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Mental Health...they really, really care


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Does anyone else feel really irked by the constant reference to 'mental health'? Literally,  every time I turn on the radio (don't have T.V.) I can guarantee that if it's not Covid or lockdown,  then the first words that will jump out at me will be blah blah blah blah 'mental health'. I find it so sinister.  It only seems in the last year or so that they've really been priming us to consider our 'mental health.'

The lovely young royals champion our mental health, it seems they've got a real thing for helping us with our mental health with their mental health charities and so on, it seems to be a big concern of theirs.  Now I'm all for people opening up, revealing their frailties and what have you, but all I get from this theme is the suggestion of 'you're fucking mad, don't you know', to the point that fairly everyday, normal people will subconsciously be seeded with thoughts of 'maybe I am utterly fucking nuts and I need urgent help.'

What will the voices on t.v. and on the airwaves suggest next... wasn't it somethig like lithium in the water supply suggested a few months ago (can't quite remember the source,  think it may have come from some research team in Brighton and Hove but don't quote me on it).

I don't know, it's just something that jumps out at me constantly and I don't like , nor do I appreciate the drive and assumption behind it.

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Its just bullying. I know its the mainstream media and that kind of abomination shouldn't be there but its there and that's all it is. Their minds are superior to everyone else's minds and people who don't share the views of the mainstream media are mentally ill and all of this and the madmen don't even consider for a moment that they might be mad. They can't afford to. The mind is not a faculty of the brain. Its a faculty of the soul but don't say too much to the people who have conquered the whole earth in all their threats and abuses and physical violence. We will be having their souls for a very dark tea time tomorrow and their hearts know they have a date with fate but they dare not dwell on it despite its inevitability. In the spiritual realm where they do not know of their own existence, they walk around all puffed up with pride and they need to constantly manufacture a bubble of pride to make themselves feel good and this causes others to feel bad. Without that pride there is nothing but a tiny little thing which has never truly grown since it considered itself so big that it never needed to grow. What adversity did it ever suffer really when it was the biggest adversity to all that grew. You pop a pin into a melon that is succulent and filled with substance then some substance pops out but it hardly affects the melon at all. Try popping a pin into a balloon which has no substance but air and its skin. Well that's what its like to have been power junkie in the old world order. A new heaven and a new earth have been declared and the power junkies are now extremely vulnerable. Mental illness. Well you would have to be mentally ill to not believe the media even when its patently self-contradictory. Were the UN security council mentally ill when the media said the invasion of Iraq was legal but the security council said it was not? What about the people who said that the UK could not be sovereign if its parliament was ruled over by foreign power. Were they the small minority of racists and xenophobes that the mainstream media portrayed them to be while they lent their full support to a foreign power ruling over the UK without any democratic mandate or any order in council from the monarch of the state.


It seems everyone but the people in the mainstream media are mentally ill but its funny how it comes to be that those who consume the mainstream media cannot be cured from these diseases which I much suspect (noting that my mind is a faculty of my soul) to be mental illnesses caused by the mainstream media itself.


The killing of the unborn was unacceptable before the media came to have the level of power it had in the 80s. By the 90's, in cahoots with European Media organisations it had virtually declared itself a sovereign power in its own right. Openly engaged in political interference, jury nobbling not to mention activities its been involved in covertly which are very difficult to prove. The media is full of mentally ill people. You should not consume it if you wish to keep your sanity. Put it this way, If I lived in Northern Ireland and there was the choice of two boozers, one with green shop front and one with a blue shop front, Id go into the shop with the green front on it. Despite this, if the queen was to call on the army to utterly destroy the mainstream media. I would walk into the blue shop, give the billy boys a high five and walk back into paddies bar again. The mainstream media are terrorists beyond anything either side of the christian divide should put up with. They need to be eradicated like a coronavirus for the well being of those who are slowly being genocided by its increasingly warped morality where the protestants think the catholics kill the unborn and the catholics thing the protestants kill the unborn but the satan in our midst is a christian in name only when it suits it to be seen like so and I only bring up the killing of the unborn as the most extreme example of mans inhumanity to man. There are many lesser forms of evil which are going on encouraged and promoted by that THING which is the mainstream media.


So it talks about mental illness. The devil itself think there are people who aren't right in the head? Well that figures doesn't it?


Stop watching it. You'll make yourself sick.


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