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2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Lol. Don't worry, I believe that there is a dualistic aspect to the number, so it could be good or bad.


Yeah probably like most things with these bastards, they hijacked something good and inverted it for their evil ends.

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I live at No.33


My birthday sums to 33 not including the year, which makes 44. My previous house was 44. The first place I lived was Flat 3. No. 23. The pandemic began on March 23 (323) 2020. 


The GE which installed Boris the puppet is on my birthday. Two of the most recently approved vaccines directly reference in their trade names, something of a personal significance to me.


My name sums to 56, the Jesuits.


I am not knocking all the weird incidences of numbers however how far do we take it? This is not a criticism by the way as this topic fascinates me endlessly.

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33 is a very important number. Last year all I saw was double numbers. Most double-digit numbers don't hold a lot of weight in Numerology, but the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are absolutely an exception. These three numbers are our connection to the divine and their enlightened influence is meant to guide and support humanity. The Master Number 33 is the most advanced on this spiritual path, earning it the grand title of Master Teacher.

The Master Numbers each have a responsibility to the greater good and it's the 33's responsibility to support and uplift humankind and bring compassion to the world.

I still see double digit numbers daily.

Every significant moment I had last year had double digits or 3-6-9 combos. I believe it is part of the waking up process. Open your eyes and heart, be more vigilant and you will see all kinds of weird things that connect. 

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