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Matt Prattcock is an utter tool and jobsworth


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Matt Hancock wants to use NHS testing system to fight flu after Covid.
Health secretary says in future British culture of ‘soldiering on’ when ill must end.


The NHS should routinely test people for illnesses such as seasonal flu once the coronavirus pandemic has passed, Matt Hancock has said, adding that he wants to end the UK’s culture of “soldiering on” and going to work while ill, infecting others.


Giving evidence to a Commons committee hearing, the health secretary said the mass testing capacity built up to deal with Covid could be repurposed to detect illnesses such as influenza, and thus limit the community spread of these as a routine intervention.


Hancock said he wanted “this massive diagnostics capacity to be core to how we treat people in the NHS” in the long term.


“Having built this, we must hold on to it,” Hancock told a joint session of the health and science committees. “And afterwards we must use it not just for coronavirus, but everything.


“In fact, I want to have a change in the British way of doing things, where if in doubt, get a test. It doesn’t just refer to coronavirus, but to any illness that you might have.



And what "illness" might that be? A slight tickle in the throat? Indigestion from eating too many chips the day before? Farting in the office? Sneezing 3 times?  


Thou unclean peasants! Ring thy bell you germ ridden pleb!


Report thy filthy bodie to thy plague test centre!


Prattcock is an utter tool and jobsworth.


Employers give employees "disciplinary warnings" if they are off work "ill" more than 2 weeks in a year. 


Employees can be laid off for being off work ill too many times.


Employees cannot afford to be off work taking endless useless "tests" meaning they lose pay and  risk losing their jobs!


Employers cannot run a service or business if they always have numbers of their staff/employees off work "taking tests" and or  "isolating" for 2 weeks.


Prattcock needs a "reality test"- forget a "health/covid test"! 


How does he expect services, shops and companies to operate effectively if their staff/employees are always off  going to "testing centres"?


Good grief- the Victorians lived with loads of illnesses such as :










And worried though they were, life carried on!!  Getting ill was a hazard of life. It happens. They'd think this government a right bunch of ninnies!




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