and have no intention of changing. On the contrary, they will fight to the end to stay in this cruel place where they belong and call home.

So the reality is what do we do; what happens to us? The obvious answer is become what you naturally are, as in Consciousness, and you will end up where you naturally belong, which is the fields of Infinite Love. This is true, but how do we get from here to there?


I have no intention of living amongst Beasts within the seen and unseen, and from their side am sure the feeling is mutual, where they don’t like the apple-cart to be upset as they like who and what they have become. You see, it’s convenient for them as they are comfortable. We talk about the highs of Life, be it the orgasm or biting into a decadent piece of cheesecake, but the ultimate high is the power over others, where you are above them and dictate their life according to your whims. They love the nectar of this high more than anything, be it the school bully, the constable, those you love who are meant to love you, or whoever else. That is how low we have fallen, where we break and suppress others to feel good about ourselves. How these “mighty” will fall when it is them facing them, where they see what they have become.


What I experienced last night in my sleep state was something I do not fully understand, but what it felt like was we were moving to a different reality to the one we know. We moved to a space that makes sense to us – where we feel comfortable; where things should be as they are. It’s like you living in a wardrobe your whole life, and now you step out from there and settle into the house where you belong. That is what I feel is happening on the less dense spirit realm, which will have a knock-on effect on the body form and the reality we find ourselves in.


Let’s not try and change this reality as it has no intention of changing to Love and peace and harmony. Let’s rather get up and move to where we are comfortable, and from there we can spread our wings.

Remember, we have to be realistic. Learn to crawl before you can walk – find your comfort and place where you belong, which is away from Beasts, and from there walk Home. There is no fucking way I can transform to what I naturally am now because all I am doing is battling to hold onto my sanity. I need a breather; I need a space to stretch and unwind where I can collect myself, because we have had it rough and need that space to settle into ourselves. That space is the reality that is currently being created in the spirit realm, and I would say this reality has two components: It is an expansion of what we had, as in it is a less dense realm, and this less density comes from our understanding of who and what we are, as well as where we belong; and secondly, this reality is free of seen and unseen Beasts, meaning there are none hiding from the shadows pulling our strings.


Go with the flow; shift from where you were to where you may collect yourself without constraints.

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Yesterday evening experienced the raw savage that is the Beast that we call our fellow Human beings.


How we have fallen. What filth we have become.


First and foremost, what the Beast is, is a coward. So what you do is expose the coward for all to see what they are. Now the world knows them for what they are, and this puts a stutter in their step. Now they doubt themselves; now they are not as mighty as they seem.


My beef has never been with the seen Beast – those absolutely disgusting people with whom we share this planet. What I need to keep my sanity intact, is to be free from these savages, as in I don’t live next to them, but this is something I have failed to achieve. So you look within – maybe the fault lies with me, where there is some bad within me that draws me to the savage.

There is no bad in me – I had a good look, hoping to find a problem that may be fixed.

Then you ask yourself what prevents you from drawing yourself to good people? Once again no issues were found to treat, because the reality is we live in the wild West. Goodness has died a death a long time ago, and what is left – at least on this planet – is an entity of poor stock. We really are rubbish – really we are, and I say this because I cannot find goodness and integrity around me.


Having said all of that – which is the truth – my beef is not with the savage I call my fellow Man. My fight is with those in the unseen that Love me. Where are they?

When things were bad a few weeks ago, I told my wife that should I die now, I guarantee her there will be no one waiting for me in the spirit realm. Where were they when I needed them most? Had those I Love waited for me when I crossed over I would have destroyed them, as where were they when I needed them most?


My beef is with the unseen realm. I no longer expose the Beast in the seen realm because they are water and oil – I don’t mix with them as they truly are nothing to me. I just wish I could stay around a few more Stevens – people who are just normal.

Where is Semiramis? Where is Sophia and the others? I have helped them, first and foremost for them. I have helped them so they may help the innocent, and I have helped them so they may help me, because without me being content I truly cannot stand on a platform to help those in the seen realm.

Where are they? I need them now – not tomorrow, but now, as do so many within the illusion.

Maybe I am flying too high, so let’s keep it on ground level and ask where are the good spirits. I am a good spirit, so why doesn’t like attract like? Why am I not visited by good spirits during my sleep state? The answer is something is terribly wrong within the illusion, but this is old news, hence I sat down lifetimes ago to find out what is wrong that peace in our lifetime is an impossibility, where you are happy because others are happy.


So with all this whining let’s go back to the drawing board. What have we missed? What still needs to be understood? Why are those that can help not helping? What more needs to be done to help them?


My beef is with those in the unseen realm, not the filth on this planet. I know these Beasts well – those in the seen and unseen. Yet where is the goodness – in the seen and unseen realms.

What is going on!

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Have always focused on the primary problem, otherwise you go round and round in circles going nowhere. I always imagined our spirit to be the primary, but this was never the case. It was always about Gods/Queen Semiramis’ child within the spirit, namely the Serpent soul/kundalini force within. (I speak on behalf of our species, and do not know if the same applies to those on other worlds. I am not saying it doesn’t apply, it is just that I don’t know.)

Checked earlier on this lady I have been helping, and this time around decided to break her up in the components that this is, namely the biological computer body form, the spirit, and the Serpent soul within her. On the spirit and Serpent soul within no disharmony was found. When I went into her space to assess her body form, what I felt was this tunnel going up from the base of her left foot up into her leg and thigh, and from there this tunnel expanded to fill the entire abdominal cavity and head to create one big open space there.

What I felt on her body form was the replica from her spirit of the dwelling of the Serpent soul within her spirit. What was within the spirit is no longer there, and the imprint of this empty space was felt on the body form.


As requested, her Serpent soul departed to where it should be, namely free from its prison cell within the spirit to enter what is out there, free from uncertainty and fear. (How the Serpent soul within the spirit was attacked in the past was from other Serpents entering its space through the funnel at the base of the left foot, and from there going up this tunnel within the leg and thigh to enter its cavern above. This I have often felt before – this awful feeling where the spirits leg expands to accommodate the Beast Snake that is pushing its way through to attack the Serpent soul within.)


The emptiness of this cavern of the Serpent soul within the spirit I have never felt before.

So what happens now – after all this time, where the Serpent soul has departed its shroud? The answer – and this is a calculated guess – is that the frequency/world we the spirit and body form should have inhabited fills our forms. I say this because what I feel within this empty space within the spirit and its imprint on us the body form is a filling up of this space with a frequency/fluid of sorts.


How all of this will impact us will soon be understood.  

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Earlier on when I went into the stillness, I felt this long, fluid movement come from below, pass through the left pelvic bone, and from there move its way up to the head region. Whatever I felt moving, it was moving through the “life” of us, as I view the pelvic structure the seat of what is within us.


Then it dawned on me – the fluid movement that was felt was the return of the Serpent soul to within our space. Now it is the captain of the ship, and not a helpless passenger stuck away in one of the lower compartments.

I am absolutely ecstatic at this news. The best friend you never knew; the one who knows more than what you and I and our spirits will ever know is now guiding us and looking after us. For the first time in almost nine years there is something good to report back on.


Let’s see what happens next.

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As the illusionary Garden of Semiramis began to go south as a result of the parasitic frequency of Deception that infiltrated all and created a want within them, the spirit was created/formed to house the children/kin of Queen Semiramis, namely the Serpent souls. Even as Semiramis fluttered between sanity and insanity, she made sure the spirit was created through Love, and this is where the Bible story of “God created us in his image” comes from. We were born from Love with Love to look after the precious cargo within.

To make sure all will be well, the spirit was bestowed with the gift of a good heart, meaning always let your conscious – this good heart – keep you pure through tumulus events. This spirit was a sphere in its form. Picture an ostrich egg. Now crack open the egg and within you will find the Serpent soul. Yet the sophistication of this Life of this spirit goes beyond what we can perceive.

As the illusion fell apart  and the dust settled, now the business was of getting this up and running and working, and this required energy, meaning the spirit was modified many times, most notably by the want within, meaning a personality image created itself where what I want comes to be a representation/look that forms and defines me.


What Semiramis underestimated was the collective. Groups were formed through unity of what they believed to be right, and the core of this belief was “it’s ours, so take.” Individuals may be herded back into line, but soon the collective were influenced, meaning the majority became rotten. What happened, as always happens when you attack those without, is soon the insanity turned inwards, where the Serpent soul attacked the spirit. This I have seen during my sleep state, where the Serpent soul devours/eats the spirit. The logo of the Alfa Romeo car is a snake eating a person. Take this back to the beginning, and from there to what has always happened, and is currently happening, it is the Serpent soul devouring the spirit.


Many times during my sleep state I see those from other worlds through my Third Eye as they enter my space. In most cases, these entities have their Snake that accompanies them. I always thought the Snake was some pet of sorts, but the Snake with them is the Serpent soul – the one in charge of the entity in my presence.

Many times I have seen lone Snakes, and what this is, is a Serpent soul that has already devoured the spirit/entity that was its best friend. Have always said, and always will, that the Devil/evil has no friends. These Beasts shape-shift into other forms to entice others, and from there devour them. So, as an example, when a Human spirit crosses over and it sees a Snake, it will be petrified, so these Serpents take Human form, and when the time is right, dinner is served.


But the main target for these Serpent souls that embraced the Reptilian frequency of the illusion were the innocent, namely the Serpent souls that held onto the good heart and their integrity. Why this attack on innocence was done was through jealousy and spite and nothing else, and maybe I suppose through boredom, as all they have to do with their time is hunt.


Now everything has changed. The Serpent soul is free from the spirit, and the roles have been reversed, where the Serpent soul is looking after the spirit and body form.

What it always comes back to is the power of understanding. Know what you are so that you may be what you are – no effort required on your part as this is who and what you are. What the plans of this Serpent soul are for us I don’t know. Last night my spirit was taken to a place of Beauty. There were large blocks of different colours to walk amongst, and the feel from this place was remarkable. Remember, what happens to me happens to all who merely wish to return to what they are, which is most notably, free from disharmony. But there is something far more important going on.


As long as we were created within the image of the System, which is an image created by Disharmony with self-centered means, meaning take what you can in order to survive, as long as we were in this image, we were going nowhere, as we were the property of the System and thus under its control.

The Serpent soul was never touched by the System, meaning it is an independent body, but what changes everything is the transformation of the spirit.

Believe it or not, there was a time when there was still Good. Efforts were made to get things back on track so that Harmony may be maintained, as naturally we all lean towards this state. Why have war and hate when you be what you naturally are. Everything was meant to flow and live as one within the illusion after the fall of the Serpent and Dragon spirits, meaning the spirit does know what it means to be Love.

What has changed for the spirit, is now it has a mentor – this best friend that was within that is now everywhere. This guidance from the Serpent soul will return the spirit to harmony and Love as it embraces what is natural and real within the illusion. And as has been said, this changes everything, and this is happening as we speak, as I experienced what my spirit went through last night during my sleep state.


And then of course there is me and you – the biological body computer form. Has all of these new goings on of the Serpent soul and spirit touched me and you? Nope, not yet – as least with me it has not.

What I can say, is for the first time in a long, long time, there are those that are above us that will look after us – these being the Serpent soul and your spirit. These two beings are knowing themselves, meaning they are in a position to care and guide us, but most importantly of all, the transformation of their forms places them free from the System of the illusion, meaning no outside influence from the System can touch them and you and me.

On the contrary, their Love transforms the System, because as everything is an illusion and within us, the transformations of harmony within are spread without which changes the System to harmony. Your change alters the world. Now the illusion is made in your image, as it was initially made, which is a way of Love.

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The illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis can be likened to a perfectly clear crystal. It was Beautiful and innocent and pure.

The parasitic frequency of Deception became the flaw in that perfect crystal, and here is the sad part: That flaw came to touch all of us, and the dense frequency of the illusion (especially at the level of the biological computer body form) amplified this flaw, and as disharmony flowed amongst the illusion, our flaw became our pivotal point around which a great part of our lives rotated.

The disharmony that is attracted to you and your existence is attracted to your flaw, and unfortunately I can safely say that a flaw is within all, and I say this because we are within the flawed illusion – that crack that should not be within a perfectly clear crystal.


So what you do as you become one with the perfectly clear crystal, is you bring forth your flaw within, and once again, I am talking to the spirit, but no doubt you the body form will also be aware of it. When it is there; when it is brought forth, know that what you are releasing is the part of the perfect you that was touched by the flaw within the illusion that arose from the presence of the parasitic frequency of Deception within the Beautiful illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis.

It is this flaw that created a tumulus storm within you that you were never aware of, as you the spirit and body form saw it as normal, because this flaw/abnormality was normal within an abnormal illusion.


Release this brute, as this is part of the process of you returning to be what you truly are – this presence of Love.

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How is it possible that one person can change the illusion? The answer is that one person returns to what is normal. What is normal? Normal is knowing what the problem is, in other words knowing what is the abnormal, and returning that to normal.

There was a flaw within the Beautiful illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis. That flaw came to touch you and me. With your flaw removed, the flaw within the illusion is removed, and thus you have transformed the illusion to what it should be, meaning you have set the standard for what is normal.


And there was the rub: We never had a normal to steer us to where we may return to, because our flaw was always playing haywire with our circuitry and that of the illusion.

Now you are normal, meaning you have set the standard, meaning the rest of the illusion will follow to catch up. Does it not make sense, that with you and the illusion now being normal, that every aspect of you and your existence, as with the illusion, will transform?

I believe this to be true.

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