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Black Cube is a private intelligence agency that is infamous for going after people and companies using subvert methods. The company based in London, Tel Aviv, and Madrid was founded in 2010 by former Israeli intelligence officers Dan Zorella and Avi Yanus. Its employees include former members of Israeli intelligence units like Mossad. Black Cube poses as a well-meaning organization but acts like a mercenary and isn’t bound by morals or integrity.

Their tactics accumulate several international controversies, and they continue to function with impunity. In Romania, two employees were convicted of criminal charges involving harassment and hacking. The firm drew widespread condemnation for its surveilling and slander of some of the women accusing Harvey Weinstein. Black Cube was hired by Weinstein’s lawyer to use undercover operatives to discredit Annabella Sciorra, Rose McGowan, and other actresses accusing him. The courts finally convicted the disgraced Hollywood mogul of sexual assault and rape on February 24, 2020.

Black Cube claims to operate successfully in over 70 countries. The firm was recommended to Weinstein by former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, who was involved with Jeffrey Epstein. Efraim Halevy, the former head of Mossad, forms part of the board of Black Cube Intelligence. Black Cube’s strong Mossad associations evidence the seriousness of its operation and explain its lack of respect for other nations.

ON THIS DELIVERY of the Total Disclosure Podcast, I focus on the Black Cube chronicles by Ronan Farrow. How a spy working for Harvey Weinstein was exposed after months of infiltration.


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FREE Podcast #40 - The ITNJ
My name is Alessandro, and I was a volunteer with the International Tribunal of Natural Justice in 2018. I felt disenfranchised after Fiona Barnett, an Australian SRA survivor, was sabotaged by the organization. Shortly after I quit the organization and despite being there for four months only it was enough for me to “notice things.” Half of this podcast aims to explain my journey and how I came to this calling. I explain how I enrolled with the ITNJ, why, and how. Most importantly, I expose the reasons why I quit. I hope I don’t bore you with my pesky details.
I came out as a whistleblower against the ITNJ in August 2019 during an interview with Sarah Westall. My desire for anonymity got trumped anyway when Antonia Vassiliades doxed me. Also, I felt the right way to do this is by showing my face, especially when coming out to denounce the ITNJ. When I learned what Sacha Stone and cronies did to Kevin Annett and Katherine Horton, it was a no-brainer. Add that to the testimonies folks sent me who were wronged by Sacha Stone. I had to do something. Sadly YouTube banned Sarah and our interviews.
Consider this chapter as an introduction to what’s wrong with the ITNJ on the surface. I have testimonies denouncing Sacha not only as a criminal involved in fraud, money laundering, and being the poster boy for bullshit. Accusations of human trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, possession of child pornography included. ON THIS DELIVERY, I present myself as I expose part of what’s wrong with the ITNJ. My testimony complements with the exposé of the former US director of the organization, Rebecca Cope.
Please like the video, subscribe, and hit that notification bell so you can see our content as soon as it's published!
The Total Disclosure Network is a 100% independent media outlet. I focus on exposing child sex trafficking, pedophilia, tyranny, high profile murders, and secret societies. Any person who uses mind control, child rape, blackmail, and other crimes to enforce their power from the shadows is a target. DARK TO LIGHT. WE ARE THE NEWS. WE ARE THE STORM – LOUDER THAN TRUTH.
DISCLAIMER: I don't advocate for harassment or violence against the individuals exposed in my media outlets, on the contrary, my aim is to inform people so they themselves avoid being victims of lies, scams, harassment, violence, manipulation, false information, emotional abuse or much worse. I hope people in law enforcement will find my research and act accordingly with the evidence/witnesses provided.

#040 - THE ITNJ.jpg

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Friends, just to let you know that SubscribeStar updated its features and you can now sign up for the FREE tier. That way you will get email updates like any subscriber. You get 4 podcasts per month vs the 12+ episodes & other perks the paid subs get. YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE SO YOU NEVER MISS ANY FREE EPISODES :)



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Disclosure!  Current events rant. Rumors of alien invasion disclosure going on and the vaccine push is actually the NWO plan to depopulate earth to a large degree (as Georgia Guide-stones mandate) and to hybridize humans with DNA from aliens (or fallen angel tech), aborted fetuses, and/or GMO - DNA from secret labs from experiments going on for decades. Perhaps also explaining decades of messing with our air, water and food supply that has been altered (teraforming earth). Wow! - Intense rumor, right! The CCP virus (corona bug) is the plan for tagging us all with Certificates of Vaccination I.D. and Artificial Intelligence or Alien Implants (1st letter and 9th letter of English alphabet being 19 of the virus name and plan). So all humans will become GMOs now or just be executed in the camps for dissenters (explaining the thousands of guillotines brought in to the country). However, an alternate possibility is that aliens are actually demonic inter-demential beings and this Bible prophecy comes in to play now "as in the Days of Noah were so will it be in the last days", when all the earth was genetically contaminated (due to the fallen angels fornicating with the daughters of man and messing with the DNA of both man and beast) so God had to do the flood to save a small pure remnant via the ark floating above the flood waters. See Genesis 6:4 - research it! So B.Gates and Dr. Fauci as insiders who helped plan and move the plan-demic forward, along with many other evil elites and the MSM, (acting like nephilim & rephaim engineers, like Book of Enoch explains) are doing the "mark of the beast" beginnings now with influencing all into getting vaccinated ASAP and to be tracked if you want to do commerce and live. This explains why mRNA with nano tech and a push for 5G electromagnetic atmosphere spectrum be everywhere is a high priority (because it is weapons grade spectrum technology). Also explaining the possibilities of a serious reset beyond the world's economy. Please avoid the vaccine !!! - unless you just long to be trans-human Lucifer fan and no longer eligible for salvation. The evil elite think they are working for a good guy supreme being and have delighted in deceiving the world so they will have their promised rewards and utopian future to look forward to but actually they are just in a big nasty cult. All have been deceived. Got Jesus Christ yet? Now would be the time to look up the Roman's road verses. Peace to you. - Salt & Light signing off for now. A.K.A. PulmonatorPirate

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Monica Petersen died on November 13th, 2016, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. She was an activist focused on exposing human trafficking and had been living on the island for a few months. After graduation, Monica worked at the Human Trafficking Center as a Research Fellow and the Director’s Assistant. The director at the time was her professor and former Dyncorp employee with links to the deep state, Claude D’estrée. Monica worked with the Social Wellness Advocacy Network and the Data and Research Task Force of the Governor’s Colorado Human Trafficking Council.

Monica moved to Haiti in September 2016 to teach and set up an NGO. She was found dead by hanging, and her death incorrectly ruled a suicide. As the Pizzagate frenzy roared online, researchers on Reddit and VOAT quickly linked her death to the Clintons. She was in Haiti after all, the base of operations for the humanitarian crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation. The facts surrounding her death are not compatible with suicide, and her family believes there’s no way she killed herself. I interview her family, friends, coworkers, and even those involved with her boyfriend, Mike Williams.

Yes, there was a boyfriend, and surprisingly this was never reported by anyone else before me. Mike’s behavior indicates he had previous knowledge of her death, and his associates are suspect. Mike had lots of connections in the drug and prostitution underworld, which Monica used for her research. There are also rumors Monica had been in contact with musician Chris Cornell, who was murdered months later, also a staged suicide by hanging. ON THIS DELIVERY, I present to you a deep dive on Monica’s thesis regarding the Clinton corruption in Haiti, plus a statement from Mike’s best friend.




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