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32 minutes ago, Hermetix said:

Even if they are killed there are others who will carry out their plans. There isn't a shortage of psychos in this world.


True.... but it would be two less..... and have you noticed that all the so called "elite" are ugly as fuck..... maybe they want to depopulate so they can have a world full of ugly fuckers..🤣

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I would just remind them of this: The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof... and the meek shall inherit the earth. So they can rant, rave, scheme and plan. It might succeed, for a while, but only for a while and then it will be overturned and all their plans and hopes will be left in flames, and their names a byword for evil forever. That's their heritage, their legacy.

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Hi everyone, just joined. Have followed David's work since the mid 90's, now Brian Rose this year


I found the last piece of the puzzle linking World Economic Forum to Agenda 21/Agenda 30 this morning:

it was signed into a funding agreement June 2019 on a WEF news release.


       Wondering if any of the Mods on here would be so kind as to forward the links to David and Gareth


Just watched Davids interview with Celeste Solum yesterday, am familiar with her knowledge

as well as Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask book




this article is hot off the press: Nov 20




WEF UNsigning.jpeg

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