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What sort of shit is that to say? I'm not even drunk but I was having a look at life and it saddens me that we are all so far apart from one another and yet we all generally resonate on certain things almost like we are very close despite our geographic distances.


If I were to say "The television is lying to us" to people who are very close by they would scream in horror and tell me about how there are things that should not be said and become abusive and basically decide within themselves that I must be some kind of criminally minded type of person for blaspheming their holy broadcast media.


Now if we were all in a big room together and I were to say "The television is lying to us", you would all laugh at me and say "We know". I'd rather be laughed at by people who are on the same wavelength recognising my experiences to be the truth than to be laughed at by people who are way off the mark on where I am at laughing at me because I don't believe what they believe as its not possible to unsee what we have seen.


Wandering around the internet and its filled with Piers Morgan says this and Katy Perry has a new album coming out and for all of it there's nothing said like  the huge apostacy of the simple statement "The television is lying to us". It shouldn't even be apostacy but it is treated like such in a world where people love the celebrities on the TV screen more than their own kith and kin. Those celebrities can get away with murder and the lucky ones who bear witness and manage to survive would never be believed even by their own families. The family is as dead as religion, as sovereignty, as morality, as all those things we were sold into by those who eventually over time could be discerned to be people who never gave a shit at all.


I suspect there's a few of you who feel like I feel, unwanted for what you truly are for what you've truly seen, for what you truly can do nought but believe because in your experience these strange unlikely things that could never happen here, already happened and the lies of the deceived and the deceivers of this world can do nothing to erase a reality you would rather live in albeit that the happy blue pill planet seems happier and better and more wonderful to those who are truly in the dark.


I'm glad I took the red pill. I wish I had people in my life who took the red pill too but they wont. They don't want red pills mentioned, only blue pills and they can only stand for this sentiment of disgust in them to be expressed in specific language of our subculture that they simply can't address. Their blacksheeps they wont explain themselves to. The awful world of the unwanted with views which are different from the views of their masters on their television screens but the enslaved cant see the world like that and would sooner say that it is we who are enslaved to believing in David Icke but that's not really the case. The moons not a hologram, the queens not a reptile but some of the stuff that Icke says is so totally unquestionably true that its bizarre that people who at least pretend to have a moral compass seem to behave as if they just cant understand things that those with a moral compass would need no explanation about whatsoever.


I wish we could all be in a room together, not so much to plot and conspire and get all hateful at the world which has abandoned reason for the contraditions of huge mass marketing operations but just to be together in a big room and enjoy one anothers company in an environment where the blue pill people have no ability to enter. Just to see how we all got a long with one another in a crowd which was restricted to those who genuinely held the values they proclaimed. I think we would get on wonderfully.


This world and tins of beans though make the simplest social occasions difficult. Isn't that strange given how much everyone talks about unity, how it is the exploiter seeks to be unified with the exploited but should the exploited seek to get together free from the exploiters, suddenly theres issues, theres problems that seem to come from nowhere and anywhere such that the exploited have a hard time finding themself to just be together in a world which is filled with lies.


In the fake world, would you be condemned for saying the things you freely say in here in a world where these same values which are here but only whitewash and honey coverings in the real world. I would be condemned too. Yet the world presents itself as the opposite of this. As something that appreciates whistleblowers when really it wants to see them destroyed. A world which espouses social values but under the strict constraints so that only some derive the benefits that everyone is expexted to contribute freely to without question.


Looking around the rest of the world, its nice to see places like this where there are honest people saying honest things and its ironic that the truth is in the darkest corners which are hated by those who make themself a light but are no light at all but confusion that blinds all light and drives the light of truth into the margins of the world. If you are feeling unloved. I love you.


- Some random bloke on the internet.



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Love is the most powerful force in the universe. In the end all we want to take with us is the love we shared here. Not money or status or vengeance only the love we experienced here is all that matters. Let me explain why love is the most powerful force - With hate it is finite, hate people who have wronged you, hate a culture or religion, hate people because of their sexuality, hate hate hate... how ether sooner or later you run out of things to hate and if you are introspective you will find who you really hate is yourself. Now take Love, love family, love friends, love animals, love music... do you stop because you run out of love? Love is limitless, you never run out of love which is why it is the most powerful force in the universe.


Love is infinite

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Thanks for the post steph, its much apprichiated and i can understand your anger.

I dont think it is too far stretched when i say that you speak your mind on how you feel for a lot of people here on this forum.

We all have some issues with where the world is heading and would rather not go down that route. Unfortunatly it feels like we will face some very difficult times, which require a lot of effort from each and everyone to turn that arround.

But as you said, right now its incredible difficult to live with that, because so many simply seem to refuse to understand whats going on. I mean i wouldnt have a problem with that if it wouldnt cause such tremendous unrepairable damage for this and future generations and i already expressed my opinions on that elsewhere, that i have a hard time to forgive that.

Everyone that doesent want to inform themself now, is to me in part also responsible for the road we are heading.

However, since i personally cannot be absolutly sure if that road must be taken anyway, i also cannot ultimatly say what is right and what is wrong


I have a small Zen Story for that:


"A beautiful girl in the village was pregnant. Her angry parents demanded to know who was the father. At first resistant to confess, the anxious and embarrassed girl finally pointed to Hakuin, the Zen master whom everyone previously revered for living such a pure life. When the outraged parents confronted Hakuin with their daughter's accusation, he simply replied "Is that so?"

When the child was born, the parents brought it to the Hakuin, who now was viewed as a pariah by the whole village. They demanded that he take care of the child since it was his responsibility. "Is that so?" Hakuin said calmly as he accepted the child.

For many months he took very good care of the child until the daughter could no longer withstand the lie she had told. She confessed that the real father was a young man in the village whom she had tried to protect. The parents immediately went to Hakuin to see if he would return the baby. With profuse apologies they explained what had happened. "Is that so?" Hakuin said as he handed them the child. "


We are very quick to judge why things happen as they do, but never completly understanding them in their entirety.

All we have are viewpoints, points of attention. They might seem correct now, but turn out uncorrect later.

I just want to say, that in the end i have no certainty why things transpire.


In regards to love, it is in my belief that real love isnt found in the exterior, but only in yourself.

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Self-love, astral love and self sacrificial love was not what I meant.


I came from a planet where no one knew big words because we were all pedophiles and that word wasnt in the newspapers meaning the opposite of what it meant. I am not reffering to erotic love either and I am supposing that the people I am saying I love you to are of an age where my expression of felial affection for them doesnt specifically include or exclude felial love for children but if there are children who can read it then if you seem to fit the description of who I say I love you to, then yes, I love you to. I say that as a homophile, a gynaophile, a pedophile, infact I have felial affections for many peoples that the gutter press and its bastardisation of language make difficult to express. I must sound like Jacob Rees-Mogg attempting to provide clarity in a world filled with ignorance and perversion, yet I'm no Tory. If the miners had felial affection for one another and the police who crushed the unions had felial affections for one another, I was too young to know much about exploitation but I'm from the red side of a divide which all looks rigged by the blue side today. Funny to arrive in a surveillance state that could never happen here according to the people who were building it and yet theres people who dont know love. Maybe child abuse erotic love or maybe self-sacrificial love but just plain old felial love like the bond between a man and his dog, a football fan and his fellow supporters, parents who want to see their children thrive and children who want to prevent their parents from any suffering. This type of non-erotic, non-self sacrificial love has been eradicated from your planet?


Excuse me, I only went to pluto and I went there without leaving the earth. I'm sure I'm on the same planet I started on, a bit more revealled than it once was but if theres no felial love on the planet then I must be an alien from another world which is also called earth ... or I came from this planet right here and someones telling porkies and twisting the meaning of "i love you" into "i would die for any of you" which is a very dangerous type of love on a planet full of liars.

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I'll be honest, I gave out some love button likes before reading the thread in it's entirety but as I read downwards and came across those 'phile' words, I started to worry what I might have just ignorantly associated myself with by overlooking the details lol. I had to go back and re-read the posts within the thread thoroughly and make sure I understood the context.

After reading again and if I interpreted it correctly I support the message of unconditional love although I'm not necessarily good at it in practice.

I don't think it's necessarily that important to have to use or reclaim the usage of those words either to describe just for example our love for Macauly Culkin. I never knew the guy but I loved the kid's character growing up.

I loved what he represented, the whole idea of even being that kid too or being friends with a kid like that. Laying out all those traps for the bad guys, being the king of the house, eating trash, watching stuff I wouldn't be allowed to and defending the kingdom from those shady looking robbers.

I can see however if the script for the two Home Alone's was based on the foundation of this thread it would be a movie about transformation and restoring bonds. It would have all the same fun elements but with some justified resolutions.

Kevin and his family would get along better, in the end the robbers might become the protectors instead of just posing as the protectors. Like in the first movie where Pesci is at the family house as an officer to surveil the insecurity of the house. Maybe the pigeon lady in the second movie would've told Kevin something enlightening about why or how the robbers became the bad guys.

Maybe it had something to do with the old shovel guy, who felt responsible for killing Harry and Marv's parents accidentaly when he forgot to shovel their parents driveway one day because he was an alcoholic at the time and as a result they died in a car crash which left Harry and Marv with a rough upbringing in and out of foster care and on the streets.

Harry and Marv's rebellious bond might have been the only thing that kept them grounded in the world and through it they became the sticky bandits. To them, crime was the glue that held them together as a substitute for the lost love of their parents. Though it wasn't ideal it gave them some sort of stability to at least care for themselves.

Maybe the twist would be, that all of what I wrote was actually a load of bollocks. The pigeon lady and the shovel man are Harry and Marv's parents and they had to give them up for adoption because they were so young and didn't want to give them a crap life so they did what they thought was the right thing at the time. And the pigeon lady lied to Kevin so he wouldn't tell the robbers the truth in case they resented their parents for it. All because they would all rather be hated for a lie than loved for the truth.

Thankyou if you made it through, you can pay me some royalties if you want because as far as I'm concerned this story has been changed enough to be a movie of it's own. Home Atone


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