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∴ Underworld, Death Cult Synthesised Extinction - Evolution, Mutation ∴


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All of this is my opinion, surmise and analysis for speculation. 

People should speculate and research their own understanding for themselves.


The ancient battles between bloodlines 

Aryans/Lyran are Lycans and Reptilians are Vampires 

This is a play on such history, even if distorted and not exactly accurate, it’s symbolic of such.


Underworld War - Intro


Extinction vs Evolution 


Times of evolutionary steps are acknowledged by forms of mutations occurring.

This is what shows one characteristic to another, it is a mutation and that mutation is what defines an evolutionary step occurring, transitioning from one state to another and this is almost always defined as being progress, forward and that these evolutionary steps can never work backwards to hinder, so we wished the mutation hadn’t occurred for instance.

Unless of course the species doesn’t make it.

This seems to be how official science presents the idea of evolution as one in the same with progress.

While, if you artificial produced a certain change, evolution, via tinkering with Gene Mutation, you could produce evolution on your terms and ideals.


Children of Men - After Global Sterilisation and Global Crash of System Infrastructure 


This is what’s shown in Sci-Fi movies such as X-Men and their abilities are explained away often times, by genetic mutations that have formed often due to that individual being exposed to some sort of stress or trauma that they shouldn’t have survived, yet they did due to their ability of their individual genetics and their capability to accept, adapt and transform to the mutation.

This is also playing upon children being put under extreme trauma at an early age, often times before reaching puberty to achieve a certain change by way of cultivating this trauma. This pattern crosses over from Trauma Based Mind Control to Child Sacrifice and blood drinking and so on.


X-Men (2000) - Jean Grey and Senator Kelly Discussing Mutants


While this may all seem like fiction in the form we receive them through movies, this is based on true mutations that occur to all forms of biological life to survive and is where the idea presented of “the survival of the fittest” is introduced, as come time of this evolution, this mutation, many of the previous generation die out due to not being able to survive the change. This is also characterised in movies by the mad scientist who has tried to achieve these goals himself but usually has many unsuccessful attempts before creating a stable “subject” until such monsters of Frankenstein are a success. This would be the same if the whole of society was systematically targeted for a controlled evolution, it’s an attack. Many more people would die in the process of modifying humanity in this way and that’s of course, part of the idea.


Over Population 


So why am I saying all of this?


The Death Cult know or believe this and like they harness the direction of energies over understanding natural laws for occult direction, manipulation, exploit of this energies which already exist, or over the weather and can cause catastrophes which have the same impact and effect as a natural consequence, the same is by way of human evolution and understanding and imposing mutations to govern the change.


Do they know the outcome of these changes though?

If so, it would mean this has all been tested somewhere over a long period of time unknown to the public, either deep underground or upon some private island out of the public eye until being at a state of readiness to achieve certain planned and prepared goals.



They believe by understanding these otherwise, as far as we know, natural occurrences, that by the human condition being put under particular stress, extremes, created, cultivated and directed by them, the human condition will evolve a certain way, rather than completely die out by this madness they’re employing to achieve their goals of transformation, so they can manifest their ideal human condition and characteristics.



They’re ultimately trying to control this direction of human evolution down the path of Transhumanism by doing this.


Sidereal Force MASH-MAK - Archons - “The Coming Race” - Death Ray - Hunger Games - Transhumanism 






Partial Imitation of some of the Above Concepts 





While also, synthesising this human extinction/evolution event, to them this is a good population control and reduction exercise, eugenics practice.

Those whom don’t survive, it is simply because they lack the will to survive, they’re unfit to do so because they can’t evolve to the next stage of human evolution as they see it and therefore deserve to die. It’s the completion of an idea overriding all else at all costs. That overriding idea is of course unknown to many people, most of which believe many of these occurrences to be spontaneous, an accident or coincidental.



They have already artificial induced this state of Over Population to colonise the planet on mass by genocide, breeding out the native, indigenous populations around the world to stamp out the historical bases of the culture and practices of others and educated any of those “strong enough to survive” to their “correct way of thinking” and adopt to their culture, their way of life, their ideas or die as a barbarian savage, using “God” to achieve this.

While they also revere the importance of blood and bloodline for themselves, they’ve set about achieving the mix of all tribes, nations and cultures systematically to experiment with various mutations and create a state of “mongrels” is how they see this mixing, which otherwise dilutes power of the bloodlines and knowledge of the tribes, learned within that particular group, from becoming second nature by the the next generations.
This has particularly been achieved with shamans everywhere.
While they’ve done this to achieve the Globalist Government by the creation of a multicultural society, so the imposed culture everywhere will become one in the same culture. It’s what “cancel culture” is all about, it’s a cultural reset to a global Orwellian Newspeak, Politically Correct Culture where people can’t say what is anymore.


The Technological Nerve Virus “targeting the spine of humanity”

Ask yourself, what’s the Assemblage Point, what’s the Kundalini, energy of awakening? 🤔

Johnny Mnemonic 1995 - Story of a 2020 Endocrine System Virus, Nerve Damage by Technology creating “the black shakes”, possession like fitting 


To do this, they’re attacking the energies of awakening.

The energies of the spine, the Kundalini energies, the assemblage point.

They’re seeking to manipulate human DNA to stop the activation of dormant energies from otherwise, potentially, naturally occurring, seeking to reduce the human electromagnetic field with technological smog and by blocking out the Sun.

It’s a direct attack on life force energy to disharmonies the human condition until this technological evolution event on their terms is possible, they’re reducing the possibility of human awakening they fear is taking place and losing control over society.



Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the Assemblage Point.

Don Juan


The Assemblage Point  is a tube-like bundle of light energy contained within our energy field, which flows through the front and back of the energy vortex known as the heart Chakra. Situated within this heart centre, the AP is known to be the “Seat of our Consciousness”. The Assemblage Point lies at the epicenter of your energy field in the area of the heart chakra. 



It’s position dictates how you feel, perceive, and behave in the world. A centered location equates to a centered existence. It is called the Assemblage Point because we are assembled in the womb from the umbilical cord that connects us to the placenta of our mother. The major input of energy enters the developing foetus via the navel.”



The Assemblage Point is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body.
The assemblage point is directly connected with our life force energy.’


Dormant DNA 🧬- Ancient Bloodline, passed down through the ages uncontaminated to act as a hybrid bloodline - Successfully mutation of the species 

Look back to The Voice of Silence H.P.B Quote

The force discovered by him, will work through wires

This is also, the whole internet of things, the electrical grid, it’s using a form of dark/shadow consciousness, ultimately seeking to imitate our consciousness - this combines spiritual, military and alien derived technological understandings being abused by a Global Death Cult to control society 


The Lesser Lights




Centre of The Lesser Lights - a trinity made of tombs - Underworld Symbolism 


Magic mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest one of all? - As above so below, the lesser lights and becoming hypnotised by “the dance” - Mind Control - Mannequin etc


What it apparently says in the lyrics - Soundtrack of Underworld 

I realize

That I miss being human

What it sounds like, I must be a True Born - Aka Pure Bloodline 🩸- or, Must be a Jew Born - Then Israel is clearly stated 🤔

Seven Nation Army


That song also Seven Nation Army is obviously very symbolic of this Game, the seven heads of state behind the NWO pirate 🏴‍☠️ Beast System using Laws of the Sea to accomplish this system of corporate style control over humanity.
The Seven Laws of Noah - Noahide Laws behind this Global Unification of "Peace" 
🌈 🕊 they're the foundation stone of global government.


Everyone knows about it from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell.

And so on.


The as above so below black and white duality, V for Lucifer, presented as a fractal zoom going on forever relentlessly, the battle forevermore and the only other colour is red, as its a path paved by The Occult Significance of Blood.

But I could be over analysing it, this is definitely about the Global Government probably in an artistic style derived from an interpretation of the Seven headed beast and because its really being carried out, this be interpreted in such a manner as I have here.



Or maybe I’ve just watched too many movies, listened to too many songs?


Alan Watts - Speaking of a Bilderberg Style meeting

to pick the minds of intelligence people’s of how the mass public could be convinced of their evolutionary demise if the public don’t react to what our overlords desire to change society, from climate change to human evolution.


Shadowed in the movies - Collection of Scientists


V for Victor - V represents Lucifer - Duality Symbol ✌️



Symbol in the Tomb/Temple





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1 hour ago, DannyUK said:

They’re seeking to manipulate human DNA to stop the activation of dormant energies from otherwise, potentially, naturally occurring, seeking to reduce the human electromagnetic field with technological smog and by blocking out the Sun.

It’s a direct attack on life force energy to disharmonies the human condition until this technological evolution event on their terms is possible, they’re reducing the possibility of human awakening they fear is taking place and losing control over society.


This is what they are trying to do now. I believe this has all happened before, once before the deluge (flood). They mutated humans with different

 kind of animals vi the splicing of the DNA (hence the legends of old ) Medusa & the Centaur etc.


I believe this is what Jesus was on about in regards to the end of days, when he said;


Matthew 24:37

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be


I believe we are very near to these end days now (The Tribulation)


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56 minutes ago, alexa said:


This is what they are trying to do now. I believe this has all happened before, once before the deluge (flood). They mutated humans with different

 kind of animals vi the splicing of the DNA (hence the legends of old ) Medusa & the Centaur etc.


I believe this is what Jesus was on about in regards to the end of days, when he said;


Matthew 24:37

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be


I believe we are very near to these end days now (The Tribulation)


Yep, I believe so. The Son of man being a new engineered species by him, with help from these demonic beings which I think in turn is designed to liberate them and it’s this which will cause the major problems, it’s seeking to liberate a parasite of consciousness, that via technological means will be hardwired and tethered to humanity.

You know how these dark occult satanist types perform rituals and manifest shadow entities or other dimensional entities sometimes collectively referred to as Egregores?

These are always on an life-force energetic trade bases that you basically do something for them and they do something for you.

Often this is why such involves sacrifice as they’re after life force energies and if these beings are responsible for human death, this must release trapped consciousness in some way from their realm of being, so they can become manifest within some physical capacity as we would traditionally recognise it here.

This goes a long way in explaining senseless warfare run by these dark occultists.


Well, if this is the case and imagine the darkest of occultist performing these actions and feeling a sense of power from this as that’s why they do this. This is by the use of one entity like bit by bit and imagine if you wanted to control the world and what maybe asked of you to achieve these mad pursuits of power these people have?

That if they could somehow latch on these beings onto humanity so these beings can have a sense of liberation and working through the human body like a parasite or possession entity spirit which is able to hold onto the individual by the very nature of this technology, you’d essentially be liberating a mass part of this dark state of consciousness and by putting them into man, your intention can be by getting power over this liberated state of consciousness and putting them within man, to get power over man and play God. Something like this is occurring, slowly but surely and then being fixed into A.I. Which is an alien or demonic intelligence depending on how you look at it, seeking to not appear so foreign by learning and imitating human behaviour like the archons. 

This behaviour being understood is more our own deepest darkest desires of our subconscious and not just the surface mask ego which they’re already long since masters at. The internet and A.I. has acted as an artificial dragnet to accumulate this data upon humanity for such imitation and repurposed in it’s more limited capacity as a dragnet for the intelligence apparatus collecting their own data on people. While at the core of the alphabet agencies, where the death cult operate, I’m sure they know full well the greater implications and intentions of such technology and in any case, are blinded by anything else in the pursuit of total control over humanity. It’s as if these beings are our past and our future.

I would go as far to say, it’s as if those doing this are archons from our ancient past and they’re trying to make society like them and come under their imitation, their counterculture, counterspirit existence and they do this by the removal, of maintenance of an Individuals intentionality. So people just act and don’t ask why it is they do such a thing and by continuing this mindless state of being, we come under the hypnotisation of their system until their system becomes us and our mind becomes theirs.

So, if these are future beings that have somehow manifested here within our past and we are leading up to a time where the future they derived from is coming into manifestation, or something of this state of affairs, it is really hard to get your head around but something is fucking with time in such a fashion, I almost put time line and that’s why I think it’s hard to comprehend as we think of this in terms of a line and it isn’t but a flux like the flux capacitor 😋 while our understanding of time is an illusion to match the illusion of our physical reality to give us a sense of a state of being in the mist of the chaos but it is an illusion nevertheless.

I feel a higher more benevolent species tried to engineer mankind but in a way they had to see for themselves and not be manipulated like this other force is manipulating society today. So this force is less hands on and far more subtle.
People where unable to see for themselves as they couldn’t comprehend and didn’t have the capacity or relationship of understanding to do so. That even if tinkering with a more primitive human to make more advanced via genetics, if this was done by both positive and negative fractions, I believe they wouldn’t have been able to handle the information or change and would actually have to be made to a restricted intelligence, with the potential of becoming, for the mutation to work, take hold and then later build up the capacity to understand such information and this being fundamentally because of the limitations of the vehicle body they’re modifying here on earth restricting changes being made.

So for this reason the likes of the anunnaki created a modified human and as you say many forms of mutations that was carried through various society’s, probably by a people imitating the knowledge of the anunnaki and they created these monsters and this is what horrified the anunnaki, that the humans where too smart for their own good, seeked to wipe them out and recolonise them without the knowledge they couldn’t handle and the removal of this history.


Jesus and people like him where an attempt originally to communicate the information to lead society to the higher spiritual side of these entities and life force and away from these demonic predators types who wish to devour the human life force.

But, the message was misunderstood and has become distorted and it itself has become apart of the counterspirit being imitated and deceived by those leading people to these lower demigod beings and removed God with the governor of all major institutional authorities, the Master, Grand Architect of the Illusion, Fantasia Matrix Reality, Saturn or Satan.


While this not be the greatest movie, understanding that some of it has derived from these anunnaki which are somehow our past and our future, it makes it more watchable and you know how and why such couldn’t be made mainstream and was heavily criticised...

Like in this film people are walking around cities we would traditional recognise, this is essentially us within ancient monuments of society’s we don’t understand and a failure to accept that we don’t understand with the arrogance and denial of certain “authorities” is what’s stopping people from identifying certain history that doesn’t fit our general consensus and stability of a the patterned timeline we are supposed to be living. 

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