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There is no virus,you are infinite counciousness

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I write this with no expectations. This i personally belive its the truth..
Other than what you will read i belive im a sane person "normal"

There is no virus, freedom piace and love is the answer..(what its achived through living in the now)
when the ''lockdown'' started , i worked in a warehouse, very ''piramidal'' structure, while working i practiced beeing in the moment, listening to the music. raw data of the music.

and i think i become something that the few are. i embodied a energy that goes on ''forever''

When the ''lockdown'' ended was the moment my higher self feels inaccessible, when i focus, Or try to do what i was doing, my breathing stops and i am thinking constantly unable to acces stillness no matter what.

basically i was focusing on music in a nonjudgemental way, not thinking, while working, a surrender doing. on a company xpo logistics. Its very slavelike work and its obvious a pyramidal attitude and i think i BREAK

that pyramidal thing with my beeing, the energy going on forever, that moment beeing the sweet spot of the pandemic.

After awhile it felt like the energy was stoping in the warehouse not going on forever., practicing what i was doing. and after some time, i was sick of it and told someone '' the truth''

and my Whole beeing changed. i Felt relived knowing the "truth" is (outthere), and after some time some weird things happened in the warehouse ''directing'' me and after telling the ''truth'' again it felt like i was ''gone''' Cant do what i was doing it feels Very inward energy. cant push myself outside myself . into stillness
I think i broke theough the illusion and i was connected to the higher source( i became the eye on top of the pyramid or whatever, that making them put some radical messures to close the planet. they did something to me so i cant acces that force.( i know how it sounds)
I belive we live in a dream like state and the answer to this is the present moment/ the awarness of what is happening now
Thank you for your time that you took to read this and i hope you have a wonderful day/evening

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