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David Ickes Work Revealed in Disney Game!


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Kingdom Hearts. A game created by Disney and Square Enix. 

A beautiful, philosophical story between the battle of Light (the good) vs Darkness (the evil), in which it shows the might of love in contrast with hatred. 

I won’t go too much into details of all the complexities of the story’s and the meanings, but for individuals who are familiar with David Icke’s work, there is an undeniable similarity between the characteristics of the evil force in the game series and of that of which David refers to as ‘Archons’. Here’s a list of some similarities I have found:


1: The evil force in the game has the aim to take over worlds of ‘light’ by making the people succumb to negative emotions  through the use of their minions called “the heartless” (David calls these psychopaths responsible for chaos ‘heartless’).

2: The ‘bad guys’ responsible for the darkness is called ‘The Organisation’ (similar to David’s ‘The Cult‘) which has 13 members (a number which is significant, as David would say) also said to be absent of hearts, who are ruled by an elderly man with a white beard (David has stated the significance of old white-bearded men shown symbolically), his name is Xeahnort (an anagram for no heart with an x - all members of the organisation have an x in their name). 


3: These bad guys have a uniform of wearing a black cloak (again, another satanic symbolism mentioned by Icke). 


4: The leader of the organisation, reveals that he has the ability to possess others he sees as a fit ‘vessel’ to carry out his evil plans. (Like how the Cult use individuals of power as puppets)

5: Xeahnort’s weapon has a reptilian-like eye on it which is referred to as an ‘all seeing eye’ which apparently can see into future and past (reptilian of course, referring to ‘Archontic’ beings - and also the reference of time which ties into David’s points about Chronos - the white-bearded God of time. All seeing eye - common theme - illuminati for example). 

6: There are instances in the games whereby the Organisation fabricate reality in order to separate loved ones. (Matrix)


7: The organisation members can appear into and out of form at demand. 

There are also more similarities which I have not yet stated, but these are the main ones which I think are the most eye catching to Icke followers like me. 

It’s still a mystery to me why Disney seem to expose themselves through their own portrayal of evil characters!

Check out this article which speaks about the Kingdom Hearts and it’s satanic references in greater depth: 

Would be interested to know what you guys think about this. 





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In real life negative emotions tell you what is true.  They are instinctive reactions and are much more reliable than your programmed fake phoney smile.


The NWO comes only with smiles, politician smiles ... they say "we are equal", "we are free" ... whilst asset stripping your country, destroying your family education and culture, bringing foreigners into your land to destroy your power ... and still they smile and say "be peaceful don't be angry." It is not evil that comes angry with a hammer ... no it comes with a phD a scientist and an injection.   Somebody who punches you in the face is angry ... is real and you can be grateful to meet a real person whatever they do.

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