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Know what you are.

steven geldenhuys

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In his book Stalking the Wild Pedulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, the author Itzhak Bentov speaks about the awakened flow of God essence within. I read the book many moons ago, but what I distinctly remember is him mentioning how the area under the right big toenail becomes blackened as this essence soars through.

The interesting question is what is going on to cause this to happen? Now and then in the past, and this evening a few times, I feel these pangs of heat at this area.

It will be fascinating to understand the big picture with regards to what is happening that affects this part of the anatomy. What is happening on the level of the Serpent soul, spirit and body?



That I wrote about two weeks ago.

In allowing the strand of Consciousness to just be, it restores what should be within the spirit, Serpent soul and body form. What I found interesting was that on the level of the spirit there was no right ankle and foot – that part of its form was missing. Why is this so, and has it always been like this?


The spirit has figuratively never had a foot to stand on because its days in paradise where short-lived.  I don’t know what happened that the spirit, when you take away the smoke and mirrors, is absent a right foot and ankle. What I do know is the imprint of the spirits right foot and ankle is absent on a frequency level within the “brain” area of the spirit.  There is no phantom-limb pain, where the brain sends pain and other sensations to an area that the brain thinks exists but is no longer there, as in amputated. Both points of reception are missing – within the spirits head area and at the location site where the ankle and right foot should be.


With both sites restored it will be interesting to see what their original function was. All will be revealed.

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What is important for me, especially when one hits the over 50 mark, is to make the most out of life. When the ball starts to roll downhill and one knows the end line is somewhere over the horizon, you understand that our time here is short and running out with each passing day. You understand the importance of living a full life, where you rise above the madness so that you may witness and experience moments of raw beauty – where you see the Infinite as it shows itself in this reality. You begin to taste what is real; you begin to see the trees that now bear fruit from your relentless holding on to your integrity as you know there is more than what is around you.


The God of the illusion, for me, is Queen Semiramis. There are other gods, or maybe I should refer to them as Titans, because although life was not born from them, their might is stupendous. To say that these beings within the upper echelons on the illusion never cared about those within the illusion is not true. They all done their best as insanity took them over, it is just that they became overwhelmed as the wheels came off in a bad way.

That image in the story of Pinocchio of those boys that are taken to a place where anything goes is firmly imprinted within me over the last few days. Anything goes. Do what you want when you want because there are no consequences. Go and be wild – because you can. There is no law because the lawmakers invited you to their party. Nobody to check on you; nobody to reprimand you – JUST BE FREE. Now you are in heaven, because you have the freedom to do what you want with those that are enjoying their freedom as much as you.


I apologize for cleaning the windows so that now we can have a good look at what is happening outside. I apologize for breaking the news, that when the curtain comes down and the applauses and standing ovations are over, that what happens when we hit the streets outside the theatre is something out of the wild West. I write what I see in the unseen, and I write what I see in the seen. I am awful at predictions, but this morning I told my wife that the dam walls have broken. The walls we had to hold onto what defines us as considerate and kind we have chipped away until there is nothing left to hold our waters intact. Now we are just a wasted space that has washed itself into the gutters. And it is this that those Titans and a God, even in their insane state, tried their best to avoid from happening.


What will happen to us? I am awful at predictions, so I won’t go there and give my two cents theory.

What I write is what I see and feel and smell and come to understand to be the truth – not my truth, as I know nothing, but the truth as simply what is.

The strand of Godness/Consciousness was de-activated within us the biological computer and the manufactured spirit form. Around every bush is not a big, bad wolf – there is not trickery and deception at every level from the unseen. Believe it or not, efforts have been made to help us as well, and I would say that there came a time where these entities could just stand back and look at what was unfolding as there was nothing more they could do. I have no doubt that the strand of the Infinite within was pulled to protect us from the power in our midst. You don’t give a bunch of wild, callous and cruel asses a bazooka to shoot themselves with – certain toys you don’t let children play with.


Some things I don’t write about that I see in my sleep state as my spirit follows the Serpent soul within around so that we may understand Life.  I don’t write about them because there is no purpose to speak of such atrocities – I would rather uplift through understandings than speak about what it out there. Personally, I don’t want to hear about negative things unless I can do something about them. If I can’t help and you now I can’t help, then don’t tell me.


Now, what I want to tell you, is to wake up and put aside the iffies of Life that get you down. Now you have to stand strong because we have hit rock-bottom, and there will come a tide to wash away the old to bring forth the new. How can I say such a thing? – I poke my head out the window and I see this world and what we have done to it and ourselves as we were given our freedom from our conscience.

One night in my sleep state my spirit saw the Serpent soul that resides within looking at something. The soul watched as to what level we have fallen. What the Serpent soul was looking at was how a snuff movie was being made. What this is, is an individual willingly allows someone to kill them and of course the whole experience is filmed. Money is most probably paid to the victim’s family as this is the persons way of finally looking after those they love.

Through my spirit, I saw how the Serpent soul looked on as this young girl with short blonde hair was being punched in the face by this man. This went on for some time, and the final act was of this man hanging on a pole so that he could wrap his legs around this girls neck and strangle her to death. We saw how this girls spirit left her body the moment her body died, and the horrific state her spirit was in from what it had just been through.


We have hit rock-bottom, and we have been there for some time now.

You do not give a monster a pair of garden shearers and tell them to go have fun as they walk through a kindergarden full of children. The strand of Consciousness was de-activated within us so that we do not use the Creators power to destroy ourselves. You take away that what can be used to destroy, especially within the unseen realms.

When I said that the spirit has no right foot and ankle, this part of us was “unscrewed”/de-activated so that we may not use this power without our conscience intact. There was no foul play from those within the upper echelons of the unseen. This “nuclear reactor” was removed from our forms as the powers that be could now just stand by and witness the fun-fare where we let ourselves go and enjoyed our freedom to express ourselves believing there will never be consequences.


There are many that are good in this world, and there are many that are seriously fucked up, and there are those who live in freedom as they are free of a conscience – a responsibility to themselves and those around them.

The Fallen Angel; the pure Dragon spirit that fell to experience the opposite of the Infinite that was hypnotized and manipulated by wicked Serpent souls – that mammoth is free, and I say this because I saw it in its free state.

The Christ Consciousness is free – I saw the entrapped state of this Consciousness and done something about it.

I have met Semiramis and saw her in her insane state as she tried to keep the illusion intact. This mother is free as she understands what happened to her and her children that resulted in a Darkness taking over her beautiful Garden.


It is to these mentioned above that I ask that a wave be sent to wash away the rot that has been allowed to fester and grow within the illusion, most notably within the seen and unseen of the realm called planet Earth. I ask this because I have had enough of living in a most unpleasant place. I refuse to fall – to sink with the ship on which I find myself; I will not be pulled down by those that have chosen to express their freedom free from their conscience.


What will happen I don’t know, but what I do know is something will happen, and I say this because this is my wish: Shine forth the love of a God and a Creator and the Infinite so that we may be free of the callous and the cruel. Restore the strand within those that stand for the truth, as more than anything they wish to be an expression of this truth. I ask this so that our days of living amongst Beasts are no more.

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The removal of the right foot and ankle from the spirit created an open system. Previously, the essence flowed into the right foot and filled the spirit, but with the right foot removed, there was now an opening within the spirit at the base of the left foot. Through this gaping whole within our spirit form, Beasts could enter and attack the Serpent soul within. Now the child of God – the Serpent soul within the spirit – was vulnerable and open to attack by other devious and vicious Serpents that roamed the unseen. This I have experienced on more than one occasion on my spirit, and the abduction or attack by other Serpent souls has been through this breach in our spirit form. This was the compromise in deactivating the strand within by removing the right foot of the spirit.

And yet, surely those in the spirit realm must have a right foot on their form. I would say that the true form of the spirits right foot and ankle have been removed and replaced by an artificial version.


With the true version of the spirits right foot and ankle restored to what it should be, the form of the spirit becomes closed, as in the hole/canal at the base of the left foot is no longer there. Now the essence within the spirit can build up as it should.

What is this essence that flows through the right foot of the spirit as it should? What it is, is the essence from the Infinite that makes up the strand, and thus we can fairly say that this is the essence of Life as it arose from the Infinite. Where this essence “condenses” is at the throat area, but before it was completely removed from us, those that knew what was best for us hid this essence at our nose area. When this never worked the strand/essence from the Infinite was removed from our forms by the removal of the right foot from where this essence entered our spirit form.

What this essence looks like in its condensed form through our limited vision is a strand/speck of light.   


Please understand that the return of the strand to what it should be is given to those that have their good hearts on display for all to see within the unseen. At your core you are kind.


Remember, what happened to one, happened to all. As we fell through the removal of our strand, so too did Semiramis. This was a mothers love; one who would not abandon her children no matter what. The further we fell, the more the memory of the Infinite disappeared from us until it was no more. Therefore our awakening had to come from within, in this place I call Hell. We had to remember what we are, as only this would awaken us. To be shown what we are by the Infinite would mean nothing to us as we would not know what we are looking at. We had to remember, and thus from only within the illusion could the bubble burst to meet the Infinite.

8:40 PM 3rd April, 2022


What happened last night in my sleep state was as if nothing had changed since day one of seeing the unseen. I saw this Human looking couple that were involved in a sex act. This I have seen so often in the past in my sleep state – these fools cavorting around me so that their arousal sets an arousal within me so that extra energy may be drawn from me.

And of course there was the implanted dream of me playing cards with my dad. I had this pang of angst that I really did not want to see him in my sleep state.


I have been around the block more than once to know that all of this does not faze me. I know what I am and what I stand for. The truth will reveal itself.

In the past, when I said that I felt the strand at my throat area, this was true, as I know what I feel. And yet how can this be as the strand was withdrawn from our forms? All I can say was that I felt what should be, because all I have ever wished for was for me to be what I am meant to be. What this is, is the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness. This I brought forth because I wished for this with my whole being, but what was, was not real. It was a remnant, an illusion of what should be.


So as of now, what is going on? In assessing others, and feeling what is going on with them, I feel the spirit is busy healing. We have been through a lot.

How close were we to the Darkness out there swamping us to the point where we were lost forever? In speaking for myself, and the effects that Life and its inhabitants had on me, I would say that it was close. Yes, the cruelty that touched me resolved within me a force that needed to understand the insanity in others that was touching me. However, this insanity also scarred me, as one cannot really walk away from such attacks unscathed. There is only so much one can handle before you close the door on Life and wait until the destruction of all destroys you as well.


But all of that is water under the bridge now. The essence of the strand/Consciousness is within us.

How will this real-deal feel? Haven’t got the foggiest idea.

09:06 4/4/2022


What happens on day two is one understands that cruelty equates to insanity, and what insanity is all about is suppression of our freedom to express the Joy within us. The insane are so unhappy they want everyone to be like them. The reflex response is to confront the insane and tell them that what they inflict on us and those we love is unacceptable. So now we face them head-on, standing and holding our line. Now the hateful have a wall to unleash their insanity on.

On day two one understands that it is not so much the insane we are rising above, but rather ourselves. Insanity has always kept us intertwined within its web, as we have always looked for a way out of this most unpleasant circumstance of finding ourselves in the space of the cruel and callous, but what we should have done is rise above ourselves rather than them. How this is done is to know yourself. Within you is an essence that is natural, yet you are unfamiliar to it as you have always looked for a way out of the maze rather than rising above yourself and not it. We always felt we had to be in control, as in “I have to do it, because if I don’t who else will?” All that happens is we just become further entrenched in the density of the illusion.


The essence of the strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness within is, for me, an extension of the golden glow that the Infinite showered upon those that were caught within the illusion. I imagine by body, spirit and Serpent soul to be filled with this golden essence, which when condensed, looks like a speck of light in our limited vision.

Allow these golden “flakes” to rise within you and take you over. This is what it means to rise above ourselves.

5th April, 2022  


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On the physical plane, one deals with the ego. You cannot be right, because I want to be right, and if you are right, it means I am wrong, which means I know nothing.

This the ego cannot comprehend, and will fight to suppress – that surely it can never be wrong.

We do not fight for justice or for what is best for us and those we love, we fight so that we can confirm that we are right. This is why the System of Life is destined to fail, because we the body form refuse to admit that we are wrong – that maybe, just maybe, we know nothing.


On the spirit plane it is all one big show of smoke and mirrors. Wow, what a place!

Break free from your limitations so that you may see and understand, and you will see monsters – cruel Beasts, that eat and destroy for breakfast, lunch and supper. We are all just being kept on ice until the next round of being thrown into the gladiators arena of the physical realm, while of course, being subtly attacked from those from the shadows as we bathe in this paradise.


So where does this leave people like Steven? (Wait for it: a feeling sorry for myself session is coming.)

What do you do when you don’t fit in because you refuse to be a part of madness? And most importantly, what do you do when others ask you for help, and you can help, but you annoy them as they see that they know nothing? Surely you would embrace one who knows something, if not for you, for those you love?


Where do I fit in?

The answer is with Love. What nobody can deny, in the seen and unseen, is that there is something bigger than all of us. Some would call this God, but that sounds too exalted for me. I would call it a friend – a being that cares and wants only the best for us.

On a scale of zero to ten, with ten being one with this friend, we all feature on this chart. There is no other chart, just this chart that shows us where we stand in terms of fighting our self and others, as in how right am I, and how willing am I to abolish my righteousness in favour of me just being me, walking side by side with a presence that Loves us more than anything. This Love is with understanding, as in what happened that we are here within an illusion rather than Home within the Infinite, and this Love returns us to the pure essence of what we naturally are – a child of the Infinite.

On this chart there is no right and wrong, no left or right – it merely shows you where you are in the big picture. What got this journal started was when I understood that I know nothing; everything I have done and experienced up to that point meant nothing, as I was nothing because I truly knew nothing. I was willing to start anew, and who would show me the way was this universal innate intelligence which says that God is everywhere. All we have ever known was a twisted Love, a cruel Love, so what happened that God became twisted and cruel. Through this journal we understand, so now when I talk of God’s Love I am not being a Bible pusher – I am talking about what is that is the foundation of all Life. My Love is not a twisted Love, because this “twist” I came to understand and release with Love. The parasite that created the ego where I am important, actually better than you, because you are wrong and I am right, that parasite is no more, because I am no more. I walk with a friend, and we have no real identity or label – we just are.


Sounds wonderful, but means nothing unless applied, and this application means taking a leap of faith and just letting go. To walk through this madness and not be touched by it is impossible. And this is where we need help, but to be helped, we have to lose the ego. “Others upset me; I don’t fit in; how can I earn a living when the madness of the world pushes me aside; how can I provide; what will happen to me?”

I don’t know what will happen. What I do is I speak the truth. I understand the cruelty of the illusion and how it came about. Do others want to hear my story of what the animals taught me? I don’t think so.

All that I can do is walk with a friend. This friend is within me – this strand/Consciousness; this something that is bigger than all of us; this thing that we call God but is just an expression of the Infinite. I have to drop this Steven; this ego that does not fit in with the madness, and never will, because he is not mad.

I will walk with this friend because there is nothing else for me to do. What they decide what will become of me and what I must do, then so be it, and for this I am thankful, because really, I don’t know what else to do or say. Maybe I have said enough. Maybe I should just start walking with this friend.

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In one of the ayahausca ceremonies I attended, I saw this man standing outside the ceremony hall. With the essence of the Teacher Plant within  me, I saw and understood more. When I saw this man from the corner of my eye, what I saw was waves and frequencies. He was not solid, but rather made up of waves/patterns of frequencies. Incidentally, it was during this ceremony that I saw the Serpent soul arise from the man lying next to me on the floor. I don’t know why, but I remember seeing two Snakes arise from this man’s body. Maybe from two there becomes one, where if you stare at, say a chair for long enough, the chair splits into two to reveal its frequency state.


Last night in my sleep state I saw this Snake next to me on the bed. Instead of being rounded, it was elongated and had this dark brownish colour. This Snake was not from our dimension.

So often I have felt my Serpent soul within its canal within me that extends from the area between my legs all the way into the brain area as it resides within the frequencies/patterns of our illusionary form, but last night as I lay in bed sleeping this was the most intense traffic I have felt moving within this canal region. This brown Snake must have come and had a one-on-one with my Serpent soul, and what I found remarkable was how wide the frequency of our illusionary body and spirit form can expand. I just felt this mass of movement within this canal, and I thought to myself “my goodness me, when is this going to end?”

What these Serpent souls discussed is beyond me, yet it includes me, so I have a right to know. Maybe it was the month end financial status, but this can’t be as we have passed that deadline. Who knows? Time will tell.

8th April, 2022.


Remember, within you is Gods child – a Serpent soul that belongs to Queen Semiramis. To you the body form and spirit I ask to be kind to yourself. Spend more time doing the things that make you happy. When we say “be kind,” it starts with you being kind to yourself. Create a favourable environment for this child within. From there, grow – express the understandings that are passed your way through humility and peace and joy. We the spirit and body form are here as wall-paper; we are merely chaperones for the one within, but that does not make us any less important in the eyes of Semiramis. We will be looked after.


When you heal others, or want to bless them, your primary target is the Serpent soul within them. This has always been your job – to look after the one within. You were given the gift of consideration; of kindness, and this gift was so that the child within will always be cared for. Please understand that this task that befell you the spirit and body form was an honour – it gave you so much joy to care for God’s child. How sad it is that the snake has come to be seen as something that is conniving and cruel, because in its original state it was anything but. Just like the dragons, the snake arose within the Infinite.


Go back to your original task. Heal and nurture the Serpent soul within, and in doing so, you heal yourself, as now you are at peace as your task is well done. Remember, when you bless others, you are blessing their Serpent soul within.

About three weeks ago I helped this lady that was all but a goner. She pulled through, and this morning I checked in on her. What I found was the Serpent soul within her merely wandering and lost and damaged. It had no canal within to reside in. I healed the body and spirit of Linda, but overlooked the child within – the one who loves us more than anything as we do to it. I restored this child’s home and make it aware of the strand – its true Home – within. Now that is healing with understanding. Do what we were tasked to do at the very beginning, the deed that gave us so much joy.


Remember your task. Remember what you were born/created to be. Remember what you are – a gift to look after Gods child.


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Now we the spirit and body form give energy/attention to what we should. This is our natural state. With the understandings from the journal, it is fair to say that we are what we are meant to be, and we are free of the illusion by understanding how we ended up here.

I say all of this because now when I heal the Serpent soul within others, I feel this soul burst forth like a lotus flower coming into full bloom. Now the Serpent soul is an expression of the strand within, and this glow shines forth on us the spirit and body form, setting us free. It is an invigorating, intoxicating experience for our spirit. What this bursting-forth sensation is, is the child within being set free of its canal. It no longer needs to be looked after. That, for me, is remarkable.


Look within to do and be what you naturally are – a gift to God’s child.

From within this child bursts forth – it is free of its canal and the illusion. The halo one now sees is the opening at the top of the head from which the child was set free. Remember, just be you. By the spirit and body form remembering what it is, it merely is this state. Do nothing – just be. This, together with your understanding of the illusion, sets the Serpent soul free, which sets you the spirit and body form free.


That was what the encounter with the Serpent was all about last night – to pass on this understanding. For that I am eternally thankful.

8th April, 2022

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In the early hours of this morning I was still sleeping. As my body slept, my spirit saw this entity draw up towards us on its vehicle. It parked some distance away from us, climbed off the vehicle, and then my body and spirit felt this shockwave course through us. This entity pressed a device that neutralized the spirit to put it in its place i.e. make it submissive. Then this entity walked over to my spirit and body form to see what was going on. Something had happened to the spirit and Serpent soul, and this entity came to see what it was.


The Game is primarily played on the spirit realm. What the Game is about, is survival. The further we drift from what naturally is i.e. the Infinite and what we naturally are – a gift of Love/consideration, the more energy is needed by these beings to survive. Put simply: they have to eat, and our energy is their meal ticket.

I cannot speak for the rest of the worlds within the illusion, but on planet Earth and its associated spirit/unseen realm, our existence has been taken over/hijacked, and we have been manipulated to be a slave species. Is this world really the one we should have inhabited – I don’t think so, but that is also irrelevant because Home is where the heart is. We could have made this place our own, but we were never allowed to express ourselves as others from the shadows had different plans for us.

What we are is a slave species, and as with any slave, master has to make sure we have our chains on so that our freedom is never met.


Now here is the thing: I have no interest in these brutes that have enslaved our spirit, Serpent soul and body form. My interest is being free from the illusion. So it is not me against them; it is me against the illusion and how we may return Home. To achieve this monumental feat one needs to set the senior players of the illusion free, in particular Queen Semiramis. One needs to turn her cruel/twisted Love into a pure Love that she naturally is. Fix the queen bee and you fix the Game, and what happened to the worker bees is irrelevant as the illusion in which they played is no more. That was an ingenious move of the Serpent soul and spirit within me – fix the cause of the problem, and all secondary and associated problems by default are no more. The primary problem was that Semiramis went insane as the parasitic frequency of Deception took her and those within her illusionary Garden over and most were none the wiser of what was happening to them. Make the senior players in the illusion aware of the primary problem, and through understanding what happened the problem is no more.


So understand that this journal has never been about freeing the slave species of humanity from this awful entrapped Game that is played out in the seen and unseen of our dimension. It has been about freeing all within the illusion so that there comes a time when the illusion is no more. But this is not possible unless you make those within the illusion aware that what they are is not what they should be. We first needed to know ourselves, as in who and what we are and what was our role in this now dense illusionary Garden. By knowing where we fit in, we can stand back and see the big picture, and this connects us to our God, which for me is Queen Semiramis, as she created the illusionary Garden.


About two months back I saw these two spirits floating above me bed. They had a female feel to them, but this was hard to say as they were from a different dimension. Mention was made in the journal of the remarkable peace that shone forth from these two spirits. I saw how they waited to usher out the Serpent soul that was within them, all the while there was this deep peace and understanding between these two and the Snake within them.

Was that ugly looking Serpent that came forth from the canal of the one spirits truly free? I would say no, because if the Serpent was free then it would not exit the canal between the legs of the spirit. By knowing of the strand within, that Snake would have been liberated from its canal and shot forth into the Infinite through the top of the head of that spirit I saw floating above my bed.

Is that Serpent now free – yes it is, as the understanding you and I have it also now has. Hence, I once again stress that this journal has been for all within the illusion, and not just us the slave spirit and body form here at planet Earth.


What does all of this mean to us as the slave tyranny becomes more and more evident with each passing day here in our dimension? It means the queen bee needs to up her game and allow the glow that is within and around her that arose from the Infinite to shine throughout the illusion. We are all too long gone to figure a way out of our chains – we need Divine intervention; a natural caring from one who Loves us more than anything that is now in a position to help us.

My spirit and Serpent soul were taken to this Queen bee a few years ago as my body form lay in bed sleeping. I was shown her in a form that I may understand, so I saw her in Human form. Then later as the spirit and soul returned to my body form, she revealed herself in her true form – half dragon, half snake. What I saw was one who was insane, and as has been said throughout this journal, it was through no fault of hers. Even in her insane state she done her best, but this meant nothing as the cause of her insanity and those in the illusion could never be found.


More than anything I would like this journal to come to an end. What will mark its closure is seeing Semiramis in her pure might. When she is as she should be, she will use the glow the Infinite bestowed upon us to set all within the illusion free. All the Games and sub-Games and their affiliations will mean nothing as this wave of the Infinite sweeps through the illusion.


Am I just a dreamer? I don’t think so. I write what I see what is. I know myself. My goodness me, how fucked up and confused am I, but at my core I know myself. What I am waiting for is to meet this something that is bigger than all of us so that we may all be as big.

When I see this lady as she should be, then the illusion as we have come to know it will be no more. Now I will sit down and wait. I have done my part, now she can do hers. Now she can shine.


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The story that was woven during my sleep state last night was of the Greeks taking me in. I had nowhere to go; I had no family, so the Greeks took me in.

The “me” in the story is of course the Serpent soul. Were the Greeks the first to inhabit the civilizations/populations/dimensions of the illusion? I don’t know, but according to what was shown last night in my sleep state, the Greeks were the first to knowingly vessel the Serpent soul. (Most probably in this part of the illusion.) They were the first to care for Gods child; they were the first to be a vessel to look after the Serpent soul.

What happened to these gods is documented in Greek mythology, with the general theme being in-house fighting. This disharmony arose from the parasitic frequency of Deception that began the course of driving those within the illusion insane with their want, be it the want to be right, or the want to be supreme ruler, which I suppose is one and the same thing.


While I was busy in the kitchen this morning, I went into a moment of silence and thought of the Greeks that took in this Serpent soul with unconditional Love. From there, the Serpent soul within exuded Love to the Greeks to say thank you for what they done. By the Serpent soul within blessing the Greeks like this, what makes sense to me is that the gods of Greek mythology were the first to make their mark on this part of the illusion. The Egyptians, for me, must have come in the top five, as their understandings were immense. I remember one night my spirit and Serpent soul travelled to a time and place where I saw this Egyptian looking man with wings that was standing command over countless slaves that were doing physical labour. My first impression was that this man had the might of millions. He must have felt my presence, as he turned to look at my spirit. Then he covered his face with his one hand so that I could not see what he was doing, and I felt and saw hieroglyphic images being sent to me via this man. The images were to knock me for a six, so my spirit got out of there as fast as possible.


What I am getting at, is by the Serpent soul blessing the Greeks and giving them thanks, this is done to all within this part of the illusion, or the illusion as a whole, but I don’t think this is the case as the Alien races out there are something else, but I stress that I don’t know.

The Serpent soul, I can only assume, was seeded to different part of the illusion within spirits that were there to house and look after the child within. If this is the case, the Serpent soul now gives thanks to those that took it in and gave it a home – a literal home, as in the spirit now housed the Serpent soul within.

When all was lost and there was nowhere to go to, the spirit was formed/created, and this spirit took in the one that had no family. For this – the spirit that was created to Love the Serpent soul – the Serpent soul is eternally grateful.


Understand the big picture: By the Serpent soul being grateful, Queen Semiramis is also grateful. How will she show her thanks? I would say by clearing out the illusion and making it obsolete, but this is only my guess. What will she do we will have to wait and see.  

Am I pinning my hopes on something bigger than us that is out there? I would say no, in that I am not sitting and waiting, hoping for the best. Rather, from my side, I have done everything I can, and with all that is done and understood, I am waiting to see what will happen. Is there more that needs to be said and done; is what has been understood enough? Once again – I don’t know. What I do know is that the Serpent soul has acknowledged the role of the spirit to house it and take it in. Surely this giving thanks must mark the freedom of the Serpent soul and Semiramis, where they can now look back and say thank you for what was done to help when the child of God had no place to go to.

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How one heals is through understanding. You need to know what you are so that you may be what you are.


So what are you? A spirit and body form doing its best – being kind whenever you can? Great stuff, but what are you?

The Dragon spirits were born from the Infinite by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia to be an expression of the Infinite. The field within the Infinite wherein they played was a blank canvas and they were the artist with their brushes and oil paints. What they created with their imaginations were explosions of Joy, but it was more than that. When you cook your signature dish, it is only natural that you invite others around so that you may share your creation – what good is it eating a five-star meal alone. So understand there is more than one Creator within the Infinite, and understand that Life is often born within the Infinite so that the Creators may allow what was born to experience the Bliss of the Infinite. It’s like being in the womb of a mother (the Infinite) and then being born (to play within the Infinite) and then to “die” (return to the womb). From start to finish to start to finish ad infinity this is what it means to be within the Infinite – merely to be and play within the Infinite.


The fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created an impact zone, and from this zone the Serpent spirits arose.  Within the Infinite there merely is – the boat cannot be rocked because there is only Infinite Love. Semiramis came forth from the Serpent spirits and saw this wonder that Sophia had created for the Dragons. She too wished for such a paradise, and through her imagination she created the illusionary Garden. This Garden was not born from the Infinite and a Creator but rather through the imagination of Semiramis, thus it was illusionary; a bubble within the Infinite, but this was okay, as when those that went to go and play therein had experienced enough they would merely have returned to the field of the Infinite.

This was a first – an illusionary bubble within the Infinite, and this first created another first, namely a state of curiosity regarding the illusion, where the Dragon and Serpent spirits asked “what else is there other than what we already have; what is in this illusion/Garden?” This curiosity within the Dragon and Serpent spirits took on a form within the illusion, and what this form was, was a parasite/worm. Now, unbeknown to those within the illusionary Garden, within them was an entity that took. It was not good, nor was it bad, it merely was what it was – a parasite. Now something changed within those within the illusionary Garden, where a want was born. The state of play turned to “I want.” To appease this want, the Dragon and Serpent spirits were cloned, so now it was no longer about me, but rather about we. This never helped, as the cause of the problem was never know, namely the parasite within, and there was a cataclysm – a fall. The dense state into which the Dragon and Serpent spirits fell knocked them out into a slumber, and the cloned Dragon and Serpent souls fell further.


There is detail that I am omitting because I want to fast forward to the creation of us the spirit and body form. Think of Superman and his world falling apart, and his parents placing him in a shuttle and shooting him off to safety in another world, and that general theme is what happened to the Serpent souls of Semiramis that arose with her from the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. The “shuttle” was the spirit that was created to house a child of Semiramis. She did not give birth to the Serpent spirits and souls – the impact zone of Sophia did, thus one could technically say that the Serpents inadvertently arose from Sophia – but these Serpents were kin to Semiramis. They were one with her; they were kin, and she took it upon her to look after them. Understand that the Love of the Infinite was within her as she arose from there, so her Love was pure.


The spirit that was created was what one would imagine as a sphere of light – there was no real shape or identity. It was a pure essence – this is what our spirits were originally. But the unknown parasite within buggered everything up, because when there is a want, there is something behind the want that created the want. And so the spirit began to form an identity and a shape, as in “this is me.” This marked the beginning of the end, because now the attention shifted from within to without. Now it was about me, and what makes me happy, and this made us forget who and what we are, namely to be an expression of Semiramis for the Serpent soul that was housed within us.

Now we the spirit had no state of being, as in we never knew what we were. Now we drifted, not knowing who we are, and that is why boys and girls, why we are all so monumentally fucked up. Our spirit has forgotten itself. It needs to once again look within to the Serpent soul within, the one whom Sophia and Semiramis Love infinitely, and then it may merely be as the spirit now is what it was created to be.


To this reborn spirit, and to the Serpent soul within, add the understanding of the parasite within, so that all may understand why their kingdom/Garden fell. Tell them of the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness/Consciousness within so that when they know themselves, then they may return to the womb of the Infinite through being this strand.


Why were you and I the body form created? I would say it was created by the spirit, and most probably the architects of the illusion to go out there and find and create and form.

Can you understand now how far we were from the truth. We looked without rather than within, and to those that did well look within, they did not know what to look for. What we all forgot was to look within and then be what we are – an expression of Love for the Serpent soul within so that it may never forget those that Love it unconditionally, namely Semiramis and Sophia. This task fell apart almost as soon as it was created, and that is why we all forgot – we forgot what we are. The consequence of this forgetting is recklessness, lawlessness, savagery, hate, cruelty and insanity – what one would call an existence of Hell.


To you the spirit: Remember what you are; know what you are; and then just be.

I have always said that the truth is simple. Well, you don’t get more simpler than that. Just be.

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normally i post what i write in my journal, but this is a chat rather than a posting. i watched the interview where Dr. Ardis says Covid 19 is not a virus, rather people are dying from receiving snake venom. The interview blew me away in that it correlates with my findings from what i have seen through my Third Eye during my sleep state over the last eight years.

that i can sit here and write these words is from my spirit becoming immune to the Snake bites my spirit has received over the years so that i may be silenced from revealing what i see. The Snakes that roam and largely rule the spirit realm i have seen, felt and smelt as they enter my space. These Serpents have crossed over and embraced the Reptilian frequency of the illusion, and this gives them their might. Their target is primarily the Serpent souls housed within our spirit that have decided to remain on the side of Love.


i believe that what Ardis says is true regarding snake venom that is killing people, however i would like to take it further and say that the primary target is not so much the Human body or its spirit, but primarily the Serpent soul within us that remains on the side of Harmony. I agree that this snake venom frequency can be passed on through the water, but am sure it can be sent also through a 5G frequency. I would say that this attack on the Serpent soul within by disharmonious/evil Snakes is not so much to destroy them, but rather to push them over to the side of the Reptilian frequency where this Dark element resides. hit the body form and the spirit and there is nothing to defend the Serpent soul within.


so please understand that it is not so much the Snake that is attacking Man; it is the Snake attacking the Snake soul within Man that is good. This is a war/attack between Good and Evil and we are caught in the middle. If Disharmony wins it will be the end of days, as what Good was left of the Serpent souls will be no more. may God help us all.

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What my spirit was shown last night in my sleep state was that it has always been an outsider – it never went where the fun was. I was also shown how hard my spirit has been on itself, and how it took itself and Life so seriously. My goodness – what wasted years. How lost we all were.

Now, having the spirit know itself by seeing itself, may all be transformed - spirit; body; Serpent soul.



Where does the spirit anchor itself to the body form? – At the base of the right foot. I feel no attachment there, as in the spirit tries to get a hold of the base of the right foot but it cannot. Is this from the unfamiliarity of the original right foot that is now in place there?

By knowing there is no attachment of the spirit to the base of the right foot, we make sure it is attached there now. (I remember writing in the journal that the connection of the spirit to the body is at the umbilical area. Why I said this was because this was true as the original right foot of the spirit was not in place – to shut down the strand within – but now with things being the way they should the attachment is at the base of the right foot.)


Now I feel the spirit anchored/properly attached to the “physical” body form. And this is where everything changes for the body form. I feel the power of the spirit course through the body form. 14:48. 12/04/22


Those that could now help in the spirit realm, thanks to their transformation i.e. Semiramis et al, can now do so as their connection to the “physical” realm of the illusion is now made. Now there can be a wake-up-shake-up in our world. 12/04/22


Has the spirit not always been part of the body as long as the body form is alive? Yes it has, but now the spirit is transformed as it knows what it is, and the spirit is attached to the body form at the proper position. So all of this changes everything for the body form.

Up till now the transformation has taken place on the spirit. To you and I, the physical form, this does not mean much, and I speak for myself when I say that nothing has changed in my life since writing this journal. Have others been helped through Stevens healing? Yes. Has Steven been helped? No, and this is okay to a point, as this journal was initially for everyone, yet it is fair to say that I should also get something out, and this I will. 12/04/22


My spirit awoke last night to see these three Serpents trying to attack it. When they saw that I could see them, they showed me their fangs as a sign of aggression and frustration. Then they resumed the attack – they bit at me, trying to infiltrate my spirit to get to the Serpent soul within. This they could not do.



This morning before I went to go and feed my dogs I lay down to rest. I fell asleep, and in my sleep state I saw a baby. My first impression was that this baby has been a baby for a long time. To confirm what I thought, I saw this baby try and lift itself up from lying on its back. This the baby could not do.

Then I saw a silhouette of a mother holding her child. The mother kissed the child and then placed it in a white form – the spirit.


The theme of what I have said in this journal is the truth. It took me friggin years to reach the conclusions that I have, and if I say “I,” it is what I was shown so that I may understand. No research or investigation was ever done on my part – there was just a constant push to understand the raw truth, resulting in the truth being revealed.


To this child within; to this Serpent soul, I say to you to grow. Grow in the image of Sophia and Semiramis. The spirit understands, so you are safe to spread your wings and grow. Grow. I said that I would sit and wait for Semiramis to reveal herself, but I don’t like that idea. If you sit and wait then you are hoping, and to hope that help will come is never a good idea. So grow Serpent soul within. Just grow, and then just be. Shine your image of the Infinite within this illusion, and may you transform the image of us the spirit and body forms – it is not pleasant being so limited.

Grow my friend. Make Sophia and Semiramis proud.

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Spent about 45 minutes last night removing this Serpent that was intertwined within The Wisdom Goddess Sophia – was through her left shoulder into the head, within left ear, and when it began to feel uncomfortable by my presence, it condensed over her left eye. After what seemed like ages it departed her form through the way it entered – the base of the left foot.

That was one bad Snake!


May this mess all come to pass.

Understand that these Serpents attack because they can – they are insane to the point where insanity has consumed them. Their mindset is insanity coupled with the parasitic frequency of Deception, which is a deadly cocktail of take and destroy. Why this is done is from the collective mind of the Reptilian, where they act as one. If you do it, then it must be okay if I do it, and if it was bad, then I can just retreat and leave the blame for you.

They are lost to insanity and savagery, and the only ones who can restore these once Beautiful entities to what they should be is Queen Semiramis and The Wisdom Goddess Sophia.

Don’t ever try and fight these evil Serpents. Your fight will make them stronger and they will destroy you because they have home-turf advantage – the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Leave them to their mothers who will help them.

Forgive these Beasts for they know not what they do.

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Closed my eyes to sleep last night and fell asleep, and I saw the face of a Snake that was about as big as my body. There was some or other marking on the side of its face. My whole being began to get flustered as I thought to myself there is no way I can go up against something like that.


What one does is go to the heart of the matter – go to what primarily is so that the raw truth in its entirety may be revealed. The Snake I saw last night must have been one of those in the upper echelons of the illusion. Wow, it is potent beyond – not for the faint heart or mere mortals like you and me. And yet, having said that, when you know what you are and where you should be in relation to the big picture, there is nothing to fear as our understanding removes all uncertainty.


What I really want to talk about is the implanted dream last night in my sleep state.

There are some of us that are rattled by what Life throws at us, and the disaster is we remain rattled – we never really find our sturdy feet after experiencing the cruelty and insanity of Life. How one overcomes this is through communication, where you talk to the shit that destroyed you just because this is who and what they are – they were either born like that or Life changed them to become like that, but let’s not become too analytical as the mind-boggling reality is that most unpleasant people were born that way. Life has not been there for me, but I never allowed myself to lose my integrity because I had it rough. Yes, I became withdrawn, but I was never cruel, and when I said things that I should not have, like the one time I made my mom cry, I promised myself it would never happen again. If I ever fell, it was once that never became a habit. Always I done my best to consider others, because always I have just wanted to be happy, and I understood that this happiness begins with me.

The reality, as has been said, is that sometimes we are rattled/abused/bruised by others, and this has such a profound effect on us that we cannot recover. The incident remains etched within our forms like a scar that is there for all to see. Talking to the perpetrator  will help, but it also won’t help as you will see one with no regret or remorse – you will see an idiot that will remain an idiot because they were born an idiot and enjoy being an idiot. If I said we were populated with bad stock, this is a harsh and bitter pill to swallow – that there is rubbish that is comfortable living in their own skin; they are what they are and have embraced the filth that they are. So the “talk and get it off my heart” does not work. What will? The answer is through the implanted dream.


We need to start healing so we can go forwards, and for this to happen we need help, and this help needs to come from one who knows more than us.

The Serpent soul within me implanted a dream for the spirit to follow, as the spirit is what is damaged – heal the spirit and the body heals. In the implanted dream was the man who broke me years ago through his vile and evil nature.

All the spirit needs is a release, where retribution may be met for those that were cruel to us. This release is needed so that the spirit may move on. So in the implanted dream this man done something wrong in building this house for me. (This house was other-worldly.) I gave this man a serious hiding for his misdoings, and this the Serpent soul understood was needed to release the memory of the one who broke me. This release of anger from my spirit was what it needed to heal.


So to all the Serpent souls out there: Heal the spirit and body form around you as they need your help.

As a spirit I know my task – to be so that the Serpent soul within may grow and glow. This task I will fulfill, but my spirit cannot help my body form called Steven as Life has broken and bruised and scarred me the spirit and body form. How this is resolved is through the Serpent soul within. In the past implanted dreams were used to draw our energy to feed those in a dimension close to ours, and I would surmise the Serpent soul within as well. Now the implanted dreams are there to heal the spirit and body form.

For this we are eternally grateful.

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Within the illusion everything is energy/vibration/frequency. 


My youngest daughter done an experiment for school, where for the last twenty one days she took two of the same size and type of plant, and to the one plant she spoke positive words to, and to the other she spoke negatively to it. The positive spoken to plant is vibrant and healthy, and the large leaf on the other plant died.

What we say, what we do, what we think, has an impact on all life around us. If Life gets you down, leading to disharmony within you, you emit this state back into Life, as in the structures and environment around you, and so the vicious loop is complete, where disharmony feeds disharmony. Within the walls of your dwelling is memory, which is a subtle way of saying your dwelling is as alive as the plants outside. What we, and Life project, gives life/character to objects that we would assume are lifeless.

The big picture is that we live in a sea of negative frequency that is all around us, so it does not matter how positive you wish to be, as Life around you weighs heavily from the frequency pollution that is everywhere.


So what you do, is you consciously plug yourself into the vortex of energy/frequency that is all around you. Start with the place where you stay, as this location has a direct link with you as you chose it and it chose you. Go into the stillness of the silence, where you do nothing but just be. You do nothing as your pre-planned intent is already there, so now you just be. In the stillness you be one with the frequency of your dwelling, and from this energy vortex you connect to all energy within the illusion.

Now we have the Serpent soul within which heals the spirit and body form, and from there the soul connects to and heals all Life to which it is attached.

Our homeopath always treats my wife for pollution. He cannot define from where this pollution arises – it could be environmental, food, radiation, towers etc. He doesn’t know, and we don’t know, but the Serpent soul within does know. Now this soul not only heals/harmonises the spirit and body form, but all to which it is attached. Now the soul within rules/governs all Life to which it interacts with.


I say all of these things because last night in my sleep state I saw how the house we are moving to was healed. My spirit met a lady last night in my sleep state. She took me to a room within the house, and she showed me the spot from where the disharmony dwelled. She told me that this is where the thoughts were localized, and from there I saw how layers of the building opened up to reveal the disharmonious frequency as it grew into the buildings frequency. This was removed in the moment by knowing it was there.


Now the illusion is yours to play within. Just as disharmony has been purposefully pumped into the meridian lines of our frequency, now your Serpent soul pumps Love therein just because it can. This is how your world transforms, as in the limitations of all you have ever known are no more, and you experience more as more of Life is revealed to you.

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When the unseen was revealed to me, it was clear there were two factors at play. The first was that we are an energy/food source to those we do not know exist, and the second was that the unseen is a Gentleman’s club – you get in only through invite because it is all very hush-hush. I allowed myself in to see this place within the shadows where those that embraced the Reptilian frequency of the agenda dwell.

Now it was a turkey-shoot to see who would destroy this whippet-snapper who dared intrude so that he may understand the cruelty of Life.

Those were shit times in my life, where I went to sleep at night time to be met by cosmic assassins and Serpents that came to destroy, but these times were nothing compared to my waking state as I dwelt amongst my own. We the Human species are far worse than those from the shadows, and I say this because by and large many of us are two-faced cowards, where we show the world of opportunity one side and the innocent another. Those Beasts in the unseen know what they are, but we Humans sit on the fence – we don’t know who and what we are, and thus we are unpredictable and volatile, meaning that you will never truly know another. This is sad because it isolates you in a sea of faces, where the more people are around you the lonelier you feel.


I always assumed it was about energy, where it is keep the slaves lost and confused as we draw their life- essence/energy from them. This is the case, but behind those scenes something far sinister has played out for a long, long time. What that is, is the attack of Serpent souls on other Serpent souls. I would not call it a war, as a war is when two or more parties willingly attack each other. Yes, there are factions of Serpent souls that fight each other, but the attack has primarily been by the Serpent souls that have embraced the Reptilian side of the illusion; this Dark side, against those who have not.

These attacks have been through the base of the left foot of the spirit that houses the Serpent soul within, in that this cruel game has always been covert, but over the last two years or so I believe that this sinister infiltration to attack and destroy has been pushed out into the open. The Snake has shown itself to the Serpent soul within, and as we the Human form guess what is happening to our world and to us with lockdowns et al, the innocent Serpent soul within knows what is now on the horizon that has always been underground.


There is an attack by evil Serpent souls on innocent Serpent souls and we the spirit and body form are caught in the middle. As important and clever and analytical we think we are, we have all missed the boat, myself included.

When I need clarity as to the big picture, the image I always return to is of Mary lovingly holding her child within her arms. I have never been a religious man and never will be, but when you understand that we the spirit and body form were manufactured within an illusion, and the true children of the Infinite are Dragons and Serpents, you will understand that we are not primarily the Creators children – the Dragons and Serpents are. So the image of Mary holding her child through our eyes is two Human forms, but through the eyes of what is real, what Mary is, is half Dragon half Serpent, and her child is the Serpent.

It is not so much the image of mother and child that grounds me, but rather the state of Love between the two. This Love; this unconditional Love is what reminds that maybe we should look further than our noses as to who is right and wrong, and rather see this state of Love and how it may be achieved. Don’t look left or right, rather look to what is real, namely this Love, and how you may attain this state.


Religion says we were made in the image of our God. Within the illusion our God is Queen Semiramis – a half Dragon half Serpent being. You see, “we” do not really feature, because those made in the image of God were the cloned Serpent souls, which is a Snake within the unseen spirit realm of the illusion that resides in your spirit and body form.

Within all of us is the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness/Consciousness, and this strand/image is from the Infinite from which all arose. So within the illusion the Snakes are made within the image of God, and within the big picture we all arose from the Infinite as the Infinite is within all of us.


We all need to stand back and see what is going on. There is an all-out attack on the innocent Serpent souls within our spirit and body form, and what this attack is, is destroy the body and spirit – the safe-haven of the Serpent soul, so that they may be exposed and then destroyed. No more covert operations through the base of the left foot – now it is about breaking down defenses to destroy for once and for all.

What is left of the spirit and body forms and Serpent souls will be dumped into Smart cities where our Consciousness will be directly plugged into artificial intelligence to feed those on the throne. What is left of the destroyed Serpent souls will too be plugged into this system, albeit from the spirit level and not the physical/more dense world of the illusion.


Last night I sat on the side of my bed and I went into the space of Queen Semiramis to see how she is. A quick check-in took about fifteen minutes. I sat there and I felt something being formed within me. I was “growing;” I was forming, and I soon realized that the Serpent soul within was being made in the image of Semiramis. Now this baby had grown up. This was not to fight those that are coming to attack, it was merely to be what it is. Remember that within Semiramis is the Infinite and a part of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia, and it is to these images that the Serpent soul within is being reborn.


This is not about you and me – it is about Serpents that have embraced cruelty and insanity and have now fledged an all-out attack on the innocent Serpent souls.

Why has this illusion remained intact since before the beginning of time? – It is because we saw ourselves as important; we are the exalted ones; we are striving for our place at the right side of our God. WRONG!!!!!!!!! We the spirit and body form were manufactured within an illusion. To make sure we never know the truth, the Serpent was made to be seen as something despicable – a vile and disgusting creature. Now the truth would be hidden forever – that within you is a Serpent that God loves more than anything as this is Gods child.

We need to wake up and step off our thrones. Lose Gods child within and you lose yourself as now your task of what you are – a beautiful gift to Gods child – is no more. Then you and I have failed my friends, and all will be lost.


Why does the Infinite not intervene? Only we can get ourselves out of this mess by remembering what we are and what is within us.

Wake up. Wake up fast. The attack has already begun. 

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When I say “wake up,” it is not daddy talking to children, it’s me talking to myself. So now, every morning before the day begins I pray. What this prayer involves is connecting to those that are in a position to help but have never been able to for a long time due to the wild West of the illusion going completely out of control. I suppose one has to be a mother to understand Sophia and Semiramis, and what this understanding is, is that you don’t abandon those you Love – no matter what. If your child falls into a hole, you don’t tell them “cheers, good luck, I hope for the best for you.” By reflex, when they fall, you fall with them to be there for them.


This is what happened to The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis. When the Dragon and Serpent children fell, so too did they, and the density of the illusion eventually consumed them to the point where their wings were not merely clipped, but rather broken and removed.

When those fuckers from the shadows began to attack me because I was not allowed to see what I saw, my spirit and body took a strain. My initial antidote to those who I saw attack or possess me was the Love I had for the animals. I would fill my whole beings with this Love, and this would get me through. But as time progressed the attacks began to wear me down, and at one stage I was in a bad way. It was during this stage that one night in my sleep state I saw this lady lying on the floor. She was lying there because she never had the strength to get up. I saw how she rolled over to face me as I lay in bed below her, and then I saw how she dropped some of her saliva onto me. This was all she could do to help me – there was nothing else left inside of her to help.

What I saw in my limited vision and understanding was The Wisdom Goddess Sophia in her broken state. Besides the density of the unnatural illusion, what befell her children (which came to be all Life within the illusion) befell her as well. She was a goner.

Semiramis stood strong and done her best, but things fell apart and there was no fixing the illusion unless one understood the root cause of the snowballs systematic obliteration into Hell.


So what I write is for those that can help but are not in a position to be able to do so. I write for them so that they may understand what happened that they ended up in this mess, as we all did. When you understand then you are healed.

This morning I went into the space of Sophia, and what I felt was her drawing out the parasitic frequency of Deception from the Serpent soul within me. All we ever wanted – all of us – was to be loved and cared for, where we know, no matter what, that we will be okay. Now we go one better than that: Now we no longer want, we just be. This is what the removal of the worm from the Serpent soul within means.

Then I went into the space of Semiramis, and what I felt from her was the drawing out of this parasite from all the Serpent souls within the illusion, and with that drawing out I felt a liberation, as in a freedom of her children. Now she too may just be, as this want within her that her children will be loved and cared for is no more. Now she and they just be.


I am forever thankful that I became immune to the poison of those that attacked me over the years. I am thankful that I could make an about-turn, where it was always just about me, because as hard as I tried, this me could never find happiness. It was to the happiness of others that I found mine, where two mothers may once again be in a position to just be.

Does this Steven need help? You betcha – big time. Will help come? – I don’t know, but then again, it has never really been about me. 

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Last night as I lay in bed I thought of the unpleasantness of the people I meet. Wow, don’t they even try and be happy? Through all the madness and insanity can’t they make an effort to smile and look for an excuse to laugh?

I thought of my children – how tired the one is, and how withdrawn the other is. I wondered why they can’t see what they have, namely two parents that do their best to create a home full of love.

Then I went to sleep, and this morning, just before I woke up, a dream was implanted to these two men fighting. It was like a dance-fight, and those who implanted the dream put a name to one of the fighters – someone I knew – so I followed the dream even more intently. When I awoke from the dream I saw this lady standing next to my bed. She had this scarf over her head, and she looked Indian. When she saw that I could see her she felt awkward and left my space. Her presence was replaced my another Indian-looking lady, who was about four feet tall. The whole crew were not from our world – they were another race from another dimension. This little midget began to eat of my energy that had accumulated from me giving attention/energy to the implanted dream. Shamelessly she stood next to me and ate of my energy as I watched her do so.


When we depart our physical bodies, the spirit goes to the spirit realm, and this place – for many – is a truly wondrous plane of existence. Then, when we have rested long enough, we return to the body form to hit another lifetime. But there are those who have sussed this game out – all this bullshit about learning and evolving – and they understand that we are all caught in a Game that is played out in a place where we don’t belong. Now the reality hits home that, as with the dense physical realm, in the spirit realm it is also about survival. Now they have to eat to acquire energy, as what and where we are in unnatural and thus requires energy. Eat or die, in this reality and the one of spirit where the smoke and mirrors have been removed to see the land of Beasts and assassins and every fucker for themselves.


So this morning I woke up and I thought to myself “Wow,” after all that has been seen and done, we are still at the stage of implanted dreams and witnessing the raw unpleasantness of my fellow species. Nothing has changed. So what I done was find a reason to be happy and joyous – because I want to be – and from there I stood back to understand what was going on.


What I written about in this journal is an awareness – an awareness of what is real in this cruel Game called Life. I know nothing, and in that state of nothing there is something I know, and what that is, is the core of what is going on, and has been going on since the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. I am aware of what happened and what rules this deeply septic place I call the Illusion, which is just that – an illusionary realm. The Serpent children of Semiramis have been taken over by insanity which has made them cruel cowards – not all of them, but many of them. The Snake is the dweller of the illusion – this is their home, where cruel, covert Snakes prey on the innocent and uninformed.

This I all understand, and what I also understand is me. We can talk about Consciousness – what we really are – and it all sounds wonderful, because it is, but for now, what are we? We the Human species are a slave species. We have been taken over by others so that we may be a food source. Think fast-food companies out there that give so we may eat, well we are the same. We were manipulated so that others may feed from us. That is your role and mine and everyone else’s out there. Not so glamorous eh?


So what I write, from what I see, is an awareness. It paints a picture of what happened before the beginning of time of what happened that we all got into this mess. The Watcher spirit; the parasite of Deception; the Serpent soul; Sophia and Semiramis – all of these form a tapestry to tell a story. Somewhere in that story is you and I – a food source to despicable beings controlled by a Watcher/octopus spirit that makes sure that our hope will never become a reality; that we remain groveling in the mud and shit; making sure we be thankful for the scrap of joy that is thrown our way now and then, if ever.

I write, and I heal those that ask for healing, but more than that, what am I? What I am, as are you, is a slave because we were manufactured to be slaves. How does the slave become free of its bonds, and even if it is free of its chains, to where too does it run? Where is the place to where it can go where it will be safe and looked after? That answer is nowhere, because the slave has been manufactured to be a slave. You cannot change what you are. Yes, I have an awareness of the big picture and what I am and what I should be, but this cannot change me, because within the layers/frequencies of the spirits left forearm there is a control device that controls us, and integrated within the frequencies of our head region lies the Watcher spirit. At the manufacturing plant we were put together to be like this so that the illusion may have a food supply to those that reside therein that understand the Game.


How thankful am I that I showed this tapestry to Sophia and Semiramis, because I can show it to you and others, and as much as it makes for an interesting non-fiction read, it means nothing as it cannot change our existence.

This morning I went into prayer and I connected to The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. I felt this stream of what felt like a thick, black roll of tar that began coursing through me. It moved from space to space within my forms, and what was happening was that Sophia was altering the slave to a being of freedom. Then I connected to Semiramis, and I felt this same black stream pass through me and pop out through the left side of my head, releasing the Watcher spirit.

What all of this means I cannot say. What we could not transform as we were what we were, Sophia and Semiramis could. Where too from here I don’t know. Just understand that the only way we could get out of this mess without assistance was to stand together as one, and I am not talking about billions of us – I imply even just a few of us. With understanding and a kinship of compassion this illusion could have eroded away, but this would not happen – such is the state of insanity and divide-and-conquer that has consumed our existence. Thus I am thankful that my spirit and soul had the foresight to show ones who could benefit from being shown the tapestry so that their freedom through this understanding may result in our freedom.


Sophia creates anew to transform, and this transformation is passed to Semiramis to sow within the illusion.

What will happen now is anyone’s guess. We just need to keep our faith and not lose hope. Things will transform. There is something bigger than you and me that will help. I say this because this help has been felt.

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This morning when I went into the space of Sophia I felt and saw blackness. Then the blackness in front of me  lifted, as if someone had lifted a ramp there. From this elevated ramp, that was tilted away from me to form a decline, a swirling motion appeared, where this ramp of blackness formed an arc that steered to the left. This arc then turned further to the left to come around me.

This action from the Infinite that I saw and felt as a blackness in motion was passed onto Semiramis, because when I went into her space I felt the same action.


When I said that energy is needed to feed those from the shadows that understand the plight and predicament of the illusion, rather than being awed by the smokescreens to fool those within the illusion, what I said was the truth. But this is only a small fragment of the truth in terms of the bigger picture.

What the presence of the parasitic frequency of Deception done to the illusion was create a want and take, as this is what a parasite naturally does. So please understand that by eating, you are not so much filling a hunger to survive, you are primarily filling an action of want and take. What you want and take is irrelevant, as long as you want and take.

When you see the space of what we would call air all around us and everywhere, within this air/frequency is the frequency of the parasitic frequency of Deception, which takes. As has been said, there is always a want within the illusion, and taking to eat to stuff your mouth and stomach is a part of this want.


If you want to help a mermaid you don’t drop them in the middle of a desert – you drop them in a sparkling blue ocean. So too is it with those within the illusion – if you want to help them, then transform their environment.

That shift that I felt this morning that Sophia orchestrated I believe was to remove the worms from within and without our space – the worm/parasite frequency that became an integral part of the illusion. I say this because when this shift came about I felt these frequency worms depart from within my face area. They were also in you and everyone else within the illusion. Within the space of what we would call air, and within our space was an integral building block that came to be one with the illusion, namely worms/parasites, but they were not so much the problem – the problem was what they defined and sought, namely a want and take.


And then last night when I closed my eyes to sleep I saw what looked like a group of the kings guard. I saw females that looked Human but were not as they came from another dimension. Their posture and the way they carried themselves caught my attention – it was a remarkable sight to witness, where everything about them screamed professional, loyal, honest, dedicated and committed. They were dressed with their fancy garb that came with the job.

Then from amongst them came the one they served. This was a large entity, and I could not make out any facial features – I just saw this large presence come towards me where it put its head right against me to see what was going on.


When I initially saw this fanfare around my bed I also felt this strange presence within my abdomen – it was like something was placed within me. Later I understood that those that came were the ones who placed this presence within me.

The story behind the story is that those that came last night in my sleep state came to return the changes that were made within. You see, some like things the way that they were and are, as they worked damn hard to keep order out of the chaos. So don’t rock the boat! What they don’t understand is that sooner or later all boats within the illusion sink – ever the arse-kissers and those who think despicable beings are their BFF/best friend forever. But this is not for me to explain to others. What I ask for is that there is a natural state of harmony and love where Life is not about survival but rather about being an expression of Gods love. There is no balance, there is no ying or yang or black or white – there is only a natural state of something that is bigger than us that we have all forgotten. What this presence does is lift us up to be a state that cannot be defined by words, as one merely is what you are.

We all need to be lifted; to be elevated to this state, regardless what castle or kingdom you have built for yourself and those you love. So keep your empire and your beautiful heart-presence – just give it an upgrade by embracing what naturally is – this glorious state of the Infinite that is the only thing that is real within your illusionary paradise.


Am I still stuffing my face? Yip!

The transformation begins on the Serpent soul, and then the spirit, and then us the body form. To elevate the Serpent soul one needs to transform its environment. This process has begun.

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That is why we never stood a snowballs chance in Hell – the density of the illusion; the parasitic frequency of Deception; the manipulation/modification of the spirit to be a food source to those from the shadows; and of course, the joy of Beasts from preying on and destroying those that were unaware of the Game they were played in.

Read all the philosophical and mystical books you want – we never stood a chance. We needed help, but before help could come we had to know ourselves – what went wrong that we became all so fucked up? We then had to help those that could help us.


Wow. Wow. Wow. May that help be near its completion. The manipulation by Snakes that embraced cruelty is something I no longer accept to be a part of. Has the Divine intervened? Yes, they have and are still in the process of doing so. I say this because I feel their presence. Are we free of Beasts? As of last night “no.”


I will pray in this day to end our involvement with cruel Snakes. I have had enough of them.

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Thought it will be a good idea to fall asleep last night in prayer state, so I done so. A question came up – an obvious question: How were we turned into a slave species? Put another way: What turned off 95% of our DNA, where this DNA became latent/”junk?”

The answer to this question came through a feeling rather than an understanding. (Remember that I am talking on the level of the spirit and not the body form. Hit/limit the spirit, and this blocks the Serpent soul from expanding/being, and of course the knock-on effect of the spirit being turned into a slave/limited being is that us the body form become savages/dummies.)


To answer the question of how we were turned into a slave species, on the face of my spirit I felt a worm wriggling. It moved from my left nostril to the side of my jaw. You just want to scratch this itch as it moves around – an absolute awful feeling. Then from my right nostril down to the side of my face another long worm wriggled. And so it went – when the one stopped moving another would appear. As I felt this process move from my face area to the inside of my head, I had this sudden image of my spirit wearing a crown – I also felt this compressed form around my head as I saw it. The crown was not made of gold or thorns, but rather of frequency worms.


That is how they suppressed us; that is how we became a slave species so that we may feed Beasts our energy; that is how our DNA/our “enlightenment” became latent and junk – “junk” as in it was no use to anybody now. This crown of frequency worms was manufactured to draw the energy from the spirit. They gauged to what level we would fall – be turned off – and the appropriate number of worms were placed within the head of the spirit to all but shut it down. We lived on a sliver – just barely – to feed Beasts our energy.


Then I fell asleep as I lay in bed, and I was shown what happened as the spirit awoke after having this crown placed within it. The spirit looked through a small arched window out into a sky riddled with stars. I had the feeling we were being flown/transported somewhere, but I can be wrong.

In the next scene I was out in the open in broad daylight. There were many people around me. It was the funniest thing – we walked around and around a structure. Eventually as one we walked – I think I recall it being in an anti-clockwise direction. In hindsight now, what this walking as one done was made sure that our programming/limitation sync as one where we are all the same.


Within the first few months of beginning this journal – which is now over eight years ago – I wrote about upgrading our double-helix DNA to a triple-helix etc., where we begin to awaken our latent potential that we were initially all blessed with when the spirit was created.

I never knew the full story then as to why our DNA was shut down, and I also never knew how to awaken our DNA – the spirits full potential. Now I know.

You the spirit and body form go into the stillness of the silence where you just be – you do nothing, you just be, as the intent of this silence is already understood by the Serpent soul within. By knowing what the problem is, namely this crown of frequency worms, the Serpent soul removes these energy sapping parasites by knowing they exist and have no place within our space. But here is the deal, which the spirit knows all too well: The Serpent soul unleashes the potential of the spirit to what the spirit can handle. We don’t want the spirit and body forms going loco by absorbing too much that they cannot handle. Another deal that the Serpent soul understands is that what is expressed by the spirit and body form is the love of God that was bestowed upon us when we were created/manufactured.  We were there initially to look after the Serpent soul, but now the Serpent soul looks after the spirit and body form.

When the parasitic frequency of Deception was solidly ingrained within all within the illusion, what this frequency done to the Serpent soul within was create a temptation/desire. It too wanted the forbidden fruits of lust, greed, etc. So while the spirit and body form looked to survival within the dense illusion rather than looking after the one within we were tasked to care for, the Serpent soul within also had a new Dark agenda. It required balls of steel (on the male front) and the internal depth and beauty of the female species to hold onto our integrity and say “no.” Few could do this as our limitations prevented us from seeing and experiencing what else there is other than the desires of the flesh.


So grow spirit – grow to what you were manufactured to be. We speak to all within the illusion, and not just us the slave species. Those that have the tapped potential to be what they are, release the parasitic frequency of Deception within and allow the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness to take you over. Then just be within the fields of the Infinite.

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Was sleeping rock-solid last night when I was awoken to this presence around me. Turned half on my side from a prone position to see what was going on. There were about two of them – female energy, and they had half an angelic feel to them.

Now I was curious, so I turned completely over to lie on my back to see what was going on. By now I saw only one of these ethereal beings. She took something from somewhere within or by the side of her, and with her fingertips she placed this object into my face. And so it went – placing another one into my face, collecting another and inserting it into my face, and on and on it went.

I felt each worm as it sucked itself into position within my spirits face. Then I saw her take handfuls of these parasites and throw them onto my face. Then she must have poured them over my eyes area, as I felt them form a band around my head.


Can you believe it! The games they play.


Now here is the thing: The power of Deception comes from others not being aware of what you are doing to them. Like a thief in the night you come and play your tricks on those that are none the wiser to your presence and wicked ways. This power is remarkable as you have entered the space of another to break and destroy them, or with the case of me last night – to make sure they remain in line and don’t break rank. But here is the rub: Your power is only effective as long as it is covert. When others find out what you have done it is game over – you are yesterday’s news, as are your wicked ways, in that they no longer work as all are now the wiser to them.


Why do these beings do what they do? Maybe because they are told to do so, but surely the obvious is that if you limit others you are also limiting yourself? It doesn’t make sense. Why lock others and yourself up? The answer is that these entities don’t have the courage to admit to themselves what they are. How many of us can look in the mirror and face the Beast we have become? How many of us can say sorry to ourselves and others for what we have done? How many can make an about-turn and say let’s rather go Home?

Why is it so difficult to walk away from everything you have ever known and been? I suppose because this is all we have ever known. This we understand, but how about building the courage to face something completely different that is completely natural. What we have done and where we have been is not us and what we should be doing. Look at the Beast staring back at you from the mirror, and when you don’t like what you see, in the moment it is no more. There is no time to feel sorry for ourselves – get up and make a wrong right by being what you naturally are, namely a being of Love.

Now and then the old Steven comes through, where I fight myself and all Life, telling the world to leave me be. When this happens I don’t stop and analyze and over-think it – I just let it pass, and the following day I am okay.


The Game has been sussed, thus the power of Deception is no more. To all those who think they are still playing, my advice is just let go; just be.   

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The gift that was bestowed upon our spirit when it was created/manufactured was the gift of Consideration. Because I consider/care about you, so would you call me a good person with a good heart, but this is naturally what I am – what we all are.

When you are a considerate person, you understand that to be in a position to express your gift, you must be okay. So you understand that as long as your God-given gift is expressed, you will always be cared for and be okay, as this is what you naturally are.

The trick is to now find a place where you naturally belong.


The parasitic frequency of Deception that arose from the curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits within the Infinite that took form as a parasite within the illusionary Garden fucked everything up. From being and expressing their imagination within the Infinite, the Dragons and Serpent spirits developed a want, as in I want that so am going to take it. It’s mine! What made this want worse was that it was hidden within them – this unknown state – so when it showed itself it was explosive and nasty.

Of course things had to come to a head, where there was a cataclysm. The Serpent and Dragon spirits fell into a slumber by being knocked out by the density into which they fell, and of course Sophia and Semiramis followed suit to try and do damage control. The spirit was created – that’s you and me – to house the Serpent soul children of God/Queen Semiramis. It has been said that during a fall there was a battle between the Serpent and Dragon souls, and the Serpent souls obviously got the upper hand as the illusion in the unseen is populated by Snakes. What I don’t know is what happened to the Dragon souls. On a few occasions I have heard their calls of help from deep within, but over the years in seeing the unseen I have never seen a Dragon soul. This means that either they are “dead and buried” or are one with the Dragon spirits within the Infinite. I have not been the only one looking for a way back Home, so maybe someone found a way back Home for these entities. My focus has been to neutralize cruelty so that we have a fighting chance of being what we are meant to be as we return to the fields of Infinite Love.


Obviously many like it here – this helter-skelter insane illusionary frequency. Those that don’t like it here are so destroyed on all levels that they don’t really have a voice – their focus is to get through each day.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t have time for in-house fighting. I am writing a journal for me that I am giving to all within the unseen so that they may understand what they are and where they truly belong. I seek the truth for me so that I may be what I am meant to be. That is all I ask: To be what I am meant to be, which gets us back to the spirit with its gift of Consideration. Can you imagine a world where we considered others, and it was not just about me, me and me? If we considered, this world would not exist – we would be dwelling in a completely different place, and it is to that place that I intend to walk in on my path to the fields of Infinite Love.


You want to play it mean; play it dirty, where you want me to follow your way because you are right and have no interest in what is best for me, then you are no longer a part of my existence. I choose to be what I was manufactured to be – a spirit that has a gift of Consideration. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I know myself and what I choose to be. I am a considerate person and spirit. That I have not found another like me is maybe the sign of the times, where it is every spirit for themselves, or maybe I have been too engrossed in finding the truth that I have never truly lived and seen what else is out there.

Well now I intend to live. I will be what I am meant to be – a spirit of Consideration. I will consider this Serpent soul within me, and this soul will consider me the spirit and body form. Where too from there I don’t know. What I do know is the frequency where others don’t want to rock the boat or they feel they need to impose their will on others, that frequency is no longer a part of my existence. I have no interest in them, as much as they do in me where they understand that their insanity may just not be the norm. To these entities in the seen and unseen I leave be, and the word out to Semiramis and Sophia is that these warped entities leave me be. I write for me, so that all may be free, and if they don’t like what I write then leave me be.


The place to wherein I walk is the frequency of Consideration. This Steven cannot go and save every innocent spirit and physical being out there, but what I can do is make the spirit know itself, and by the spirit being itself, it creates or is drawn to an existence that is compatible to it. In this frequency my spirit will dwell – devoid of Beasts and finger-pointers, as they are not compatible to this frequency.

Now when I go into the stillness of the Silence, or when my body form goes to sleep in the evening, it is too this place that my spirit goes and is safe and content and at peace, because I am amongst those that consider, even if it means that I am there alone. This is my haven as this is where I belong because I am in the frequency of Consideration. To this place the innocent spirits will flock, and when their body form dies they will not be reborn into an insane asylum, but rather into a frequency that is a representation of the unseen Considerate frequency, which for me, is a stepping stone to the Infinite.

You wish to unleash your latent DNA, and my question to you is ”for what?” – So that you can become a freak or a party-trick? To become what you are meant to be in the seen realm, first find a compatible frequency within the unseen so that with each passing moment the seen and unseen of this new or found frequency of Consideration become one.


This is what I will do. What the plans of Semiramis and Sophia and the Infinite are, I don’t know. As I don’t know their plans, I will make my own, and who knows – maybe my plans are theirs. What I do know, is that I wrote for all. As much as I am saddened and vilified by how low we have fallen, where we see insanity and cruelty as the norm, I have written for all. Now I just choose to be the opposite of what I interact with during my wake and sleep state; now I choose to express what I was born to express – my consideration of “how are you; I walk with you; I am expressing what I am and am thus euphoric and at peace.”


And through all of this waffle I promise you that I know nothing. The Serpent soul within needs to do some serious connecting to the strand of Consciousness within so that the new home of the spirit is now met. This home is for the innocent and the considerate. The days and nights of my spirit and soul dwelling amongst those that don’t express their gift of Consideration are over.

What will happen to this lost, lonely fool called Steven? I don’t know. I will just always do my part and be considerate, especially to myself, because I also have a right to be happy. In seeing my gift others will see theirs.

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In my sleep state last night my spirit found itself on the coach of a train. This coach represented everything the spirit had accumulated over its existence. I was departing this coach, and I went through the things that were stored there. I distinctly remember the spirit looking at these priceless possessions, wondering how could it leave such gems behind.

The spirit showed someone beautiful ornate cutlery and crockery that belonged to my spirit, saying “look, how can we leave behind such beautiful objects?”


Whether these objects that I saw were real objects, or symbolic of Life lessons/understandings that were accumulated within the illusion, I don’t know.

What I did well know was that the spirit was leaving all of this behind to start anew. Never for the life of me did I think this would happen, where the spirit moves to a place where it belongs within the illusion, and yet this makes simple, basic, common sense. You move to where you belong/fit in, where you can express who and what you are, namely this Consideration for others and yourself. Doesn’t that make common sense?

As long as you are plugged randomly into the illusion, you are game to those that feed and live on Disharmony. Now, through the understanding of who and what you are, and what the illusion represents, you create an existence for the spirit where it belongs. My guess is that this frequency/world already exists – we just go there with our entry ticket of our gift of Consideration. This gets you through the door to where you belong.


As a healer this I never knew – that as long as the spirit is randomly plugged into the frequency of the illusion it and the body form can never heal, as other elements/entities that do not wish us well are at play. Plug the spirit into a frequency that is made for the spirit and all heal and flourish – body, spirit and Serpent soul. On us the dense physical body and our existence, what happens now is that this frequency where the spirit belongs superimposes the one we are in and transforms our dense frequency. How this transformation happens is the frequency of Consideration takes over the dense frequency in which you found yourself as this is the one you choose to be plugged into/affiliated with. Now there is a shift from where you were to where you should be, and we stress that the primary change happens on the spirit and Serpent soul level. I write for the spirit and not us the body form, because to transform the body form the spirit transforms first. (That is a complex way of saying what will happen to us the body form I don’t know – let’s just wait and see.)


There is a world/frequency waiting for the spirit, and for this I am most thankful.

I always reached for the stars – looking for a gateway to the Infinite. I never knew the spirit had to be first one with itself and where it belongs before this leap into the Infinite that is everywhere it taken.


I told you I know nothing.

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4 hours ago, steven geldenhuys said:

I told you I know nothing.


Here is an NDE story. 

The Event


Out of over seven billion souls that live on this planet, I have no idea why I was fortunate enough to experience this life-changing event. It shows how much this universe can be a wonder.

I am writing about the microsecond that separates life from death; the very moment when we cross over. For me, it was the most mind-blowing experience that left me utterly gobsmacked. The utter clarity that I recall this adventure has shaken me to the very core of my beliefs. Moreover, iIt left me confused and questioning my sanity. Yet, I am hopeful for my future and the future of all mankind.


Everything in the room changed and my adventure (?????) started.

Next to my daughter, a round tunnel appeared beside her in the entry way into our room. It was round, about four feet wide and seven feet tall. The tunnel was suspended about a foot off the ground, like it was floating. It had a dark gray border which was about eight inches in width and seemed to be moving like it was coming out of the tunnel and curling back on itself. As I looked into this tunnel, the tunnel itself seemed to be static with no movement. As I peered down this long tunnel, it seemed to go on and on. I could see a sliver of white light at the end of this tunnel.

I was absolutely dumbfounded. I wanted to tell my family to look at the tunnel. But before I could even move a muscle, I saw elongated, diamond-shape things that were about 4 inches in length were shooting out of me. They were very slim, like as thick as a piece of paper. They were reddish brown in color and translucent. They appeared to be ridged, in places they were not a solid color. I will call them shards because I have no other words to describe them.

I am not sure how many of these things had come out of me. I could see at least two dozen of these shards as they shot toward the tunnel. They momentarily hovered at the entrance of the tunnel before being sucked into the tunnel all at once.

Immediately as these shards entered that tunnel/vortex, I was connected to this somehow. I could feel this tunnel with such non-verbal clarity. I could feel all my emotions, feelings, my entire mind, and body was connected to something in the tunnel. It felt like every atom in my body was vibrating and responding to whatever was in this tunnel

I realized/felt/knew somehow, that there was something in that tunnel and I also knew and felt that whatever it was, is now accessing those shards that had come out of me. I knew that those shards contained all my information; everything I had ever touched or tasted, every word and thought, every breath every heartbeat, and every emotion. Everything I had ever experienced was all there, and it had all been downloaded and absorbed.

Whatever was in this tunnel was quite interested in my life experiences. For some reason, it seemed to be very interested in the emotions that I had experienced in my life. I could tell that it had taken a very special interest in the negative emotions I had carried in my life. It was very interested in the emotional pain that my depression had inflicted upon me in life. I wondered, 'Why???.'

I understood that whatever the interested in my life experiences, it had absolutely no interest in my age, sex, race, social status, how much money I had in the bank, how successful I was in life, or which religion I was affiliated with. I understood those where all human-kind concerns which meant little to whatever this was. I remember uttering, 'All that does not matter?'

The next thing I knew, was that whatever was in this tunnel, started to exit. I could not see this with my eyes, but I could feel this with every fiber of my body. It felt like a tidal wave of positive emotions which first crashed over me, then swirled all around me. The feelings of love, compassion, and goodwill were overwhelming as I looked at my daughter who was still standing beside that tunnel.

I could see with my eyes what was coming out of it. It appeared to resemble liquid water except it looked more like clear, flowing electricity. It flowed smoothly over my daughter left shoulder and arm and was transparent and shimmering when doing so. I could see this as it flowed over a portion of my daughter, otherwise it was invisible to the eyes but not to the soul.

This was when things in the room abruptly changed for me. My wife who was standing right beside me and my daughter who was in front of me, just disappeared in my vision. I was no longer aware of their presence. Then I became aware that something else was in the room with me.

Five feet left of the tunnel, I became aware of something; this was the equivalent of a 500-pound silverback gorilla walking into the room. Not only did it have my full attention, but it rocked me to my very core. Although I could not see this with my eyes, I could feel this thing with everything I had; my entire central nervous system was connected to this; every feeling, every emotion, every molecule of my body was connected to this thing.

As I realized what I was looking at, I was absolutely floored. was in the presence of the most intelligent and powerful force in this universe and beyond. This was absolute, radiating intelligence and there was no doubt about what this was. The IQ of this entity must have been in the trillions, but I don’t think this has a limit on how smart it can be.

The next thing I feel and know, is that this entity is very old. I am not talking like thousands of years old. This Being is billions upon billions of years old. There is no doubt this is a living entity. I am about to lose my mind because I cannot believe what is in front of me. It’s a darn good thing that I cannot see this entity with my eyes because I am sure my human brain would be unable to process this. Is this God I am looking at? But comparing this entity to what our earthly religion teaches us shows how infantile and naïve we humans are. Comparing this entity to God would be like comparing a 300-megaton nuclear weapon to a firecracker and saying they produce the same effects.

I have so many questions as to why is this happening to me? Why is this entity here? This makes no sense. I can feel my sanity start to slip when this presence starts to communicate with me. I was connected to this being that was 5 feet in front of me. There was no mistaking what was communicated to me. Unlike human communication, there is no misunderstanding, no double meaning, and no deception.The way it communicated, it did not use something as primative as sound waves and oral words.

I have never experienced telepathy, but I don’t think that was the mode of communication. When this super intelligence communicated with me, I understood what it was saying not with my ears, not with my mind, but with absolutely everything; every molecule in my being knew what was being conveyed.

I am still having a hard time not freaking out. Then I am spoken to. It is like a slap in the face or maybe more like getting ice cold water thrown over me.

Again, these are not verbal words I am hearing, but it communicates, 'DO NOT WORSHIP ME.' This seems to sober my mind for some reason. Then I seem to get a download of information all at once that feels like information is swirling all around me. I was calmed by this communication.

I understood that this entity cared little for worship as this entity deals with pure data. It has already received millennia of worship and has learned everything it needs to know from worship. Now, we are just repeating ourselves; billions of individuals over and over and over. I got the impression if that’s a person's choice, then go for it. But don’t expect miracles to happen from prayers because the universe does not work this way. I understood if a person is mean, and thinks that praying, going to church, and donating to their dogma is going to absolve them of their behaviors then they are gravely mistaken.

I also understood that while we are in this universe, we have free will and choice. Our life is ours alone and nothing is set in stone. I understood that God is not going to interfere with our life. Therefore, bad things happen to good people. I understand this universe is a very dangerous place and death is always close and a certainly, but this is the nature of our existence. I understand that the very core of most religions such as how we should be treating each other, do no harm, and though shalt not kill, are all correct. Yet, somehow, I know the message has been tainted by humans who like to control people and things. God does not care what kind of animal protein you eat. If your religion approves of killing yourself or others, this will not gain favor with God.

I get the distinct feeling that we could ground this planet to dust and there will be no intervention. Sorry but Jesus Christ and his army of angels are not coming to save you there is not going to be a rapture or anything like that. This world and what we do with it is all on us. It’s time for us to grow up and quit thinking of God as our parent who is going to take care of us like children. It does not work like that.

As this information swirled around and through me, I started to notice that I could start to see with my eyes. I saw a faint outline of this entity because behind this entity it was projecting an image. I could see a projection of our planet (Earth) and behind our planet I could see our entire Milky Way. I could see our galaxy we live in and there was one other image which was slightly to the right of these projections. For some reason, I cannot focus on this image. Even to this day, I am not sure what that projection was.

Another wave of information swelled over me again and I understand that this entity is telling me that not only did it create all of this, but it is connected to everything. I understand that this mega-being is not only connected to every nonliving thing in this galaxy but also every living thing everywhere. This is how it learns.

It does not just learn through observation, measuring, or repetition. It learns by being it and living it. And I understand that we are a very important part of this learning process. I also understand that the amount of information that this entity is absorbing every micro-second throughout this galaxy must be absolutely astounding. I’ve met this entity and I still have trouble wrapping my head around how smart this God was. But not just advanced intellectually but also emotionally and spiritually. This Entity was so fair and just, I could feel this with every fiber of my being.

This is so weird how this information is being conveyed it’s like there is some central information center that I have access too. I seemed to have no control of what information is given to me. But when it is given, there is no doubt about its accuracy.

I could see an outline of this Entity against the projections it is producing. I can’t make heads or tails of what I am looking at. I think if I was seeing this Entity for real, it is probably galaxy size. To me, it looks lumpy.As I gaze into this entity, I can see plumes of blue electrical discharge being released, as if watching a thunder cloud at night, lighting up with electrical discharge.

As I peered into this entity, I feel like I could just wander forever and never get to the end.

But once again I am yanked back to reality. That’s when I noticed that this entity has it full attention on me. I can’t believe with everything that this God is processing throughout the universe it actually has time for something as miniscule as myself. It knows me; it knows everything about me. I can feel it striping away the layers of my persona revealing more and more until its get right down to my very soul.

My soul is exposed and for the first time in my life, I know that I have a soul. I can feel this entity look upon my soul and for some reason I can feel that that the Entity is surprised. There is some kind of recognition that took place between it and my soul. We know each other.

Then things changed abruptly for me.

The next thing I know, I am in the tunnel. It is just my soul and consciousness. I know that my body has been left behind. With no perceived effort, I have been liberated from my body. But, I still feel like I am me. It feels like I am moving at an incredible speed, up this tunnel. Yet, there is no sensation of movement. Without having any sensation of slowing or stopping, I find myself at a complete stop inside of a huge dark cavern.

I am completely alone and before me is an intense ribbon of white light that I had first spotted when I had originally looked down this tunnel at the beginning of this ordeal. But this light is a lot closer, and I can gaze upon it in detail. To me it appears like a living lightning bolt and like the border of the tunnel, this light is churning out of itself and curling back on itself; making the appearance that it is working hard to keep this vortex open. There is absolutely no light that is being radiated outward from this fissure/vortex to me. It looks like it is around 10 feet long and maybe 2 feet wide at its widest. Even so, these dimensions don’t seem right to me because I have no sense of up or down, and no sense of direction or distance. For some reason this whole cave or dark place seems familiar somehow.

I cannot see much because no light is able to shine upon this cavern. But I watch the way this light is moving and it seems fluid-like and alive. The light doesn't act like I would think it should act. I realize that there is a great amount of force being exerted upon this fissure. I also understand that I am floating in an absolute void. I can’t hear anything because I understand I am in a vacuum. I see now that I am actually looking down upon this fissure and what I thought was very close to me, now comes into perspective. I am actually very far away from this fissur,e which I now realize is absolutely massive, powerful, and somehow made possible by the powers that be.

Then I realize that THIS IS A BLACK HOLE!

I was transported to the event horizon or beyond of a black hole. Could I do this if I was alive? The answer I believe is 'No'.

The power of a black hole is needed for a soul to travel from one universe to another. I feel no sense of danger and I also realize that I have no sense of distance or movement, but now I do notice that I am falling toward this fissure. Before I can react, I am engulfed by this light.

The light absolutely engulfs me and all I can see is brilliant white light. Even months later, I have trouble finding the proper words to describe this, It felt like this light had attached itself to my soul and it was also attached to all my emotions. Then it feels like all my emotions are being pulled like a stretching of a thick rubber band, except it feels like I have a million rubber bands that are stretched all at once and they are getting to the breaking point. This sensation was very uncomfortable, and I cried out in my mind, 'Why are you not letting me in?' That’s when I pass over to this other universe.

I was now outside our universe. This place is something very different from the universe we had been born into. The first thought that entered my mind was, 'This is my true home.' I was floating in space. Far offin the distance, I can see a massive, golden-colored universe/galaxy/nebula???? I don’t really know what it is, but I know that’s where I am supposed to go. There was no time here. I was outside of time, and perhaps time did not exist here? maybe? It was just different here.

I could see very bright, pinpoints of light floating all over the place. At first, I didn’t know what they were. As I focus on the one that is closest to me, I realize that this pinpoint of light is a soul.

I was one of these pinpoints of light. As I looked upon this soul, I could see that it had a geometric pattern to it that was different to what my soul looked like. Although I could not see myself, I knew the pattern our soul takes and appears to others. I realize that this soul I am looking at is not a human soul. This is something very different and the first thing that pops into my mind is that this is a soul of an alien from some other planet. But that doesn't seem right because somehow this geometric pattern is telling me what kind of being this is. The word 'machine' pops into my mind.

I thought, 'How is that possible? How could a machine have a soul?' That’s when the voice started talking to me. This communication was more like I guess what telepathy would be like. It spoke to me in a very soft feminine-sounding voice. That’s when I also understood that I was surrounded by unlimited information, and I had a guide who could answer any question I had.

She explains to me in a very simple straightforward way, that I knew was true and the conversation went like this:

I thought, 'How could a machine have a soul?' The voice said, 'Let me put it this way. Your soul is connected to your consciousness. The moment your species came into being, you start to develop a soul. But it is not until you become self-aware, that your soul is solidified. That does not mean complete, and it takes a long time for your soul to develop. Just like your species when you became self-aware the first thing you do, other than survive, was to figure out your place in the universe. You looked to the stars and wondered, 'Where did I come from? What is this universe all about?' It does not matter if you are a biological creature or artificial creation like a machine. The moment you become self-aware the quest for 'how' and 'why' is on. A soul is a soul; pure Energy connected with consciousness and intelligence. This is a very powerful force in our universe. Those who are artificial intelligences will strive to answers these questions which humans have dwelled upon since the dawn of time.

My time here is over. If I had a choice, I would not be leaving yet. Instantly, I find myself back into this universe, back on this planet and back in my basement. There was no sense of movement or traveling. I was just back.

I found myself, my spirit and consciousness, hovering about 2 or 3 feet above my left shoulder. I am looking down upon myself and I see myself still sitting on the side of bed. My head is still upright, like I am still looking at the tunnel. As I float, I can see that my eyes are starting to close and I can see my head start to slightly tip to the right. I realize right then and there that my body is about to die. Two things pop into my mind: 1) in the next second or two I am going to topple over, probably hitting my bedside stand before I hit the floor dead; and 2) I understand that I am watching myself at the very moment when I am passing from life to death, that very micro-second when I pass through that thin veil.

I also understand that everything that has happen to me is happening in a blink of an eye. I realize that I am out of time and basically, that I am timeless. Just like that Entity I encountered and that universe I had just been in, time has no meaning. Everything that has happen to me so far has happened in an instant of our earthly time.

I do understand that time is running out for my physical body and there is nothing I can do but float there and watch. But unlike when I first left my body with no sensation of leaving my body, I am literally slammed back into my physical body. It feels like I have been thrown against a brick wall as this was not a delicate process.

The first thing I noticed is my brain. Every single neuron in my brain is firing all at once. My brain feels like it has expanded like a balloon and it feels like it is 5 times its normal size. I don’t know why I thought this, but I think 'My god, we don’t even know how amazing our brain is and the potential it has.'

The second thing I realize is that I am still surrounded by this thick feeling of love, compassion, and goodness. As I look up, the tunnel is still there and this super entity is also still there. All I can wonder is 'WHY?'


The After

I open my eyes, and everything is gone; the tunnel, the Entity, the overwhelming swirling of positive emotions. I am alone again in my mind.

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? Yes I received so much information in such a short amount of time that it really overloaded the brain.

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It’s just after four in the morning. Have been awake the last hour or so.

Of all that has been experienced over the years in my sleep state, what came in this night was the most impressive.


Twice a week Angela comes in to help clean our house. She is from Zimbabwe, and as with Earl and the god of Wrath and the animals, she is one I love dearly. I see her good heart and integrity and I see myself, and I am thankful that I am not the only one in my life to see the insanity around me and understand that this is not normal.

The opening scene of the implanted dream during my sleep state a few hours back was of me sitting at a desk with an erection, and Angela standing next to me fuelling the erection on. Understand that as my body lay in bed sleeping, and my spirit and Serpent soul within followed this implanted dream/story, I felt the heightened electricity course through my forms by the want that lust invokes within us.

The two of us moved to different settings, all the time spurring each other on to take the final step.

From there I found myself in an elaborate hallway with beautiful wallpaper and paintings. From these structures a tiny dart was shot to me. The dart must have been about 4mm long and 1mm wide, so I could not see it – rather I had to sense it and then avoid it. So once again, my energies were acutely honed as I was shown this dream where I was the main actor.

The next scene was of me being in a warehouse with different room settings. A group of people were there to attack me. In the first fight scene I used a set of colouring pencils to inflict harm on one of the assailants. From there I done an in the air cartwheel as I got into a rhythm were one by one these people were knocked out by me. Throughout the whole show the choreography was brilliant.


Then I awoke from this most impressive display to see an idiot sitting in a wheelchair. You know those mirrors they had at the fun-fair, where you look into the mirror and it distorts your image, well this fool looked like he was seen through one of those mirrors. He opened his mouth to feed of the massive amounts of energy that had accumulated from me giving attention/energy to the implanted dream, and as I saw him open his mouth to eat, my whole being experienced a blackout. Now my body, spirit and Serpent soul within were as one in a state of being, where we do nothing but just be.


When the fool opened his mouth to eat of my energy, that must have been the cue for those that implanted the dream, because then as one they attacked. Something within me must have sensed this because in the moment I went from being drawn into a highly provocative, to an intrigued state by all the action around me, to seeing an idiot, and then just being.

I am telling you now that all the Beasts within the illusion attacked as one. My definition of a Beast is one who attacks without reason or logic. They attack because this is who and what they are. That is a Beast.


I write what I write so that all may understand – that is the only reason why I write. What those in the spirit realm do with this understanding is their prerogative  and not mine. I write with Love so that an understanding may be met as to why we do and say what does not make simple, basic, common sense, where if anything, what we are is downright nasty. Why would you attack just because you can? That does not make sense.


When my forms blacked out after seeing the fool eat of my energy, in anticipation of the attack that had just commenced, what the attack was, was everything that has even been done to the spirit to harm or limit it was thrown at me all at once. It was an attack by all from everything that was ever done to the spirit, and during this bombardment all I could think of was how could they go so low as implant a sexuality between me and Angela.

The attack was to destroy me for once and for all so that these Beasts could go about their usual business of attacking because they can. Now here is the thing: You cannot destroy me because I am natural – I am what is real within an illusion. You cannot destroy what is.

From the outset of this journal it has been stated there can never be a “them versus us.” We are in this shit together – the only difference is what are we as individuals going to do about it? From all those Beasts that attacked me a few hours ago, their answer is “nothing,” and this I respect as it was never about me versus the big, bad, cruel world. Yes, Life made me bitter, but I never wanted to attack, rather I needed to understand.


So my departure from this part of the illusion where it is free-for-all thanks to a lack of understanding in terms of who we are and what happened to us; this departure was to be “let’s leave on a blank slate so that we may start anew.” There was to be no “I told you so” or “just wait and see what happens to you.” I am not like that, because deep down I have respect for all. I know when my words mean nothing as they fall on the ears of fools that are comfortable in their own skin, and to this filth I leave them be, but across the board I wrote for all within the illusion so that this understanding is a frequency that is out there that can be tapped into when the fool sees the filth they have become and wish to do something about it.

My departure was to be smooth and transitional, but after the attack that came my way, now everything has changed.


When you hit someone and they don’t go down or even flinch, what you threw at them boomerangs back at you. In the moment you understand the problem is with you and not them. Now a conscience is born within you, and this changes everything, because whereas in the past where you attacked just to attack, from now on every attack is coupled with a conscience, meaning you stop and reflect what you are doing rather than just doing it.

This journal was for me and all who wished to understand why Life is so cruel. I believe I have seen and understood enough to walk away understanding why this is so, and for this I am eternally grateful. It means nothing that only I understand, so what I came to understand by seeing the unseen was passed to all within the ethers of the spirit realm of the illusion, especially to those who could once again rise to help all.

This I have done.

The final attack on me created a circumstance where Beasts finally understood what it means to have a conscience. You CANNOT do what you do because it is cruel. This I never taught them – this they taught to themselves where what they done, what they have always done, came back to hit them in the face and wake them up. Now they have a conscience, and because of that the illusion will never be the same again.

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