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Reward for being able to show that a virus exists worse than the flu


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On 11/24/2020 at 7:03 AM, Groundrabbit said:

Hi all,

This is what David was quoting; "There is a reward for being able to show that a virus exists worse than the flu".

I cant find it back so fast, but in my mind it was spinning...

This link is wat we need, so i can tell everyone.

Does anyone know who is offering this reward?



Did Icke really say that? [https://www.livescience.com/worst-epidemics-and-pandemics-in-history.html]

If you're not afraid of Polio, there's one reason for that - it has been successfully targeted by a vaccine campaign. There are small pockets of the virus left, mainly concentrated to Pakistan and Nigeria, and in labs around the world. In most parts of the world it has been eradicated. Interestingly, the labs and the vaccine itself are now considered the greatest risk of an outbreak in parts of the world - especially in developing countries that are using the old sugar lump method. Which makes sense as if you reduce a virus to zero with a vaccine that contains a weakened form of the virus itself, then the vaccines themselves are the only things that contain the virus (a stable weakened version). Also research labs hold a lot of the virus and it has recently be re-categorised as a Schedule 5 material - to ensure it is handled correctly at these facilities. There is a very small risk that the virus in the vaccine can revert back to the wild type and spread again. I believe efforts are underway to replace the old method of vaccination we a new one, which is much more stable and removes the risk of the virus mutating and reverting back to a transmissible virus.     

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