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Hello, I hope everyone is well. I just joined David's site and was browsing the forum and came across "The Nature of Reality"

Have I got some stories for you all about reality. I have to be careful how I present myself here. I am not insane, or totally full of myself...I am humble.


REALITY #1 - God, angels, archangels, demons, spirits are VERY REAL.    I have been awakened to a new level of reality for many years now. I have so much evidence of the reality of these things, and if you can accept this as reality... I have the very real ability to talk to archangels, and when I ask them to do something for me, such as help me heal someone, they do it IMMEDIATELY. I am a gifted healer, and have been using my body's own healing vibrational energy with the help of a number of archangels. I heal people over facebook through a picture of the person being healed, and call on my angels to assist me. I have been doing this for almost 4 years now, and have helped well over 1000 people. God himself has visited me, and saved my life as I was going to die with what I was in the process of doing. That experience was so powerful it sent me to the psychiatric ward, right in the middle of an awakening of which I have had many, each one giving me upgrades/evolution. God and angels talk to me, and I can call on them to change physical matter and perform miracles. I have many many screenshots of testimonials from people I have distance healed.


REALITY #2 - Magic is very real. I use what I would consider holy or sacred magic of my own to heal people. There are many forms of magic, and when you talk to anyone who is into it, it is spelled with a "k", magick. I have witnessed black magick being performed, and was a victim of being targeted by it to hurt, as well as curse me. They also did it to my girlfriend at the time and she became psychotic. Fortunate for me I am a healer and I healed her as soon as I realized what was going on with her. 


REALITY #3 - Remote viewing isn't all your consciousness can do non-locally. I would call what I can do "remote influencing" if you want to be more scientific about it. I have always been more of a scientist, and require a lot of evidence to believe something like the things I talk about here. I have had SO MANY experiences that are out of this world. A photograph of someone doesn't only capture their physical body, but it captures their energy signature, like your energy fingerprint. People, including myself can use a picture and this energetic fingerprint to instantly remote view you wherever in the world you are, and when I do this, I in a sense "merge" with them. I feel any problems they have in my own body, and I will perform a healing on myself with thoughts...prayer and intent....sheer force of will, to shine my light, which comes out of my hands, and it physically creates heat that people always comment on it when I heal in-person. It is very possible to alter physical matter, and consciousness at distance. I kill infections, actually kill tumors, and physically destroy any kind of dis-ease in a person wherever in the world they are with my will and hands.


As a bit of proof for what I am claiming, I have included just a few testimonials of people after receiving a healing from myself. 


If anyone cares, I am on Facebook doing this regularly and my name is Healing Light's Randy Ward




So powerful.jpg


changed my name.png

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Cynicism is healthy. Naivity is dangerous. Consider cancer, now that's a deadly situation. Note that its the situation I'm talking about and not the carcinomas which cause the deteriorating health and eventual death of the person in that situation. The person not in that situation, is unlikely to get carcinomas but they could contract cancer and acquire carcinomae through that contract, if they were naive. The cynic will never contract cancer because they are too cynical to get involved with that type of thing. The naive, on the other hand lives with the expectation that the world is as it appears and makes no critical investigation into it.

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7 minutes ago, Diesel said:

cynicism - a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts...

Remind you of anyone @rideforever

Ba bla bla ... go "heal" the list of words you have accumulated in your notebook.

Young people talk like this these days, if they have a single good day they think they are enlightened, if someone gives them a hug they this they have been touched by the almighty.

WTF ... how many empty stupid smiling faces have you got ?

What can you say to people like that?

The A Triple stars for free generation ... they have no reality in them.

Damn shame.

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12 minutes ago, Steph said:

Cynicism is healthy.

Cynicism, the old meaning, is a sign of intelligence.  You recognize that bullshit words are bullshit words and that talk is cheap.


Those people who naively smile and believe any old shit ... are dumb and have no experience ... they are ignorant.

The people who live on this planet are far too devious to be trusted, they are full of cunning, crookedness, insincerity and unconsciousness.

Doesn't mean you have to hate them, but you do have to recognize what it is.

And it's getting worse.

And in terms of the hordes of young people who want to heal you .. start running - those people need "healing" themselves but are too insincere to say it.  They do harm to each other through not being honest.

But frankly if I was raised staring at the internet by parents who didn't have the courage to stand for anything ...


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