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Walkers Crisp Packet - Symbolism

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its very easy to get rid of the corrupt mega-corporations and their occult symbolism and their products filled with mystery 'flavourings' and other nasties


you simply stop buying their products


every pound you spend is a vote for what you want to see more of in the world. If you give your pounds to mega-corporations you will see more of them in the world

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There's no christian cross, nor are those flagpoles without coils tesla-coils. Both clocks are 8:10 and there is a yingyang. No rainbow. Whats the building with the satelite dish on top balanced on a stilt? Does it relate a meaning where the police box contains information. Walkers is PepsiCo and PepsiCo is under unprosecutable indictment for CAH in regard to involuntary human experimentation which comes close to corporate cannibalsm. Pepsi and Mountain Dew are two of the last three regular softdrinks that haven't replaced sugar with what was rat poison in the 1950s but I choose the third product, regular Coca-Cola out of respect for the dead.

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