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Books of Stanley Johnson (father of boris)


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I've just come across a range of books written by Boris Johnson's Dad - Stanley Johnson. Among the various books about climate change there are books about population control and a novel called "the virus" about one man's struggle in a pandemic!! Written decades ago. Surely that has a key part in all of this? It's too coincidental to be coincidence!!


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Guest Gone Fishing...
27 minutes ago, 398 said:



Pretty mad, huh? 

I seem to remember Boris having written a controversial book a while back too. Before he was high up in politics. 

I'll see if I can find it. 



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Good find 398  ..... 


This has got to be  a joke!!  .... Just like Bill Gates (and HIS father) , he thinks there's too many people and a virus is the solution!! 


This will help to wake people up , needs to be twittered and tweeted , or whatever ....




The book cover even depicts the corona virus ! 


Stanley Patrick Johnson is a British author and former Conservative Party politician who served as Member of the European Parliament for Wight and Hampshire East from 1979 to 1984. A former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission, he has written books on environmental and population issues. Wikipedia


All these plans are laid out decades in advance , perhaps Boris is not as dumb as he appears.

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Guest Gone Fishing...

Seventy-Two Virgins 


Seventy-Two Virgins: A Comedy of Errors is a 2004 novel by politician, journalist and current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson


In The Guardian, Mark Lawson noted that "it's striking that Barlow’s view – that public value should make private conduct irrelevant – is one the writer has continued to embrace through domestic troubles." He noted the anti-French and anti-American tone, and pointed out the use of offensive language: "references to 'Islamic headcases' and 'Islamic nutcases'. Arabs are casually noted to have 'hook noses' and 'slanty eyes'; a mixed-race Briton is called 'coffee-coloured'; and there are mentions of 'pikeys' and people who are 'half-caste'." Sexist content was also noted. 


All very wholesome stuff..  😕 


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Master Plan - Script 


Europa and the Bull

Global Crash - Under cover of “the virus” and build back their ideal world image.

That’s their master plan and that means total destruction of the old world beyond all recognition, quite deliberately by design it is being dismantled, so there’s nothing to revive. Force the new system as a salvation plan - Master Plan - out of the ashes of destruction.



The EU was built to fall like the Phoenix and rise like the New World Order Dove of Global “Peace and Unity” 🕊 

People won’t accept a growing EU spreading across the globe so it has been designed to crash the globe instead and our saviours will unite and create a global EU type system that actually governs the globe as this is the only way to achieve it.

People can be fooled into the mentality of revolution and build back exactly the system they want.


Coronavirus: Stanley Johnson claims he predicted Covid-19 pandemic in novel published 40 years ago


Author and former politician recently came under fire for announcing he would continue going to the pub, despite advice from his son, the Prime Minister


Stanley Johnson has claimed a novel he wrote 40 years ago “predicted” the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

In a piece for The Telegraph, Boris Johnson’s father wrote how his book The Marburg Virus imagined the outbreak of a deadly contagious virus.

“The basic driver of my plot was the pressure of time, the urgent need to find some antidote or means of immunisation to protect populations before they were overwhelmed by the disease in spite of the measures of ‘containment’ or ‘delay’,” he wrote.

Johnson apparently travelled to various medical facilities around the world as part of research for his book.


“My book’s hero, Dr Lowell Kaplan, a brilliant epidemiologist working for the CDC, has an advantage over those engaged in the current race to find an antidote to the coronavirus,” he wrote.

“He knows, or thinks he knows, the original source of the infection. If he can track down and capture a live green monkey from the very tribe of monkeys which supplied the Marburg medical school at the time of the first outbreak, he calculates the boffins will be able to develop and manufacture an antidote and rush it out to stem the growing pandemic, so humanity can be saved.”


My guess for their script, a fruit bat and a pig - of course, this is supposed to be two fruit bats 🦇 but you decide and see where it’s going, why and why this may have been done?

They’re laughing in people’s fsces to be honest, they think that society are brain dead morons and unfortunately, people are proving them right who continue to accept this isn’t all a script.



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1 hour ago, Concerned Citizen said:

I am sure that this has appeared on this forum somewhere BUT it may be worth drawing attention to it again.


Boris talking in 2007 about global population control.


Global Population Control - Boris Johnson (boris-johnson.com)



Yeah I can’t remember which post either, I remember someone trying to argue in favour of it 🙄

The way I see this...

These Globalists have knowingly and deliberately crafted an artificially induced society the way it is, where we have literally been bred on mass as that was once desired to colonise the globe and dictate “our culture” so we would bred out the native cultural population we have taken over and inhabited their lands. Now, we are having synthesised a clash of cultures by again bringing in a people to bred out the host country and try to impose this incoming culture on the host population and create a cultural clash, by Orwellian style newspeak, political correctness, to achieve this while maintaining a silence on the fact it’s being achieved systematically until we are at a stage desirable by them for a cultural clash.

This is of course being synthesed and achieved via Islam and idiots fall for it by seeing this being Islam as the be all and end all behind this. Just as Germans did with Jews, as it was equally designed and manipulated to be that way, so people blamed what they see around them within their own bubble world everyday and felt sold out, stabbed in the back by this discrepancy.

Imagine for instance, by the collapse of COVID you didn’t just lose your business but Islamists come along and bought it up dirt cheap and took over your business and this seemed to be common place throughout the country and the only people who seemed to be doing well out of this calamity where Islamists?

People would obviously be pissed off, frustrated and take their anger out on them, not the political orchestra which has made such a state of affairs possible to create a cultural clash. This was, what was actually done in Germany post WWI and of course paved way to WWII and justify the transition of Jews from all over the world to Palestine.

This was designed this way as this is being designed today and Islam are the new Jews in this regard.


When they did this to Aborigines, American Indians and so on, they didn’t do so to push back from the side of those natives as that was undesirable, we where their to eradicate their culture and so not give them a voice, a force, or a cultural clash but instead a brute force colonisation.

Just ordinary individuals where used to achieve this, just the same as it’s been done within Palestine, using religion and driven by the death cult whom operate through hidden hand networks, not least freemasonry.

This is being achieved through Islam and the natives being out bred in their own nations and having their culture destroyed, which at the same time however, is being guided to have a voice and force of the native peoples eventually once they’ve felt ignored and trodden on for long enough, opposition to push back and this mechanism is being used to shape society, drive foreign policy and war and yet, to say this means you’re a far right extremist and anti-Islamic. 
Anything to continue the divide rather than seeing the truth of the matter.

These wars are to be used as a means of population control, reordering the world and a people are being made to fear being outbred by Islamists in their own nation, while fearing terrorism in this regard, so their own culture and religious values of their nation become a minority.


This can then invoke the revival of The "Rivers of Blood" speech was by British Member of Parliament Enoch Powell, which will be made to look accurate and appear of prophecy and not scripted.

This has been a planned and controlled means for population control.

Now due to Brexit, this virus we can justify the lockdown of travel and immigration, while the solution to the virus can also act as a great means of population control but if so, I reckon this will largely be achieved by mass sterilisation of certain genetic traits considered undesirable.

So, as they see it, they’ve artificially induced a mass state of population for this colonisation project and so many people as this are no longer needed and they can and should reduce the numbers they’ve artificially created to achieve this and restore some sort of balance, their order, like society is an equation they’re constantly working out as a means to achieve an end and that end always justifies their means,

While they do really see us as docile imbeciles of very littler intelligence compared to their own superiority complex, while the few even though very evil at the core of this, are obviously very intelligent to pull off what they’re doing, it’s because this intelligence seems so great that many people have a hard time understanding and accepting that such a people and agendas could exist that are so widespread, organised, advanced and well planned as this, so ignore it as “Conspiracy Theory” and put it down to the greatest theory of them all, coincidence.




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On 11/28/2020 at 9:48 AM, Basket Case said:


Pretty mad, huh? 

I seem to remember Boris having written a controversial book a while back too. Before he was high up in politics. 

I'll see if I can find it. 



Was that the one where he uses terms like sp@stic and n1gger way too freely?

I know the one you mean if so.

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