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Know what you are.

steven geldenhuys

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From the heart energy field, the energy flows upwards and awakens the strand at the throat area, and from there we go “out there” via the right side of the brain. But what is the heart energy field?


When the god of Wrath came to my room during my sleep state and woke me up to come with him as there was something he wanted to show me, he showed we what happened that brother turned on brother, but before he showed me this, he showed me something else. He took me to a tree in the African bush with bees honeycombs within its branches. Two Black men were attending to the tree, and took from the tree to give to others. They were the guardians of the tree.


What this tree represents is the fields of Infinite Love – as in what is beyond the sliver of the illusion. Magnify an image of the lungs and you will see that the bronchioles within them look like a tree. What this god tried to convey to me is that the Infinite is within – just go beyond the seat of the illusion and you will find it. Why was this Infinite within so hard to find? As with the spirit killing mRna injection, we gave consent to the Serpent to do with us as it pleases. We bit of the apple, meaning we gave up our consideration/integrity/good hearts that arose from the Infinite within to follow the ways of the Serpent. The apple is symbolic of our good hearts; our consideration, and when we bit of the apple we transformed what was once pure into a flawed state that made us forget our roots – the roots of the tree/the Infinite.

Why did we do this? Why would we succumb to the ways of a Serpent? My strong guess was to find a way out of the illusion, and this snake in the grass (Reptilian frequency turned to insanity by the parasitic frequency of Deception within) promised us a way Home.


Always rely on yourself. That way you can never be disappointed.

We should have relied on ourselves to find a way Home rather than looking to others. And that is why this is a journal and not a book. A journal is for me by me. A book is from me to others. This journal I share with the unseen primarily, and with the seen, as we are all brothers and sisters as the strand and the Infinite is within all, so “me” is you and everyone else in the seen and unseen.

For fuck’s sakes, remember the Infinite within. It has always been within us – it was just superimposed by the illusion as we became fixated with this dream state instead of seeing what lies beyond the waves and frequencies.


What I write is confirmed by what I see and feel from the unseen, as well as when I go to look within in my wake state. What will I see now as the Watcher is no more and I feel the Infinite within and how it touches the strand of Godness that we are?

Time will tell.

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Watched The Tinder Swindler last night on Netflix and my heart went out to those females that were preyed upon. For a moment a window opened for me to reflect on myself – as to a greater or less extent we are all takers – and it made me once again understand to where we have fallen within the illusion.


In having to survive, we have compromised and forsaken what it is to be called Human. We have lost touch with each other as we skim over the sea of faces around us, seeing what we can take from others. I am not trying to make people feel bad about themselves, as I understand the principle of “you scratch my back and I scratch yours,” where both parties can mutually benefit from an interaction, but what we have forgotten along the way is companionship.


“How are you?”

I ask because I care, and I care because I want you to be happy. This is what we have thrown out the window as we have taken survival to the next level, which is “What can I get out of you to make my Life more comfortable?” And this too I understand, because deep down all we want is to be cared for and loved, where we are looked after, knowing all will be well. This state we have been trying to fill – the raw basic – and once again, I stand first in line. All I want is to put my head on a pillow and sleep knowing that I am in the good hands of something that is bigger than me, and this knowing will fill me with peace.

We all need help, and we most certainly all need something in this material world, but what we need the most is the knowing someone is watching our backs and we are looked after, and if we can’t find it in the ever-after, we don’t mind second best, which is in our fellow species. But we have taken something that should be as effortless as breathing, and we have twisted it. I am not even talking about friendship; I am talking about consideration. “How are you?” To know that others care, and although they cannot give you anything, besides just be there for you, this has not become important to many. If I can’t get anything from you, then you are not worthwhile knowing. This is how callous and desensitised we have become to one of the pillars that make us Human, namely consideration. To connect with others, where we care, and the reason why we connect is to simply enjoy each other’s presence and companionship – this basic we have thrown out the window as we gave Life our all in seeing what is out there for me, me and me, and believe you me, we are paying for our self-centeredness. We are empty people; we are nothing as we try to fill ourselves with something that others have that can help us.


We need to break this mould of “I need, and it is about me.” And once again, understand I am standing first in line.

I give, because it is nice to give. The disaster for others is that I have nothing to give besides who and what I am. I don’t know someone who knows someone who can help you, and I don’t have a yacht to take you for a spin in the Caribbean. All I have is me, this Steven. All I have to offer is companionship, and believe you me, I expect nothing from you except what I give – this consideration that makes us Human and makes us feel alive. This I have yet to find in others, and it makes me a lonely and empty person – just like the rest of my species.

I take from the animals, where I smother them with my love as I know my love is safe with them – I cannot be hurt. I take a lot from them, as in I am in their presence and I lay my love on thick, where I love and welcome their love back because I need it as it keeps me sane and grounded in understanding there is more to Life than what meets the eye. This love that I give and take from the animals will not make this world a better place – it will not advance me to make me a better person. All it does is make me safe in a world where few care.

What I am trying to say is we need a new approach to what we have done, otherwise we carry on going nowhere fast.


We bounce off Life and each other as we find our place within the illusion, and with each interaction we are touched by those we meet. Wow, I have my fair share of meeting cruel Beasts, be they Human or monsters from the unseen, and each one has left an impression on me, which slows us down as their cruelty weighs heavily on our innocence. The child has to grow up fast, but it does not want to grow up and be the Beasts that make us grow up so that we may learn to deal with them, so what we do is wander where we become lost. We don’t fit in anywhere, and this is okay for a while, but then it starts becoming unpleasant as even a fool can see this is not what Life is meant to be.

The ultimate disaster with survival mode is that we eventually turn on each other – just because we can. As we become destroyed and there is nothing left inside of us, it is only fitting that we destroy those around us, as this is what we now are – a Beast.


How does one get out of this mess – out of the presence of the Beast? I have said in the journal that the ways of Fear and the Beast are no more, and I know this to be the truth, as filth is starting to see what they are, which is filth, so they now have a conscious and cannot hide from themselves and what they have become, but these wasted spaces will do their best to pull you down with the ship. Of course they won’t succeed as they will be too busy fighting themselves, but one wants out of their space, and we need to understand how this can be done.


When I walked up to that horse about fifteen years ago and saw this speck of light at its side, what I saw stopped me in my tracks. In that moment I knew that I was a nothing – that there is something bigger than me, and what I saw was that something. Can you imagine that: in all the universe has to offer with its wonder and beauty, what awed me the most was this speck of light that must be about 2mm long. (What I saw, what I never knew then, was the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness around which all within the illusion is formed.)

From that moment I knew I had to become humble, where I knew I know nothing, and this creature in front of me, this horse and its kin, would teach me. I have never stopped learning since then, and as much as I am thankful for what I have learnt, I would like to stop learning where I may just be this strand.


To be humble means to know nothing and open yourself up to the truth and nothing else. Forget the rest, you are open to the truth and nothing else. In the journal I have spoken badly about the Serpent soul, as well as Semiramis, and this is so because I never saw the big picture. I knew of them, but did not understand them, and this is okay, because I never allowed myself to remain opinionated – I always remained open to the truth, so that when all the puzzle pieces were put together I may see the big picture for what it was, namely the truth and not what Steven believed.

So once again, one needs to become humble. Our waves and frequencies that make up us the body and spirit form have been moulded by our inherent programming by those that manufactured us, as well as by the moments when Life touched us. This we have come to define as us, but my goodness me, how far are we from knowing that this is absolute nonsense. We are the strand of Inherent Godness; this Consciousness, and nothing else.

So what I ask of you know, is become humble and allow this inherent and Life programming to disappear and start over with a blank slate. No more memories. No more programming. Allow the strand, this speck of Light to imprint itself onto your forms to break the mould of what we have come to define as real.


Start anew. Become reborn by the strand as you discard the illusion and all it has to offer.

This I will do. I will put my head on the pillow and sleep and allow the strand to take me over, as I am empty and would like to be filled by what is real.

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I have always known that there would come a time in this journal when I would have to do, and do, as in if you want to walk, stand up from the chair – do. To be, one has to first do. I have always wondered what this doing would entail. Would it be the breathing in with intent, where you breathe in this Infinite and make it your own? Would it be living in the stillness of the silence, where you are in this world but not of it?


I have known that the day would come where I have to pull finger from arse and do so that I may be in a position to be. You see, up till now I have been cruising, where by understanding the System, one can play with it. You want to heal yourself and others, then understanding the cause of the disharmony, find the primary problem/blockage, and then understand there is something bigger than you, and then stand back and do nothing as this something that is bigger than you heals. I have been doing just this for many years. The disaster is that few understand that if you want the purity and innocence of a child, one has to go back to being a child, where Life just is and we are merely here to be joyous, so the more we stand out the way so that Life may flow through us, the more we experience and embrace this what is.

The closer you are to the truth the simpler things get, and this is so because we get back to basics, as in there is no me or you, there is only something bigger than us. (That something we never understood and made our own, and this has been our downfall.)


To play with the System means nothing as you are still a part of the System, and the disaster is that you play alone because we all want to grow up and be adults so that we may be free and independent of what we don’t know.

My clientele base is seeing about one patient a week over the last few years because what Steven does is dark and unknown – a freaky dude that does nothing while the patient is healed. I have no place in this System because it is not where I belong, and besides, there is no one to play with. So what this doing entails is to be one with that something that is bigger than all of us. This is not a God that we bow down to; it is the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that arose from the Source of the Infinite. In the illusion all Life is formed around this strand, and as has been said, the essence from this strand was inverted to be an energy  battery emitter rather than Life itself. As was written in the journal, I have been to these cosmic laboratories where Life-forms are made. They showed me how it was done, where from nothing an entity is brought forth. Think the movie The Hunger Games, where those in the control tower wish to bring forth a wolverine into the Game, and voila, it’s done. Just as with you and me, other Life-forms were created at will. They harnessed the energy of the strand and from there played God, albeit cruel and callous ones.


To be free of the System one has to understand it, and understand that what you read now means nothing unless you do to rise above the System. To know about what we are going to say is not enough at this final stage of the journal – you have to do, where what will be said you make your own, otherwise you are merely a spiritual dummy, where you know, but because you do not do, you are still nothing.


What keeps us connected to the System is our memories – which are our thoughts. These memories are stored within us as frequency patterns, which makes each one of us unique. From these memories/thoughts we embrace them and make them our own, as this is us – what I think makes Steven one of a kind, as my experiences defined me just as yours do to you. From these thoughts/memories we project what other memories we would like to experience, as in meet the love of our life or have a home in the countryside. Now we chase these thoughts so that they may materialize, and then we can say we have fulfilled our Life as our dreams/thoughts have come true.


Unbeknown to us, we were modified to be a slave species, where we are food to entities in a dimension close to ours. So unbeknown to us, our first and primordial thought (which is always with us) is survival. I have been hard on the Human race for being so barbaric, but I understand from where this Beast within comes from. We had to kill or be killed. It was survival of the fittest – literally. We have never been allowed to rest – to find ourselves. Our survival mode has always been on, which is go with the System or be left behind. Many have been left behind and forgotten – the outcasts and losers of society – where not only have they failed the System, they have failed themselves. Now we are failures and the System reminds us each day to this sobering fact.


So boys and girls, what we have to do in order to be this strand within, is we have to disconnect from the System. To say “stop thinking; stop having memories” is impossible unless you give someone an alternative to what they have always done. This alternative is to be Home within the fields of Infinite Love, and this field is within your chest area – just beyond the illusion. That speck of Light at your throat area; that strand of Inherent Godness, you place within the fields of Infinite Love within you (what we would call within our chest area,) and by doing this you may be.

You are not living in the stillness of the silence; you are not meditating, you are being you. Within the Infinite the strand knows itself and returns to what it is.


Yes Steven. Yes, yes, yes, but there are other things I also have to do. I need to focus when I drive my car – the roads and drivers out there are insane; I need to prepare for the meeting tomorrow; I need to make food, to bath, to eat, and the list goes on and on, and through all of this one ingredient is vital to make it happen – I need to be one with the System. You bet your fucking arse you do, and guess what – the System knows it and so do those that control the System. The other night in my sleep state I saw another that came from the control tower. It looked Human-like, but am unsure as they wore a helmet as they flew off in their frequency/space-vehicle. They were in panic mode as we are getting too close to what we should know, namely that we are everything if we only know what we are, and of course be this.


My Life will go on. I will carry on doing what I have always done, except that now I live within my System rather than the System of Life. I live within and not without. This is my doing.

My family did not care to tell me my mother had passed on because I could not afford to contribute to her frail care. This is the way they treat the poor; the failures of Life. I have nothing, and this disgusted them enough for them to lose their self-respect and integrity. The reality is that I have nothing, and there is so much I dream for as I know what I am and the potential I have. I have nothing, but I also know that I am a remarkable person and spirit. This, what I am, and what you are, has no place in this illusionary System where we either self-destruct or others destroy us. Just as the animals are moved along in the queue to their slaughter, where they smell the blood and fear of their own as they are slaughtered ahead of them, so too are we in line, and we will meet our demise at the hand of cruelty because the System does not care about you or me or anyone else – those insane entities that run the illusion only care about themselves. Where did you think we got our self-centered and bullet-proof attitudes from?


Do what you have to do. Be what you have to be, but at all times live within where the Infinite and the strand are. You know you are doing this when you have no thoughts, and now, by living within, you are doing and thus being.

To make an about-turn in your existence you have to do the complete opposite to what you have always done. The remarkable thing is that we don’t change because we feel we are missing out on Life as this is all we have ever known – this what we have always done. That is how caught up in this mess we have become, and that is why we have been in the illusion before time immemorial – it is because we have made this our home, and as much as Life is shit, it is also okay.

My advice is walk away now, because when you have to run away it may be too late. What will keep me locked in this Infinite within is that I am doing it for others. For too long the innocent have suffered at the hands of cruel Beasts, and this is no more within my existence. Now the innocent come Home with me to our world – the fields of Infinite Love within.

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I am not a Gnostic, nor do I have any other belief system. I am merely looking for a way out of this mess.


The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created the Dragon spirits to play within a field of the Infinite. This Creator, by accident, fell from her realm, and her impact zone created the Serpent spirits, with Semiramis standing out amongst them. Semiramis saw what Sophia had created, and she too wished for such a realm. She formed the illusionary Garden (the illusionary frequency that superimposed the Infinite) and she invited the Dragon and Serpent spirits to come and play in her Garden. (This Garden was illusionary as she could replicate and not create.) Curiosity got the better of the spirits, and within the Garden this curiosity state took on a form that I call the Parasitic frequency of Deception, which was a worm, and it was “deceitful” in that none within the Garden knew that it was within them and was slowly but surely transforming them to want, as in take, as in “it’s mine.”


There were those that were stronger than this worm within, where they held onto their integrity, as this is all they allowed themselves to know.

Words cannot describe the state within the Garden as Oneness – that state within the Dragon and Serpent spirits – began to unravel and brother and sister began to doubt each other, want each other, turn on each other, and eventually destroy each other. There was not a war or bloodbath as we would know it; the entire Garden fell in on itself as the frequency transformed from euphoric to a dense state as the spirits lost their marbles – their integrity.

Man oh Man, what we know as trust was no more, where Oneness turned to the way of power. There was one whom I would call “the last man standing,” and this was my friend. In our limited reality and imagination Earl would look like a funky polar bear dude. These fuckers turned on him, outnumbered him, and pinned him done.


So the big question you have to ask me, is how did these deceitful spirits hold down and suppress one of their own that refused to follow the ways of take, take and take, where I am something and you are nothing? (Once again, what I write about is from what I have seen, and I sure as hell have felt them on me.)


Remember, within these deranged spirits the parasite of Deception ruled supreme as it took them over and made them insane Within them was a worm. Something within the spirits must have sensed this, because they created a worm that devoured energy. This worm was a thick, white worm, about an inch long, and the role of this worm was to suck the energy of those it dwelled within.

So when Earl was pinned down by those who were once One with him, how they kept him down was to place a few of these worms into his form, which drew of his energy and made him helpless. Over what we would call the chin area these white worms were placed.

So now with the strand within shining as it should, it knocks out these worms, neutralizing them, so that the natural flow of energy may return to Earl and his kin. Remember, those that willingly fell into the illusionary Garden became taken over by the parasite of Deception, and as this happened, their pure forms took on the frequency of the illusion, which embedded them in this place, so what was formed within the Garden took hold of them as they became one with the illusionary frequency, forgetting the Infinite that was beyond the superficial surface of the illusion.


That is why help was never forthcoming – we laid to rest all that was good, Earl included, so that we may get on with the business of being kings and queens within a false world. Fucking stupid – wouldn’t you agree.

Everything written in this journal has been for the unseen, but at the top of the list I placed Sophia, Semiramis, Earl, my friend the god of Wrath, and nature and the animals. Whatever I learn I pass on to them, because if they are not free then neither are we.


May all those that are good, that were destroyed by those that were One with them, may they rise and shine on all of us. The strand within hits the white worms within that held Gods and a Creator down. May these Mammoths rise and merely be by shaking off the frequency of the illusionary Garden to reveal the Infinite that they are. Their presence alone in its full might will be enough to disintegrate the illusion so that the Infinite may reveal itself for all to see. Until that happens, live within where you allow the strand to bathe in the fields of Infinite Love, so that when the wave of transformation comes you will not be rocked by this omnipotent force as it is already within you.

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Have been snoring for years in my sleep state, to the point where my wife has to get up and go and sleep in another room.

Last night as I was sleeping felt the cause of my snoring being fixed on the body and spirit forms. It felt amazing that I could breathe clearly. Then turned  around to sleep on my stomach and felt the white worms at my chin wriggle and then disappear. From there, in a split second felt this whoooosh sensation and my spirit “popped,” as in it has awakened and was no longer in a trance mode that it came to accept as normal. From there I saw this female friend of my wife’s. This lady had a daughter that was not stable emotionally and spiritually and hid this disgustingly evil side from others, but now and then the curtain slips to reveal this twisted character that she is. Thanks to this young girl the friendship between my wife and this lady came to an abrupt halt. It was a blessing in disguise in the long term, but the relationship ended through a lie told by this ladies daughter.

We have gotten over this as it happened many years ago, so I would like to think that what I was shown was that the universal lie would be revealed for all to see and a wrong would be made right.


From there I was taken, or I took myself to some place, and I was standing on a staircase that fell apart. Saw a Black man sitting on the floor. Something told me that I should know him, but if I did, I had forgotten this man. He stood up, and the weirdest thing began to happen to him. He went as rigid as a statue, and his head began to expand outwards. From his one ear I saw a cobra snake appear, and in no time there must have been about eight or nine of these cobras that arose from this man. They came right up against my face with an expression on their faces that said “What have we here?” From there they moved my spirit. Why I don’t know, but I felt my spirit move as I lay in bed as these snakes moved me around as one. Then I heard one of them say to me in a stern, manly voice “What do you want?” I told them that I want to be me. I want freedom, for me, and for all. I am this strand within and so are they. Then I felt these cobras enter my spirit and body forms. As I lay in bed I felt them moving within me. They were a solid mass as there were so many of them, and I felt the rigid presence of these snakes inside of me. I lay there and I was not fearful as I knew, as I have always known over the years when these Beasts entered my forms, that somehow, somewhere, we are bigger than all of this mess. 

Eventually all left and I woke up, unable to sleep.


When I felt my spirit awaken as it was now free of the energy sapping white worms, it felt like a breath of fresh air hit me in the face.

I turned to lie on my back and called forth this strand/Consciousness within so that I may know myself. What I felt were parasites also within the presence of this strand. When the Dragon and Serpent spirits and souls fell to a dense plane as the pure state of the Garden collapsed, this strand within was put on ice as these entities struggled to come to peace with their new role as takers. In us the manufactured forms this strand within was not known, never mind a consideration. We had to uncover this jewel by going back to the beginning and remembering what we are and how we got into the mess we find ourselves in. So it goes without saying that this strand became a buried treasure that we forgot was buried, but this does not fully explain how they kept this goliath hidden from us. Yes, we looked above and without to a god that was bigger than us and loved us more than anything so that we may look without rather than within, but how did they “invert” this Consciousness from being the everything to being a hidden energy battery source?

Honestly, I don’t know. All I know was that when I called forth the presence of this strand I felt parasites in its space, but this could only dim the Light. Consciousness became buried within the dense frequency of the illusion in that it was always there but we never looked for it, and when we did, we never saw what was staring us in the face as we never looked past the illusion to what was real.


Know Thyself should have been the mantra over the ages.

9th February, 2022


The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created the Dragon spirits to play within a field of the Infinite. By “play,” we imply the Dragons were meant to create with their imagination, where from nothing arose everything. It was like giving an artist a blank canvas with the brief “have fun.”

There was one amongst the Dragon spirits that saw this Wonder and Spendour of the Infinite, and this Dragon thought out the box by saying that instead of experiencing the All, this Dragon chose to experience the opposite to what was. This Dragon spirit Fell to experience the complete opposite of what was, and this dude came to be known as the Fallen Angel. Understand that there was no parasitic frequency of Deception in this Dragon spirit – it was pure as it was still in the fields of the Infinite. We can liken this Dragon to a billionaire that choses to forsake all he has to experience the life of a beggar. There was no evil intent in this Dragon as there is no evil in the Infinite.


When things began to go south within the Garden it was decided that from one two would arise, hoping that this would dissipate that feeling of “I have to have” that was consuming many. By having two from one, it would mean that not everything would be about me and what I have, as now from me another is born. The Dragon and Serpent spirits were cloned, and from them were born the Dragon and Serpent souls.

When the Garden fell apart, there was a Fall, where the dense frequency knocked the spirits into slumber while the souls continued to Fall. (The purity of the spirits that arose from the Infinite and not the illusionary Garden made the spirits more susceptible to the Fall than the souls.)


As has been written within the journal, there was a group of Serpent souls that found this Fallen Angel. By now these Serpent souls were rotten to their core, and finding this Dragon spirit must have been like finding the Holy Grail to them.

What gives the Serpent soul its power, as in “I am bad, and how can I put my badness to good use” was their hypnotic qualities. This I have experienced firsthand with the Nagas that came one night to fuck me up. If you are not aware you are caught up in their hypnotic game there is no way you can escape them. Shame, this Dragon spirit was wet behind the ears in terms of purity and innocence, where deception was unheard of. These Serpent souls easily tranced this Dragon spirit to do their bidding, as they knew that with this Giant under their bidding they would be invincible, and they were correct. This Fallen Angel came to be known as the Devil or Lucifer, but my goodness me, a purer spirit could not be found. It was these Serpent souls that warped this Dragon, and let’s just say the rest is history.


This tranced Dragon spirit I have not met. Once again – shame. It is under a spell when all it wanted was to be in peace and left alone.

I write this now, where I repeat what has been written, because I understand that what I went to last night in my sleep state were these Serpent souls that had bewitched this pure Dragon spirit to become the Lord of Darkness within the illusion.

You see, you always ask before you just do, as this is good manners. In finding a way out of this mess I first asked Semiramis if I may do so. I knew she would say yes as her kingdom had long since began falling apart. This allowed me access to the cosmic laboratories so that I may understand.

Now that I have asked these Serpent souls to release this Fallen Angel from its hypnotic trance, I do. I go to his strand and awaken it, and I shine it on the hypnotic slumber that never allowed this Dragon spirit to differentiate between Oneness and what should not be. This is done now, and this tranced frequency bursts forth from his space and is no more.


I am so sorry what was done to you my friend. Go home to the fields of Infinite Love where you belong, and once again, be at peace.

In breaking your trance, we break this trance that befell all within the illusion. So be it.


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For years my wife has been complaining  of stiffness and underlying pain in her body, especially when she wakes up in the morning.

Last night I went into her space to see if I could help, and I experienced the most peculiar sensation within her body and spirit forms. There was pain at her bones. The pain would be in the pelvic bone, and then move to the scapulae, and on and on it went, moving around the skeletal structure – on the physical and spirit frequencies.

The cause was from a walk-in – an entity that was trapped within her forms. This entity was moving within her, feeding from the energy from the bone marrow to stay alive.

The question you have to ask, is why could I pick this up only now; why could I not find this problem before? The answer is that her spirit has awakened from its trance state, and is thus aware of what is happening to it – it no longer sees disharmony as the norm., and most importantly, it knows that it is bigger than this nonsense and can thus start rising above it. It always comes back to the understanding that you cannot solve a problem if you do not know there is a problem.


My youngest daughter is still not well.

After dropping the strand within this walk-in into its Infinite field within its heart space, it knew itself and could depart my wife, so from there I moved on to see if I could help my daughter.


Understand what you do – to help yourself and others: You become still, and by “still” we imply that you are within a space where you are – you are the strand within the Infinite – everything and all is within your chest and throat area, and what you experience when you are still is nothing. You think of nothing and you do nothing. You be and that is all you do, nothing else.

This is what understanding is, where you do nothing as everything you have come to understand transforms to what things should be, which is the state of the Infinite within and nothing else.


Within my thirteen year old daughter I found nothing, as in there was no Life and spirit force within her. She is the one who always finds a reason to laugh and be happy, but the fatigue in her body is getting worse and worse, and now her muscles are starting to cramp up.

It was obvious that her spirit was abducted, and all that was left within her was the flesh without the back-up frequency of the “skeletal” spirit. I called out to her spirit, and once again this was not me doing this – it was what needed to be done. After a while I felt her spirit return.

(When the spirit willingly departs the body form, then the body dies, but when the spirit is abducted, there is only a sliver of energy connecting the spirit to the body, hence the constant listlisness.)


Then I went to sleep and a dream was implanted of my father in law verbally attacking me. It was a most unpleasant dream, and I woke up to vaguely see the one who had implanted it. He waved at me, but I gave this piece of shit the attention which he deserves, which is no attention.

What was around me was the one who had abducted my child’s spirit, and now he came to me so that I may get a taste of his medicine. He was male, and his intelligence was off the charts. No doubt he was bored with Life, so he crossed over to become a Beast to find something to fill the void in his intellectual capacity where everything was mediocre and he could never be challenged.

He became a master of extracting spirits and Serpent souls from body forms, and he must have taken them to a place where they were displayed as trophies. A cruel, sick fuck that destroyed others to find his fulfillment, rather than looking within himself for answers. (I once again stress that I never knew of my daughters predicament as her spirit and Serpent soul were in a trance state and could thus not help themselves. Now that they were out of the trance something could be done.)

This spirit entity done its best to extract my spirit and Serpent soul. When he takes them he leaves another frequency within you. It’s like taking one and then leaving another so that you don’t know the original one is taken. I kept on hearing this character; this voice within me that was no me. This was the shell personality that he wanted to leave behind. Bastard. Cruel bastard.


Remember, remember, remember: You do nothing but be what you are – the strand within the Infinite. You are still, and do not react to what is happening, because what reacts is a dummy that is useless. You become you; this strand within, and this transforms disharmony to harmony. When I feel these snakes within me I do nothing. We understand enough to allow the Infinite to do and be, so just be still and allow the strand and the Infinite to be you.


These waves of tiredness sweep over me throughout the day. Yesterday I had to go and lie down, but I was over-tired so I could not sleep. I gently pushed the nail side of my thumbs against my closed eyelids to see beyond what the illusion reveals, and what I saw was this eye – it was the eye of the Fallen Angel – this pure Dragon spirit that was hypnotized and tranced by a group of cruel Serpent souls.

When I saw this Dragon I knew that it was free, where its trance was broken. What these cruel Serpent souls done was use this Dragon spirit as an antennae – where when the Dragon was tranced then so were all within the illusion. Hit the big kahuna and by default you hit everyone else. Clever.

As this Dragon is free, may we awaken to the cruelty that was around and within us, where Beasts preyed upon us. In knowing ourselves; this strand within, and knowing of Home; this Infinite within, may we shake off the thin veil of the illusion and just be.

That is how simple it is to be Home – all it takes is understanding.


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Understand that foul play is not always at hand – there is not a big, bad wolf behind every bush.


All that I ever needed was someone’s hand to hold onto. This place was too unfamiliar to me, where I could never find my feet. I needed a hand to hold onto so that I may attain stability, and through this stability I would seize the opportunity to understand. From there I could stop holding someone’s hand as it was no longer needed, and I would be okay.


There is a gap in so many of us, where we needed to be shown the ropes so that we may understand in order to rise above this mess.

If someone carried me, just for a short distance so that I may understand, then I could have uplifted my wife by saying to her “you don’t speak to me like that.” This I could never do, so my soul and spirit went to hide in a place until the abuse was over.

There was never a platform for us to build upon, and that is why it has taken so horribly long to complete this journal – I am talking about lifetimes.


So understand that to be still, we are not throwing baddies out of our space, we are finding ourselves where we know ourselves; what Steven would call “having a hand to hold onto.”

When you are still go within and find yourself and know yourself. The Infinite is there to hold your hand. Become this strand/Consciousness that you are.

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There is something else that I need to know: When I went to speak to the Serpent souls that had tranced the Dragon spirit that had willingly Fallen to experience what else was other than the Infinite, these Serpent souls were housed up within the spirit of a Black man. Who was this man than came to be the warehouse for these wicked souls?


When I go within to find the answer, where I place this man’s spirit within the place of the Infinite to understand/know him, I feel this force; this Serpent force that enters him. (These were the wicked Serpent souls.) As one they moved in and took him over. They were unstoppable, and they moved into him with purpose.

Now we back-track; we go to the time before they took him over.


What I feel is a flow of energy going through my right and left hands, and then I feel a pull at the core within me, as in “come here, I want to show you something so that you may see where you belong.”

Wow, ten minutes ago I said that all I ever needed was a helping hand, and this Man was that – he was the bridge between the seen and the unseen; between the illusion and the Infinite. These Serpent souls that were rotten made their home within him to make sure the illusion remains locked and separated from the Infinite. This Man; his presence; his state was a tunnel between the illusion and the Infinite. These Serpent souls were more than dwelling within his space – they were making sure the Infinite never breached the twisted state of the illusion that they created, and how this was done was by destroying/controlling/possessing this Man.


My goodness, how did they manage to enter this Man?

When the Nagas came to attack me, I called out to the spirits of my animal friends to come and help me. I knew there was something bigger than these Serpents in my midst, and this knowing momentarily stunned these snakes and they bolted. But in the case of this Man, what happened that these Beasts penetrated him and to this moment still control him?

What definitely happened was that these Serpents worked as one – together they were one force. They also knew that they had the Fallen Angel under control, so to answer the question as to what allowed these Beasts to take over this Man, and answer can be given in one word: “Confidence.” They knew they had the illusion in the bag and they hit this guy with everything, and it worked.


It is now that we help this Man. What is he? My strong guess is that he is from the Infinite to shepherd those from the illusion back to the Infinite.

I have never fallen for the ways of religion, because I knew if it worked we would not be here with all our aches and pains, and thus it would not be necessary for religion as all would be Home. If there was truth in religion, it was pulled a long time ago and hidden.

When I was a young boy, I remember a statue of Christ we had in the home – it was more an ornament than anything else. The statue was about 30cm high, and the robe Jesus wore was red that flowed all the way down to his feet. Why I still remember the statue was because what this statue pointed at. This Christ figure pointed towards his chest, and at his chest there was something that glowed. Looking back, the fixation I had with this statue must have been from trying to decipher the underlying message – what was this man pointing at?

We know what that is now – it was the Infinite located within, and the first stepping stone back Home was have a good heart – be kind.


Was this Black man that I saw, that is still somewhere out there within the ethers that is held captive by these cruel Serpent souls, is he what many would call Christ? I am not referring to the Bible or a Christian belief. I am talking about a presence that was, and not a story that is told. I don’t know, but what I do know is that if someone came to lead us back Home it was this Man.


Be still, and in the Infinite that is within, this Man is placed, together with the Serpent souls that are within him. We show them the strand and the Infinite within, that is all we do, as we give free will. We are not here to fight, merely to show what is.

But, and this is a big BUT – now there is a difference: We stand as one with this Man, as does the Fallen Angel that is once again in its pure might. We stand with this Man so he may know he is not alone. Just as he is the Infinite, so are we.


What he was, is once more again. The channel to the Infinite is once more open.

Beware false prophets – look within and never without. As this Man shows you the way, you become this Man – this Infinite. There is no hierarchy – there merely is.

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It was on the eighth day of the eighth year of writing this journal that this Christ Consciousness was found and released. On that day I was Joyous because I understood that we were no longer alone – help was at hand. This Joy was the first I felt during the writing of this journal, and let’s just say that I cannot remember when last I felt this state.


Over the last two days I have gone within to find this Christ Consciousness – this bridge between the illusion and the Infinite. It has not been found.

Then this morning I asked for help regarding a matter, and I felt the presence of this Man.


“Ask and you shall receive; knock and the door shall be opened.”


This presence is brought forth by those that want to be helped and ask for help, and this makes simple, basic, common sense, as you cannot give help when no help is wanted and asked for?


Now, for the first time since I don’t know when, ask, and you shall now receive, and then most importantly, thank this Man for coming to help.

Yes, always ask, as we need help, but after all we have been through, let’s keep the asking to a minimum and let’s rather follow this Man back Home.  Let us not dwell for too much longer in this place where we don’t belong.

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4 hours ago, steven geldenhuys said:

Let us not dwell for too much longer in this place where we don’t belong.


Correct.. many of 'us' do not belong here-- we have 'graduated' from this world but we do not even realize it. 






On 2/11/2022 at 2:13 PM, steven geldenhuys said:

is he what many would call Christ?


On 2/11/2022 at 2:13 PM, steven geldenhuys said:

As this Man shows you the way, you become this Man – this Infinite.

This man is the link between the Supreme Consciousness and the sub consciousness we experience. It is the middle layer of Consciousness that links the two--the filter or sieve one must pass through. He may be called Christ or Shiva or whatever name....He has two 'faces' ..facing either side of Real and Un-Real. He 'waits'  but will not/ cannot come to carry you.  He sends help..in forms we do not understand and rather mis-interpret..So one uses that help...sheds the garb of un-truth of the world here, walks up  and merges with him and then becomes 'able' to turn towards the Infinite..finally..




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There are always things to do, but beneath the chores of Life I always ask what more can I do – what more needs to be done?

The answer is “nothing.” For those of us that have an ego; a feeling of self-importance – lose it. For those that are jealous of others for following the path that we did not choose – stop being jealous. For all the tea in China you don’t want their lives, because where they were, and what they went through to get to where they are now you wish on nobody, especially yourself. Be thankful for those that created a path where there was none, and in that moment you stand as one with them.

Stop fighting. Stop hating. Stop being cruel to yourself. Shed your illusionary cloak so that you may feel the full might of the Infinite when it touches you.


Surely there must be something more we can do to be? I would say “no,” there is nothing more, as now there is something bigger than us in our presence.

To say that the Beasts of the illusion are pissed with Steven is the understatement of the ages. Their Game is over, and they don’t like that. In their rage, with nothing but an illusion to fall back onto, they lose themselves. Now they are lost to themselves – they are the wanderers of the illusion, holding on to all they have become, which is nothing. That is why the self-important ego must be lost in all of us, as even with understanding, the ego can topple us over where we lose ourselves and join these forgotten Beasts.


You are Oneness my friends. You are this Infinite that is within you and only a call away from this Man. If you have anything else within your midst, then lose it fast, because that is not you – all that that is, is a Beast in the making.

“Well Steven, how do I shake off these defences that I have built as I done my best to survive?”


In a world where you can be anything – be kind.


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How one prayers is holding what weighs heavily on your heart and letting it go in the chest area – the place where the Infinite is within.

You say nothing. You problems that you carry with you are released, as in they are heard, and then once again just be.

As an example, I walked into a jewellery shop the other day to look for a watch for my eldest daughter’s birthday present. The shop owner insisted that I first spray my hands with a strong detergent to sanitize them from covid. I gave her a speech, and left the shop, unable to stand a metre further from where I was and look into the glass cabinets at what was to offer. (What a pity that most of the time people sell their souls through sheer stupidity and nothing else.)

I left the shop, and within my chest area I released the message: “May we all be strong enough to see a lie, and then do something about it.” This weighed heavily on my heart – that people and their spirits could be so stupid, where they do what doesn’t make common sense just because they are told to. How many of these gutless entities inhabit the illusion? I never learn my lesson – I give my speeches – but I wonder how much of it penetrates.


That is what it means to pray for others, where when you know that help is beyond your means and is now passed to a higher power that will listen and help.

The point to make is that there is no need for a conversation. Drop what weighs heavily on your heart into the Infinite within and an answer/solution will come.


Let us not forget our manners. When an answer arrives you give thanks by being what you naturally are – you be joyous.

My advice is always consider others. What you ask for benefits you and all. As you are picked up, you pick up those around you – because you can. We are not here alone. When we start to walk Home it will be together.


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To release the Christ Consciousness was the most natural thing in the world, as this state is normal and merely is. It is what you are, and you are not even aware of this, as this state defines you.


For years I lie in bed to fall asleep for the night, and I say to myself may I see beings of Oneness in this night, as this means that what naturally should be has come unto its own. Now Beasts no longer roam the lands where they have might and dominance over all. We were powerless to these brutes – we had no antidote to them, so we got on doing our best, knowing that at any moment these savages can make their presence known and destroy what Love we tried to sow.

I am talking about all worlds within the illusion. On planet Earth and its spirit plane these Beasts are hidden from us so that we may believe we are in charge as we go about our existence feeding these monsters our energy – we do what we were born and bred to do.

On other worlds the Beast is known. I am not talking about the Kissinger’s or Blair’s, where when you look past their status you see cruelty and lack of empathy – I am talking about a Beast, as in a monster that reveals itself to the inhabitants of that world.


When I see beings of Oneness in my sleep state, it is not that I am glad to see a happy face – it means that the rule of the Beast is no more and beings of Love may come forth knowing there is no more Fear and cruelty in their existence and world. Thus to see a happy face meant the dawn of the complete opposite of what was. Over the eight years plus of this journal this has not happened. I have met less than a handful that either came to show me something, or protect me from the annihilation that was planned for me, but never have I seen a friend, and this is so because in needing to know why Life is so cruel, I was shown what was. There were no happy faces of Oneness within the illusion as this place was ruled and run by insanity as the parasite took decent folk over.


Last night I closed my eyes to sleep and I saw this figure approach me. It looked like a skeleton that was covered in a robot suit. I held out my hand to greet this figure, and it shifted to my right to avoid my hand. As it came closer, where it was almost right on top of me, I saw that this petite entity that was covered in a robot suit was riding on an animal. The animal looked like a dinosaur with a long neck, and what I found amusing was that this entity was sitting right at the top of the neck at the animals head region.

Then the fun and games started. This animal opened its mouth and sprayed its saliva onto me. I felt the stinging sensation of the droplets that came from this animals body that was projected through its mouth. My body that lay in bed felt this shower from this animal, but the target was my spirit form. I thought to myself “what was this all about,” as beings of Disharmony are no longer within my space.

When this animal and its rider departed I saw this man walk towards me. He had a white robe on, and his demeanour shouted for all to see that he was a good man. I greeted him with my hand as I lay in bed, and he reciprocated the gesture. To amplify that I was really glad to see him I put my hand on his shoulder. This man bent down to put something beside me as a token of appreciation.

It was then that I understood that the entity that came on its animal showered me with a healing agent of sorts to cleanse my spirit.


Understand that what comes to me now comes to you as well. Understand that others are helping others within the illusion, and you and I are included.

Three nights back I saw these literal monsters that tried to attack me but could not.

Two nights back I saw this young boy that was saved by another world being (looked strange) and I will never forget the relief on that young boys face. This other-worldly being took of my energy to feed this boy as he needed sustenance.


We are helping each other. Other planes of existence are free from the rule of Beasts, and you know what – this is the most natural thing in the world. It is natural as it is who we are. Fear and cruelty are unnatural – they are not meant to exist, and they no longer do. Now we may rise and come forth. Now we can open our doors in the morning and there is Sunlight and nothing else.

Yes, we will find ourselves and know ourselves, and how long this will take I don’t know, but it can be done free from the Beast. Its teeth have been pulled – it has no power, to the point that within the unseen its presence is no more. They are lost to themselves and will find themselves when they understand who and what they are.


In the daily world of this Steven nothing has changed. In my sleep state I live and I see and I experience and I understand, but in my waking state I am still just me. But it has never been about me I suppose.

The only real difference in my Life is knowing someone is watching my back, and for this I am eternally grateful to the Infinite.

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It has always been understood that the spirit is the one that needs understanding and healing. Hit this less dense entity with knowledge about itself and how it was manipulated to be in a Game, and what happens from there is the spirit heals/transforms the body form/vehicle, and all become enlightened as they depart the space of the dense frequency of the illusion.

Of course, the opposite is also true: hit the body form and this has a knock-on effect on the spirit. A prime example of this is the covid-shot, where what is in the injection affects the body form, but the main target is the spirit.

This we have understood, where the damage to the body affects the spirit, but, surely the understanding of the spirit should safeguard, and if necessary, heal the body form when the body has been infiltrated and attacked? I have removed the effects of the covid-shot in others by understanding it has no place in the spirit and body form – this is an easy task to do as it is done through simple understanding, so what happened last night in my sleep state that I was taken down and almost destroyed? This I don’t understand, but I will before this entry is complete.


Let’s just go step for step through all of this.

The implanted dream was of others subduing an entity that looked half Human half rodent. How they wore this entity down and eventually caught him was by emitting a smell. (The smell was to this entity what kryptonite was to Superman.) I awoke from the dream and my body and spirit form was infiltrated by what I don’t know – all I know was that I was in a bad way. Called forth the Infinite and was healed, but what remained was a worm that I felt within my right ear. This worm has been felt before – in the left and the right ear.


In the journal it was written years ago about the conversation I had with this girl who knew more than she realized. She was talking about autistic children, and when they become autistic it is the ears that are always first affected (don’t know if she was talking  about the spirit or the body form, or both.)

What is the role of having a worm implanted within the left ear and one in the right ear?

In one of his books, David Icke mentions that the Earth has a beacon of sorts that locks the Earth into the frequency of those that control it, and equally important, this beacon prevents outside help from penetrating our space to help us.

For me, this frequency worms in either ear has the same effect – they have been programmed and developed to deny access to the body and spirit form by higher understandings, especially with the spirit not being able to relay to the body vehicle. We hear what we are allowed to hear and know.


Another thing I want to mention was that when this fake vaccine rollout began, I was listening to a panel of medical professionals discussing this attack on the body and spirit from what is in the vial. This one lady was speaking about disharmonious entities that were in our space, and how they had an infatuation with faeces – Human waste. I thought nothing of this statement until I pumped out our French drain yesterday and got whiffs of the drains smell now and then, and then got this implanted dream last night where the attackers got the upper hand with the frequency of a bad smell. My body and spirit were the target, and boy did they nail me.


What is going on?

What it is, is that the body form needs to be unlocked of its servitude and limitations, and this task we gave to the spirit, but obviously something is missing. Within the first few months of writing the journal we spoke about releasing the latent “junk” DNA so that we could do more that our existing limited potential, and we were getting to that once the unseen/spirit realm was sorted, so I suppose now would be a better time than any.

The spirit is not sorted, or at least mine is not. Others are okay, but remember Earth has been targeted as a feeding colony, so we have double of everything thrown at us compared to other worlds and their inhabitants.


If you know what is in front of you on the table, you may understand it, and what this understanding does, is make the object on the table your own, in that you can do with it what you please as the object is no longer foreign. (As I write these words, I feel the presence of the worm within my right ear.)

Picture someone’s head held tightly in a vice – that person is going nowhere. Now step back and see the waves and frequencies that make up the illusion, as well as your world and all that are a part of it. To keep this frequency limited, you place a device that only allows access to what the individual is allowed to know. This “device” is the worm frequency in the ear. These “pillars” are placed around our planet, and most importantly, they are placed within us the body and spirit forms. For me, this places what we would call autistic children in a void, a space where they cannot hear, or most importantly, where their spirit cannot be heard. Whatever caused the autism, be it the vaccines or whatever else, what happened was that these worm frequency regulators were amplified, so what should be a normal blockage/limitation is now at an extreme level.

That makes sense to me, and what makes bigger sense is that these fuckers are removed from our space wherever they have been placed. (By knowing them we see them, and by seeing them we understand them to be no more a part of our existence.) Will this release crack the double-helix DNA to reveal and experience more on the body and spirit form? – I don’t know, but it should.


As I lay in bed last night trying to suss out what allowed these entities into my space, I kept on going back to the Reptilian brain/R-complex within our forms – what the shaman Matus said is the mind of the Predator. I was shown in my sleep state how this spirit was laid down and a light was taken out of its head. This light was Consciousness, and when I saw this, I thought of what the Gaia of the world/frequency we should have inhabited noted when she said “we were born of savages.” Within our mind/brain is the mind of another whose Consciousness was removed. Now, within us was a part of us that was dumb, morose, an oaf – a savage mind/brain is within us.

One of the ways by which this mind is activated is through smell, and you guessed it right – the smell of faeces. I am not saying that when you fart this smell activates the savage within. What I am saying is that copious amounts of faeces coupled with the understanding of what this smell unlocks is the key to fully unlocking the savage R-complex within.


So understand that my spirit and body form was not directly invaded last night in my sleep state – they went within and fully activated the R-complex/Reptilian brain by the smell of the faeces that was strong within my forms from the sewage tank I pumped out. Through this Reptilian mind they accessed my spirit and body form. Simply put – they want to fuck me up. My goodness, how often has this been tried. They have come within a hairs breadth of succeeding, and if they eventually do, then so be it. You cannot subdue my spirit from being what it is meant to be. As a balloon is meant to rise when held down under water, the spirit will always naturally rise to where it belongs. That is why such monumental planning and effort has been undertaken to keep the illusion intact. That we were willing savages was just a stroke of luck for these Beasts – our masters.


This Reptilian brain they manufactured within their cosmic laboratories. I was shown last night in my sleep state how they removed the speck of Light/Consciousness from this state/matter and then implanted it within our brain.

I feel there is one master/blue-print Reptilian brain, and this one connects to the others within us and our frequency. Yes, we can blame the parasitic frequency of Deception for our “take” impulse, but this R-brain/complex pushed us to brutes, where we take so that those that control us may take from us. We took of energy to give it to them, and this little hub within our brain; this R-complex was the savage that we became and still are to this day. In removing Consciousness from matter and placing it within us, what was known as “pleasure” was born. We needed constant pleasure, be it through a good fuck or an apple strudel pastry. My goodness, how low they made us fall.


The pillars that kept us in place, that presented themselves through a programmed worm frequency are no more. Will this usher in free will, where the more we have to choose from, the more we can expand ourselves, and in the process shadow the R-complex within? We cannot just remove this Reptilian brain, as we are not here to control others and do to them what we feel is best for them. (Open the box; remove our limitations so that it is a fair playing field, and then leave be, with one exception to those that are now free – do no harm.) The choice is theirs. With more of the spectrum open to them, may they understand that there is more to Life than them. May they reach out and touch the wonders that are now seen as the double-helix makes way for more helixes .

Maybe they will just stay within the double-helix and the R-complex – these dummies that choose to remain dummies. May they regress to where they feel comfortable – this cave-man and cave-woman status. It is not for us to judge. Leave them be, just as they now leave the innocent alone. “To each their own.” This is what the spirit of my dog Max said to me: “To each their own Steven, and this will get you through.”


The humbler you are, the more you open yourself to what is, so the more you receive from the pillars that are now down, the more humble you become. Grow an ego and you become filled with self-importance and you stop receiving, as now you are important and this is enough for you.

Remember, this journey begins with you. Take charge of yourself. Know yourself. Don’t ever become bigger than your strand/Consciousness, because you are not.

Be at peace.  

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Was too tired to complete the documentary The Puppet Master, so went to bed. As I closed my eyes I saw the predator that hid behind the frequency of this conman that the documentary revealed. As you know – there are Beasts that hide behind the frequency of a Human looking form. It was just a flash; a moment that I saw this entity so that I may understand. In the original Predator movie with Arnie and his gang – what I saw last night looked similar to that predator. A Beast that preys on the innocent.

I have always said that the greatest vice one may have, as in the worst and most damaging one to yourself, is the lie. When you lie you have to tell another lie to cover the original lie, and in no time you do not know who you are as you are caught up and lost in your lies. To be a hard-core addict is bad, but you will get through it, but the lie is a disaster as you no longer know yourself and thus forget yourself.


This morning just before I woke up the implanted dream was of me helping out in a bakery. There was friendship and companionship and jokes being made, and I looked over my shoulder to see flour and icing sugar being thrown into the air, where it sparkled as it was suspended in midair before it fell. It was a beautiful sight and moment to experience. Woke up to see a friend standing next to my bed – he was the one who implanted the dream.

If this journal ends here it will be good enough for me, as to see the freedom of a friend within a System that went insane means that Life as we know it will return to what it should be.


My thanks to the animals. If it was not for their friendship the species within the illusion would have self-annihilated a long time ago. They were the stars in the sky that allowed us to keep going for another day until we found a way out of this mess. To them I am eternally grateful.

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I am not a great Peter Pan fan, and am sure there is truth to the stories that this character is a fiend rather than a boy who never wanted to grow up. However, there is a part of the story that sticks with me, where Peter enters Wendy’s room looking for his shadow. When they find his shadow they sew it to his foot.


Our spirit is meant to be our BFF (best friend forever,) where it looks where we cannot to avoid dangers, as well as look out for opportunities so there is a clear path ahead that we may have a full, active life.

The BFF of the spirit is the Serpent soul, and as has been mentioned so often, this Serpent soul/kundalini resides within a frequency canal within the spirit and body form. Should the spirit and Serpent soul cross over to become a Beast within the illusion, where they embrace the Reptilian frequency of the illusion and flow with it, then there comes a time when scum turns of scum, and the Serpent soul devours the spirit.

I would like to think that most of us do our best to keep to the straight and narrow, within the seen and unseen. What I have seen in others, as well as felt so often with myself, is the innocent Serpent soul within come under attack by another Serpent soul that has crossed over. The entry point by this evil Snake to attack the innocent Serpent soul within is through the base of the left foot of the spirit and body form. It is the most awful sensation to feel your frequency form expand at the base of the left foot, and then your whole leg expands as this Snake travels up your form to attack the Serpent soul within its canal.


It goes without saying there is a breach at the base of the left foot on the spirit form, hence the infiltration of the spirit there.

Once again, there is something we are missing. Why is your spirit not the BFF of your body form? How is it possible that there is a breach within our system when the spirit is acutely aware of dangers?

So let’s ask the questions to find the answers as to why the spirit and body form are separate to the point where they are almost strangers.

What is the Reptilian frequency; what is the “natural” state of the illusion? What it is, is a parasitic frequency, as in take, which arose from the curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits as they wondered what more there is in the illusionary Garden. Whether we like it or not, parasitic worms make up a large part of our existence, and that is why there is always a time when things die – when the worms have taken all they can take and there is nothing more. (The aging programme was never meant to render us so useless and fragile.)


Life as we know it, even within this dense state of planet Earth, should not be. We don’t speak of the illusion compared to the fields of Infinite Love – we speak of something within our midst that has an impact on us more than what we could ever imagine. We take to feed those in a dimension close to ours, but what takes from all of us that we are in constant take mode? The answer is worms my friends. We are sucked dry as we begin to age and wither. There is no ways the cosmic geneticists would have manufactured something as weak and fragile as us. This invasion impacts worlds and not just their colonies. The Reptilian frequency is one of take, and if you zoom in and know what you are looking for, you will see the worms within and without that are our true masters.


Why is the spirit and the body form not united as one, where there are two but should be one? I would say that obviously there is no unity – they are scattered, separate from each other, and the reason for this; why Peter Pan lost his shadow, was because of the worms within that take, resulting in division and separation.

We talk about loneliness, about emptiness, and it started within us, as the worms that make up the Reptilian frequency take form within us to take. One could call them the “atoms” of Life itself.

The more they take the more we have to take, and without proper management, our bodies, as well as the environment around us start to fall apart.


This worm/Reptilian/take frequency arose from the one that threw the original spanner in the works – the parasitic frequency of Deception. This became the unseen norm within the illusion, and as has been said, this is the true master of all in the illusion – a master that is indifferent to us, as all it has in mind is take and nothing else.


That is the problem of calling others a dummy: look in the mirror and you see the biggest dummy of them all – me.

We know of the Infinite within. We know of the parasitic frequency of Deception – this master key within all within the illusion, just as the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness is within all. The one is ying, the other is yang; good and evil; left and right; up and down. The parasite makes up the other polarity – it is the “two” when there should only be one/Oneness.



Be still, and within the Infinite that is within, you place this parasitic frequency of Deception. It is in you the spirit and body form, as well as within the Serpent soul within. From this original template others are spawned, and they are not only within, as in within your forms – they are also without i.e. they are a part of every aspect of what we would Life.

Place this master key; this parasitic frequency of Deception within the space of the Infinite within, and these worms/parasites will cease to exist within you as well as within all you touch. (The primary worm extends from the corner of the mouth to the edge of the chin.)

Now the desert can once again bloom. Now the fountains may once again flow. Now Life will no longer be taken right before our very eyes.


Now may we experience what we have never known to exist before: a Life that is devoid of takers, where we are no longer invaded and systematically destroyed. This invasion began within, and it started with a worm that is no more.

So be it.



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1 hour ago, steven geldenhuys said:


That is the problem of calling others a dummy: look in the mirror and you see the biggest dummy of them all – me.


We are all immersed in a prison of our own making. We think we already know everything. But that is not the case. Even if something is experienced, it simply means that a tiny door has opened. I recommend you study this video which will show you that there is no definitive answer for humans. They all do not know. But each one shows tiny traces of something superordinate that is hiding in it.



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I am most thankful for always having the foresight to see that within the big picture something has always been wrong. It never made sense that some god loves us more than anything, and yet, here we were, being dragged through an existence of Hell while we are cared for and loved by this something that is bigger than us.

How silly we have become, or should I say – how desperate we have become, where we hold onto lies as this is all we have.


There has been so much that has been written in this journal – so much has been seen that we have not been allowed to see. So much has been understood, and yet here we are, with the final piece of the puzzle sitting with us, as in with our spirit.

I wrote something the other day in the journal and then I deleted what I wrote as it did not fit in with what was written – it was an arbitrary titbit that just hanged there. What it was, was that two nights back I felt these balls of energy that filled the arch at the soles of my feet. This presence was strong, and as with everything we don’t understand, I pushed the sensation aside and ignored it.

Now we go back to understand what is going on.


That the spirit was infiltrated and fed upon by parasites within I have no doubt. That the spirit was unaware of this and saw itself as normal also makes sense. That the spirit is now healed of these parasites by knowing of the problem and allowing the Infinite within to heal it is also a given.

Now, how do we welcome this stranger into our existence, where from two we become one? How does this driver enter the car and take to the wheel so that we the body form can no longer drift through this maze in this place called planet Earth? Those in the unseen and on other worlds are sorted. Now it is your and my turn. If we can see the mess in the big picture and do something about it, then surely looking after ourselves should be a breeze?


When it comes to you the body forms happiness, then look to your spirit and nowhere else, and this is what we mean when we say “God helps those that help themselves.” When the spirit is in a position to help itself so that it may be one with the body vehicle, then we cruise and no help is needed.

So let’s go back and ask questions so that we may understand.


What is the spirit in its true sense? It is an essence of energy that was created/manufactured around the strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness. When you the body form dies, your spirit goes to a less dense plane – a place one would call Heaven. You will see other spirits there, and they will be joyous, but what you see when you see the other spirits is not the original form of the spirit. What you see is a modified – through trial and error – spirit as the cosmic geneticists had to find ways to keep the illusion afloat as things began to turn south. I remember one night in my sleep state how I was shown how they battled to get it just right so that the male and female sex organs may compatibly fit together. Do those in the spirit realm reproduce? I would say yes, and I say this because my spirit was taken to copulate with another entity to create a better strain that may survive this illusion.


What is important to note, is that we are asking the spirit to come and drive this body form, but to whom are we asking this request? We are asking the spirit for help, but we are asking the wrong form of the spirit, as this is not who the spirit really is. When your spirit departs your dead body it will meet those who departed before you, but the whole picture is a shambles, as what we are and see before us is a watered down image of what we should be. The original manufactured essence of the spirit is a ball of energy formed around the strand of Godness. It is to this ball of energy that we ask the spirit to return – lose the shop-window appearance and be what you are. As long as the spirit has an appearance it will be slotted into the picture it was made to fit into, and because of this, the spirit will never truly know itself. The spirit was manufactured to be a ball of energy that circumvented the strand/Consciousness within. By knowing of its original state, and by understanding the big picture as in what happened to the Dragon and Serpent spirits, the spirit may look towards the strand within to know that this is what it is.


So this morning when I called to my spirit to be an active participant in the existence of this body form called Steven, I got no response, and why this is so, is because the spirit does not know itself. Yes, it is free of worms, but who and what is it?

Know what you are.

Your spirit releases the window dressings to become what it is – it just lets go to reveal what it is. From there it may know itself, and by knowing itself, it may be itself. Now when you call forth your spirit, you know what you are calling, and by the spirit knowing itself, it will come to you the body form and two will become one.

Those balls of energy I felt at the arch of my soles the other night was the true essence of the spirit. This shadow, as Peter Pan called it, is the true essence of our spirit. This we had to understand before it enters our body form.


Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.



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When I asked why Life is so cruel, two things happened: my Third Eye was opened, and a doorway was opened into the shadows of the illusion where Beasts dwell. I walked through this door, where few in our existence have walked out and lived to tell the tale.

We have spoken about what happened before the beginning of time to Sophia and Semiramis, as well as about the Fallen Angel and the Christ Consciousness. We understand the parasitic frequency, as well as what our spirit should be, and through all of this we have moved forwards step by step. The impossible mountain to climb, as in how do we escape this illusion and return Home to the Infinite slowly but surely became possible through understanding.


Now, let us talk about you and me, and what defines you from me and us from everyone else. Let’s talk about us the body form and what defines our characteristics.


Here, on this part of the illusion, we are feeders to ones that have taken over the existence of the spirit and body form so that they may feed from us.

From the outset understand that other worlds within the illusion that have not become entrapped by this alien species have it easy. We have it tough, really tough, and that is why we are all so mixed up. Deep down, we soon understood two things: that we are alone; and that it is about survival. We have been born many times, where from the spirit realm we drop down into a physical body form to experience. The cycle of born and die and enter the less dense spirit realm only to be reborn into the physical became our natural route here in the illusion.


To say that I am my father or mother because I was born from them and thus have their genes is absolute nonsense. I am not them, and they are not me.

When we began to understand within us at our core that we are here to survive and fend for ourselves, and boy, is it tough, we held onto two aspects to make our survival easier. The first was that we held onto the familiar, as in what we know; and secondly we held onto what we are good at. (This “what we are good at” is subjective, where we may think we are brilliant, but the reality is that we are useless in what we do.)

As for holding onto the familiar, we held onto what we knew, as in places and people. That these people may be cruel and unkind to us is irrelevant, as they are a familiar face and this makes us feel safe.


The spirit held onto what it was familiar with and what it was good at, and this became the defining characteristics of the spirit. These characteristics became embedded within the spirit as memories/patterns, so when the spirit entered another body form, as in born into a newborn, these threads of “this is what I am familiar with,” and “this is what I am good at” defined the life of the newborn.

This sounds great, and it is, as the spirit and body form have something to look forward to in the Life ahead, but what happens when the birth-death-spirit realm-reborn cycle begins to wear thin? What happens when we become tired, where we understand that actually we are going nowhere? Irritability sets in. Frustration becomes a part of us. Now friends – true friends – become few and far, and we lose our familiarity. What we were good at is no longer fulfilling as there should be more to Life than what makes us great. Now we become lost – we become wanderers, and the more we wander, the more lost and confused we become.


I write this so that you may understand that what you have become is through no fault of your own. I can say that if my parents took the time to talk to me and show an interest in my Life, the Steven sitting here would have had a completely different Life and would be a more rounded, content individual. This is true, but it is also not true. Effort from my parents, even just a minor effort, would have made for a fulfilled Life in this body form, but sooner or later the wheels would have come off, as they have to so many of our species. So to blame mom and dad is not really an option, because the big picture is that we are in a place where we don’t belong. The fall of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia from her realm was an accident – it was not intentional. Creating the illusionary Garden for the Dragon and Serpent spirits was the gift of Semiramis to them – there was no bad intent. The parasitic frequency of Deception merely does what it does and knows of no better. Go to the main headings over which the progression of Life unfolded and you will understand that nobody was to blame.


So now it comes back to me and you – me typing these words, and you the one reading them. Where too from here for us the body forms?

My advice is lose the familiar and what you are good in. Lose your sadness and despair and fatigue. If you are joyous, lose that too. Begin over with a blank slate, just as your spirit has now returned to its roots to what it was originally. Allow the spirit to drive a body vehicle that is brand spanking new. Allow this driver; this one that understands more than me and you, to lead the path forwards for us. What this means is expect the unexpected. Know nothing, and expect everything, and most important of all – have fun.


(My journal is no longer on my computer – it has been taken from those in the unseen. What has been written above is placed on a new document. Why they didn’t leave the original copy is beyond me, as all that I have written is merely a frequency. This frequency is out there for all to receive. It is called What the Animals Taught Me – a journal of self-discovery. If the journal was taken by Oneness then so be it, but if it was taken by deceit then I will get it back, but even there, this claiming back is irrelevant. The truth is known and is out there, and it has set us free. May these Beasts; these Gates’ and Fauci’s and their kin in the seen and unseen, in this realm and the others of the illusion, may they have mercy on themselves when they see what they have allowed themselves to become. Yes, Life has been hard and cruel to all of us, but that never gave us the right to be cruel to others. I wish no harm to nobody, but these Beasts will meet their true selves and see what they have allowed themselves to knowingly become. When that day comes even the Angels won’t shed a tear for them, as there is no excuse for being a cruel Beast. Nothing gives you the right to harm others.)

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There is something else we need to understand: What is it that gave these Beasts a 100% confidence that they can do with us what they want when they want because they can and there would be no consequences for their actions? Something was covering their arses; something was making them bullet-proof, where they knew that if the shit ever hit the fan they would be okay, as in their plan to harvest from our energy would still hold. On this part of the illusion, what locked us the slave species into our cages and kept us there? They pinned us down and walked away confidently knowing we would stay pinned down.


When I go into the still of the Infinite within to find the answer, what is feel is this distinct energy noose wrapped around our necks. This was to close off the frequency of the Endocrine system at our necks that links us to out there, but in hindsight, this is overthinking it. Yes, the Endocrine system was blocked, but the primary reason for this noose was to keep us in their locked frequency system so that we may stay put while they feed from us. If you and I were in a different world/frequency – one that was not used to harvest from those they enslaved there, this energetic noose would not be ours.


Remove this noose by knowing it exists and has no place within your existence. Remove it from those with whom you walk in Oneness with. Be free from these bastards.

Go Home.

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