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British MPs under house arrest according to Common Law lawsuit!

Dagmar Gross

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Hi everyone,

Earlier this week I have found out that Michael O'Bernicia's Common Lawcourt lawsuit against the British government for genocide and fraud has borne fruit!

Here is a video showing him and friends on Parliament Square in London proclaiming the good news!

A Common Law judge has ordered the MPs be put under house arrest pending their respective trials and they have already been served the arrest warrants! On Monday, I think, I just haven't got round to posting anything about this here until now.


The media are still doing their best to cover this up it seems, but look out for many Zoom broadcasts from now on!


I've tried emailing the team with this, but keep getting sending error messages. So, I hope they will find this here, as things are moving forward!


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1 hour ago, JONJAY79 said:


It's what youd expect to hear from a government pawn who has trained in statutory law, statutory can only apply to a corporate entity who has entered contract, otherwise it would fall to common law, the law of the land, the law of do no harm, law of the living breathing man. It refers to the bill of rights, the declaration of rights, and the new and updated magna carta 2020 declaration of rights. Clear disinformation to try and dissuade the public from taking back the rights they are born with.

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