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Is Yahweh really Satan?


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12 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


I have to say that USA / UK and Europe are considered Christian countries. 



By whom?


I think in all honesty you would struggle to find someone who genuinely believed this and I could give you a hundred pieces of legislation which prove that Europe and America are no longer Christian, if they were truly were which I would also contest.


At best they can be considered countries whose origins were Christian, they are certainly no longer Christian countries because they are so obviously not ruled by Christians or run according to Christian precepts for the welfare of Christians and the people of the land.


They are FREEMASONIC countries ruled by Freemasons for Freemasons.  There is a vast difference.


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Just now, killing raven sun said:

so what would be your message to your bretheren who join the military?


or does it not bother you that they are killing people?


I would say they're brainwashed animals, likely poisoned by Scofield shit. Their actions are clearly immoral. They hurt foreign people and create resentment for my people.

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7 minutes ago, killing raven sun said:

really? arent good christians just providing cover for bad ones? like the pope and his rape army getting a pass instead of swinging from a lightpost?


when you see energy like i do its clear that those like you tacitly support evil


Mate, I'm not providing cover for anyone. My beliefs don't encourage lying to outside groups.


I'm not Catholic, but are you seriously telling me you haven't seen all the Catholics that are pissed with the Pope? How does he get a pass, we see their shenanigans all over the media?


If you want to know where I stand on things then here:


On 12/5/2020 at 7:22 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

The recent wars in the Middle East were/are not even for white peoples interests. It's clearly to destabilize nations, then resentment of Westerners grows, and terror cells grow, then they get let into the West for the divide and conquer agenda. It's totally possible to think a war on brown and white people is wrong, neither of which asked for this crap.


Look up the 'White Man's Burden Haaretz'.


I was anti-colonial and anti-exploitation as a leftist, and I'm even more so as a nationalist/traditionalist.


Regarding defending ourselves, that's all I want. I just promote white well-being because I'm sick of white folks hating themselves. If someone wants to be an aggressor then I will disavow that crap.


The 2003 anti-war protests showed that our governments don't care if we don't want these wars. Not only do they not listen, but they also use their media to make us look bad, like when Europeans protested against H&M opening stores in Israel, then they pull some racist monkey hoody stunt to make us look like arseholes. I'm sick of the tricks and stunts.

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Just now, killing raven sun said:

see how you defend the evil? if catholics didnt support the rapey pope and his minions they would starve to death, but see how the coffers are full




I don't like the Pope ffs. You can look up previous things I have said about that suspicious looking rat. Stop putting words in my mouth.

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3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

So being anti-war and anti-exploitation means I'm evil. It's all so tiresome.

if you are antiwar then begin to see how you support war and then act to cut off that support, religious fervor is used to whip people into frenzy and do things they may not normally agree with, if you support organized religion you are helping kill people, not even buddhists get a pass here

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On 11/24/2020 at 10:36 PM, Diesel said:

I am convinced the God of this realm Yahweh is really Satan. Reading again the story of Genesis I think Yahweh is judgmental, insecure, jealous, vengeful, egotistic and tyrannical. He bears no relation to the God of Jesus who is unconditional love. I believe that we have been tricked into worshipping a false god and this world is a copy, an imitation of the real one where our true God resides. This is hell. 


You do have to remember that it was written by a human...

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Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:

How is that confusion? I'm saying plenty of us have disdain for him. We're not even allowed to discuss who that rat is or his phenotype.

well, you appear to think that just because the pope is disliked its ok that the evil continues, just like your war stance, as long as you arent killing anyone you dont care what your bretheren do

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