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Collection of exotic Information and ideas - I'm looking for the rarest

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I'm just putting up some information based on my analysis that I've been sharing with Tom Montalk recently. I hope it gives others more clues and hopefully they will share their ideas as well in brief. Remember, I'm interested in rare ideas that aren't commonly available online that are usually from personal experiences dealing with the occult, aliens, technology etc. Please forgive my shabby writing, I put all of this out in a hurry.




How thought forms are manifested:


Over the last decade, I noticed that, unlike our physical 3D bodies, the higher the layer of our aura, the more rapidly it responds to and reflects our intent and perceptions. The lower layers often follow suit eventually and reorganizes based on the overlapping higher frequency fields. It is almost like the aura is composed of self organizing material that, based on different aspects of our psyche, takes on an imagined form and/or encodes/decodes perceptual information in it via energized matter having a particular harmonics/frequency. More abstract and all encompassing emotions and thoughts tend to generate emotional body aura coloring on the higher end of the VIBGYOR spectrum (I produce white and violet when I meditate and try expanding my inner reality) and thoughts that are focussed on the tiny details like aspects related to survival and earthly conflict tend to produce redder hues (I've seen this energy around myself at times in the past when I got really angry). Under more extreme conditions like states of suicidal depression (grey aura) and fear/malice (black aura), the aura can display even lower frequency bands of color.


One interesting ability I picked up over time is the ability to consciously create thought forms based on a predetermined set of specifications. Understanding this is key to understanding how many demons are formed. There are 3 steps to this process I've developed (and/or was guided towards):


1.Energization: In this stage the individual energizes his aura beyond the default state. Without sufficient energization, the soul matrix will not be able to redirect energy to self organize material in the surrounding environment properly (whether it be sub-layers of the astral or mental planes). It is because of the lack of energization that many novice occultists fail in their initial manifestations. If you've checked out the book "Occult chemistry", it seems that the most fundamental particle of each plane/dimension is a toroidal particle based on standing waves (anu). It is the rotatory angular velocity of this particle or its aggregates that seems to be a measure of energization of an aura ultimately composed of them. If they are energized, they can be made to join together to create complex material based on an overlapping harmonic field. If under-energized, they may break apart into more stable base constituents. Although, many aggregated states can also be stable unless external forces aren't applied to break this formation. For example, this is the structure of the vitality globule that stores internal  rotatory energy that may be released to the human vital body via the spleen chakra to maintain its energization levels (which reflects on biological health):


In humans, energization of the soul matrix usually brings about greater awareness and is triggered by events linked to states of emotional and mental excitement. During this process energization of chakras associated with the emotion/thought being focused upon, takes place. Often, energy is redirected from other chakras that were maintaining harmonics associated with the previous emotional/thought pattern being expressed. A portion of the energy also comes from centers such as the spleen chakra that specialize in redirecting energy from the human vital body (it's the field that supports biological function). In the figure below, you can see energized material being radiated from the people listening to music at a concert that they were really attached to.



In my case before creating thought forms, I also listen to music which profoundly simulates my psyche for 30 minutes-1 hour until my aura starts glowing. After 4 years of practice, I can get it done in 5-10 minutes these days. I try to to focus on one thought/emotional pattern and build it up. The most common alternative for energization is tantric/sex magic. Even wilhelm reich (he was a psychic who could see etheric particles beyond the physical) who coined the term orgone enrgy noticed that a large burst of energy was released from the sex organs (fueled by the sacral chakra/root chakra) during orgasm. In satanic rituals, fear is used (I have seen a black smoky aura form around a cat that was killed by dogs after being scared stiff for more than an hour. I tried preventing this from happening but failed due to other people involved at the time. The next day, I saw 2 black auras siphon off this black smoky flame around the cat. At the point they siphoned off the aura, the black aura swirled into a spiral until it merged and spread across the primary toroidal field of the entities that were feeding off of it. Dementors from Harry potter barred some similarity to what I was observing).


2. Integration: Now that the primary torus field of the soul matrix is coated with energized matter, the integration phase can begin. To create a thought form of a particular specification, you must quickly redirect your mind from whatever you've been doing during the energization process, and focus on literally being the thoughtform you wish to create - this includes its thoughts, emotions, sense of appearance, life purpose, feelings etc. Be ready to create an alter ego that is simulated in a compartment of your mind that is mostly separate from thoughts that are aligned with your own personal self identity (this aids fragmentation later on). If you do this with great focus, through your chakra system, your energy can again be redistributed to build up its aura within your own field. It is important to not usually expect one's thoughtforms to have traits that they lack as they are a reflection of sections of one's own energy and thus internal reality.


3. Fragmentation: To create a thoughtform that can break free of your aura and thus not re-merge with your self identity, the fragmentation process must be initiated. From your state of focus on being that thought form, continue roleplaying as that being but now add in perceptions of rejecting the identity of your usual self (make that thoughtform reject your main self identity - I am not this and that mentality). Simultaneously focus on your self identity and reject the self identity of the thought form you were focussing upon internally. When this is done, from the higher layers of the aura downwards a fragmentation process will be triggered that will separate out the thought form from your aura and it can exist as a separate being (although still strongly connected to you subconsciously and united with you at a higher layer from which you lack the development needed to trigger fragmentation). In some cases, if this process is carried out by a developed individual, the thoughtform can be very developed and can be seen as more of a soul than just a thoughtform (although there is no clear cut line to classify both separately).


Maintenance: Over time, due to radiative loss to the environment, most thoughtforms tend to degrade, if they aren't programmed to find sources of energy and sustain themselves (interesting thing is that even if you don't know how to achieve it, give them your ability to think and they will learn quickly and adapt to their environment). Even if they sustain themselves, it is possible that over time, due to the nature of the harmonics in their environment, connection to higher planes and sources of re-energization, a thoughtforms nature will change. For example if the environment has more energization towards the lower astral planes (similar to that on the surface of Earth due to the reddish radiation from the moon), that component of thoughtforms will likely grow more stronger over time as other aspects grow weaker. Thus, you must telepathically reconnect to that thoughtform by again partially assuming its self identity and repeat the first 3 steps to realign and re- energize it. If you wish to reabsorb their aura, post energization completely assume that thoughtforms self identity once again by integration. This will summon the thoughtform quickly towards your aura and trigger a merging process (you can do this summoning process with souls who've passed away if you can imitate sufficiently imitate their self identity internally -usually name, body feel and appearance are enough). Now slowly,  start merging both identities by slowly shifting the self identity of the thoughtform towards your own personal identity and vice-versa. Doing this with enough intent will fuse the thought form again (I once created a werewolf thoughtform accidentally when I was really angry that ended up clawing and biting me as I slept a few weeks laters for nights together. Realizing it was my own creation, I fused it back into my aura and redistributed the low frequency energy into higher frequencies through meditation. Problem solved)


Additional information:


As you can see the above process happens subconsciously everyday. For example, when groups of people pray to their God, each person's aura fragments, and moves towards that from other people. Usually harmonics from the higher planes are responsible for guiding the aura fragments together in the lower planes. Eventually, they merge together as a single aura to create a thoughtform of that God that carries in it the belief patterns and nature of the people whose energy contributed to its formation. Its self identity is the imaginative self-identity that its worshippers unknowingly generated for it (I've encountered a faceless thoughtform of the islamic god 'Allah' once that was generated by worshippers in a local mosque as I slept. He wasn't friendly and noble like people would expect from a God identity because it was born out of the energy of people who may not have been so noble and kind. What you don't have, don't expect your thoughtforms to have). Many of the demonic forces in the lower astral plane are born through a similar process. Since they are low frequency and the human root chakra (lowest astral based) energy is heavily encoded with the fear of death and the desire for power over others to secure that, the demons (whom are often born from this energy) often will do what they can to get sources of energy to sustain themselves (I will send you a separate data point on this) as they fear dying due to under-energization as well.


Many other demons are actually direct human souls having lower frequency components, who over decades, centuries or even millenia abandoned or shifted their original voice and appearance through decades of focussing on a new form (several reasons: many like their new forms, others want to seem intimidating and thus better scare their victims to obtain energy when they are focussed upon). For example, I once met a demon with 2 horns sitting by my bedside after I woke up. His skin was black and one eye had a deformation. His aura was so dense, that a huge amount of electrostatic charge was developed on my body that later discharged as a tiny lightning bolt onto a cat that I tried to pet soon after (electrostatic discharge, emf, and voice phenomenon are usually only observable when dealing with such dense auras). His aura was also encoded with the upset stomach feeling people had due to sheer fear. This and other information I telepathically sensed made me understand that he was originally a black magician from africa (he showed me how he once looked like), who through sacrifices after death became the demon that was sitting next to me. Usually people on Earth are very very attached to their self identity (voice and appearance) and thus it seems most of them do not possess the ability to shape-shift energetically after death for quite some time (some people are exceptions). Another way their appearance becomes demonic looking occurs when they are seen as shadows or they induce nightmares in the living people to feed on their energy as they sleep. Due to human religious superstitions and fears, not only do people direct low frequency energy to the demon, but also subconscious programming similar to the process of creating thoughtforms, that reformats the energetic nature of a demon. This often changes their internal reality and thus their appearance towards what the living people think they look like. Much of this subconscious programming is not desired by the demons themselves as they want to control what merges in and is absorbed by their aura (this is another reason that sacrificing children are preferred by those in black magic.  Their auras are underdeveloped, have a lot of vitality, and the lower astral components have not been fully merged with the aura of the incarnating soul. Between the ages of 9-13 or puberty, the nordic alien based physical body reconnects to the incarnating soul in a way that allows them to remember their past lifetimes and experiences in the adjacent planes before incarnating. Our physical body is derived from similar genetics and that is why at puberty we start to quickly become more aware of things even though in our case we don't fully remember things as our third eye was designed to be mostly non-functional. In short, the lower astral and etheric components will get more solidly bound to the fields of the incarnated soul. If a person is sacrificed once this connection is established and energy redirected to the demon through the collective intention of all the people in the ceremony, the demons inner reality will start to drift and fuse with that of the incarnated soul. This and the fact that children)


A third way demons/thoughtforms are formed is technologically. The moon matrix output is regulated by crystalline computers which can generate harmonics in the output (similar to how we create thought-forms or perceive reality by changing the harmonics in our aura) that can produce thoughtforms  (harmonic patterns - a soup of frequencies) to ultimately alter physical events as required. This is more effective in controlling events on Earth rather than just bombarding the Earth's surface with a low frequency energy and leaving major events up to other avenues of control. The same thing is done everyday from UFOs using tractor beams that generate harmonics required to make individuals perceive reality in ways that gets them to take actions that are required by aliens to bring forwards events they want. They have computers that can process how harmonics applied to a soup of astral/mental plane particles can trigger self organization to create a thought form in the required specifications. However, these creations often lack the higher connection to planes beyond the mental plane/5D and thus aren't too creative. They call this process "loading human events" or "3D management". Often those in the upper echelons of society are controlled like this at critical moments. The more common method is to have one aura add harmonics to the other aura though (reptilian behind leaders and even possession or aura partial mergure). However, the previous approach seems more secretive as, often even souls in the adjacent planes can't detect manipulation using tractor beams, as the output harmonics that control a person may be loaded directly into the space of his aura from a tractor beam projected at a higher frequency by a UFO. This has happened to me and even the souls around me in the lower astral plane had no clue that I was being manipulated. Even they will end up concluding I did things without being manipulated in anyway. It appears the creator of this game got this idea from insiders and interpreted it in his own way:

Nishant Nagar (nagarnishant651994) on Pinterest


Have you ever experimented with reality creation / manifesting or watched how thoughtforms alter/manifest physical events?
Yes, several times. 
Difficulties verifying manifestation due to limited observatory power: Sometimes verifying things is harder, as unlike Fore, my third eye chakra still won't activate well enough for me to perceive much beyond the shadows and lights that I see around me 24/7. This is surprising considering my crown, heart and throat chakra are very active to the point that I can feel rays coming out of the later two when I meditate. This corroborates the idea that humans were genetically modified such that this chakra doesn't activate easily if not at all. I've noticed that sometimes when I was able to divert a large amount of energy through the center of my brain to my crown chakra, the third eye energizes very mildly (I sense a very narrow vortex) and in the most extreme cases (only occurred twice), several cracking noises appeared from within the center of my brain when I was able to get a lot of kundalini energy flowing upwards in a burst. I think the crystal developing over our pineal gland may be working against natural energy flow in a way that allows proper development of the third eye.  
Under some circumstances, usually with another entity enhancing my third eye vortex and/or tuning to the frequency of my aura purposely or accidentally, I am able to get feedback. Many times, I hear voices just before and after I wake up. Other times, they manifest dreamscapes from where they give me information or induce astral projection experiences. In cases of physical experiences, I have to often rely on responses from other people to verify whether any manifestation occured.
Cases of physical manifestation directly with my energy or via thoughtforms (I'm also including cases of external entities manifesting events telepathically): 
I have only once observed direct physical manifestation (a pillow in my bed moved because I was producing dense energy during a state of malice induced by a reptilian hybrid that was interacting with me via a volunteered possession experiment. I regularly allow a lot of souls, native and foreign to Earth to use my body). In all other cases, physical manifestation is induced from the subconscious of the people around me via energetic linkages to their soul. By influencing how they perceive things, you get them to act differently and thus change the way physical events play out.
1. The most high level experiment I am working on, which takes on the bulk of my focus, involves manifesting an observation point in which my internal reality develops very rapidly and as a consequence I witness a massive change in my external reality (it involves initially observing liberation of Earth). I have started focusing on this manifestation subtley starting about a decade ago. However, it is only in the recent years that my intent has become focussed, my desires have been fine tuned, and my aura developed to the point it started shining like a sun (according to voices that I hear before I sleep and my ability to sense energy). An initial condition of this manifestation involves me gaining an understanding of the nature of reality and spiritual wisdom (I think I started trying to manifest this at the age of 15 when I was completely clueless about stuff). These conditions are being fulfilled pretty well so far. I'll know if the more far-fetched conditions get satisfied hopefully by the end of my time here. I have developed my own meditation style (probably telepathically given to me intuitively) to facilitate my life goals. Here is a brief description of how it works:
My meditation technique is music based. In the past the sadhu's in the himalayas noticed that when people heard sounds, and paid sufficient focus upon it,  based on the frequencies in the sound, particular colors were formed in their aura. From that time onwards, sadhus have developed mantras and even used large bowls that ring at particular frequencies during their mental meditation on a particular aspect of being to help develop a particular chakra. But this process required great mental discipline and the people of today including myself wouldn't be able to feel motivated enough to carry out this process for long. Also this approach seems to not cover multiple chakras in one go (develop multiple aspects of one's nature simultaneously). There are two levels of application of my technique - the base layer and the evolutionary layer. The first level of application of my technique is easy to understand and implement. But only if you learn to apply the evolutionary layer over the base technique will your spiritual growth accelerate rapidly. 
Instructions for Base layer technique: Find the one thing that you wish to express at your core. Then think of the thoughts/emotions/visualizations best linked to that manifestation. From all the music you have in your collection, find the one track that best expresses these emotions and thoughts. Each song has its own inner meaning to you. Find the one that best fits what you wish to express. Now listen to that song in an endless loop for 2-3 hours. But unlike how you normally listen to music pay no attention to the lyrics unless in the rare case, it matches what you seek to express/manifest (i listen to japanese music for this reason only. In my case I make up my own inner fantasy based on meaning that is relevant to my ultimate goals). If required loop in between sections of the track that are relevant. Just ride the tunes and express your emotions and thoughts with the rhythm. Keep the emotions/thoughts consistent for the length of the session. This is an inner dance of meaning. Do not work or allow the focus of your mind to be on anything outside this activity as this will redirect your energy to something outside your internal reality and thus away from your aura. Also, if you are a beginner, distracting thoughts will come into your mind every few minutes, but as you focus more and more on these patterns, you will eventually reach a stage in which distractive subconscious thoughts stop distracting you (this will occur as any compartment of the soul that is responsible for the distraction will become under-energized over time as energy is slowly funneled to the harmonic pattern you are building up via the chakra system). Over time, the thought patterns you are focussing on will grow much more energized until your aura begins to glow and chakras aligned with the emotion/thought pattern you are expressing will open up. Over time you will be able to do this and activate chakras very quickly to energize your aura. When I started 5 years ago, it took me 2 hours to get my heart chakra open. Now energy movement is much more rapid and I can super-energize my heart chakra within 10 minutes.
Instructions for evolutionary layer technique: In the previous technique, once energization is built up, try moving over to other songs that allow you to express a slightly different meaning and thus requires a slightly different harmonic or chakra configuration. The aim is to  use the built up energization to activate chakras in a different way than that based on the inner reality you currently hold. For me it takes a few hours to be able to incorporate a new song  in the process, as I have to get the feel of another altered inner reality that stimulates me. The intent is to slowly integrate another aspect of nature into yourself and thus boost soul evolution. Even if the nature of the energy that I try to build up is different the deepest core intent is always the same so as to help guide me towards the realization of its manifestation; the new energy with the new song serves as a different aspect of my core manifestation desire. I have also simultaneously tried to change my self identity from being a person to being more like nature and life itself. Over time, expand the nature of songs that you can carry out this process with and try being able to energize with very different, even contradictory thought/emotional states. With this practice I opened up my crown chakra to the point that I can feel rays come out of my head about 2 years ago. However, I still have not even covered all that is available,  even from the human spectrum of emotions/thoughts. As you progress, you will notice that the themes of what you are trying to express will become more varied and creative. Ideally, this will allow you to develop something similar to a rainbow body.
2. I once tried an experiment with my friend to prove to him that I could reach him with my energy when I meditate (even if he was on the opposite side of the world). Being a very close friend might have facilitated the experiment as he was already energetically synched to me (I have observed similar emotional patterns and their associated thoughts). After energization, I took on the identity of a thoughtform that believed its purpose was to take on the identity of my friend and fuse with his soul so as to help him develop further via his subconscious. But, because I wanted to prove this was happening to my friend who is not psychic at all, the thoughtform was infused with the beingness of being separate from him initially, to induce a dreamscape in him, and ultimately deliver the message through a scenario the played out as follows - the thoughtform would ask "who are you?" and my friend would reply "I am you". Once this was done fusion would be triggered. The next day, he called me and said he had a vision in which a violet/white thoughtform that he felt was 10 stories tall merged with him via his heart chakra after the scenario played out exactly as planned (my friend wasn't told about any of the details). I told him that I was the one that made him reply "I am you" and make him think it was his honest response. This was very difficult for him to accept even though he believes all the paranormal stuff I tell him. I was able to do this by infusing the thoughtform with a mental emotional pattern that was created by a portion of myself actually believing I was my friends self identity responding honestly after what felt like careful internal deliberation. When the thoughtform was inducing the dreamscape scenario in him as he slept, this energy induced harmonics on his own soul based on the stated pattern, triggering a response in him as planned when he was asked "who are you?". Since these harmonics largely matched his own self identity information harmonics, his aura decoded it as his most honest internal response. I've tried a similar experiment in which I wanted to make my mom compassionate about my dog so as to get her to help him with an infection while I was away. It worked pretty well and the next day my mother had very compassionate feelings for him which was usually unusual in her case.
3. I have noticed during energization that if I focus on the self identity of people who are attached to me in some way, even accidentally by looking at pictures of them in social media, and then focus on what I think they will associate with my self-identity, they tend to contact me very soon even if there was a gap of several months or even years between us talking prior. However, this would only work if the person had a pre-existing habit of contacting me. I think I can make others remember me, but if they have something against contacting me (most people are averse to contacting old friends and there is no incentive to do so), it won't manifest that easily in them physically contacting me.
4. I once created a thoughtform that had the aim of proving its existence to me while I was physically awake (this was 6 years ago). It took 15 days of energization to build it (30 minutes of focus everyday). I added fake memories to him to help him have a context of carrying out his mission (includes touching my cheek with his palm and telling me "I am here"). I am an analytical person by nature and thus I expected him to also be able to find a way to make me see him while physically awake as I transferred him the intuitive component of my aura that facilitates thinking and coming up with solutions. In between I tried another experiment - I telepathically linked up to him and added an overlapping field over him that would allow him to multiply once a certain threshold of internal energy has been reached. The next day there were so many versions of him in my room. Since I was concerned this would affect the main experiment, I telepathically affected the overlapping field of their hive mind and induced a fusion back into a thoughtform with a single astral level aura. At the alloted date, he induced a resonance in what felt like the hypothalamus/pineal gland part of the brain while I was sleeping. I remember seeing so many dreams rapidly at this point. Then he woke me up physically. I sat up on my bed but the resonance in my head continued. My thoughtform appeared before me and completed his mission. At this point my roommate was sleep paralysed and started screaming in his sleep (he probably was seeing all this via astral projection). The thoughtform asked me to go back to sleep but I wanted to stay awake as I was afraid I would not remember. This prompted the shadowy thoughtform to move away from my bed, After 5 seconds, the resonance in the center of my head faded away and I lost the ability to see him. Once the experiment was concluded I energized, took on his self-identity and fused him back into my aura.
5.  Ever since I was 20 years old, I've had a lot of experiences with demons who were sent to break me down every few months for a couple of years. Ironically, most of them didn't hate me at all. They were just following orders most of the time. Later on, it was mostly aliens (dealing with them is more difficult as I hardly can sense them unless they experience heightened emotions when thinking about me). My life seems managed by many forces - aliens (Fore was right. Those who appear to be our friends most probably are the ones enslaving us. Things are not as they appear; everything isn't black and white when it comes to reptilians vs nordic races), demons, devas, angels, human souls (many are trying to help me. But often can't stand up to other forces), also reptilians (many supportive. Few ones in the lower astral view me as a nuisance). There are a lot of things I've observed here but I'll narrow it down to cases of physical manifestation via influencing humans. The most common thing that happens all the time is that I try talking about this material and informing friends so that they wake up. Before I know it shadows appear behind the person and try to analyse how he responds to the exotic intel i give him, they collect the data and probably use it to adjust the way people are programmed so as to not believe people like me (deception fills all aspects of media that is tuned by such data). This is often followed by telepathic signalling and threats for me to shut up. At night, they often hack into the person's dreamscape and use a looping strategy to reinforce a pattern within the person's mind such that the next day he will conclude I am crazy. I can use my energy to block this process but I usually get sloppy and then they reprogram that person or they hack into my dreamscape to break me down or make me waste my energy (another looping strategy in which parts of the subconscious is made to repeat a pattern for hours on end at night. This process can be used to scramble memories, generate feelings for people or activities, learn skills, drain your aura, etc.). Sometimes, they directly manipulate the person and get them to interact with me in a violent way (I've had other loving beings manipulate friends to make them say positive things that they would never say naturally). Other times, while I explain things to them, they attempt to knock me out or put my friends to sleep or make them unable to focus (they tell me that their mind doesn't allow them to focus and they can't remember entire blocks of conversation the next day).
6. I've even witnessed a 8ft tall shadow (probably astral reptilian) hacking into the heart chakra of a big corporate personnel. This process has been done to me by a reptilian so I know what they do to some degree (he did it while I was in REM sleep so I was able to telepathically read the process off of him to some degree). To control a person, a reptilian aura moves behind the person as it is harder to detect. Then, he pushes his hand (also lower astral fields) into the aura of the person to be controlled. When this was done to me, I felt like fields shaped like an arm were penetrating inside my lower astral aura fields. He then reached into and actually grabbed what felt to him to be a rubber ball (I was inside his mind telepathically and thus could perceive what he felt). From his heart chakra, through the chakra on his palm, he diverted energy onto the etheric component of my heart chakra (I think chakras have energy components of many frequency harmonics interlinked together to encode soul memory information. Probably the higher chakras have more energization of the higher frequency components and vice-versa). Instead of deactivating my heart chakra like what we hear researchers on this topic state, he actually super-energized the rotation of the heart chakra by pushing his own energy through his palm chakra. To him, the etheric component of the heart chakra vortex now felt like a super fast rotating rubber ball. This triggered the heart chakra vents to also activate. Now, standing behind me, he tried locking onto the fields of my third eye. I think he needed to get the heart chakra going so that my third eye would also get energized via the chords that interlink them (cw leadbeater has drawn diagrams of the chords that carry energy between chakras). Without my third eye sufficiently energized, I think my thoughts would have been mostly the product of the overlapping toroidal fields around the third eye that interacts with the physical brain (fore tried drawing the energy centered around the hypothalamus that link up the the third eye) and not by the thought patterns encoded in the harmonics of the third eye of other entities. When it is energized, the third eye chakra torus spins up and this encourages forming telepathic connection to others through the formation of chords/streams of energy (it is similar to how anu toruses link up when energized and having similar harmonics. Once interlinked, changes in harmonics applied to one tries to change the harmonics of the other). Once my third eye reached the energization level needed, the reptilian tried focusing on my thought patterns through a process I call mental alignment. Without alignment the harmonics of our third eyes would not match and thus chords will not form between them. For most advanced races this process is automatic as they are naturally used to it and can carry it out ultra-quickly; even accounting for real time changes in the harmonics of the third eye of those that they are trying to lock onto. He was able to achieve locking very easily as I was mostly asleep and thus my brain activity was not too great. However, as I was in REM sleep, due to this interlocking of our third eyes, I was able to get information feeds from his astral body (I was actually experiencing owning two bodies simultaneously). Simultaneously, I was able to access how he decoded the astral environment (I could actually feel  the fields of everything around me). Next, the reptilian telepathically communicated the information he wanted to tell me - "We are the darkness, we hate the influence of the light". If I was awake and doing something active, and he did this to me to modify my perceptions, I may not have been able to pick it up in this detail as the signal from my awakened body will mask the signals of his bodily form and I may think his thoughts are my own (I'm getting better at detecting externally influenced thought patterns because I am very introspective and have an idea what is natural for me to think under a given circumstances). 
Anyway, back to the corporate story.... I couldn't see the reptilian behind the corporate leader directly as he was outside the density I could perceive (I was ultra depressed around this incident due to clashes with my parents and because my aura became lower frequency, I started being able to see shadow people and demons more easily as they started resonating more with me) . However, once the reptilian energized the heart chakra of the corporate leader during the middle of his speech, plumes of cloudy energy started venting from his backside heart chakra vents (the corporate leader looked like an angel because of those vents even though he wasn't really that friendly as a person). These plumes were in resonance with the aura of the reptilian as his energy was the one driving the guys heart chakra and thus I could see that the plumes were bending around and colliding against what appeared to be an 8 foot humanoid figure behind the corporate leader (its like hosing an invisible man. you see the pattern formed by the water bending over something that you can't see directly). At this point, the guy started acting differently. His speech started turning enraged and bitter (reminded me of Hitler). After some time, I focused carefully on the shadow standing behind the guy and he could get a telepathic sensation that I was able to see him. To verify this, he waved his hand and telepathically signalled another entity. Within 2 seconds, a harry potter styled (The only thing J.K rowling got right. She met dementors directly, feeding off her energy, while she was depressed and suicidal) dementor like shadow appeared from underneath the floor (it was during a meeting on the 10th floor of a corporate building in bangalore). He stared at me and I telepathically told him that I could see him. The dementor immediately signaled to the shadow man behind the corporate head and he started vanishing. As soon as he did this the corporate head experienced a state of confusion. He didn't know where he was or what he was doing and simply walked out without ending the speech. This confusion is typical of cases in which a mind's natural flow state has been redirected artificially to an altered state by an external mind and then the connection was terminated too quickly without redirecting his mind back into a state which he would regard as a part of his natural mental flow process. I have experienced this first-hand both while being controlled by both tractor beams (not 100% sure) and external entities. I just ended up confused a bit post having my mind directed to a non-natural mental flow state.
7. Another interesting case was that of non-physical manifestation. In my home city, a lady was missing for a long time and this incident turned into a high profile case. My friend asked me to use my abilities (I am not very sensitive due to third eye limitations) to find her. I energized and tried focussing on her self-identity for 30-45 minutes. The next day during REM sleep, I heard a voice say "my head hurts, please help". I woke up and asked her to hold my hands (I could sense her aura and felt that way our aura harmonics can easily interface on an etheric level as well). I energized and mentally went into a state in which I was both her and me (nexus point). I focussed on her perception of pain and fragmented it off by accessing and controlling her aura (tricky - become her self identity and then believe this pain is not what I am with strong intent). Simultaneously, I focussed on my aura, on the part that encodes physical sensation, I modified it to feel very good and healthy (and even have a womens form). A portion of this component, I fused into her aura to replace the component being fragmented (to do this, from the nexus point, I partially rejected the physical form encoded aura section I built up and associated it with her self identity of physical form. Simultaneously, accessing her inner reality, integrated it by believing it was a part of that identity, thus triggering fusion). In short I was exchanging aura components to solve her issue of a portion of her aura decoding physical pain on her head. It worked and she later seemed happy and thanked me. A few days later, we heard from the news that she was murdered. A gang killed her by knocking a portion of her skull off with a weapon of some sort. If she died immediately, she wouldn't have this pain encoded in her aura like this. My conclusion, which is drawn from other case studies is that she survived for quite some time afterwards during which she experienced physical pain which was being encoded in her aura more and more.
8. Other instances of entities manipulating physical events is by directly influencing my aura and thus my thoughts and eventual actions directly from within my body. It may seem strange but I allow pools of souls of different natures to use my body on a mostly unconditional basis for facilitating mutual growth and energy sharing (sometimes I feel like a collective). Unlike physical material, astral and mental fields can more easily squeeze in and merge over the same space and yet each soul can still separate out with mostly its components intact when leaving my body. This is possible because components within a soul will maintain its previous connections without interfacing to that of other souls overlapping the same space as long as an unique harmonic pattern in accordance to each soul's self-identity is maintained (chords/nadis do not cross link). I have tried mimicking the self identity and thus aura harmonics of their souls to induce fusion once but many panicked and thus i stopped it. However, as is expected, when all of them link up to me energetically and share my experiences, over time sections of our aura fuse and many (or atleast components of their aura) seem to have seeped into and fused with my soul matrix more or less. When all this is considered, the concept of souls having a fixed past and our simplistic understanding of incarnation falls apart. Concepts such as souls having layered multiple pasts/futures can be formed as components merge/leave them all the time at different densities of reality. Thus incarnation can also be seen to occur in a multi-layered format as auras of different densities fuse and leave your own 24/7. The walk-in concept is just a very simple case that often doesn't really describe the dynamics/complexity of what really is taking place (can we call a case of an aspect of the soul breaking of due to rejection/fragmentation being replaced with an aspect from the environment that filled the harmonic void, a walkin?).
 Many of the souls using my body are of human past incarnations and I help them energize and regain their connection to higher frequencies as I mediate (their auras are interlinked to mine and they feed on the energy produced by my higher chakras, especially the heart. Others have given me their energy wanting to help me). When I energize and quickly shoot my energy upwards into higher chakras, they being synced to me, experience a rise in frequency as well over time. They also experience all my thoughts and emotions and grow from my own introspection (simultaneously me from theirs but usually subconsciously as I can't hear their thoughts most times). Many also come to hear my discussions with my friend on metaphysical topics so that they can gain an understanding (i once had a chinese demon created by black magic approach me to hear a discussion we had on how thoughtforms/demons are formed as he wanted to reflect on his origins). Others want to experience things that they can't do without having a physical body (some of them have commented that they like my cooking as they taste it along with me). Even thoughtforms and demons have fused with me like this (I do not necessarily see this as bad. This helped me gain intuitive understanding of their natures. I feel I become more when I hold more contrasts). Some stay longer than others but usually many are cycled out (and/or merge with me) and new ones come in. 
Other souls using my body are aliens (I've met reptilians and nordics. most don't tell me who they are because they fear others will also hear). Many come because they want to experience human life and develop context before incarnating into other bodies or for research purposes. There are also  plugins (astral recording devices. Reminds me of fore's astral implants to enhance his abilities) added to my fields that allow recording of the harmonics in my aura, which can be later decoded and experienced as an immersion stream from within their spacecrafts (I understood this was going on after it became obvious that my thoughts reflected heavily on Swarru of Erra of the cosmic agency channel. Many of the ideas she shared, I had recently talked about with my friend or thought in my head and the content and timing was so specific that it can't be a coincidence. Eventually I met her telepathically and continue to be her friend to this day. We mentally share philosophical concepts as well. It is not just her though many others are having access to my stream in her craft and even within ships of other races. But because of this, she was instructed by her crew to not telepathically contact me directly from her ship as it posed a risk that others using my body would track their spacecraft harmonics and possibly endanger their operations). I've also noticed that they test me a lot in dreamscapes for qualities within me (I fail many a times :p) and have also possibly tested if the implant can be used as a communication device that can provide me information as well by adding harmonics to my aura.
In my past, giving complete access to my body unrestricted almost ended in a disaster as a reptilian hybrid (peggy kane saw the same thing - lord voldemort with shark like teeth) almost manipulated me to the point of murder. When I realized I was being controlled I pushed all 7 souls using my body out at the time and my perception on the guy I wanted to kill turned around 180 degrees in literally 3 seconds (I can send out pulses from the core of my aura that pushes out all fields not aligned to my core self identity). Other times, like recently, a few souls were preventing me from waking up by looping me in a dreamscape during REM sleep. It was annoying, but after some time, I gained enough control to selectively kick out souls that were having information resonating with their fields that were related to keeping me in that dreamscape and I instantly was able to wake up (I later allowed them back in as they were doing it for fun and didn't really have bad intentions. I had something important to attend and couldn't afford not being able to wake up). 
There are many risks to sharing your body like this as is normally described - someone manipulating you to a low frequency state to then drain your energy when you focus on them (demonic possession) is the most popular, followed by other using yours body to experience eating food, sex, drugs etc. and making those addictions worse. But these risks are easily avoidable if you know what to do, it took me some time to learn how though. In short, it involves programming and passing your intent to your higher subconscious mind that will handle the selection of souls to use your body in such a way that it is balanced and promotes growth. Earlier on, when I started this process, many would try to bring my frequency down and try gaining my focus to feed off the low frequency energy (it often didn't work as I built fear resistance to such tactics over time). I overcame this by passing a strong intent to my soul (sections of the soul can act as AI and carry out its program even if the 3D mind is unaware of it running in the backend) to filter out souls that would cause me too much issues and I can also specify the number of souls of a given level of development that can merge with my aura/body (my first try at this was limited to 7 souls by my strong intent. I counted souls merging with me  one by one, as soon as I opened access). But such a format of intent had other issues, sometimes souls having a common bias would use my body at a time and thus increase the chance of  my auras development drifting to those common addictions and biases. This was later corrected by assigning the entire management up to an autonomous higher aspect of my soul that wasn't limited to bodily perspectives like our conscious 3D mind (this higher aspect is also updated by an even higher aspect based on core experiential requirements and real time updates in my life). It also regulates the number of souls using my body at a time and helps direct traffic in such a way that I can also grow in a balanced format from all the fields overlapping my core identity (The more diverse the population the better as my introspection is more creative). A year ago, a voice told me that there were 82 souls using my body (probably from the level of his vantage point in the astral). I thought 6 or 7 was the limit before I heard of these figures. I've been perfectly stable for 2 years now and my rate of spiritual growth and metaphysical growth has skyrocketed partially due to this.
Sorry if my english is improper here and there. I wanted to push out understandable content in bulk and felt I shouldn't waste too much time on grammar unless it affected comprehension. I will try to send you more exotic information regularly if I can, as I feel you are sharp and can creatively understand things (david icke is the only other person I've seen that is like that after reading his books). More importantly you are spreading ideas online and I want to help you gain ideas in the least.
one last data point for now - harmonics applied over spirals within spirals within spirals...(one for each adjacent plane) is very likely the key to multidimensionality.
image.png DNA is 4 layered spiralled for connecting humans up to 7D directly. harmonics in DNA resonates with different components of the soul matrix for locking onto them and sharing data. DNA atcg pairs help regulate the harmonics that DNA within each chromosome resonates towards.
CW Leadbeater noticed that an physical plane anu is made of smaller anu of astral level and so on (stable frequency harmonic standing wave patterns). Matter in 3D is thus formed from a stable set of spirals within spirals...(Spirallae). 
image.png Melinda-Leslies-ET-Propulsion-Artists-Rendition.jpg
Swaruu of erra, said that aliens use gold crystalline superconductors in coils within coils within coils.. and apply harmonics over them to cancel gravity, phase shift and even generate free energy. She said rodin coils on earth tap into free energy most effectively (I've read many patents and seen a lot of free energy devices. Many appear to be getting over unity but this seems like the optimum way). However, Swaruu said because superconductors are not available to the public and room temperature ones don't exist on Earth, resistance due to coils within coils will make such devices not practical. I noticed that many who claim free energy from rodin coils have twisted the coils as it is bent over the torus (this indicates a coil within coil requirement).
There may be additional energy-based suppression going on (environmental energies, etheric implants / attachments).  * Have you felt or noticed anything about consumer devices, cell towers, electric grid, etc. putting out harmonic content either deliberately or inadvertently, and what the effects of these are on us?
I am not sensitive enough to study any of these effects on the aura directly. I can instead offer clues on what is going on, based on information that I picked up from the web and processed:
I've heard rumors that since the late 1990's, vaccinations have contained nanotechnology in the form of aluminium particles that can settle in the brain tissue (fat), absorb electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, and possibly cell phone towers and other consumer electronics, and then retransmit it in a form that lowers the aura's frequency and damages the vital body. Based on local 3G/4G signals, like alien implants, they may be able to set it to generate harmonics of a frequency that produce a desired mental-emotional response in the person's aura to suit population control agendas (it couldn't read the aura though, just unidirectional control). I've heard that one of the trials of such a technology was carried out in a football stadium in which the audience was offered free food laced with such nanoparticles. The ones conducting the test on their efficiency, sent out control signals to the entire audience and verified that they could control the emotional responses of the crowd to some degree based on what was happening in the match. 
In the covid-19 vaccination, I've heard rumors that it will contain an updated set of nanoparticles that supports bi-directional communication with 4G/5G towers via cell phones. This way the system can also know what thoughts and emotions are going through your mind in real-time in addition to controlling them. This data along with your internet traffic data (software and hardware backdoors are everywhere, some even at the chip level, to leak out your data to groups like the NSA) will be relayed to a central AI system that can automatically flag how to control each individual of the population uniquely for the agendas of the cabal (AI controlled police military state is already being experimented with in china, where cameras are kept everywhere, that is processed by AI to tell the cops what to do). Control signals will be relayed back via the 5g/4g towers and the cell phones to the nanoparticles. Based on government records, your thoughts and your internet search history, you may be set for termination if you can't be controlled or know too much. In this case, I believe, since 5G towers are very unidirectional and are planned to be placed every 100 metres, they will continuously bombard your location with the third mode of 60Ghz (the other two modes aren't as deadly) until you get respiratory issues due to the oxygen molecules resonating and being unable to fuse with blood hemoglobin in the lungs (covid like). It is also possible that the nanoparticles will be set to generate harmonics that induce cancer and lethargy by weakening your vital field as much as it can. This way the system can selectively kill all potential threats while leaving the unawakened people standing. If everyone was to get affected in unison before all the thinkers are wiped out, there are much greater chances of informed rebellion. To get this plan working they need everyone to be injected with these nanoparticles in excess and simultaneously to avoid chances that people escape this mind control and later form rebellions. 
To get vaccines into people, very conveniently Covid-19 came along just when 5G started becoming public. The Taygetans in the cosmic agency channel (they analysed blood from wuhan labs) and David icke both say that there is no virus and that it is a hoax to get  the nanoparticles into everyone together. David states that the cases are caused by misclassification due to the faulty PCR test (it identifies a genetic sequence that is already there in the human chromosome-18 and thus based on the PCR amplification levels, even healthy people can get a positive. That's why a large number of cases are asymptomatic). Also the Covid-19 symptoms are almost exactly similar to that of the flu and the death rate is very low. Without the test, people wouldn't even know a deadly pandemic was going on (my father is a doctor in the largest hospital in a badly hit area but even he says other than the media fear frenzy, he doesn't see any more people dropping dead than before this crisis). I've noticed that under the cover of covid, they are rapidly deploying 5G towers and in select cities like Wuhan, they tested the 5G death mode (60GHZ) as a part of field trials. In other cities it is not tested and thus not too many covid positives pop up (this also allows them to refute claims that 5G and covid are linked. "If they were linked shouldn't all 5G areas be covid centers?", they would ask). I think they will use 5G to selectively boost covid positives to control anti-covid policy. This also allows them to conduct field trials and push the numbers up as needed (also by regulating test kit availability, PCR amplification levels, hospital policy and  governmental funding per covid case). Even after the vaccine is deployed and people are more or less forced to take it (most probably it won't be mandatory but you will lose out on an incredible host of privileges as the public will see you as a threat), they would use the 5G networks and other means of adjusting covid cases so that cases pop up rapidly again. They will make claims that those not taking the vaccine are containers that allow viruses to mutate and thus it should be made mandatory. They might recommend taking updated vaccines to adjust to the evolving virus every 6 months or a year. Soon, once these nanoparticles accumulate within the population, the 5G towers will be able to get control and read aura data as well as write to it (will now not be limited to just 60Ghz bombardment mode). This seems to be what I'm getting from everything I've heard so far.
Another way to lower the frequency of the surface is chemtrails which contain aluminium, strontium and barium nanodust that converts vital energy coming in from sunlight (it's not just visible 3D based light) into a lower frequency field. That's another reason cities are filled with low frequency people on average - they have more airports.
I've heard stories from Wilhelm Reich, some psychics and even the cosmic agency channel that nuclear plants are built on etheric leigh lines to convert good etheric energy that can assist our vital body into a denser blacker form that is toxic to our field. These leigh lines now end up carrying this energy and it may resurface in other points on the earth that connected leigh lines emerge from the ground. I've heard that in these spots important government buildings are built (both the government we see and that of the different shadow groups). The reason for this is that the energy of this place would encourage survivalistic thinking and fear due to the altered energy. This helps those deeper in power to keep their pawns from acting out with love rather than fear. Unlike the public, the elites have maps of the earth's energy grid with an understanding where vortices emerge out of the ground. They always build their important building according to this map understanding that energy affects perception. In the map below, you can see that violet crown chakra promoting energy comes out of the nepal region, that is why so many religions that were more close to understanding the nature of reality emerged near that zone - original hinduism, shinto, buddhism, taoism. It was centered around yoga. What we see now is twisted. For example, I spoke to a lady running a yoga center and she thinks that yoga is about relaxing muscles and getting blood flowing to bring relief. It's actually not meant to be a physical exercise. Many of the poses they see in yoga were just to help beginners learn to move and feel their energetic fields, soon the masters hardly move at all and sit still for hours on end, once they learn to control energy with intent alone. If the cabal can't effectively hide the truth, they always twist it to the point it's useless and then advertise the fake version for the entire world to see. This is much more effective in keeping things hidden. The US has a lower astral vortex near mt. shasta - maybe that why so many of the invading reptilian bases and dumb activity was concentrated on western USA. They find that energy comfortable. Most societies turn a blind eye to eating meat, homelessness and excessive prison punishments. We also have regular wars. The reason all of this is secretly needed is because it also lowers the frequency of the planet and makes people easier to control. In the case of wars, demons and even alien ships can be seen siphoning off the energy as it gives many of them a high (I've heard stories of reptilians, greys and even wolf like aliens enjoying this energy).
The most important way the energy on the surface of the world is regulated is with the moon matrix. In an astral projection experience, someone tried helping me and showed me the moon outside my window. It looked like a red ring with a black center. What I was seeing was the moon's energy profile. It emits a very low frequency energy onto the surface of the Earth to keep us in this survivalistic state. That's why even the native reptilians and the agarthans don't come up too often, the energy is unpleasant for them. Most of the 5D aliens are scared to come here as the frequency makes them disconnect to the point that they lose access to their higher psychic faculty, their fields break down and eventually become like us or they die before that. That's why they visit for short periods only for important meetings using belts that raise their core frequency via the navel chakra. Some even get procedures done on their aura to decrease radiative losses to the low frequency environments of earth. In UFO's, while carrying out operations close to earth, they always regulate the inside environment to have high frequency harmonics that match their native 5D levels using technology. The moon matrix is fueled through an energetic portal from Saturn's north pole. The hexagon pattern occurring at the pole, indicates to me that a low frequency energy that can even affect physical matters is shooting out of it. Also higher frequencies would generally produce more complex standing wave patterns.
I also have a feeling that elements of our housing generate fields to affect us but I can't verify this directly. I've watched so many haunting documentaries in which house renovations adjust the energy of the house so badly that physical/etheric manifestations start to occur. Even me, I've placed magnets over large quartz crystal sections and witnessed unamolous thumping on the cabinet it was placed on for a significant period of time, on 3 separate occasions. However, I was unable to replicate this effect on demand. it seems other energetic conditions are right sometimes and not in other times. I've heard a psychic claim that the edges of our rooms generate energy that is unpleasant (I know aliens usually have curved and rounded elements in their ufos to allow fields to better flow through them) and that metals used in housing elements generate fields that are dangerous when placed in some geometrical shapes (I suspect that cube/cuboid shaped rooms may have a negative effect on our energy). In other cases, I've heard of structures that have a beneficial effect such as pyramid shaped housing (I saw a report on an experiment with rabbits. Rabbits under the pyramid significantly outgrew those under a cuboid shed).
By the way, you can make a passive LC oscillator from a wire bent into a loop with the ends overlapping but insulated from each other. Also known as a Lakhovsky coil. An inventor I knew introduced me to it, whereby he made one from 10-conductor ribbon cable with one end cut at 45 degrees so that the wires were slightly different lengths. He used to treat pain and arthritis in himself and his pets. One cat was symptom free within a few days of wearing one as a collar. I made a belt for myself and every night that I’d wear it, I would have alien-themed dreams, as if my body’s subtle energy was raised a little and maybe triggering a response similar to the prior times it’s been raised (which would be during contacts/abductions). But since I’m not clairvoyant, my experiments with it were limited to indirect effects hard to gauge. I’m mentioning that in case you ever try it and are able to see what effect it has, if any, on the subtle energy fields.
Thank you for this information. I have heard of many inventors being aware of similar principles to treat disease - Royal Raymond Rife being the most popular in the 1930's and more recently, Anthony Holland. Even homeopathy is ultimately based on the same principle with the exception that water is used as the intermediate that acts as a buffer that can retain harmonic information of material immersed in it. Let me list mutiple associated examples of this - specific hotsprings have healing water that might have passed through a mixture of crystals (rock/gravel/sand form) in the crust of that area which may have been energized by leigh lines such that the water now boosts the human vital field and higher aura layers, water immersed in silver is antibacterial as it absorbs an harmonic that silver emits, charged crystals in water impart their harmonic to water that can be used to adjust the field of the human aura when consumed to the matching field, water crystallized with different emotions form different patterns under the microscope as witnessed by several scientist around the world, brews of animal and plant parts that have a specific harmonic field can be used to treat ailments if the harmonic pattern changes the harmonic pattern of an affected area to a more favourable form [chinese medicine and witches brews are historical examples], blessed water retains the harmonic pattern imparted on it by the priest and this harmonic field can trigger aura changes that can affect the entities possessing an afflicted person, water passed from a river over property with low vibration through tubes can likewise absorb and dissipate that energy over time, similarly, I've noticed that taking a long shower when depressed absorbs and denergizes those components of my aura and helps keep me calm (perhaps this is why religious ceremonies like baptisim claim that water can absolve sins), even in sacrifices, the blood [water] is collected as it has an overlappiing low frequency black field that when consumed lowers the frequency of those involved, thereby making it more comfortable for demons to continue possessing them. Others are recognizing that passing water through magnets at rapid rates, increases the energization of the etheric layer overlapping water, making it more effective in vitalizing plants and thereby it is being increasingly used in agriculture to improve productivity. In contrast the water we consume is dead water that sits around and loses its energization and picks up the harmonics of the pipes it stays/travels in and the containers we use to store them (I have a feeling it is designed to be detrimental). viktor schauberger talked about this and how dams contained dead water while flowing rivers contained energized water (water prefers to move in a twisted helical path according to him). In 2014, Nobel peace prize winner Luc Montagnier, used digitally stored audio signals to program water to help assemble DNA from nucleobases. This way he proved that harmonics and DNA are interrelated and that you could synthesize dna from harmonics itself by fusing together its base components.
I don't think I'm sensitive enough to reliably judge but I'll try if I ever get a chance. The only thing that I've noticed that definitely boosted my vital energy field and thus the amount of energy I have to work with during my meditation is vitamin-d supplements or even 30 minutes under the sun. It seems to be boosting the activity of the spleen chakra that feeds energy to the heart chakra by processing more vitality globules (according to cw leadbeater). Thus I'm able to radiate significantly more energy through my heart chakra than without supplements and its effects can be felt within a few hours. My aura is inflamed more easily with it. [update: I recently damaged my heart chakra by letting out too much energy in one go. My spleen chakra usually feeds it with vital energy but after it runs out, structures in my heart chakra start collapsing and I start venting through the two heart chakra exhausts under the shoulder blades behind me (this is how the aura excretes unusable components). I couldn't meditate for 4-5 days as the heart chakra seemed to be gone (My heart area is very sore for a week now)
 and without it I was very negative/bitter (I've observed this every time I over-release energy from my heart chakra and its harmonics no longer in my aura make my mood unkind for a few days. I've noticed that many souls like this energy as it helps them regain their connection to higher layers). I was fed up with this blockage preventing energy from reaching my crown chakra so through will power, I controlled the fields around my heart chakra to direct energy upwards and bypass it altogether. Yesterday, when I meditated, as I wanted, a new pathway formed around the left-side of my heart chakra that takes spleen and root chakra energy to the crown chakra and a bit to the throat chakra. Interestingly enough under this configuration I'm able to output all my vitality into very high frequency energy as now mostly my crown is shining alone. My aura feels so much more enlightened than with my heart chakra in the loop. I think I should stop my exercises and wait for it to get healed as I feel the heart chakra energy helped me feel more connected with the people here.]
Thanks for sharing your base layer and evolutionary layer meditation techniques. Do you think it’s possible to create music one self to do the evolutionary layer or, since music comes from within, you’d just be reinforcing what you already are? Maybe it depends on where the music comes from, since a melody could be given to you by some external entity and if you were to meditate on that you’d develop associated patterns foreign to your current state.
You don't have to develop your own music or obtain it from an external entity, although the latter might have an increased chance of you gaining new subconscious inspiration that matches theirs when they hear it. In my case, I try digging deeper into my heart/core and draw out new inspiration from my subconscious into my conscious when listening to music to help prevent me from getting stuck in just my conscious patterns (we are linked to the external via the subconscious. It is like a zone where the barrier between you and others is increasingly broken. A part of this subconscious works through the higher planes that interlinks all of our individual minds). To facilitate this expansion, a key principle that has helped me grow rapidly while meditating is changing my self-identity or meaning with respect to all of life/source (as much as I can define). I started seeing myself as less of a person with all of its subconsciously attached limitations and more of being an expression/story of heightened self realization that can stand out as an extreme contrast to that we see in this world and at a deeper level, even everything there is in this universe; even the adjacent subconscious. Even if it sounds like a carzy fantasy, because of this change in self-identity, over time, my inner reality evolves and I'm led to ideas or ideas are telepathically transferred to me as intuition. As a result of this growth, the story/meaning I hold when listening to music keeps evolving and growing in depth (you soon start incorporating everybody else's identity within that story). With this greater consciousness, I again seek greater realization over even this pattern by expressing the story/meaning of growth in self-identity that can transcend that yet again and be a contrast to those who hold that. I am in an inner war for meaning and am learning to obtain more of it by pulling subconscious patterns and fusing it with my conscious mind. To facilitate this while I'm here, my heart chakra and crown chakra opened up a few years ago and I seem to be evolving rapidly in terms of my perspectives and ideas. To drive all of this, I focus on a core set of strong desires that helps fuel the desire for this growth during my meditation. Opening your heart and mind is the key. 
The reason changing one's self-identity can change all of this is because, similar to the thoughtform creation process I explained earlier (fragmentation and integration regulated by controlling self-identity), when you change your self-identity with respect to the layered illusions you see in this universe, you start fragmenting off your original timeline and reintegrating towards other versions where your new self-identity is more likely to be expressed (even from others points of view). It's like you are an idea within a bigger idea that is the prime creator's mind, that is capable of defining the nature of what it is and how it connects to all the other ideas, and thus move things around. As a result when events are ultimately played out physically, you decode reality in an altered way that is more in alignment with that you held in your internal reality. 
Now, it's also important to self-identity as being an expression of periodic growth in consciousness, because the more conscious you become, the more you gain the ability to define your meaning with respect to the whole and change the default nature of things from your observational angle and even that of others. You are a part of the source and linked to the rest of it via your subconscious; so just draw everything required back into your conscious with your intent. In my case I program part of the subconscious of multiple layers to work with my conscious from behind the scenes and guide me from within through internal inspiration (they will also sort of act like automated thoughtforms that can gather intel and help direct your destiny by manipulating things from behind the scenes). Since even other beings in the physical or adjacent planes are ultimately connected to those higher layers, even they can react based on those programmed subconscious patterns to help provide you the experience you've programmed the higher layers to allow your 3D conscious identity to ultimately experience (your internal reality when developed to accommodate higher layers gains increasingly more ability to alter the external reality. Internal and external realities are linked). You can even define others destinies this way from your observational angle as you can self-identify with witnessing that person's life proceeding as you imagined and even control things from his angle via the subconscious. This regulation can be used to generate synchronicities (similar to that explained in your youtube video on this topic). 
Ok very interesting to create a thoughtform that would fuse with him and make him believe it was him. * Do you think that’s being done by various negative forces as well, sending someone a negative thought form of, say, depression or anger and having it fuse with them? Because the negative alien mind programming I’ve dealt with, or telepathic persuasions, were in the form of getting me to feel/think it’s my own feelings and thoughts. 
Yes, if someone can synthesise harmonics in your aura that matches the formatting of your self identity while containing other low frequency harmonics to make you angry, you will think that you are the one genuinely getting angry (you see this in most demonic possessions). To do this, many beings interfacing with your aura actually have to accept your self-identity to some degree or another to build an energetic link and then use that link to manipulate your thoughts. They can often gain access, by getting you to open up your soul's isolation fields (normally your souls fields are repulsive to anything that doesn't match its signature tightly enough. But this can be changed with a strong enough intention to open up unlimited/constrained access. This will allow other souls to get into your same soul matrix space and overlap it. Sometimes it feels like many squeeze into me and I can feel some sections of their aura flex and adjust if those sections are not able to easily occupy space over sections of my aura that have similar enough harmonics to interact physically but still remain distinct enough to prevent fusion) or more slowly by getting you to focus on them and thus create energetic chords that will slowly allow two way communication that they often use to leverage more focus (demons start it with nightmares and once you can see them as shadows during the day, they try to get them to focus on you more and more. When fear kicks in, your energy becomes denser and then it's a downward spiral when they get that energy as things become physical) and thus more chording which gives way to possession and possibly partial fusion of identity. When aliens and demons do this to me, they risk that I pick up their internal harmonics in their aura if I am in a state of heightened sensitivity. If I'm doing something actively, it is hard for me to pick up things with my limited sensitivity. This is because when they link up to me, their aura harmonics can come into me as well. Thus they try keeping their own self-identity revealing thoughts very calm and only focus on my thoughts and patterns while adjusting it to get me to act the way they want. Silencing their minds like this usually prevents me from picking them up.
Amazing how autonomous this thoughtform seemed, other than doing what you programmed it to do and absorbing it again later. How would you differentiate between a thoughtform of your own creation (or someone else’s) and an actual sentient being like a ghost / demon / alien? 
Thoughtforms are of different levels of development. If you as a person are very developed, chances are that your thoughtforms can be even more advanced and sentient than many human souls you see around you. These thoughtforms may also even incarnate in another body or bodies on Earth if that is their desire and evolve the way other souls do. To differentiate a thoughtform that I produced from that of an entity more foreign in origin to myself,  I try sensing their energy signature (fore said the same) - you can feel the essence and nature of that being within yourself as its soul's harmonics influence and generate matching patterns in your own soul during an interaction (focus results in chording between auras and thus energy transfer / harmonic interaction). You must sense this inner feeling and see if it is compatible with that of your own self-identity and nature to judge if it originated from you (for example, a demon I met earlier made me feel nauseated with fear as this energy was absorbed through sacrifices. Obviously this doesn't match the vibe I get about my self-identity/nature and thus isn't my thoughtform. Others which were created from my aura, have an aura that matches sections of my own color bands and their essence reminds me of a part of myself). This feeling may also allow you to sense the intent/nature of the soul (alien souls are experts at hiding their energy as theirs is a telepathic society and thus to aid survival they stop radiating unwanted harmonics from their aura into the environment for others to read off and understand their real intentions. They only mess up when they are in shock or emotional stress. However, to prevent this reverse information transfer completely, they often use the ships AI to act as a communication intermediate via tractor beam. This prevents even a super sensitive from decoding anything based on the information communicated through astral/mental plane harmonics of the tractor beam. It almost feels like you are communicating to a robot as side harmonics that represent subtle emotional/mental patterns ques are filter out of such artificially generated harmonic signals) and take precautions if needed (for example, a long time back when I was still clueless, squads of 3-4 demons were often sent to attack me and break me down as I slept, I could sense their bloodlust when I entered my room and prepared myself for a horrible night). As I am not very sensitive, I usually am not able to pick this up unless the signature is strong enough and the entity is really focussed on me.
Another way would be to use your third eye (mine is mostly unactivated till date) to generate harmonics that match and lock onto the aura of that being to get a better reading. Even better would be to use it to access the third eye of those entities (imagine energetic tentacle like chords zipping out of your head and locking onto the entities 3rd eye) and generate thought patterns in the mind of the entity to force it to reveal secrets its blocking from you and then discern their nature which is not reflected simply by reading their external energy profile. Aliens do this all the time to me to understand my thoughts in detail. I know because when I close my eyes during mediations where my third eye is a bit more active, I see a shade of slit like eyes and alien looking heads staring at me from super close. They are studying me from an astral projected form. Sometimes, if they are tuned to my energy, while I'm meditating, I release a quick burst of energy. This burst energizes their aura momentarily to the point that my insensitive third eye can pick them up as a black/white shadow or their chakra centers tuned to that frequency light up and I see stars/pixels in front of me. Other times, they release pulses of energy when influenced by something that I'm saying or thinking, that drives my auras harmonics and temporarily syncs our consciousness allowing me to see their shadows/chakra centers as pixels, and get readings off of them momentarily. 
Has your physical health been impacted by these souls/energies sharing your body? Or a related question, have you noticed whether diseases / illnesses can be induced by entities or foreign aura encodings? I would think that something simple like a migraine can be induced that way. 
Yes, I do feel a bit more drained but it is mostly because I release a burst of high frequency energy during my mediations (many of them absorb it and it helps them gain a connection to higher planes). Otherwise I'm mostly fine. Earlier stability issues would be there because souls having one common mental/emotional pattern would push my average aura configuration into another format and thus my mood would fluctuate more. Once I assigned my higher self management of who interfaces with my aura such that souls across the spectrum come in to balance things out, Ive been able to live stably. The benefit of this seems to be that I'm also evolving more rapidly by fusing and interacting with many different energies (many are aliens).
Yes disease/illness can be induced by affecting the harmonics of the aura field of other entities or even energy based technology (Even articles on Lakhovsky coil mentioned this. Adding harmonics that favoured harmful bacteria and suppressed the vital field of human cells accelerated disease). From watching many haunting documentaries, I've noticed that when people die after prolonged suffering, say by losing an arm or having a wound in their chest, they focus on that point of pain and because of their fear, their vital body gets loaded with a dense energy and it takes the shape matching their injury. This may keep them in a state of pain for a long time post physical death in the lower astral plane (Like the case with the lady I mentioned whom i helped). I feel, many of them try incarnating to dampen this pain but in this process their dense distorted vital body affects and overrides the fields of the developing baby such that the baby may be born with those scars or birth defects.
On Earth, it also seems that many souls are asked to incarnate in bodies against their preferred gender type by thoughtforms who pose as gods and ask them to reincarnate to continue their growth or repent for their sins. Few sources indicate that this is one reason why there are a lot of people with gender confusion in our world. It is also likely that souls chose to try out the opposite gender then their previous incarnations for several other reasons including the curiosity to experience something different. In the cases of starseeds whose gender roles don't align with that of either male or female groups on Earth, many suffer from the same problems.
Extra info (This might be a game changer. I deeply think about this these days and would value your insights. Please give this section some thought as I feel it is important):
Based on Fore's material, the lacerta files, Alex Colliers material, Cosmic Agency channel information (Taygetan chats), and my analysis of everything I have experienced and read, I have a very strong feeling that something is very wrong in the picture that we are observing (Reptilians, Greys etc. from the Orion council = negative while Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians etc. from the federation of planets = positive) and that is presented by all the major players who are dedicated towards this line of research. Even I believed that for the past 10 years until very recently after my crown chakra developed even further.
I'm a big fan of David Icke and largely supported his views and that of many others that reptilians from Alpha Draconis, Orion, Sirius (Orion Council) were the supposed threat who saw humanity as cattle, genetically manipulated us to be slaves, lose psychic capability and remembrance of our past (third eye distortion) and enslaved us with the moon matrix. There was enough stories to support this - stories from dumbs like dulce base, psychics seeing reptilians behind elites, shape shifting during satanic rituals, the channeled stories that during the galactic wars, lyran races were almost wiped out and chased across the galaxy by alpha draconians and their minions, stories of the zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, astral projection experiences/haunting documentaries of many people (even I've faced this and have been psychically attacked by lower astral plane reptilians because I was seen as a nuisance energetically) that report negative reptilian like entities, Annunaki/Nibiru material and even contact with the supposedly positive aliens (usually federation agents) that make similar claims.
But, over time, I've started to suspect something was very fishy when I thought about things. I'll list below my evolution of thoughts:
First, from all the UFO abduction stories, channelienings and chats, one thing seems obvious - there is a restriction in place that prevents ordinary citizens of other planets from visiting the Earth freely from both parties and other alliances. All the UFO visitation stories I've heard have always been of corporate/military factions who have come to Earth for their respective agendas or that of their alliance. I actually haven't heard a single case of an ordinary citizen coming here physically (it is also true that because of the frequency most are scared to even venture to the 3D surface as they consider it toxic for their frequencies. Their fields radiate and energize the astral and mental planes around them, lose energy and eventually de-energize to the point that much higher psychic faculty is removed. This scares them so they try avoiding coming here anyway). It seems that most privately owned UFO's have an authorization clearance installed in the AI to prevent citizens from travelling into any space-time coordinate they input (time travel being the most restricted). Only authorized military personnel with special training have this access on a requirement based basis. The Taygetans state that this is because of ethical reasons (???) and that only the most noble citizens will be given access (I think it's only trained military staff loyal to  the federation). These sources have also indicated that there is a federation prime directive of non-interference with evolving races (that's the main reason many willing can't come here physically) and that since 2003, the federation, with its control of this sector, has installed a blockade over Earth and asked all non-authorized extraterrestrial factions to leave. The Andromedans & Arcturians are said to be in charge of Earth affairs now and have set up this blockade on behalf of the federation to curb human trafficking and abductions by the orion council groups. After this blockade, many of the grays and reptilians that didn't leave (not the native reptilians and agarthians, they have clearance) from the dumbs and underground caverns were blocked. They knew they would be blocked by the end of the 1990's, so as soon as they heard the warning of the 2003 blockade, I believe they set to build CERN from 1998 onwards which is said to be an attempt to create a portal large enough to transfer troops/equipment from/to the orion group mars bases to escape the blockade around earth and thereby resume operations. Their plan was to use an encrypted portal on both ends to prevent the federation from tuning into its frequency harmonics and locate them. However, according to the Taygetans, by the end of 2019, it seems the federation carried out a dumbs raid and removed the last remaining reptilians/grays of the Orion group that have been controlling the elites from behind the scenes. They say, now that it's only humans here on the Earth's surface, let's sit back and watch what they do when not influenced by external forces. Hopefully they will resolve things and ascend."
Now, what was fishy to me was that despite the federation having control of the local space for at least two decades, the moon matrix was still at full power. The Taygetans till 2019 explained away that they were told by their elites that the moon matrix was still controlled by the Orion forces and that they would eventually take control. By the end of 2019, I believe they stated that the federation got control of the moon-matrix. However, even after many months, the moon-matrix was still fully active (I was shown the astral projection experience of a red ring with a black center in the sky which was the energy it radiated) and I would talk to my friend about it and question this a lot. They then made the claim that they didn't have to do anything as the moon matrix was failing (You expect me to believe they just fail due to aging or some natural causes just right now??? turns out they meant failing to keep human thoughts controlled because of starseeds and the energetic shift taking place everywhere which they didn't know a long back).I proposed that the federation was lying to their lackeys who are managing the Earth situation and that they actually had control of the moon-matrix the entire time. It seemed obvious, as how can you have control of this sector for decades and then say the moon-matrix isn't in your control. They claim to be more advanced than those who took control of the moon matrix (orion reptilians on Earth), so I felt this was fishy. Also with my understanding of their capabilities, I felt they could have easily located the computers within the moon and diabled them, or even circumvented and redirected the energy stream from saturn by damaging the structures on the backside of the moon that lock onto them (the moon acts like the exit of an encrypted portal of which the entrance is saturn's north pole where the encryption is done by a federation base that is in higher frequency plane. Saturn's rings which were artificially created crystalline computers by self replicating cylindrical machines, take signals from the base to generate harmonics in unison that affect the dense north pole energetic output and encrypt it to match that of the moon portal. This way, they create a portal-like channel of energy flow. If the encryption was not there Saturn's energy flow would probably not make its way here. Encryption also prevents others from hacking into the stream and directing it elsewhere), even damaging the crystalline rings of saturn may be enough, or even place something in front of the moon such as crystals to absorb and reemit the frequencies in other higher frequency bands that promote our growth. They did nothing...
Now, many aliens listen to what I say (I have verified solatians, sirians, taygetans, native and foreign reptilians [as a soul], as well as arcturians at least listening to my thoughts. Swarru of Erra and I share philosophical and spiritual ideas through the cosmic agency channel. She hides a lot of secret messages for me in between lines to let me know things all the time. Some keywords are almost impossible to be coincidental) and after my complaints, within a week, the federation elites admitted to all operatives here that they actually were the ones who controlled the moon matrix from the very beginning (since ~10,500BC. Humans were created here around 6000BC). They claimed that they had to do this as we were a regressive race and would manifest nightmares for them if they didn't lock us in and we learnt about the rest of the universe (this doesn't make sense as they made the Earth's surface 3D even before the human race originated. Also why not lock in their enemy regressive orion group races instead of clueless humans). They also stated that and that until humans learnt wisdom to not kill each other and learn to control their thoughts (that thoughts affect reality), they had to lock us in here (it implies they probably regulated and suppressed the public access of UFO like technology by controlling our shadow government leaders). This also didn't make sense as being in 3D, humans will never easily learn that thoughts manifest reality, nor will they come to the conclusion that there is any higher wisdom than self-preservation because they see the picture ending the moment their bodies die. Thankfully, many races agreed with me more or less, and the cosmic agency channel stated that many races left the federation operations here because their groups were supposedly shocked (I'm pretty sure many of them knew earlier but kept silent as it wasn't put out there for them to chose, it was obvious) and they did not find this was ethical. A friendly Solation man from the federation (white haired pleiadian) telepathically contacted me that day for 4 seconds and gave me his support. I also felt a lot of alien energies buzzing around me, trying to listen into my thoughts regarding the issue because they thought that I obtained this knowledge from my crown chakra and I felt some of them were panicking and wanted to know my thoughts urgently (Swaruu hinted at this. She asked me via the channel to meditate and come up with possible reasons why). Actually this prediction could have been obtained through logical discernment alone. I told them everything that I thought in earnest telepathically though. The taygetans later claimed that the andromedans who met Alex collier, was actually the race that built and now controlled the moon and that it was bought in originally from Ursa minor and later maldek. All of this actually made me very frustrated as I felt I was seeing the same deception games that I spent years deciphering on Earth, even there amongst the so called benevolent extraterrestrials (even fore's material had the same theme). I expected this as I'm aware of the fact that in our universe "as above, so below principles" usually hold some ground in between adjacent planes and that many of these races are genetically similar enough to humans to warrant that the way our elites fool the citizens would be a part of their cultures as well. 
Later, I re-read the lacerta files and did some research/thinking about our ancient past. The native reptilians claim that the elohim (Swaruu verified this for me by saying that they are a federation race) were the ones that genetically created and managed the different human civilization on Earth and that we were version 7. Version 6 was in the Bimini area south of florida (its underwater now). Versions 5 and 4 were Atlantis and lemuria (also deep under water and sand. It seems the water level has been rising for a long time now. The taygetans state that a long time back we could walk around the world, there were no oceans, only lakes and seas). For some reason, the elohim wiped out each race once they reached a certain stage of development with floods caused by heavy rain I think. Most were guided to live near low-lying coastal areas and the floods submerged their cities. I know that water vapor is pulled into an area if enough etheric energy of a certain grade accumulates in that region thanks to the Wilhelm reich (he made rain machines and cloud busters as he was a psychic who could see the etheric). Perhaps the aliens bombarded a huge area with this energy, with the form being most water attracting at the center where these civilizations lived. This would suck in all the water vapour from afar to that zone resulting in endless rain (Noah ark story), especially if  the aliens maintained a cool temperature over that airspace. This too can be done energetically by applying a certain harmonics over an environment (perhaps similar to the cooling effect we see in hauntings just before physical manifestations. When etheric matter is excited to form lower frequency aggregates that can interact with physical matter, the physical matter loses heat in the form of an endothermic reaction during that interaction between two grades of matter). I wanted verification about this, and that week Swaruu said that the federation actually was the one that was responsible for the destruction of the past 6 civilizations at least (via the elohim?). The federation hid this knowledge from their operatives around Earth and she could only verify this by meditating and accessing records of the past. Definitely, entire races of advanced humans don't die out just like that. Even if floods occured for many days, there would have been those who would have migrated to higher lands. Also vehicles of all kinds may have been available including UFO's for Atlantis and Lumeria. Also there would have been groups of citizens in other minor settlements. As long as conditions for survival on Earth were fit for mammalian survival, I always felt those civilizations couldn't disappear just like that. Even neanderthals disappeared in a short period of time (our scientists say we killed them in a short period without evidence). It is very likely our past civilizations were slaughtered for an agenda that no one of lower ranks in either the federation or the orion council really knows (the native reptilians said even the lower rank elohim weren't told why civilizations were created and wiped out so many times. Many got attached to their creations and had relationships with them. When all of them were executed, sections of the Elohim federation operatives rebelled). It seems despite the other federation races having access to Earth's internet (via servers held by Russia and possibly the USA), data such as the lacerta files or other files/video that provided them information that the federation didn't wanted them to know was filtered out (I think the taygetans mentioned this once). That's why the taygetans only could check it out once I telepathically asked them.
In response to this discovery, the federation changed its story again and has told its operatives (or at least the taygetans) that Earth was a 3D school and that they created those civilizations on Earth using DNA from 22 of their races, probably to create a generic biological portal to support federation souls from multiple races to be frequency compatible/reincarnate within it. That's why our race has such a widespread emotional/mental spectrum despite being in 3D. It was meant to be a soul container that could adapt to souls from a whole host of species. They state that Orion reptilians more recently modified our genes and removed 10 strands to keep us 3D during this and the previous civilization (Very fishy as the moon matrix was sent here by the andromedans and the reptilians' actions supported it in keeping us limited).
The taygetans state the moon matrix and mind control on Earth helps prevent our DNA from re-mutating back into its original form over several generations. Since they designed our bodies, it was seen as their property, and so they felt it was their right to wipe them out. According to them, souls incarnating here have to agree to this or leave elsewhere. Souls have a choice they say. This is their latest excuse to prevent greater internal rebellion amongst the federation operatives (it seems many of them don't agree with what is happening here but they don't have the freewill/courage needed to oppose their superiors. Those who don't like it can leave but due to security reasons are never allowed to disclose what happens here. Fore's advisor said the same thing). Swaruu states that in each of the past civilizations, when starseeds from the federation were directed here to change things and free the people, the civilization would be wiped out. The last civilization in the bimini area was 3D but when they tried to ascend by raising their consciousness they were also wiped out. All of this was seen as a part of a game for encouraging soul evolution in the only known, artificially maintained 3D world in this galaxy (5D is the average in this galaxy and some places it drops to 4D and others 6D). Swaruu says from her perspective, souls incarnate here on their will to experience 3D so it is their fault and responsibility for everything occurring here - The federation is not responsible for anything. The andromedans and taygetans say that the harsh experiences of Earth can only take souls forward in evolution by the law of consistency. It is their choice for incarnating in the federation maintained game. Swaruu suspects that if humanity tries to ascend, they will be wiped out like the previous races (the taygetans and many other races here also don't really know what their elite council members are actually planning with Earth). As you know, indigo, crystal and rainbow (different grades of spiritual development) have been coming here in mass recently hoping to help humanity ascend and listening to many of their interviews (myself included), they actually seek humanities ascension into higher frequencies of perception. According to the taygetans, these souls are being directed here from the federation and they are using this to justify their presence over Earth (to manage, track with identifiers inserted in their physical bodies, and retrieve them post/before death). Because this started increasing the frequency of the planet to levels the federation could not control (measured by Schumann resonance), the COVID-19 situation was introduced to lower the frequency and bring about the final stages of their plan to make a NWO. The taygetans say that humans cannot manage themselves properly, so the federation would guide events using their control of the leaders (many US generals, trump, putin) who they are in contact with to push for it. They say it's just a coincidence that the Orion council wants to do the same thing with their players (vatican, other US presidents, deep state, satanic groups etc.) for bad purposes. Their operatives are now being trained that controlling people on Earth is justified as 3D management (selective control of people and loading events  with tractor beams, moon matrix, telepathy, control of one side of our world leaders) because humans can't administer themselves and create a peaceful society by themselves. The andromedans had stated just the opposite to Alex Collier "If humanity does not raise their frequency in time, we will cleanse them to raise the frequency of this space".
The statements from the federation have many flaws and fishy details in it. First of all, if the federation really cared about soul evolution, why didn't they allow the previous civilizations to experience the ascension process, figure out what was going on, and gain independence before wiping them out? Wouldn't these events generate greater soul self-determination and self-identity expansion? Instead they were heavily controlled with belief systems that the elohim taught them and wiped out after a certain stage. Also I doubt a federation of planets that divides their self-identity into race based ideologies so badly, would really care about soul-evolution above all else (obviously race priorities and other agendas come first). They glorify soul evolution because they are told that reaching higher frequencies is the ultimate achievement of a soul, but very few of them seem to free their hearts above even the barriers of race which would allow self-identity expansion and thus soul evolution. Fore said the same thing, and after all my observations, I agree with him - they preach about spirituality, compassion and love (unlike for humans, spiritual wisdom is commonly available for the intergalactic public. Thus even a regressive race can dish out fancy spiritual wisdom to clueless humans but they rarely practice what they say when analysed), but their actions reveal that they are no better than humans at the core (I've seen enough instances of this to figure out they aren't the angels many think they are). They blindly convince themselves that they are doing everything from the highest ethical and spiritual (Aneeka from the taygetans used to blindly state that the federation/taygetans always do things with the highest ethics in mind until recently) standpoint so that they can be at peace with themselves and not face their darkness (This only makes them easier to control by the federation). I've heard that other pleiadians from giza tech (non federation?) and even the elohim enjoyed taking on the role of gods as it made them feel great. It's very likely the so-called benevolent federation races are more human than they would like to accept.
Also souls evolve when the self-identity is made to expand - on Earth I am seeing the opposite and even the andromedans/taygetans have hinted that many of the souls on earth are regressing. Only first-generation starseeds here are of significant levels of development in terms of ethics, spirituality and technological understanding (according to Rochelle from taygeta). The older generation starseeds have devolved into survivalistic human-like states by losing their connection to higher layers (their consistency law is just propaganda to make their citizens think that at least souls will gain evolution here for their suffering. But the truth is that souls can devolve and evolve. For all their effort and suffering the souls here devolve by giving up expanded self-identities due to mind control and the disconnected higher selves usually merge with the collective of the federation alien races because of genetic similarities, thereby accelerating their collective evolution without the need of incarnating here first-hand). Also, it seems that souls do not have the choice the federation claims it does. Although souls may incarnate by focusing and merging with a fetus's consciousness, their perspectives can be limited or controlled to violate a genuine choice when doing so. Most souls in the lower astral plane are kept in a state of ignorance and they usually have access to only their memories from the current incarnation and time spent in that plane. Because they have not been taught how to critically think while alive, many struggle to make a sense of things and thus go around the world searching for answers (I know many study my work as one source), and try building context on what is really going on. I feel the vast majority of souls, just like how they didn't care to question things while physically incarnated, go about their lives in the lower astral planes without even wanting to know the circumstances of what they are experiencing. Amongst them, there are many who are fighting to awaken mankind. but it seems their mass mobilization is suppressed/regulated by stronger forces such as aliens (my friend observed reptilian egregores suppressing human souls trying to contact him), archons (fake gods) and demons who seem to be working together at a certain higher level (I have personally experienced many human souls being herded at times and seen haunting documentaries that support the same). Without knowing the conditions of what exactly they are getting into by incarnating here and information of other options such as life in alien worlds, how can the taygetans state that the souls here have a practical choice? Even the andromedans have stated that there are white (indicates higher frequencies on the other end) portals everywhere in the lower astral plane (often appearing before you when you die. Multiple documentaries and near death experiences talk about this) that teleport you to a high frequency matrix beyond the van-allen belt where your soul is analysed (very likely this is set up by the federation as the taygetans stated that the saturn base in a higher frequency plane that handled the moon matrix was regulated by the federation the entire time. Also the moon is an andromedan craft originally). Based on the analysed data,  you are shown your favourite gods/loved ones and eventually they ask you to return to earth for a new incarnation. You have no choice in the matter and using high voltage/gravity noise in the astral and mental layers, a soul's memory is scrambled and then low frequency thoughts are projected onto the soul to make them want to incarnate (in case of near death experiences, it seems the matrix waits and can detect if the person's physical body is recovering and thus the scrambling may not be done, but he is asked to go back nonetheless, and soon finds himself back in his body). Soon that soul is teleported back to the Earth and incarnates because of the low frequency thoughts and the fact that it lost access to most of its memories (very strong intuitions and memories may survive the soul memory erasing process). This clearly is a very big violation of a souls free-will in the sense that most souls would go into the portals thinking that freedom awaits them and it appears the federation has made no attempts to let these souls know otherwise (very likely they set it up. It's not a natural phenomenon I feel). The andromedans state that the soul should not go in there and instead should focus on the universe and this will take them away from Earth. However, from matilda o'donnell's interview with the surviving roswell grey alien, the andromedans, and other channelings, it seems there is a barrier set up around the earth (a torus field coming out from near both poles) that blocks souls having lower frequencies from escaping (I recall the grey alien saying that if you tried to cross the barrier high voltage/gravity pulses would be sent to scramble the souls memory and prevent escape). If this is true, this means that many can leave only if they have shed their lower astral bodies and enlightened themselves enough to cross the barrier that wouldn't impact such a vessel. This may be true as I've heard psychics saying that when first generation starseeds die, their corresponding race has to come retrieve them with their ships to possibly take them back. Ordinary human souls have no such help. If such a barrier wasn't there, why would something like this be needed? Couldn't the starseeds return home on their own? I have a feeling this is a prison planet in a way (many sources state the same, the federation operatives deny because that would mean they are the prison guards). The taygetans state that starseeds are sent as missionaries here to help the people and that this is the aid they offer. But, the truth is the starseeds came here for their own reasons in most cases and the federation is taking credit to look good publicly. They are using the very presence of starseeds from their races here to justify military presence here, which they are covertly using to play their control tactics for humanity. Ironically, most starseeds came here thinking that the bad guys were orion council reptilians/grays (yes, there definitely is a reptilian element to this, but the federation seems to be just as rotten. They hide behind terms like ethics and morality, but they are just doing what they want like any other military-political body) and that they could help humanity ascend for some noble cause (if the taygetan operatives themselves just recently learned about the federations wiping out the Earth's past civilizations and the moon-matrix, it's obvious the starseeds coming here from 5D and 6D developments were lied to and acted on misinformation before deciding to incarnate. Isn't this a grave violation of free-will by the federation of souls from their own races?). More recently, Swaruu commented that humans don't have complete free-will owing to their advanced mind control by the federation (this is ironic as she correspondingly states that everything bad is humanities responsibility alone. They have nothing to do with it). Swaruu having access to time travel, is currently researching the effects of how influencing select people telepathically,  by adding information in the channel or potentially by using tractor beams to load events and also influence people, effects the way things play out in the long run for humanity. She has gone to multiple futures with her ship and studied the butterfly effect of her actions on key people here. Another thing I've noticed is that the federation blames us for creating the negative egregors that control us as demons from the lower astral plane. Although this seems true from one level, it is the moon matrix's energy that keeps humans in the survivalistic states and it is just that this energy is being remodeled into negative egregors by humanity's focus/intent. Thus these egregors can also be seen as the by-product of the federation's technological suppression of humanity. Many of these egregors are reptilian-like (I've met some of them) and Swaruu states that they are created by human fear because of subconscious genetically stored memories of times when reptilians ate lyrans eons ago during the galactic war. Honestly, I do not find this credible as most humans I know don't recall any of this to manifest so many demonic reptilian-like egregors. Even if people are scared of reptiles in general, I don't think the public visualizes humanoid versions of them. (I feel the moon matrix computers may be generating them. Tractor beams can also generate such egregores to create events by manipulating souls both physically incarnated and in the adjacent planes). it could also be possible that such thoughtforms are formed in underground bases by people (children usually) that were fed to the orion reptilians. Maybe it's the souls of the reptilians themselves infused with this dense fear based energy that is actively present in the lower astral planes (I've seen this too personally with the reptilian hybrid and from haunting documentaries).
From all alien sources, one common pattern is evident - they are racists, believing in eugenics and that genetic heritage is a measure of associability. Swaruu verified this again for me, that even in the federation everyone is divided and compartmentalized in knowledge, beliefs and technology based on their race (it seems they don't even have much contact with other federation races here except closely connected ones like the andromedans. Most inter-race communication seems formal and official. Every citizen is taught that their actions represent their race so they must act in the best interest of their race in front of other races). She says that 5D beings are of that mentality and collectively wouldn't consider it their responsibility to help anyone outside their race or a group that is closely related genetically. They are here simply because of their starseeds and ancient genetic lyran lineages (probably also as support for generic federation operations). Even the prime directive is racist and does not allow interaction with races they classify as not evolved (this is ironic as they can come and take everything from here including all our music, art, wisdom, philosophy, ideas, social data that people produce just to survive under their 3D management but we can't get anything other than what they choose to give us. This is especially ironic because they are the ones keeping the blockade up so that potential friendlies don't help us out and maintain the moon-matrix . This also always allows federation races to be ahead of races they blocked out due to the mostly unidirectional information flow). The andromedans and taygetans seem shocked and disgusted that humans would have wars and homelessness amongst their own people. I can say the same thing about them but between races. Many races are enslaved and suffer but the other races don't do anything and instead often play political games to take advantage of their circumstances so that their races climb in position. They are told that if they don't suck up to their race and maintain their environment, nobody else will accept them and give them a home (just like humans say about the family level. Other families will not accept you in, so preserve your own self-identity presrvation bubble). Why humans act differently from them is simply because of their smaller self-identity preservation bubble and limited foresight as their focus/planning ends at their death (the moon-matrix keeps this as such). The people here mostly think the entire chessboard consists of only other human groups and our alien controlled elites have ensured that we are divided based on language, color, belief etc., so that we fight each other thinking that other humans are the only logical cause for our problems/suffering (this also prevents us from seeing the puppeteers). We are told that our self-identity group is the individual or family at best and that only they will help us out till the end of their lives (or as far as our mind can see). This is why those outside this self-identity preservation group such as homeless people are left out and not seen as our responsibility (same reason the taygetans and andromedans eat great meals everyday in their motherships while ignoring the beggars down here from orbit stating that it is outside their self-identity preservation group. They are no different at the core). If one day, humans learnt that aliens exist, of the threat of other races that are very different from their own and that they will probably incarnate on this planet many times over in other families, very quickly the self-identity preservation bubble of every individual will rise to the race level and we will act no differently from them.
The funny thing about all of this is that very little of what is happening on Earth is known by other civilizations in both the Orion council and the federation. In case of the federation, the public just has a faint knowledge that Earth is a planet where regressive humans of a 3D mentality are controlled by parasitic races of the orion council (Even the taygetan operatives who came here recently had this impression). Most have no clue to the extent of how twisted the truth is and the federation seems to be keeping things about the Earth quite back home in their worlds. When the taygetans were asked why their elites managing the affairs of earth have no clue to human suffering (Swaruu said this) and why the federation population is largely ignorant of the situation on Earth, Aneeka from the taygetans said that "How many of you are aware of the water crisis in a particular African tribe. Why do you expect the people in the federation to know about Earth?". I felt this answer was flawed as there are many places, where water scarcity is an issue (even my childhood town had water cuts for days) and it is an issue people find banal. In contrast, the Earth is the only known 3d planet, with a wide variety of people of all ranges of spiritual and cultural development. They themselves have stated that music, art and culture from Earth is taken back to their planets. Even Alex Collier heard Earth music inside the Andromedan ship. The taygetans state that Earth is the only place where anamolies such as homosexuality occurs and it houses 7.5 billion of the 132 billion lyran people in our galaxy (according to andromedans). Also, it seems, ours is the social experimentation lab for this galaxy as many authorized researchers come and study us from their ufos (Swaruu says it's packed like a walmart parking lot). Adding to this, the current complexity of the situation here with reptilians/grays, should make this a place of interest. I believe media control is the only reason why no one is focused on this planet which is at a stage where everyone can get wiped out within a short period of time. If the federation researchers are showing such interest isn't it weird that their people are clueless? Several months back, the taygetans were asked to distance themselves from the Earth's surface for some time such that their sensors could not pick up and record people of interest. While they were parked in high orbit, unable to monitor the Earth, the federation carried out activities which Aneeka reported as a clear violation of free will (she later reported this to Alcyone council but I'm pretty sure that's useless). I cannot know for certain but around that time, someone manipulated me with a tractor beam when I was about to wake up and made me say "I  MUST KILL ALL SOULS", before i know it I'm using my aura to collapse the fields of a large number of souls around me (I have many friendly human/alien  souls hanging around me and using my body. many of them are trying to figure out what is going on). I could feel that I was popping souls at the rate of 3-4 per second and I think I killed many of them by the end of it. Soon after I could energetically sense that many around me were panicking and one soul told me "Do you even realize how many people you've killed?". My head was burning as if an external source had driven the fields around my head forcefully to the point of damage and I was extremely confused and disoriented. This was the work of the tractor beam because no other soul around me saw an aura that was manipulating me and the output was just too strong and stiff to be from an ordinary telepathic non-physical being. Also, if someone telepathically tried to control me, I usually pick up side bands from their subconscious and this would have given the energy controlling me a less artificial feel. I know the tayegetans monitor me close to 24/7, so it is very likely that the federation did it to make the souls around me disperse in fear (it worked for a time I think, I sensed a lot less activity). It was likely them as the timing matched and they had control of the airspace back then. Fore reported human abuse incidents from his end as well. Fore's advisors group often tortured people to make ends meet and they even caused a car accident in front of him and threatened him to obey if he didn't want that fate for his loved ones. The taygetans (Swaruu) have claimed that they are aware that other federation races commonly do this to humans to get their objectives accomplished, but that their race is not guilty of such actions.
A couple of years ago, when I was more polarised in my views that the reptilians were the ones solely responsible for humanity's situation and that the federation races were probably benevolent, I felt the federation supported me largely as an example, especially considering the fact that I was advanced in this domain and was relatively evolved as a soul. Also from Swaruu, I learnt that I was an arcturian starseed and from images I once obtained about my past life experiences, it seems I was a federation researcher and explorer (I saw 100's of images flash before me in space and fancy facilities). This is why my aura is violet and white in color and why I can understand much of this intuitively. When I started questioning things and made the federation operatives aware about the moon matrix I felt the federation elites turned their stance against me and saw me as a nuisance in their plans. Swaruu gave me hints that the federation views me as a rogue former agent (because of memory loss) and they are concerned about the knowledge I possess (In my life if I usually try opening my mouth and informing anyone, aliens and demons are quick to prevent my knowledge from getting passed on. It is very annoying). It is also hard for them to get rid of me as many are watching and groups amongst them (some of the federation operatives are kind and loving) are supportive of me. However, Aneeka revealed that after operatives of many races left after learning the truth of the moon matrix, she has observed that many from other races seem to be getting a kick out of watching humans run around in circles (sometimes triggered by them during operations). Earth seems to be their reality TV and privacy is actually very little. Even I have caught the Taygetans observing me at awkward moments when they expressed in the channel that they wouldn't observe people in (I think you understand). More recently, I told my friend that I could potentially write a manual of a meditative exercise that could be taught to the masses that would create a special thought form that could intelligently hack into their elites and play events to free us from the moon matrix. The next day, as I was sitting on the sofa in my living room, I got a strong telepathic signal - There was a group of people in a starship that I felt was orbiting Earth (pleiadian like energies) and an officer of higher rank telepathically told that group that the elites had decided to go ahead with a plan to kill me. This shocked some members of the group very strongly (many see my experiences from their ship and are supportive of me) while others seemed like they didn't care (they just do as they are told mentality). Because our energies may have linked up at one point or another this strong shock from a group of federation aliens was strong enough to reach me and I picked up this event. To prevent them from carrying out their plan I blabbered away night and day, telepathically projecting their covert plans for everyone to see hoping that they wouldn't do it. I also telepathically projected that I was joking about the manual and that I wouldn't create a manual like that to hurt them (I view people of all races as my people. Harming them isn't going to solve anything. However controlling their elites to free humanity might still be under my radar :p).
Now, all the above experiences together have convinced me that the so called benevolent races are just like us in terms of their ethical compass. They are just people doing things that serve their own self-identity group interests. They just like appearing like saints because it makes them feel better about themselves (many in the past liked playing the role of gods. even humans like being seen as such even though they may not be so innocent inside). Galactic history has also revealed that these races can do bad stuff to their enemies (even the andromedans say the pleiadians hate looking at Earth because it reminds them of their past and what is hidden in their subconscious nature. That they were the ones that taught our ancestors to hate each other). Also if the federation is benevolent, why is that the punishments for their enemies are sick and lacking in compassion and mercy (isolated in a prison planet in a far away galaxy where their souls are recycled indefinitely in eternal bondage. This is what alex collier said the federation did to the captured giza tech pleiadians who colluded with the nazis). I have also continuously observed that very few of these races accept their inner darkness (that they can do bad stuff just like humans do and the federation operatives here have displayed that at times). They always raise themselves as excellent in terms of ethics, morality and spirituality but their actions and words often indicate a lack of compassion and forgiveness (I've observed the taygetans brutally shaming their previous contact in a bad way for spreading rumors about them, through the cosmic agency and then claim that they considered her one of their own???). This inability to accept their dark side has actually convinced me that they lack individual self-love and determination. Each one of them seems to be stating that they are positive (in contrast to the regressive orion council izards) and lying to themselves regarding their negativity/darkness so as to feel loved and accepted by their peers who are brainwashed to praise light and condemn the dark side of nature (same as humans. Can humans who eat meat accept they are murderers. I've accepted it. When I was 12 I knew what happened to the animals I ate but I kept eating them because I liked it. Only when I reached the age of 23 did I accept what I did even though everyone told me I am not a murderer while they continued to dig in. I switched over to vegetarianism shortly after). They also seem to be of a much more hive minded than humanity due to the nature of 5D and easily swayed by race propaganda (they even subconsciously share spelling mistakes when communicating in english chat and other biases/perceptions via the hive mind). I do not know whether my arguments are convincing enough that something is wrong here. Even, I am not sure of all of this but it seems very likely that we are dealing with a shades of grey story rather than a black vs white story (I've heard that Orion reptilian races teach the inverse to their people - that lyrans are dangerous and would threaten their access to resources and survival. It is very likely that in the previous galactic war lyran races must have done equally horrific things to them including enslavement). The native reptilians tried waking up version 6 humans in the bimini and our ancestors, but it seems the elohim attacked their underground cities using sonic weapons and thus they decided intervening with humans might compromise their survival (The federation didn't say anything about the clear violation its own member did for so long). The federation also violated the non-intervention law in the sense that the native reptilians lost the freedom to occupy the surface of their very own homeworld. Even some taygetans agreed that unbeknownst to their public, the federation breaks its own laws as per its convenience. It seems that as long as it's hidden from the public nobody would raise a flag.   
I have something more disturbing to discuss as well and it is regarding a possible secret alliance between the federation and the orion council. It is very likely that the events on Earth and elsewhere are a secret good cop-bad cop routine by both sides who are working together at the highest council levels but at the lower levels (low ranking federation operative and members of their public), each race is told to just be concerned with their own race priorities and they are divided to fight the other alliance based on reptilian vs lyran, love vs fear, light vs dark theme so that the elites can carry out their common agendas of expansion and control (the andromedans have displayed anti-reptilian sentiments and so have the taygetans until more recently when I pointed it out. They now state that the vast majority of reptilians are benevolent/loving and this indicated to me that such race/alliance propaganda is easily spread but seldom questioned amongst the pleiadian races). Same thing is done on Earth anyway, our leaders answer to the same masters (that's why in terms of black alien-tech projects they always seem to be working together), but they purposefully pretend to be divided up into countries/religions/philosophies that are genuinely fighting each other. This allows our shadow elites to compartmentalize information and keep it away from the public stating that it is to protect us from the enemy (other humans). This allows them to slowly build the NWO AI control prison system and no one knows whats going on because knowledge is so compartmentalized and disinformation is abundant. We are literally building up the walls/bars/fences of our prison because the masses can't see the big picture. Similarly, I feel the good cop - bad cop routine by the federation and Orion council allows them to quickly expand over neutral territory stating the threat of the other group to force neutral territories under their alliance. The threat of the bad cop, always encourages neutral races to sell away their sovereignty to join the good cop (in addition to promises of protection, access to trade, the galactic internet, etc.).
My reason for suspecting this secret collusion is as follows:
I know that their elites want to expand their alliances as quickly as possible as this guarantees better control and safety towards their way of life and values. Working in such a manner with the orion council is tactically more efficient in quickly reaping in neutral races. Perhaps other alliances from other galaxies might be seen as a potential threat in the distant future and thus working together like this might allow them both to grow faster. Simultaneously, publicly encouraging distrust in the other alliance allows them a reason to hide technology/mission details from their public (such as all the stuff happening on Earth. Very likely the public will never learn of the fact that the moon-matrix is controlled by them. Weeks after the taygetans learnt about it, they couldn't even verify if the people back home knew or would ever come to know. Very likely this will not be shared, as the federation's involvement in the previous civilizations was not told to them all along. They will say that such secrecy is needed otherwise those seeking to harm their collective will take advantage if this knowledge is public. It actually doesn't make sense as shouldn't the orion group know that they don't control the moon matrix already??? So it's more likely that they just don't want their public to know about their dirty work) and this allows them to easily incorporate planets like ours into their collective without anyone in the public suspecting anything dirty going on. Signs of this alliance are already showing. The taygertans and the andromedans shared that recently elite reptilian races from the orion council are merging into the federation. Swarru says that there are now two alpha draconians - positive faction that is a part of the federation and a negative faction that is a part of the Orion council. This is surprising as the andromedans called them zealots and it seems unlikely they would completely split up like this. Swaruu says that the post alpha draconians now only eat fake meat and abandoned their previous expansionist takeover plans unlike the negative alpha draconian faction. It is most probably that they still have expansionist plans but they are working with the federation elites in a new arrangement to better facilitate it. Why would the head race of the Orion council side with the federation like that and why would the federation elites allow such a mergure. Something is not right. Similarly, I've heard from Alex Collier that the andromedans observed half of the Nibiru reptilians being allowed to join the andromedan council.
I've seen many instances of what appears to be actions of the Orion reptilians secretly aiding the agendas of the federation and vice-versa. It is almost as if they are just pulling off a pre-planned dance of war to convince their lower ranking operatives/military and the common people. For example, if the federation low level operatives had no clue that the moon-matrix was controlled by the federation, surely the Orion reptilians that played the bad-cop role here and created multiple underground bases here must have known this. Swaruu stated that if the moon-matrix was removed we would quickly rise in frequency and gain the ability to see entities in the adjacent astral planes. This would allow us to quickly know about the reptilians and turn against them. But for some reason, they knew the federation wouldn't do this. Also this is a federation controlled world and space. How could the reptilians have such confidence to come here, eat our children, control our elites and export many people off-world to be used as slaves and meat. It's almost as if the federation elites called up the orion elites and discussed this arrangement as a win-win game. The reptilians won in the sense that for 7.5 millenia, humans have been exported to so many places to please reptilian tastes (when the federation handicapped humans with the moon-matrix to prevent them from manifesting nightmares elsewhere isn't it their fault that humans were exploited while they were blinded) and federation promised to turn a blind eye. When the time was right, to usher in the end scenario for this world, the federation won, as the reptilians here offered them the excuse to come here (this was one of the initial excuses to bring many troops here. External parasites kept humans in the state of cluelessness/chaos that they are in) and created a complete blockade since 2003. They are now using this blockade so that very few spectators can see the dirty work they commit during this critical time (as with past civilizations). Because of the moon-matrix some cities underground owned by the agarthans and native reptilians fell into bands near lower astral levels of frequency (underground in some regions due to the presence of crystals in the earth and energy lines, some regions reach up to lower 5D). This also enabled the invading reptilians to wage underground wars with the other races (Swaruu mentioned agarthans having to fight underground wars with them and that they lost some territory to them). I think the federation used this as a chance to offer diplomatic alliances with the other two races natively living here with promises to eradicate/remove the Orion reptilians underground and in dumbs that threatened them. Aneeka stated recently that the federation used the threat of their superior military might to politically manipulate these races and maybe they will eventually join the federation as well (See how the federation again benefits by playing good cop-bad cop with the orion reptilians here). In the 2019 raid, all the orion reptilians in these bases were captured and unsurprisingly handed over to the positive alpha draconians who would take them to an undisclosed location in another galaxy for enslavement (It seemed the taygetans couldn't verify where and if they were imprisoned though). Also, alex collier said that in 1989, the secret government mars base that had 300,000 humans was invaded by the orion council reptilians (some from negative alpha draconian) and eaten or possibly enslaved. I feel the federation elites probably called up the orion group and gave them the go ahead and promised them that they wouldn't intervene. This way the federation can ensure humans won't spread outside the influence of their 3D game planet (the mars base was supposed to have long term life support capability) and the orion council would get food/slaves - both parties get what they want (win-win). I might be wrong about this one as the greys could have potentially informed the orion group and they just assumed the federation wouldn't intervene. Another story I heard was that in the pegasus constellation the orion reptilians were allowed to enslave the remaining population after a pole shift (it seems the federation allows/permits things such that the orion group can grow as well or at least remain a threat alongside its own growth. There are political benefits to having an illusory enemy alliance as discussed before).
Another issue I've noticed is with the alpha centaurian race. It seems the reptilians used that place to grow the human slaves captured from Earth and distribute them elsewhere for millenia, while the federation did nothing (they are responsible because they see this world as their 3D game under their moon-matrix. They handicapped humans to the point such abduction was possible). 4.5 centuries ago, they invaded the planet there and freed the humans. They then raised the humans and taught them that they are now the alpha centaurian race and provided them technology as long as they joined the federation. Ironic thing about this is that the alpha centaurians are loyal to the federation because their population still doesn't know that it was the federation that handled the moon-matrix all the time and controlled our previous civilizations. It seems they still consider Earth (other than their operatives here) to be another Orion controlled front where humans are enslaved by a reptilian controlled moon-matrix. The federation has been using this event to spread morality across the entire federation of their good deeds (even Swaruu commented that the federation bottle fed the alpha centaurian race and this made the operatives feel great about siding with the federation earlier). I feel this was just another pre-arranged win-win scenario. Also people in the federation were probably starting to raise too many eyebrows about the situation there and thus the federation probably informed the Orion group that they would invade and asked them to get ready. They probably moved out all essential personnel and left some clueless low rank reptilians there to fight to convince the federation operatives there that this wasn't anticipated. The federation also renamed the human-beings, aplha centaurians, so that they would be treated as a separate race and could now not use their gifted technologies to return to Earth (if they were adamant that they would return to Earth, the federation wouldn't have assisted them and then left them there for others to enslave them again). Fore's advisor hinted on something like this planned for Earth - the federation removes starseeds with their ships, causes chaos indirectly, and then provides technological assistance for humanity in return for administrative control (they already control one side of our leaders directly and the taygetans stated that they view the NWO as the only means to usher peace). I feel they supported David Icke spreading anti-reptilian theories and thats why they pretended to give him opposition but let him continue (he was building the story they wanted. Centuries later, they want this to be seen as the story of how stupid humans were saved by the noble fedeartion from bad reptilians to raise morality and create further division). Once he questioned covid, they blocked him (Aneeka stated the federation made that decision) from almost all media platforms. This is because they want to control everyone with nanotechnology and keep this planet 3D (Swaruu stated this. souls can leave anytime, she says??? If someone asked her to leave her planet, I wonder how she would feel :p), and David Icke's freedom to speak hampered that plan. I feel the federation will actually use nanotechnology/5G/AI systems to make humans perceive what they need them to perceive subconsciously such that, when they come, the people will support their plans and not question it. It guarantees their game will proceed without a snitch and since only federation permitted agents/researchers are allowed in the blockade here, few may know about it.
I'm sorry if my language is broken here and there, but I wanted to push out a lot of ideas and so I focussed on content alone. I am not sure if my views are misled and I may have made some mistakes in some places with the facts, but after analysing everything I just sense fishiness and now have trust issues with the benevolent races as well (even their operatives are confused). I get the same feeling when I meditate and reflect on these issues (maybe as an former arcturian federation operative, I've learnt that they are not as innocent as they seem and the intuitions carried over in this life). Like the situation on Earth, most probably, the events in our galaxy are similar in the sense that the perceived enemies are working in agreement at a deeper level.
In the previous email, I did mention information that questions the benevolent races working on Earth and am curious to know what you thought of it overall ? I'm still confused myself but still wanted to see if you had information that could offer more pieces to the puzzle. I believe the Reptilian/Orion element is definitely there but I just am not sure if things are black and white as we think. I've uncovered some more insights into what is going on can share this as well.
In the last one month, I learned a few other things:
- It seems most of the channeled messages on youtube and elsewhere are from federation recruited alien souls or beings on ships who have been advised not to give any practical information (Swaruu, Taygetans hinted on this recently). It seems they require federation approval beforehand to telepathically communicate to us and are monitored in real time to ensure nothing sensitive is transmitted. After watching 100's of them, I feel you hardly gain any understanding of reality at all from most of them but it seems many are genuine alien contacts. These channelers are not harmed by alien/demonic forces because they were meant to pop up on searches with priority while overshadowing any actually useful channeled information that someone may put out there in the rare chance. I believe many channelers that get actual useful information from souls on the adjacent astral planes and want to put it out there are suppressed (I've seen this in my own life. Everything I do is monitored and there are heavy repercussions via telepathic assault or by controlling those around me for talking to people about these things or they influence the person I talk to stay away. Fore had the same issue from his advisor's race). I've also noticed that many times the mass assembly of souls on the adjacent plane to facilitate someone physically incarnated waking up (some tried in mass to help my non-psychic friend and their combined energy was enough for him to sense their feelings. However external influence occurred shortly after and stopped it) is thwarted by demons/aliens who heard them away or attacked them.
- Healing while asleep: When I'm depressed and ask for help, alien healers astral project from their ships and heal me while I sleep to help keep me going. This was done to me on at least 3 occasions. Somehow I picked up the process. They first tune in to my aura and thus access my subconscious. From there, they project the idea of pain/hate/sadness subtly and look for memories/perceptions in my soul that are related to these feelings. After scanning through my memories, they usually identify key memory complexes that are sources for my negativity. They then mentally project ideas that help me heal the negative interpretation of that memory. For example if someone broke my trust at a key point of time in my life, they change the meaning of that memory by adding suggestions (fake or real, even illogical can fool the subconscious if projected as logical and valid), like that person broke my trust for a noble reason and was actually for my benefit in some way or he actually cared for me and I interpreted it wrongly. This causes the soul memory to change. Initially, I'm kept in a very subconscious state but as they progress with the treatment, more of my aura gets energized and interlinks with theirs as they are scanning my memories. In all 3 occasions my negativity and pain rubbed off on them and the first healer shouted at me for the negative patterns he saw within me and it affected him and he attacked me a bit by stimulating pain in my heart chakra and blaming the darkness within me for the pain I feel there (my darkness was corrupting him). But then he proceeded to hold my hand astrally and told me he can't remove all the darkness but will try removing all he could. In the next moment a powerful vibration of a particular frequency matching the heart chakra was heard and I drifted back asleep again. The next day, my heart felt cleared and my negativity levels dropped a lot. I felt like I could trust people more easily. The second person who healed me was Aneeka from the Taygetans (I think), I remember waking up astrally and she was next to me on my bed and from my chest black goo was oozing out like a puddle. Using my psychic abilities I rolled this energy into a ball and teleported it to another space from where it wouldn't affect those near me. I could sense from Aneeka's energy that she was disturbed and she asked me why I incarnated here and went through all of this. I telepathically gave her a long childish story and drifted back asleep. The next day, my heart was even clearer than when the previous healer did his work and I felt like someone lifted a car off my back mentally. Also much of my frustration and negativity disappeared. The third person was again a male and I don't remember much other than him screaming out loud and me waking up on hearing his scream of pain. The moment I woke up, a vortex of black material was floating a bit out of my heart chakra. The next day my heart felt superbly cleared and I felt a ship was taken off my back mentally. The night he healed me was the only moment in a decade in which I felt free from my pain and suffering (caused by my knowledge and experiences here). In all three cases I asked for help telepathically and someone came to my rescue. My understanding is that an ideal psychic healer should be empathetic and non-judgemental. He/She should be able to carefully scan all harsh memories and subconsciously brainwash the patient by changing the interpretation of that memory block into something much more loving. pain usually is a product of mostly subconscious interpretation of a memory. When that interpretation is twisted by repetitive alterations through re-experiencing them in a positive light at the hands of a healer, the memory block becomes positive and the heart chakra sector ( If you've seen pictures of chakras in CW leadbeaters, the heart chakra center has many colors encoded in it. It's almost like a CD that stores soul memories that can be accessed or encoded/decoded based on the soul's experience. Without the presence of such energetic memory storage the soul will express a more static thought-emotional pattern) encoding that memory gets overwritten with another higher frequency color. This results in the lower frequency components that were blocking the heart chakra being ejected in a spiral form from the front of the heart chakra (spiral because it follows the trail of the heart chakra torus field). Even without changing that memory, it is also possible to bombard the subconscious mind with fake memories about a person or event to release ill feelings. Funny thing is that, the next day when the person gets up he has no clue why his feelings towards said person/event is suddenly lighter significantly. Only when he scans his conscious mind does he notice this anomaly.
- Mind Control while asleep: Demons, reptilians and even human souls who want to play pranks on me (possibly many others as well) have repeated the same process to study my mind. In addition they also change the interpretation of a memory in a bad way to make my conscious mind hate the presence of certain people or events to suit their agenda. The only way I could consciously safeguard  myself against this is by analysing my perspectives on things and identifying memory complexes that led to perspectives of things. I also try hardening my aura and pushing out the intent to disconnect energetic chords from anything that doesn't self-identify as me or hasn't been given permission to occupy my body/aura. Whenever I notice unexplainable short term biases against things, I understand that this was done to me. It is also possible for them to use my subconscious dreamspace to trigger energy drainage. For example, they might load a scenario in which I interacted with a fake threat and used my energy to manifest rocks being hurled in the direction of that threat astrally. They then reload this idea hundreds of times until I get energetically fatigued through manifestation. The subconscious mind can be wired to be triggered in such an absurd loop if it can't remember that "hey this event happened earlier and I'm repeating this pattern. i need to do something else". The next day, I wake up and my vitality is nil despite having slept for 8 hours. Another programming done on me was a week in which I was subconsciously made to kill many people with a knife to desentize me to such stuff. It worked in desensitizing me to blood and death, but it doesn't mean that I want to harm anyone (I chose to be peaceful). Other times the subconscious dreamscape manipulation can be used to make you focus on a particular being so that they may become chorded to you and thus monitor/control you, without you even knowing of their existence when you are consciously awake. In the case of most parasitic demons and ordinary people who don't understand this and have no clue on using their psychic abilities, demons make you consciously aware of them from the subconscious potion of the dreamscape to trigger greater chording through fear based enhanced focus. Others may possibly use this effect to link me to thought interface based AI systems of their ships so that monitoring me can be more automated and they may be informed whenever I do something of interest.
- I read the book "We the Arcturians" recently and noticed that many of the ideas I have conceived by myself  such as "Where do I end and you begin", "No one should take credit for an idea as it comes from the higher mind shared by everyone and thus it belongs to everyone" and "Source is issness, it is light and dark, everything and nothing" were a part of arcturian teachings. I've noticed that when I meditate I often see slit like eyes staring at my third eye when I close my physical eyelids (I see this as a light shade). Initially I thought some grey alien beings were studying me as I associated large slit eyes to indicate greys, but later understood that it was arcturian souls (drawings indicate they too have slit-like eyes) as I see them as violet dots/pixels in front of me. I feel that as I was an arcturians starseed, these ideas were transferred to my mind because I was interested in learning philosophical/spiritual stuff. The book and other sources revealed another form of control/monitoring of Earth by the federation. Aliens produce crystal based computers in a specialized room onboard their major ships that are massive in size and have them implanted in key points on Earth since ancient times (usually important buildings are over them), these computers can link up with leigh lines and adjust the Earth grid configuration remotely. Thus, programmatically they can direct energy to a particular surface location on Earth with the frequency they need to control human perception to get the desired human action. In contrast, the moon matrix mostly serves to keep the entire world's surface at a low frequency (I've already mentioned that Swaruu said that the federation controls people on Earth through advanced mind control). Many ufos appear over these crystal computers buried under the earth to send instructions, receive information and even charge the crystals using the tractor beam of the ship in case Earth energy grid changes made less energy flow occur to that crystal computer or if a boost of energy is needed at that center to have a boosted effect on the population influenced by energy it is routing through the grid. Basically these are like implants that control gaia that can programmatically, redirect energy to other crystal computers in the grid or other natural centers at a required frequency level, while monitoring and recording the information obtained from the grid. These crystals computers also connect with many souls around Earth that are attuned to them as well. Thus these computers can record and influence the bulk perception of population groups worldwide. The Arcturains claim Earth belongs to them as they were here first and have been influencing things here for a long time. Another source stated that the physical control center for this grid is located deep under Jerusalem and that is why every group has been fighting for that territory. The cabal creation of Israel is perhaps for that reason. Another Agartha channeler stated that the Agarthians noted that many of these crystal grid computers were controlling humanity negatively and that they would try to access few of them from underground and try to deactivate them to aid humanities awakening.
  - The fires in western USA last few years are set to corner and kill sasquatch beings who were another version created by the elohim/federation earlier on from the genetics of giant lemurs (we are chimpanzee based lyran hybrids), that still remains psychically capable as their genetics were not hampered by reptilian forces like ours was. The cabal hates their interference and thus has been actively hunting them down behind the scenes. All the negative mainstream press on them such as the 2020 Bigfoot movie encourages people in the wilderness to shoot them due to fear. It is hard for humans to usually meet them as they can psychically read the nature of the person from afar and make plans to hide or run away in advance. I've heard that they can also teleport/phase shift their bodies away from their physical location sometimes unless they are caught off-guard like when they are deep asleep. Their vocal cords are not developed for speech and thus they only communicate with those who are open telepathically and this is another reason why they don't approach most people Link. Perhaps the neanderthals were also another version which I heard was very spiritual but were wiped out during the early days of our civilization. The sasquatch were the ones that fought alongside our 5D version 5 ancestors in lumeria (Hanuman of indian mythology/ramayana was supposedly one of their leaders). They were abundant then but have been mostly wiped out as of now by the cabal, as they still know the truth, wish to help humanity and can live for upto 10,000 years thereby gaining much perspective on the events that have transpired here.
  - Incarnation: On Earth, because mothers don't regulate their fields, they allow souls having a frequency compatible with that of the fetus to merge with it energetically. As a result, even souls of negative potential may incarnate into our world (that also the good thing about this world, no filtering in most cases means many types of alien souls may find their way here). In the case of the elites, I've heard of cases in which demons select souls aligned to them to be born into bodies of powerful families while other souls are not allowed to incarnate into those bodies from the lower astral plane. In alien planets there is a strict code of conduct likely set up to incarnate. Firstly, the mother must allow the soul to incarnate as her fields may overlap and reject other fields from merging with that of the fetus. Since many races are psychic and can have telepathic sensory exchange with the fetus, races like arcturians and Taygetan women have become in a way immortal because they themselves merge their soul matrix into that of the fetus and exist in a mother-child hive mind combo until the child reaches a certain age. Then the soul moves away and loses focus in the experience of the mother and pays attention solely on the identity of the child. Since they are in 5D (experience is more malleable) and the souls are energized enough to break free from their physical forms, this is possible. Soon the mother dies (it may not be perceived as painful because when the body starts dying the soul is getting 90% physical sensory feedback from a healthy child body). This is actually based on the story of Swaruu of Erra from the cosmic agency channel and a statement made about mother-child telepathic relationships within the lacerta files. Also in alien worlds, the government will decide if your soul is permitted to incarnate or not, often not just the mother. WIth the souls permission, it may be subjected to top down scanning for hidden thoughts of compromising the civilization in any way. This way an attack from a wave of souls flooding to incarnate into a rival race key positions will not occur. Also the elites of the race may also consider the past history of a soul, what they can contribute for that society with their experience, connection to other races, etc. when deciding if they should be permitted to incarnate. Some races are super strict like the Arcturians who only allow beings of highest frequency to have kids and souls of the highest frequencies are preferred for incarnation (In case the parent doesn't just raise his frequency and incarnate into his child in a dual mind configuration).
- Aneeka said they are doing genetic tests with government PCR tests to identify starseeds or bodies housing soles of high frequency. Very likely, when vaccines are dispersed the first versions may be given after registering due to the demand, and each person may be assigned a vaccine internally. This way starseeds may get a special more potent or even deadly version and since starseeds of higher frequencies are relatively rare and most of them are not known publicly, their deaths will go unnoticed. The public will be initially given just the one with nanobots to control their perspectives over the long term. Through this technique, the few who are a threat and can provide answers to the masses will be gone by the time the masses wake up and understand something sinister is going on. Since independent thinkers would be wiped out with the first wave of vaccines, the remaining populus, may be more easily misled with other excuses towards the end stages of the AI control agenda and the plan to replace mankind with version 8 adamic race. When the time comes that they demand the truth, no one will be left to give it to them. If all the initial vaccines have an immediate potent response in the mental/physical well being of the populus as suggested by the Taygetans, it will trigger many anti-vaccine groups and even ordinary people to wake up and rebel using this effect on those who've taken the vaccination as clear evidence. Thus, the mind-control will probably be minimized or applied in selective portions through the 4G/5G grid until several rounds of vaccines have been injected and the nanobots accumulate to strong levels within the people. This initial time will also give the cabal the justification to tell anti-vaccers and people like david Icke that they were wrong as the vaccines does not have the dangerous effects they were claiming it would have and thus the cabal will quickly convince many anti-vaccers to take it and soon it will become mandatory (initially it will not be mandatory to seem less draconian but you will discover that you can't travel or even visit the grocery store without taking it. So it is practically going to be mandatory). Only after this will be the more blatant mind-control come into play.This is just my theory though on what they would do with the knowledge that a person is a starseed.
- Pyramids are all over the galaxy and are set up by races to help ensure long term planetary stability. One source says that underneath the pyramids there may be another inverted pyramid. Another channeler reported that many pyramids had dolomite (supposedly an alien material made from crushed quartz embedded in a kind of rock) material at their core which interacts with energy from the earth's leigh line vertical vortices and holds it in place. My understanding is that without pyramids, vortices that merge out of the ground from major leigh lines will drift over time and this will eventually result in an alteration in the way the earth's leigh lines coming from the mantle couples with that of the crusts plate crystals. This will slowly cause the crust and mantle to slowly shift in its relative positions, thereby causing Earth wobble issues, pole shifts and weather pattern instabilities (Earth's weather pattern is influenced by presence of etheric energy which attracts water vapour from afar as observed by wilhelm reich. When the location of these vortices shift, weather changes). Mountains are natural pyramids and many emit stable points of etheric, astral and mental plane energy from major leigh lines. Based on the frequency of the energy emitted, many races mind find it suitable to build their underground bases inside mountains where it overlaps this vortex. The advantage is that this ensures a very high likelihood of long term energetic stability of frequency harmonics that match the energetic harmonics emitted by their souls (in short they feel comfortable there). Seen here is an image of an angelic being resting on a mountaintop feeding off this energy vortex. Notice its base twisting due to the field rising vertically upwards. Very likely the artificial crystal computers buried in the soil also help in similar functioning as well.
- Alien spacecraft usually jump near the Earth's orbit from hyperspace rather than directly to say, your home (they maintain this state by having a plasma torus over the UFO with the frequency harmonics matching a point near the Earth's orbit to get here). They then stop inverting the plasma torus in on itself around the ufo and instead ejects a harmonized stream out of one end to make their way through space to the point of interest on the Earth's surface. The reason, they seem to be doing so is because the frequency coordinate of space seems to be more stable and of a higher order when compared to that of a point near the Earth's surface because alterations in the terrestrial surface and crust like the movement of leigh lines and crystal formations can cause irregularities that are probably not safe for directly jumping from  hyperspace. I think Earth may have had space ports on the surface like the supposed tower of babel which can maintain a specific harmonic profile at the top which is encoded and changes with time. The crew of the UFO knows this encoded frequency harmonic and can probably directly jump to that coordinate rather than into outer space first thereby saving time and increasing security by lowering chances of detection. I believe like mankind gained inspiration for making planes from birds, most UFO torus principles might have been obtained by studying the soul. I once observed an angel phase shifting into the lower astral plane to talk to a reptilian. He did it by focusing much of his soul's energy into the outer torus of his soul and adding harmonics to it to raise it into high frequencies. From that state he focused mentally on the location in the astral plane and his internal energy matched that point. He pulled back his manifested forms legs, arms and wings to a small volume to reduce the size of the torus and thus the energetic requirements. He then shed this energized outer torus and twisted into the lower astral plane (the word "twisted" to that point from within a sphere is the best way I can describe what I felt). To the reptilian and myself (I was astrally abducted and strapped onto a machine that harmonically locked onto my soul and prevented me from escaping). The arcturians call this technique shimmering and pulsing (I just started reading connecting with the arcturians 2), and they say it is commonly used in 5D to travel energetically and the process matches what I observed the angel perform (I couldn't see this directly as the angel manifested behind me and the machine prevented me from looking backwards easily but i could telepathically read this technique off of the angel's subconscious).
- many ideas on Earth when people are open minded and imaginative and go into the subconscious are from faint memories of life in the astral plane. Notice how in anime like Nartuo, DBZ, Hunter X HUnter have ideas of aura and molding energy in orbs in the hand. This is actually common in the adjacent plane and they are accessing those subconscious intuitions on what they could do in the astral energetic forms before they incarnated here.
IMPORTANT - Some more on my theory that the federation is more regressive than it would like people to think:
From multiple sources including the Taygetans, Sasquatch channelings, Alex collier and lacerta files, I tried reconstructing the story of humanity's past. My understanding is that after the great expansion, our solar system was mostly occupied by Orion forces, especially mars (Humanoids with an Orion type mentality for survival) and tiamat (the planet that is now the asteroid belt. Perhaps some reptilian/insectoid race lived here?). Earth was controlled by both federation lyrans (lumeria) and Orion groups (atlantis). The elohim (nordic lyran race) wanted to extend the Federations control over to Earth and thus hybridization programs were initiated starting even further back with the more advanced biological specimens that were naturally tolerant to Earth's environmental properties (Atmosphere composition, gravity, biology/food sources, harmonic frequency composition). This is the standard approach that extra-terrestrial use to expand their race-memory complex mentality and thus influence over physical space for dominance.  Ape like creatures (chimpanzees) were used to attain this hybridization, with the new hybrids having the mental nature like that of the elohim, yet with a bodily form that is suited for life on Earth (sasquatch might have been another secondary experimental line based on the giant lemur). This resulted in the first five advanced lyran-hybrid based civilizations. Since these were 5D beings, and there wasn't the need to hide the presence of extra-terestrials like in these days, and many alien civilizations like Taygetans, Elohim and the long skulled aliens in Egypt (I forgot what they were called) lived amongst their creations in separate or intermixed colonies (The stories of Bible genesis describes this).  Many other experiments were probably created as well but never got the chance to flourish into major civilizations. They were 5D beings with alien technology and spaceports. They were probably not designed to be slaves but rather extensions of the federation here and thus were subjected to heavy propaganda by the elohim (such as orion group and reptilians in general are evil).  However, or some reason the native reptilians & Swaruu state, the elohim wiped them out in the end. Perhaps many served their purpose as experiments and a better version for the task at hand or next experiment was created???
It appears that about 25,000 years ago, when Atlantis (Orion controlled mostly) and Lumeria (Version 5 hybrids) (federation controlled) were waging wars against each other, the world's surface was still 5D. At the same time, mars and tiamat/marduk, were controlled by Orion forces. When lumeria was attacked by reptilian/atlantis forces, they lost communication with the federation. From marduk, the reptilians sent a fake lumeria distress signal and the federation sent a fleet to investigate. This was an ambush by the reptilians and a battle ensued over the surface of tiamat which blew up tiamat by destabilizing its magnetosphere. This destabilization occured due to thermonuclear weapons supposedly (I've heard another story earlier that stated that the reptilians dragged a meteorite and led it to tiamat to destroy it and in that version tiamat was a positively aligned planet???. Boriska stated that nuclear weapons they used amongst martians during infighting blew away the atmosphere, maybe it ties into what was happening over Tiamat . Another source said an invasion by reptilian-insectoid races devastated the plants which affected the atmosphere. Yet another source stated that there are reptilian, insectoid, martian humanoid and captured human bases there today. Yet, another source says that a handful of martians still remain underground but they are monitored by two artificial satellites by some alliance).
A piece from tiamat ripped off mars's atmosphere and water from the exploded tiamat flooded Earth and increased the water levels. (Another story says flooding was caused by the elohim, federation to wipe out their creations as indicated by the story of Noah and another stated that a negative atlantean group hacked weather control technology to create a superstorm flooded their lands). I think the Taygetan version of "water from Tiamat" might be true as it appears excess water came into the planet from elsewhere. If it was flooding due to torrential rain, I would expect the water level to return to mostly the same levels soon after and it shouldn't increase usually beyond several meters in height (Although, they say Earths orbit changed due to Tiamat destruction and I don't know if this effects things). Rather it seems civilizations were permanently buried deep underneath the oceans (Link), thereby killing off the majority of both civilizations while others fled elsewhere. However, this too doesn't make sense as aliens usually have underground bases and ships that could have been used to survive the floods. It seems there was enough time on Earth to prepare for this event. lacerta and swaruu via mental time travel observations suggested that the Elohim/federation wiped them out and the Elohim themselves had infighting because many didn't understand why the people they helped grow all this time were killed off like that. Before the great floods, we could walk around Earth as there were no large oceans like today. 
Boriska recalls his memories in mars, where after they lost their atmosphere and most of the martian species died off, souls were abducted by aliens using containers that can resonate and lock onto their fields and dumped onto Earth (someone was abducting them). Shortly after, the moon matrix was deployed and once the surface of Earth started to resonate at a much lower 3D frequency, the version 6 hybrid lyran civilization was created in the bimini area as a pilot study of a 3D civilization. They were quickly wiped out and humans (version 7) was created to be the 3D race we know today. For some reason our bodies were created from the genetics of 21 races to be a generic soul container that could support a greater range of souls than whats the norm in terms of frequency compatibility. The white portals that erase soul memory and the supposed energetic grid around earth to trap souls in the astral form here might have also been set up at this point (maybe that's why starseeds always need to be rescued by their races it seems).
Because of the timing, I feel that maybe the federation wanted to trap Orion group aligned mars/marduk/atlantis souls here before their cycle time in the astral plane sub-layers ended and have them forget who they were, so that they wouldn't reincarnate elsewhere and plot for vengeance against the federation. Our bodily forms were created to house souls of many kinds of the federation as well, probably because then they could dump their unwanted souls here as well post wiping their souls memory out. maybe this was meant to a generic prison planet for a multiple variety of souls. Initially the previous hybrids may have been intended to hold this space against the Orion group but then they were wiped out and replaced by us, a modified and crippled version to suit the purpose of being a soul prison. This was probably the most-effective re-purposing plan of the federation for the lyran hybrid series here after the mars/marduk catastrophe (that's why 5D beings were repurposed to 3D). Although our bodies lock onto souls, they can't properly express the nature or memories of the soul. Only the strongest intuitions like previous strong biases or sexual orientation or inner knowing mostly gets through. As a result souls that get stuck here eventually forget who they are and regress into the people we know today who've lost much of their connection to their higher selves.
 There is also the possibility that the federation purposefully planned to destroy tiamat as it appears that everything that has transpired has resulted in the Orion group forces being wiped out via planetary level termination events and thus the federation taking dominance over our solar system from the Orion group.  I felt it is fishy that mars and marduk were destroyed accidentally as a cause of the battle as the Orion groups would never risk detonating thermonuclear weapons so close to their planets to risk what happened while fighting the federation. As you can see, there is much fuzziness to these theories and claims, because so much disinformation is out there. It is further complicated by the fact that souls might come in from alternate versions of the past/futures into our current now (there are potentially infinite pasts just as there are potentially infinite future timelines that merge into the now we decode) and thus carry mixed remembrances of events.
Once version 7 (our ancestors) were created in Mesopotamia, they say Orion reptilian groups (Kingu, Uzangal, Naga, Draco) moved in and modified us genetically from 12-strand DNA to 2-strand DNA + reduce 24 chromosome to 22 and added defects such as ability for aliens to easily control us with a telepathic backdoor access (that's why they can use us like remote controlled robots when we are abducted in UFO's) and a third eye that seems non-functional to the point that incarnated souls can't even access their past memories, even though its still stored in the soul. David Icke talks about much of this stage of the story and all the manipulation we've experienced by them. Most researchers think that we are slaves to the Orion group/reptilians and I think that is probably only on the surface to some degree. I think the federation asked them to handle us so that they wouldn't be spotted doing the dirty work  - the rest of the galaxy doesn't even know that the federation created our previous hybrids and wiped them out as a part of their agendas. The galaxy thinks that the federation bought the moon-matrix here to enslave bad reptilians post the end of atlantis/lemuria incident (andromedan artificial base bought in from Ursa minor), who took control over it and enslaved us (reptilian created lyran slave hybrids - this is what many aliens coming through channelers indicate that they think we were made for). However, it seems it was the federation all along that planned this for humanity. I talked about this previously. This deal with the reptilians here were probably made through the connection with the so called "positive federation alpha draconians" who very conveniently took them away recently in the dumbs invasions. In exchange for handling this prison for the federation, they were rewarded with the alpha centaurian situation which allowed the Orions to harvest humans (who cant defend themselves psychically) for slaves, food and skin in that sector of the galaxy for millennia unopposed by the federation until about 450 years back, and probably even today in other undisclosed locations. Humans are like lyran-broilers with lower frequencies (reptilians like this energy) and less psychic resistance + control backdoors (less psychic resistance and they can't learn/communicate as quickly/effectively as other lyrans and thus less chance of rebellions) and so they are probably still farmed heavily because they are easy pickings for psychically capable reptilians who keep them in conditions similar to Earth elsewhere to help maintain their genetics from re-evolving back to the lyran base form (and thus gain higher frequency of vibration which isn't appealing to their energy tastes and brings back psychic capability).
The other reasons I believe such an agreement was made is because:
1. The Taygetans claim the federation handed all the recently captured dumbs reptilians over to supposedly good alpha draconians on their side who have taken the reptilians away to an undisclosed location far away for enslavement. This is fishy to me. It appears as the federation is more dominant than the Orion group as a whole at the current moment galactically and especially in our sector. I heard that factions of Nibiru and Alpha draconians moving into federation councils. I think as a favour to move in, the federation asked the Orion groups + grays to do their dirty work here through the positive alpha draconian connection. Their reward was human slaves and meat. The federation got its prison planet in return while convincing the rest of the galaxy that it is the good lyran freeing force it says it stands for.
2. Assuming the reptilians genetically modified the previous hybrids and created us, they would need the moon-matrix to keep us in 3D and prevent our DNA from re-evolving. Isn't it fishy that the reptilians counted on the federation to maintain the moon-matrix in that state.
3. The reptilians also counted on the fact that the federation would never turn off the moon-matrix post their more overt presence here since the 1950's. If they did humans will quickly wake up and realize whats going on and that would compromise all their efforts.
4. It seems thanks to the moon-matrix, even territory underground became lower frequency and the invading reptilians fought territorial battles with the natives alien species. The federation conveniently stepped in and volunteered to remove the problem and it seems they've bargained for stronger political influence on the natives in return (agarthians + reptilians). I think a problem-reaction-solution-reward tactic was used here. It was the federations moon matrix that allowed this to happen in the first place. Also they control the grid system and could have sent in patterns to push lower 4D vibrations on sectors of the native colonies to make it easier for the invading reptilians to spread in. Its almost as if the federation secretly has benefitted from the Orion groups role here.
Also, something is fishy about the grays. We all heard of the story of mas abductions for genetically saving their race from extinction because they've lost their connection to a soul and thus their genetics are becoming unstable  - a souls connection loads DNA repairing harmonics onto the physical. That is why if humans were taken out of the 3D belt and out of the van-allen belt into 5D territory, they would revert back to lyran form in 7 years and faster with alien technological assistance via DNA frequency reading and boosting medical pod chambers. Anyway, grays made deals with eisenhower and that's why the federation says it doesn't intervene despite the greys breaking the terms of the contract and abducting an incredible number of people (it seems the federation wanted this to happen and used the agreement as an internal excuse). Haven't you felt it strange that the greys were teching their hybrids into the late 2000's to use grocery stores, human parks, living spaces etc as reported by abductees? They also made the later stages of stable hybrids look more or less human to mix amongst us and trial programs have been initiated supposedly in certain communities where these hybrids live out in groups. This is especially strange considering in the 1990's alex collier stated that the federation warned other races to respect the blockade since 2003. It's almost as if the greys knew this wouldn't apply to them. Its seems likely that the greys were also likely a part of the orion deal the federation made. The federation noticed it is still difficult to maintain us as a prison planet and the greys are their version 8 that the federation plans to replace us with them most likely. Swaruu said the federation eventually plans to replace us with a new AI controlled adamic race and it is likely the grey hybrids were them all along.
As you would have observed from many sources, the federation has control of this space. That's what lacerta files indicated, why most recent channelings are mostly of federation aliens, why we see their UFO most often, what alex collier, Arcturian channelers, taygetans have all indicated. Orion control here is currently limited. The federation has been saying it doesn't intervene and only permits unless emergency situations, like people blowing up the world with nukes that genuinely requires intervention arises (that's why they supposedly appeared in mass post 1950's). They say gray and reptilian interference was tolerated/allowed until now as our governments made agreements (but its obvious that they manipulated things into happening as such for their agendas). They have issues with nukes as it effects with adjacent planes and causes more-long term damage to their property "The Earth". 
What the federation has told the galaxy is that stupid/dark humans (internally it appears that's how they see the people here) have been mind-controlled and enslaved by bad orion group races (Alpha draconians, naga, usangal, kingu, mitre etc.) who are parasitizing on them. They sent starseeds here to help free humans post the 1950's to supposedly raise the awareness on this planet and eventually make this world 5D. The federation didn't allow members of other races to contact us directly in most cases and help us because of their policy of non-intervention (actually they are great interventionists when its suits their needs. They have double standards as long as they can get away with it. Remember fore's experiences). The lower ranks in the federation including the races in orbit sucked up this narrative. I do believe that many races and their starseeds stuck here actually believed that they were sent to help free this planet and be heroes. That's why the taygetans, arcturians, andromedans and many other races via channelings talked about the federations plan to intervene via starseeds to raise this planet to 5D (Ascension). They view low frequencies as undesirable and the andromedans even complained to alex collier that Earth is too low frequency and it dragging down the evolution of the galaxy to higher frequencies. I just want to express how much the federation aliens detest low frequencies and worship those of higher frequencies. The arcturians are high frequency worshippers and did seem very keen to help raise our frequency. If the people here don't shape up, they will be cleansed they said. That's why many of their masters/teachers/leaders are souls having crown chakra development and higher frequencies usually. Also, note that the arcturians and Andromedans seem to be the two races the federation assigned to monitor/handle earth affairs via their military presence here. Other races sent their military here to assist or for race-centered missions such as retrieving, protecting and guiding their starseeds.
Recently, after I and others exposed the moon matrix issue - that the federation had control of the moon-matrix the entire time because they didn't turn the moon-matrix off after stating they got control of it for many months and earlier they were telling the galaxy that reptilians controlled us with the moon-matrix and this was used to mind-control us then. Now that they were in control, the federation was stating that conveniently that moon-matrix is not a factor, its just our minds and our fault for giving into low thoughts of survival +  if they turned it off people will wake up and panic on seeing ghosts/demons so they are going to keep it up - its obviously a stupid federation excuse that was weak and that's why it collapsed quickly. This lie triggered many races to leave the federation operations here in anger, I have been noticing how the federation is changing its excuses post that event.
First, they said they had to keep us trapped here otherwise humans will become aware of the rest of the galaxy and manifest nightmares for them because they are negative thinkers and don't even realize that thought creates reality. I find this excuse stupid because its their moon-matrix making it hard for them to get out of this survivalistic mentality, they hide their UFO's citing not to scare the public/non-intervention but this adds to the illusion, and they prevent others, even their own forces who want to help us from helping us. Under these conditions how can humanity learn this wisdom, especially when it is suppressed by a bad guy (reptilians) that very likely they made deals with to act like the bad guy - its an inside job like 911? They state its humanities own egregors doing it to them and the federation said humans manifested reptilians invading them and modifying their genetics due to their inherit lyran reptilian fears (I don't think the bulk of humanity fears reptilians right now at least. They think they are superior to all animals and laugh at the idea of reptilian aliens even existing. They think only they exist here and even those who believe in UFO's don't think there is such an extreme situation going on right now). Also the egregors are a by-product of the moon-matrix directly and indirectly by influencing our aura and helping maintain energization of a low frequency in most humans. The dumbest reason is that the moon-matrix was installed even before mankind (version 7) was created in ~6400BC. How can they install it before humanity was created and then justify this? Obviously, this excuse didn't last much time because it is logically weak and thus the federation is now on the next excuse.
The current excuse is that it is a 3D school and that it was planned all along to help souls gain nourishing experiences and evolve. It is souls fault for incarnating here into these bodies. This theory has many flaws as well:
1. The Arcturian and Andromedan lower rank operatives here truly believed that raising the frequency was mankind's best and only option until recently. They are all disgusted by lower frequencies/darkness and think spending time in such states will make souls regress and lose their connection. That's why on Earth, according to the taygetans, mostly first generation starseeds are of higher spiritual, scientific and ethical development. And after all this talk of raising frequencies of this entire planet so everyone can ascend, they expect me to believe they are doing the opposite not because its a prison but because it a school? Ironically many federation operatives have fallen for this excuse and the others simply don't care.
2. If it was a school why are souls in the adjacent astral planes not informed of anything and they seem to be getting information not from the aliens but starseeds like me. If it was a school and our vessels were created for souls to experience 3D why the information blockade by the federation in the astral planes (very likely they manipulate the egregors who run the astral plane with their technology as well). Most souls thus incarnate simply because they don't know of any other option and frequency match to a new-born fetus that harmonically draws in a part of their focus.Others are guided by archons/egregors who pose as their gods who very are likely a part of this prisons mechanisms to recycle souls back.
3. This is made worse by the fact that stargates seem to be shutdown so souls can't go and return from here to alien worlds without shedding their astral soul sub-layers. This is another reason why information and perspective seems restricted in the astral planes
4. If souls could easily return home, why do starseed souls get special treatment and are rescued into ships that take them away outside the supposed barrier that prevents astral souls from leaving
5. According to the andromedans the saturn base seems to be manifesting white portals in the astral plane that take souls to a higher frequency area beyond the van-allen belts where they are scanned, using high voltage (here voltage is not limited to the electricity we know. Voltage is the measure of strength of anu rotation and thus energy flowing through chords within matter even within the chords of our soul. the anu-7 rotation of physical matter is the voltage we know, but there are toroidal particles fundamental to each plane that and they can have their own voltages. Soul energy is thus measured in voltage as well - Based on occult chemistry by CW leadbeater) noise the information recorded in the chorded structure of their souls and chakras are damaged and then low frequcny is applied to the soul to force it to incarnate. Then another portal helps merge the soul with a fetus, thereby continuing the cycle. IS THIS THE SIGNS OF A SCHOOL? because souls have biases of "white light of jesus or god" they don't even question if its a trap and thus fall for it. The andromedans told alex collier to turn away and focus on his home in the universe instead (although without stargates, i doubt how much this is practical without shedding the lower astral forms first or getting a ride on an alien ship like starseed souls get).
6. If it was a school where according to the Taygetans "Souls get nourishing experiences that can't be found anywhere else in this Universe", why is the rest of the galaxy told something else. Why all the lies about this place? Why were the federation people trained by the federation to be disgusted of the people here when the opposite should have occurred for inhabitants of this "Great and ultra-difficult school".
7. If it was such a great soul of ultra-rare harsh experiences, why is the galaxy mostly clueless of what is happening here at this critical time when 7.6 billion of the 132 billion lyrans in our galaxy may be whipped out (132 billion figure from alex collier) and why is all experiences not shared openly and without federation pre-approval. According to the taygetans most members of the federation don't care about earth news even though the events here of such an extreme nature. it is obvious that the federation is using media control algorithms to ensure there will be less collateral damage in the case that their people learn what they really are doing here.
It's obvious this planet is a generic federation prison and the races in orbit are glorified prison guards of a people they abandoned. Instead they are told they are 3D school managers and watch our lives like a reality show (we have no privacy in the least and I know this from personal experience). They say they don't intervene but the federation makes the Orion groups seems less manipulative. They blame humanity for everything here not realizing they all made them end up this way, that they as a collective sold them out and pointed fingers at them, instead of helping them. Before they knew the moon-matrix was controlled by the federation, they blamed the reptilians and said if the moon-matrix was deactivated humanity would be liberated and become 5D very quickly. Now, they say that its our fault and the moon matrix is not a factor, its just our darkness.
The starseeds were sent here to not succeed (the federation knew most wouldn't succeed even waking up). Very likely, David Icke was allowed to say what he said because he saw the truth only to certain depth and this was useful to the federations propaganda here (bad reptilians, great federation trying to help). When he talked about covid on the other hand which the federation did not like, he was banned and his presence disappeared a lot. The data from most awakened starseeds (people like myself are monitored 24/7) sent here (their races gather this intel) is most likely used by the elites in the federation in computing how effective this world is in keeping them unawake and what clues remain that triggers questioning the illusion and thus awakening. In my case, every time i realize something new and become more awake, I am monitored and shadows listen carefully to all that I think and make recordings. This world will be redesigned for version-8 with the results of this data in mind to eliminate chances of awakening (they will adjust the propaganda and mind-control strategies to be smarter). The federation military like the taygetans who care, will probably be asked to leave at this stage (many with a stronger ethical backbone already left) and this world might turn into a dumping ground for unwanted federation souls from where it will be incredibly hard to get out off.
When I exposed all of this, it seems the federation used a tractor beam on me, controlled me and made me kill many of the souls around me as vengeance and to make souls scared of approaching me and learning from me. As I mentioned in the previous email, I picked up plans by the federation to kill me when many of their operatives who are supportive of me are not looking. Is this how someone who has understood all of this in this in their SCHOOL is treated. Swaruu gave me hint that the federation hates people who know too much (fore's advisor once said they don't like the presence of people who know too much like pontificator). Because I picked it up and openly project it for everyone to hear, it seems the federation will wait for now till enough people stop noticing me or they have their operatives under tighter control. This is another reason I thought of sharing these ideas to you.
I've also noticed that the federation lies and deceives its members in excess. Like humans, it seems many operatives in orbit thought that their governments and the federation always taught them the Truth until they came to Earth and learned all this. Now they are asked not to talk back home for security reasons. The races of the federation are compartmentalized. After the moon-matrix reveal incident, Swaruu stated that they didn't even know if the people of other races and the other crews from those planets were informed. Communication between races seems very political and diplomatic in addition to being restricted. Each person is asked to represent their race when talking and they keep their armor up. Even the galactic codex is itself speciesist/rascist. Because of all this, the federation can violate its own policies and do the things they do (they get away because of the compartmentalization of species/races they impose limits knowledge transfer that reveals the whole picture) to expand while discouraging specie-specie unity outside federation control by citing their stupid non-intervention rules. Even the alpha centaurians, despite having Earth origins are denied to come back to their own planet and talk to us, because the federation changed their  race label on their convenience. If they were still called humans, it would be hard for the federation to cite their non-intervention laws to keep them from breaking this prison planet by coming back in ships and telling us the truth.
The federation elites are panicking a bit because people are waking up to the Truth on some level rapidly and currently the moon-matrix can't suppress everyone effectively (hinted at by Swaruu). The worlds frequency is also rising due to starseeds and waves from the galactic central sun as well. If the rest of the galaxy learns about what the federation is doing here, it will tarnish the very foundation of their existence (they were formed to protect lyrans from alpha draconians/orion groups and here they've sold them off to them to suit their agenda). The federation knows it is running out of time and wants to ensure version-8 is deployed asap. This is why the Covid-19 nanobot plan is being initiated as fast as possible along with the sudden totalitarian lockdown being imposed worldwide + censorship. They want us to be replaced by the AI controllable version 8 as fast as possible. if that happens, it will be even much harder for an incarnated soul to hold any essence of its true potential and thus ever wake up. Soon, most of the souls on the adjacent plane that learnt that the federation is behind this will forget everything and the truth will disappear from even the astral planes around earth as it has occurred many times before in our planet's history. Only a few alien operatives observing Earth will hold that knowledge but most will not tell the people back home as this is a secret military mission here and talking about it means they will lose their position + possibly be punished. The federation also controls them through heavy propaganda and mind control it appears. Many of them are taught not to betray their race as no one else other than their race will provide them a home (the effect of federation race compartmentalization).They hope the truth will be lost from their minds eventually. History will be re-written to suit their agendas.
I also heard that in the federation races, to travel in UFO's in space-time, they need to seeks approval from their authorities first. They say time travel especially is given to only those selected military officers like swaruu beause they have to first be of great ethical standing. I think this is a farce. They limit space-time travel to certain coordinates like Earth especially now freely, to prevent common members of the federation from ever gathering evidence on their dirty activities. Once the location is sanitized of evidence, even of the souls in the astral-mental planes who know the truth, only then are they allowed in at that space-time coordinate. That's why only recently did Swaruu help me verify lacerta's claim that the federation wiped out the previous civilizations using her mental capability of time-travel that she developed by training hard. If the Taygetans could travel freely in time, they could have obtained this evidence earlier without having to search for it after getting hints from me to look there.
If you are wondering whether my belief that Swaruu exists is misled or that the cosmic agency channel is genuinely contacting taygetans regularly is just something I'm assuming, I can explain why I believe what is put there is not created up by Gosia and Robert (those getting the chats). When I started watching the channel a year back, I slowly starting noticing that many of my very particular thoughts snuck into the channel within a week. It is also possible that she taught me some of these things first telepathically before putting it on the channel. Here is a short list:
1. "dogs are treated like slaves"
2. "All reality starts as a fantasy in an imaginative mind"
3. "Multi-layered time concept"
4. "My very private and unique sexual preferences were discussed with Gosia in the channel
5. Is said the source is light and darkness - she replied source doesn't have darkness, it is illogical
6. When I was depressed and was researching the different ways people suicide + thinking that sometimes I feel unloved and unwanted, swaruu discussed these exact words and feelings in the next video
7. I stated that the federation is rascist to myself and she veirfied it in the next video and discussed about it
8. I once hurt her feelings badly and telepathically saw a lady with brown hair cry. In the next video, she left the series. I begged her to come back as the world needed her and she came back super-excited.
9. Another time I was depressed, I saw a white orb next to me and told my firend an angel came to help me. In the next video, she said she was that angel blatantly but in a way that fitted with one of Gosia's questions
10. I'm the person she talks about in the broken shoes set of videos it seems
11. I once thought "the federation is the cabal". In the next video, she said "the federation is the cabal"
12. "We must love ourselves and accept our darkness as much as our light side, only then can we heal the wars of polarity within this galaxy, where hate and fear enslave each others races and fight amongst each other, being unable to accept the others reality". This idea was stated in the next video
13. I saw Aneeka's (Swaruu's friend) image telepathically the day before her image first appeared in the channel and it was the same persons face (although in the channel it is slightly adjusted by the taygetan computers to look excessively pretty but her real face is more like that of an actual girl)
14. "I wonder why Earth women aren't too strong technically". Swaruu raised this question in the next video and said in Taygeta women are very technically sound
15. "Previous 6 civilizations were wiped out by the federation"
16. I wanted to know which race i came from and Swaruu described my very unique traits (in the previous week I stated that i like making fun of alien races and this was there in the video with enough other personal clues) in the arcturian video.
There is a lot more like this. too many coincidences. Also I've met them telepathically and been shown the faces of swaruu, anneka, alenym and maybe rochelle. Even as I'm typing this Swaruu is standing on my left side I think, as I saw a white orb earlier there when I focused on her self-identity (my third eye sucks). I'm very attached to them and really care for the Taygetans but because of the things they say, I get hurt at times (their federation propaganda makes my eyes tear) and often my negativity hurts them, especially Swaruu (I say mean things and later regret it all the time because I'm frustrated at the end of all of this). I do love Swaruu and the Taygetans and believe that they were one of many souls that tuned into my body by interlinking me to their collectives (Swaruu gave me a hint that she sees me as one of her Earth incarnations). I couldn't meet them directly due to diplomatic reasons (the federation wants me dead), my initial refusal to talk to them and the fact that I'm of Arcturian origin rather than taygetan. It seems they are only allowed to chat with Taygetans. Despite this barrier, Swaruu has been helping provide me clues all along without which I couldn't have made it this far. Aneeka also personally helped heal me once. I guess the Tayegtans are like my secret angels in one way. They are a bit pissed off that despite my knowledge and supposed "cough" "cough" wisdom, I don't talk about this to others and just sit in my room all day and waste time. I stubbornly disagree with them and continue to sit in my room and meditate as I think it is my best strategy for now.
I've also met a few other people momentarily from other federation races here, especially during the moon-matrix disclosure and I do believe many are genuinely good people that care about the people here. Its just as a whole group, they don't care enough to risk their stance amongst the federation as race or their individual positions within that race, and thus these individual go along with the federations plans unhappily (many Taygetans here do not agree to what is going on but are powerless to intervene). In many races punishment for military betrayal might be extreme (Fores advisor said they would take you away and your soul disappears). The federation does monstrous things to their enemies I've heard - eternal soul bondage in a far way galaxy (that's what andromedans said they did to the giza-tech pleiadians) . For an alliance that on the surface talks about love, unity, non-intervention spirituality, high frequency etc., they certainly are quite unforgiving and dark inside. Its just like Earth in one way, where US soldiers think they represent the peace keepers of the world, fighting for the highest ethics, when all it takes is opening of their minds to realize the irony behind their faith.
Anyway let me know if you want to talk about this directly as typing is a headache and takes time. I want to mention that all that I've stated above are mostly theories and based on new evidence and after re-examination of the old I might change or re-adapt them. I make mistakes as well. Please however, use these ideas that I've sent you to develop your framework of understanding reality and the events we perceive around us.
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