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Weighted blankets for anxiety


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I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and I feel on edge when I’m in bed before sleep. Somehow even though I feel dizzy and anxious and some slight feelings I’m on a rollercoaster I still manage to get to sleep. The problem is when I wake in the middle of the night with my mind racing, feeling very anxious and irritable and fast heart rate and the dreaded rollercoaster feeling.

I then googled weighted blankets and a lot of people of have tried them have said they help with their sleep and are godo for people with insomnia and anxiety as the weight of the blankets ground the body releasing happy hormones which make you relaxed and improve sleep. Have any members on here who suffer from anxiety tried those blankets and do they work?

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Guest Gone Fishing...
On 11/22/2020 at 12:41 PM, Artmuzz said:

Have any members on here who suffer from anxiety tried those blankets and do they work?



But I remember as a kid my parents changing my multiple (heavy) blankets for the newest 'thing' - a duvet. 

I remember it feeling too light and it took ages to get used to it and get to sleep as I had done before. 

Even now I prefer heavy duvets.. 

Perhaps there is something in what you're looking into.. 



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I can relate to this.

I have a natural wool duvet and it's certainly much heavier than the feather or man-made material duvets.  I love the weight of it....feels "safe" and cosy.  I have also read that the weight is good if you suffer from the curse of "restless legs" as well as anxiety. 

Weighted blankets are also good for anxious pets too and seem to be very well tolerated.

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