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You are beautiful

steven geldenhuys

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You are beautiful


I look at the mountains, and they are beautiful. I look at the sea, and it is beautiful.

The mountains and the sea look at me, and what they see is beautiful, as only one with such beauty can see the beauty in them.

But I cannot see what they see. I see their beauty, but I cannot see my own.

So now I turn to the sea and the mountain, and I took at me through their eyes. What do they see so that I may know myself? What makes me and you beautiful? What is this beauty so that we may know ourselves so that we may glow?


Our beauty is the joy of being alive; of sharing our lives with others.

But what if there is no beauty around you? What if you stare at four walls every day and call it having a job? My answer is that you have become lost in your quest to survive. You have turned your back on beauty to make ends meet to survive to see another day, or you have been born into a really bad circumstance where those around you are cold, insensitive and cruel. To many both have happened to them.


My advice to you is find the beauty once again. Find it in a friend, a sunset or whatever else takes your breath away. Find this beauty so that you may know yourself and be yourself.

This is what you are; this is your natural state, and before you know it you are always in this state of beauty, as around every corner Life mirrors you.


Know what you are, and then be what you are, and understand that this is not a gift but an expression of a presence that is everywhere. This is you. This is your natural state.

You are beautiful, and this beauty transforms all that is wrong with our world. This beauty reminds others what they have forgotten.


You want to live a Life well lived? You want to live each day as if it is joyous holiday? Then never forget your beauty, because you are beautiful.

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