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Gregory Sams reports on the day...
Another Saturday on the streets of London with my glorious goddaughter Nicola. Just a snipped of film and a couple pics so here’s an account instead. Had meant to kick off at King’s Cross but we arrived a bit late when police were just arresting random people who looked dodgy and didn’t have a train ticket. Got word that we were relocating to Marble Arch and as we were approaching the destination saw our first convoy of police vans tearing that way down Edgeware Road, from King’s Cross no doubt.
Speaker’s Corner was full and before the police could accumulate enough numbers to surround us, the people streamed up Oxford Street. The drivers of the red double-decker buses at a standstill waved, smiled, thumbed-up us and sometimes honked in support. They must have been pissed off with driving nearly empty buses around. The vibe was high. The passage from Marble Arch to Regent Street was virtually police-free.
Halfway down Regent Street the police mounted a block after a lot of people had streamed past, so we turned left, appropriately at Liberty’s, then down Carnaby street on a meandering route to Piccadilly Circus, rejoining our separated stream on the way. Police kept running alongside us and sometimes blocking the road but we had no plan and simply rerouted. Nicola and I somehow ended up at the very front of the long road full of people now heading west on the Strand, after finding all approaches to Trafalgar Square securely blocked.
The first exit took us past Clarence House to Queen Elizabeth’s front garden in St James’ Park. This was full of visitors as we streamed in, and across the lake. As we arrived at the east side of the lake the roads to our east and south filled with police. They came out in full riot gear, and began arresting people pretty much at random. We were now out of the procession, and I was next to a children’s playground filming the arrest of a guy right opposite it, distracting the kiddies. When I was filming the arrest, Nicola overheard police walking by and a female constable being told to just arrest random protesters, who then questioned how to distinguish them from the other people in the park.
We were separated from the moving group, and it seemed like the protest had been broken up and dispersed by the massive show of police strength. On the way back, we bumped into a sweet couple who had just arrived looking for the protest after a very late bed-in. They got word that it was now moving back to Hyde Park. The police hadn’t dispersed us after all! As we head towards the park we are passed by two screaming copconvoys, in their white or black vans with all of their sirens blaring. Now, with 20 cop vans travelling at high speed you only really need a siren on the first one but that’s probably just for show like the masks they don’t wear inside their crowded vans, but studiously apply when out in public.
We’d stopped to grab some takeaway from a boulangerie in Piccadilly, and continue towards the park, wondering if we’ll get there for whatever is happening next. The word comes from Mia, who is watching the live stream, that they have moved back up Oxford Street, escaping the grip of the police yet again, like a slithering octopus. So now, as we turn the corner from Piccadilly into Park Lane another screaming copconvoy rounds the corner, this one returning from Hyde Park, turning into Piccadilly which is the only way they can get up to the east end of Oxford Street, ahead of the procession.
Anybody who didn’t know what was going on would probably be glued to their TV tonight to discover what multiple terrorist attacks had taken place all over London. We were peaceful people demanding their freedom back, an end to ineffective masks and lockdowns, and a right to refuse a vaccination intended to protect the lives of less than 1 person in a 1000.
Gregory Sams has his own blog / web page;  https://www.gregorysams.com/chaosworks/ 

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