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Sequel to fall of the cabal part 5

Apophis 2029

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Theres no doubt that WHO is engaged in extreme criminality but before we shoot hitler and say thats the nazis defeated, lets take stock of all those people just following orders before we engage in the inefficacy of throwing eggs at high castle walls. Lets throw the people 'just following orders' st those high csstle walls until WHO surrenders to an international court. Some people just following orders are going to be splattered but those are the standing orders of Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Forces in how to deal with nazis since 1945. Splatter the bastards and leave it to them to scale the walls of their cruel masters, they arent wanted here.

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This video gives rik mayalls one by one scene even more amazing accuracy. Including the georgia guidestones "to balance with nature the population  must be 500,000,000..... And even more insight that vaccines will be used for the depopulation agenda 2030. Lead of course by the "peacekeepers" The United nations. And also in that video he states that the armed forces will kill us. The fall cabal says the UN uses the blue helmets to go into destabilized countries like they did with Sierra Leone. 2006.. Could these be the UN armoured vehicles that were spotted in Ireland a few months ago.....



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