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The Natural Ether and the Artificial Ether and finally the ÆTHER..

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So language is natural ether.. Slang or newly invented and adopted words are ARTIFICAL ether.. In essence TALK is a source of infinite possibility, you can create or destroy with talk.. Forge alliances or declare war, or bring together a workforce to build a piramid.. Or talk can offer a last needed insight for a scientist to develop a new product or invention..

ETHER ıs ın essence, void of physicality; but holds sway over the world that we live in.. In whatever way shape or form.. OIL or GAS are etheric too, or currency even physical dollars; they are tokens that represent the value in digits on a computer.. ((physical currency are tokens for an etheric calculated value. It still is element, but you wouldnt burn your bills to stay warm; unless those bills would be etherically worthless)) Essential oils are etheric too, or fragrances.. Virusses and Bacteria are etheric too.

The planet Saturn is etheric too for instance; a gaseous planet unlike Jupiter for instance or Neptune for those planets represent fire//wind & water.. Saturn ıs dark in color and has a very fluent//stable//SUBTLE vortex on its pole.. SUBTLY ıs the most important characteristic of the ETHER.. Animal life and even plant life communicate etherically too.. Through birds singing or monkeys talking to one another in their own respectable language.. A Lions roar or dolfins using sonar.. #SOUND = #ETHER(ic) too, again #VOID of body; useally subtle and has massive influence on #LIFE.. Loud sounds are still considered etheric, the ETHER truly can become VERY ın your face and a 100% undeniable its presence is there; it just isnt physical..

Glass is etheric too, natural ether.. Transparant, not a liquid nor a solid yet made from the element EARTH and FIRE.. Glass wıll eventually grind down to dust, plastic on the other hand ıs artificial ETHER; artificial for it doesnt come from a natural source, it comes from #OIL, the blood of #Gaīįīa; which is ETHER.. Venom from insects, spiders, reptiles, fish etc. are etheric too..

#ÆTHER = crystal or ((physical)) written language, be it hyroglyphs or our current day alphabet.. #ELEMENT on ELEMENT..


Digital currency = Artificial ether..
Goldbacked physical currency = Natural ether..
((subconsciously we can as humans can track and trace the origin of CASH money.. DIGITAL currency makes it possible for the ELITE ((select few)) to track and trace the flow of money, but the subconscious of us is clueless; thats why we should return to GOLDBACKED physical currency: for it truly works through and with the law of attraction//convergence.. Like a 50 dollar bill you find still sticking out an ATMmachine, making your day MEGA gaye; ıf you hardly have a buck to spend.. Digital money doesnt have that attribute so a fortunate find of ETHER is VOID of existence, you cant even wire money to the wrong bank account anymore; for you need to check the bank accounts ID + the name of the bankaccounts owner..))..

#COVID19 = Artificial Ether, just like Morgellons disease..

COMPUTER//TECHNOLOGY = ARTITICIAL ETHER.. ((so talk on a phone screen DIGITAL talk = considered ARTIFICIAL ETHER, and NOT ÆTHER lıke printed or written LANGUAGE.. Or carved runes in a piece of wood or hyroglyphs etched into stone slabs))..

EXCEPT FOR×FOR INSTANCE #NITROUSoxide.. Or #AYAHUASCA or #MAGICMUSHROOMS & the #PEYOTE cactus, etc.. A really special drug ıs #CANNABIS// #MARIHUANA for the spores that you smoke are #CRYSTAL... So considered ÆTHER..

ıf you have anymore QUESTIONS, let me know..

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