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Ever since I started blowing the whistle I've lost everything. Some family who think I'm a threat due to saying Covid is not real, my job, my PayPal (with $400), my Patreon (with 115 subscribers and $800 monthly profit), my Transferwise (bank accounts in US, UK and Belgium), my Facebook, and my Twitter.


I'd love to know your guerrilla tactics to avoid censorship.


Facebook and Twitter usually let you create new profiles with a new phone number as long as you disguise yourself with a VPN and new data it will take a while for them to notice...


However, if you start gaining your followers again they will shut you down. You can only avoid the censorship as long as you use the platforms to discretely get in touch with people - preferably in private.

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Sorry to hear all that. There are many new platforms such as Mewe and Parler and many others like YT. Do yourself a favor and don't give these disgusting platforms energy that censor you. I think it is time for all of us to get off Facecrook and Twit and YT. If enough people stop using them, they will all become like Myspace and they lose any kind of power they had. As they say, cut the cord but instead cut the App.

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