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Be safe in mind body and estate


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Raise your frequency they say. Be a higher spiritual being. 

Well I'm going to tell you that's bollocks. 

Your body is a transformer. 

Your body is a crystalline structure 

The function of a crystal is to convert energy from one form to a another. 

Then your DNA is straight out transformer with a 1:1 turns ratio. 

If you up your frequency your just going to give more of yourself to them. 

You are a hybridization of two opposed races. 

One gives energy one takes energy 


burning man.jpg

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The one giving is being burnt. 


If you resonate to the earth you have a sine wave 

As you resonate you start at 0deg go forward to the 180deg mark then at this point your polarity and direction reverse you go from 180deg to 360deg which is 0deg again. 

This is called being duplicitous 

Being double minded

A hypocrite. 

With this wave pattern you are half on and half off corrupted. 

sine wave.jpg

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Rectification means



See definitions in:





noun: rectification; plural noun: rectifications


the action of putting something right.

"rectification of common errors in letter writing"


the conversion of an alternating current to a direct current.

"the inward rectification of single-channel currents"



the purification or refinement of a substance by repeated or continuous distillation.

"the light oil obtained by these processes also needs to be treated through the process of rectification"

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The truth and peace are the same thing. 

Peace is a rectifying force. 

When you have a relationship with peace you get rectified 

Having a relationship means you are wired in become one. 

Job 22:21 Acquaint H5532 now thyself with him, and be at peace: H7999 thereby good H2896 shall come H935 unto thee.


Hebrew: שׁלם

Transliteration: shâlam

Pronunciation: shaw-lam'

Definition: A primitive root; to be safe (in {mind} body or estate); figuratively to be (causatively make) completed; by implication to be friendly; by extension to reciprocate (in various applications): - make {amends} (make an) {end} {finish} {full} give {again} make {good} (re-) pay ({again}) (make) (to) (be at) peace ({-able}) that is {perfect} {perform} (make) prosper ({-ous}) {recompense} {render} {requite} make {restitution} {restore} {reward} X surely.


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8 hours ago, rideforever said:



An essay by Tesla from which apparently this quote emerges


It is although quite correct. 

The earth is definitely a machine. 

It is transmutation device 

Your DNA is a transformer two windings which are just coils. 


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