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Army to leave Liverpool


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The most important thing about the Army in Liverpool was that they were using two different tests for CV19.

The first is the fucking lying PCR test.

The second is a new test called LFT which was getting only 20% of the positives that PCR was.  i.e. LFT found only 20% of the people injected that PCR was because PCR is a fraud.

( although note the patients were different so you cannot directly compare the results, however there were more than 150,000 people tested so it is very important and shows that the PCR test is lying about how many people are infected and dying with the virus )


The Army also built those 7+ Nightingale Hospitals.   The Army are reliable and unquestionable and have done all the useful things.


Getting rid of them ... is dodgy.

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Thank you for given me the information I was told this company were looking to recute paying around £15 a hour, but was not sure as it sounded like a rumor. That's why I got the name wrong. It's always best to check


I've always considered the British army as mercenary soldiers as they fight for money and not belief, so every soldier who did a test is a criminal. 

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