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We are stuck between 2 dimensions right now?

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12 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:

I have an answer for you but you know I have reptilian stalkers in this forum and can't be teaching them all the good stuff unfortunately.

You are good.

Ok. And don't be afraid to PM me if you want. I did a hemi-sync mediation and saw a reptilian doing it.. it's eyes opened up from the darkness and my eyes opened quick, I felt like I was gonna die so believe me when I say I believe you. These things are definitely out here. That's all I can say. If they stalking you on here just let em know subtly they can fuck off lol

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We are not 'stuck' anywhere, we are multi-sensing energy Beings.  The Earth has multi numbers of dimensions, each vibrating at its own frequency and most are peopled with life forms. Our human energy field is aware and interacting with ALL dimensions, but our (current) restricted consciousness only allows us awareness of the third dimension, where we have 'focused' so far.  Dreams and altered states allow us awareness of other dimensions. 


Because humanity and Earth are evolving/upgrading energetically, awareness is naturally increasing. We will start to 'see' beings  and spaces not previously seen from our 3D focus. We have already left full 3D focus and are moving through the lower frequencies of 4D, this is where chaos and confusion are to be found.  We are progressing towards upper 4D and so on to 5D, which will be New Earth/Golden Earth, far out of the reach of the energies and its conduits that are currently panicking and fighting their last attempts to delay the evolution - they are impotent to stop it. 


Peace and Freedom for All



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