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Why do politicians lie?


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They don't lie.

Boris wants attention, he loves attention, he lives off attention.

If it stopped ...who would he be, he would be all alone.

There would be nobody to keep him busy, to talk to him, he would be lost.

The best kind of attention ... is when it's really serious.

That's the best ... that's when it's really juicy and you feel really important.

Like in a pandemic or war.


That is what a politicians is.

And, what most people are.

They do not know or really feel themselves inside ... they live through external contact.

External activities and attention helps them to feel themselves, otherwise they panic.


If you are raised normally, you have contact from your body to the physical world, from this you enter this world.

You start living here, your body becomes part of your identity, the outer world and place for you to feel at home.

You learn about life, and feel the world ... if people are not present you are still at home, you still know who you are.


But ... what happens when you live in your head and when you were raised without that external contact.

... you retreat into a little eggcup in the head ... 

Where you have fantasies of being world leader, world ruler ... you dream you are very big.

But you are a living dead man, who has not even arrived into this world.

When people walk up to you and give you attention ... you feel a little better about being dead, for a time.



The Implications Are

Basic intelligence is learnt through physical contact with the world.  Urban populations naturally lose their intelligence.

If your society hands out A Triple Stars to make children feel better, your society will soon be populated with fools who will start steering your ship ... this is exactly what is happening now, we are at the biting point where those fools are taking control of the society.

Utopian ideals either of the N.W.O kind of the spiritual we are all love kind ... are the same, they come from people who do not have basic intelligence.


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In my opinion they lie because they are too scared to stand up and say what matters or what is true. They say whatever they need to say to retain their position of luxury and all that comes with it. Who, having got to that position, is going to risk losing it. It’s a good club to belong to. That’s why the various parties do sweet fuck all to change anything. They just toe the part my line. Only far right or far left state their case. The rest are just tossers. Lib, lab, con, dem or rep. There is no point in actually voting to be honest. None of them represent the public’s interests - just their own. Period! 

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'Why do Politicians lie?'

'Why do liars become Politicians?'


It's the same old story, Satans favourite Sins. Greed, Anger, Lust and Power. The problem is that if Politics attracts such people then where are those men of good will and kindly nature, willing to enter the pit of snakes, protected by the armour of God and armed with the good word, as wise a serpents and yet as innocent as lambs.


Is it not within these high places festering with secrecy and evil that good men are to brave its pitfalls that in faith they may overcome the darkness that has taken hold within our halls of power.


Mankind needs the great knights of old, its men of renown, for we must court the return of our initiated Kings and Priests that they may be seen and heard in this the new Aquarian age for the good of all mankind.

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Time and events dont occur sequentially as in a film strip but more like strings of spaghetti all wrapped around each other and stretched out along the passage of time.


I think its both. Power attracts corruption and corruption attracts power. Either way, in the words of Jane Austen in her novel 'Sense & Sensibility', 'Whatever bears affinity to cunning is despicable', or as I wrongly remembered it 'That which gives affinity to cunning is evil'.


As for following a religion that encourages lying, many people believe the ends justify the means and are thus willing to do anything for they believe it to be in the service of the ultimate good. Who said good intentions paved the road to hell.


Evil exists as do the snake pits that cultivate it. It is in darkness that like moulds, evil may grow, infect and fester. It is thus up to good men that they brave the darkness and bring forth upon it the light of judgement and justice that those of evil deeds and intentions may be known and seen in the good and honest light of the day.


Whoever said Sunlight is the best disinfectant...

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