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The New Age Movement

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You look at images of Mr. Icke in his younger years, as a greenhorn appearing on TV talk shows back in the '90s, and his face had a rose-tinted glow to it. This was before the shite hit the fan, when all the ridicule began. This "before" version of Mr. Icke appeared to me a bit New Agey and a wee naive, as if unaware at the time of what he was in for -- the subsequent and ultimate coming into his own and eventually not caring what others thought of him. We are to be grateful for this. To think of where some of us would be today had Icke's navel gotten the better of him.


After all, it was an age of navel-gazing and cloud-bursting, of stationary visionaries sitting around in the lotus position with their heads either in the clouds or in the sand, absent-minded of or indifferent to the outer reality (even if this only an illusion).


It is something I have always admired about Mr. Icke: his outer-directedness and grounded nature as a spiritual individual. I simply can't picture him sitting around all day staring at his belly button. He writes books. He gives lectures. Hosts videocasts. He's active and out and about attempting to raise public awareness.


In the book Lifting The Veil, Mr. Icke speaks of transformation within the physical world, and comments that he sees much of New Age spirituality as being nothing more than escapism. I couldn't agree more.


I wonder though, what has become of the overall insubstantial New Age Movement (NAM)? Has it long fizzled out or does it still linger with us? You don't hear much about it anymore, other than perhaps a few in their ivory towers, who are sitting back and awaiting benevolent ET saviors to appear on the world scene and to intervene in human affairs, just as many had once thought the year 2012 would be an eschaton event and usher in an age of global enlightenment.


Interestingly, Mr. Icke mentions in the afore-highlighted book of Henry Kissinger having been partly responsible for bringing about the New Age Movement. It does seem that it was created with the purpose of distracting large numbers of lotus-eating solipsists from the reality of what is going on around them in the news.


There are some evangelicals, meanwhile, who believe the NAM to be Luciferian and in league with the globalist agenda; as representing the "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation; of it one day becoming a one-world religion.

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There's no such thing as "New Age Movement". It's a huge umbrella(sweeping generalization) label that has generally been used( sneeringly) as a perjorative by those that dislike or disagree with the ideas and principles expressed by various groupings of people or individuals involved in spiritual/reality exploration, that apparently conflicts with their(apparently "Old Age Movement" groups or individuals) worldview/perspective. And since it's "new", that implies conflict with, or a superceding(better), progression from "The Old Age Movement"; supposedly established orthodoxy or ...something......older.....they apparently don't want people discarding or moving away from...

So, it's DANGEROUS. INSANE. EVIL. STUPID. Because such and such obviously insane and evil "New Age" deceiver said such and such things that seeeem to conflict or contradict MY, or MY grouping's beliefs. Burn them. Crucify them. For their and our own "good".


ps; escapism is Reasonable and Rational. It's the how-to, and that's up to *individuals* to decide. If you have a clue about the nature and construct of this "world", and if you have a clue of what this veil(this world IS THE VEIL=(EVIL)) is being SUPERIMPOSED OVER( The Real World), it won't take long to decide the fake has very limited value. Disillusionment is the solution. That is greatly feared and avoided.

"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it."

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They alternate back an forth with me,, they either call me a "religious nut"(automatic assumption) because I speak of Christ(trigger word), or they call me "new age" because I speak it in a way they don't understand or approve of.


The cross represents the narrow gate, between the "right" and "left", or "positive" and "negative". The neutral zone. Unbound. Leading back to Infinity.

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