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Elected TV Presenters


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Why don't we just dump the muppets of the TV corporations and have the TV presenters set the laws in a more direct an honest manner. I'm not suggesting we change the political system too much but have a bit of Glastnost and Persedroika so theres a bit more transparency over how the system really works. They still get to promote or character assasinate whatver causes they always have done and pretend its the will of the people they are reflecting in their guarded truths and lies but ... if they want to be on the telly, if they want to talk about political matters or even read a telly prompter or write a telly prompter where judicial matters are discussed ... They'll need to win yearly internet elections. These can be done really cheap and since vlc will run on even a mobile phone, anyone could be elected to write the news or give their opinions on the televsion.


People chosen by ordinary people from ordinary people to be the people who manipulate fake reality on TV since its real and democratic and only telling the public what the publics view is.


What do you thing of my seed of an idea?

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