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Shugborough inscription


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Thomas Anson who commissioned the piece:


“Was taught mathematics and navigation by Isaac Newton's friend, the mathematician William Jones, who was later to propose Anson's membership for the Royal Society in 1730. Anson went up to St John's College, Oxford, and later studied law at the Inner Temple.”


So he was a member of the Knights Templar.


Just the D and M:


”In Kabbalah D means door.”


“M is actively present in our mind, like an imprint of the death, placed in front of the descent into the underworld.”

“In Hebrew, "Meme" is the transition of day and night, and even death and life.”


Look at the other paintings.  In them you will see death and sex, both themes of initiation into the eleusinian mysteries, where they were drugged with kykeon, brought down into a cave and made to witness sexual violence and experience death and rebirth.  So this is the same  pagan cult garbage of the elite societies.  Once you know what it’s about:  death and sex, it ceases to be so mysterious. 







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Ok so this is it.


OUOS Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth




Has to be the inverse equivalent, the shadow sides of these gods.  Because this dude Thomas Anson rolled with Isaac Newton’s friend William Jones, they must be a continuation of the Pythagorean mystical school.  Pythagoras’ table of opposites states there is another side to everything, even the gods.  

So here you have a door to the underworld, through which initiates pass, to learn the greater mysteries.  That is Demeter presiding over the ceremony as it is a re-enactment of her journey to the underworld to find her daughter. 

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