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United Nations Base on Mt Hermon is located at the 33rd Parallel north. The Nephilim Portal.


United Nations has strategically placed their biggest and most important base at the very top of Mt. Hermon—the highest point—exactly where the fallen angels landed?




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It may be a coincidence, but parallel 33 is where Roswell is found.


1. But did you know that John F. Kennedy was assassinated on parallel 33? Some have gone as far as to suggest that parallel 33 was specifically chosen for the assassination of Kennedy.


2. Parallel 33 acts as a junction of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. It was there, where the ancient Sumerian civilization was centered and where the Bible suggests the Garden of Eden was.


3. Did you know that Jesus Christ was 33 years old at his death? The human foot has 33 joints. The Amon (AMEN) is the numerical equivalent of 1+13+5+14=33.

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The value of the Hebrew word KABI which means "my pain" is exactly thirty-three, the number well-known to Occultists and Free-Masons. Why is this called the


perfect number? How many Free-masons can answer? Few indeed of those who specialise in the "fourth degree," the banqueting degree, in any case, can throw even a faint glimmer of light upon the subject. Oh! that we might be permitted to pour the "Chochmah Nistorah" into the empty Masonic vessels and purify the Craft of its defilements. Idol with feet of clay! Let us leave the proud holders of this degree in the hands of the earth-spirit who will awaken them all in good time.

KABI then, which means "my pain" is numerically thirty-three and contains a teaching well worth of study. When the teacher hears this cry and recognises the man as an aspirant, when the disciple thinks that his pain is too great to be borne then is help vouchsafed him. He is instructed to centre himself in God to rise from the Pit into which he has been thrown.

The word BAL which means "in God" has the same numerical value (33) as KABI (my pain). We see that the symbol of the Higher Self (A) is centered in this word pointing out to the disciples the goal to which he must attain.


When this centring has been effected the disciple is told that now he will have to meet his real Self and become one with his Father, the Master within. "In God" says the Teacher, "shalt thou find thy Father, through pain and by the destruction of pain shalt thou rise from the Pit."

The word pain as we have seen it is numerically 33. From this we get the word BAL in God, also 33. In God the Father is to be found, by union the Self is to be known, as we see by changing the letters to those of the same numerical value, viz., ABIKh, literally thy Father (33).

These lessons learned, the disciple rises from the Pit and having become one with God returns to the Mount from whence he came and receives the Law as all true Initiates have to do. Then it is said that he will live for ever.

These teachings are also found in studying the perfect number 33, for not only does it refer to the Pain of the Disciple, the Father, the centring of the self in God but it shows us that the man returns to the heights after these struggles and really begins to live in the eternal. The word GL means


Mountain and has the numerical value of 33, whilst YChIH has the same value and means he will live (in the eternal).

Thus in this number 33 is hidden the secret which tells how the risen one escapes for ever from the connection which he has been forced to make with Asmodeus and enters into that state in which Goodness and Light are predominating characteristics. Anything the treader of the Path possesses of these qualities is owing to individual advancement, but the popular or uninstructed world is not yet out of the hands of Asmodeus nor likely to be for ages to come. From all these teachings we should learn infinite patience and tolerance with our less progressed brothers, remembering the jewels from the Hall of Wisdom as set down in Light on the Path.


Mysteries of the Qabalah, by Elias Gewurz, 1922

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From the last 24 hours. Obviously there are still the usual 33 covid headlines, but they're so common that it's normal at this point.


Six young people sued 33 countries over climate change — their case just cleared a major hurdle


Permits Filed For New 33-Story Hotel Near Rockefeller Center


33 missing children recovered in Virginia during US Marshals operation

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