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What if Trump wins the Election after losing it?


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It's still going on. Team Trump is still fighting the election by way of the courts. I know this sounds like bad losers and its not the fact that I would love to make love to Kayleigh McEneny but the fact the GWB became president despite never actually winning the election. A judge appointed GWB as president in the 1999 election but people don't notice that. I bet the people who don't notice how corrupt "democracy" has always been would notice if I had my mouth over Kayleigh McEneny's squishy knickers but all the corrupt I'm in charge people making up the law as they go along. They don't notice any of that.


What if Trump won the election once the judiciary looked into all the fake votes but the media just didn't broadcast it and kept a fake narrative going that Joe Biden was the president despite the truth. This kind of stuff sounds very far fetched to people who believe their televisions would never lie to them. This is a situation which is now more absolutely more possible than me getting my gob on Kayleighs squishy knickers. Elected government's are meaningless in Europe and now in America its pretty much the same shit and this fake democracy thing is the very means by which laws are being created. No wonder people are losing their children to the state. No wonder cannabis smoking is a crime but encouraging a pregnant woman to kill her baby is okay.


Looks like morality is gone, but at least there's still secret dreams about me and Kayleigh. She is some bit of stuff isn't she. Even if she turns into a wrinkley old hag which she might well do looking at the hate flowin from her on this video she is still one very smart cookie the way she just handles arsehole journalists like shes moulding a piece a dogshit without getting her fingers dirty. I hope her knickers are white and smell wonderful. If not and I end up fulfilling my fantasies and it turns out shes a minger downstairs, I think I will go off politics entirely because nothing is as it seems.


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