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Sonic Geometry

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The universe is frequency.  In sound terms, which is the basis of ‘physical’ reality, the whole universe is based on the frequency of F# major.  All you musicians out there will know the chords based on F# major.  Also, all musical instruments these days are tuned to the frequency of 440hz, which is the accepted norm.  Originally instruments were tuned to 432hz which is in resonance with the universe.  It is the Rockefeller’s that insisted that musical instruments be tuned to 440hz.  This way, all the music we play is out of sync with reality and helps to corrupt the frequency Of the planet and keep people trapped in a 3D frequency prison.


It is really worth your while to watch this series of videos to also understand the significance of the number 432.






https://www.sonicgeometry.com/  It will open your eyes!

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It wasn't the Rockefellers in the 1930s, nor was it Goebels.

440Hz was one of many standards long before then.

I like vintage saxophones, when buying one made before 1920 you have to check if it was made to 'low pitch' or 'high pitch'.

Low Pitch is 440Hz.

High Pitch is 457Hz.

Conn (major US manufacturer) were making only Low Pitch 440Hz saxophones from 1914.

You could buy a new High Pitch saxophone up to the 1930s if you really wanted one.

Martin (major US manufacturer) were definitely making Low Pitch 440Hz saxophones in 1907.

My 1925 Selmer Model 22 Soprano sax is Low Pitch.


As to the benefits of 432Hz, might be true.


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432 is also the heart frequency. The temple of Hathor in Egypt is tuned to 720, 1440, 432

All these numbers were massively important to my spiritual waking up along with the associated geometry shown in video one in that series.

Everything is frequency. We are beings of light and vibration.

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I found what I was looking for finally!


Frequency/sound made visible.



Checkout the books as well.


"Egyptian hieroglyphs began appearing in the sand, several of which are published in this study." INTERESTING!






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A7_CYM6.jpg Image 7


A9_CYM8.jpg Image 8


Images 7 & 8 are from a book SHRI YANTRA (Thames). Image 7 is a picture of an ancient Hindu image (mandala) called the Shri Yantra, that many believe to be the visual depiction of the sacred mantra “Om”. Image 8 is said to be an electronically enhanced tonoscope (a device much like Jenny’s instrument) image into which someone chanted “Om” through a microphone with the sound effecting the form of colored sand on a steel plate.




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How to remain as black sheep......

In another words, how not to get affected by the HIVE mind aka group mind/consciousness, group thought form which is harmful to you.


Print out or buy a Schumann Resonance pattern (7.83Hz) and place it in your room, carry it on you.

What it does is that you will be at one with the shape, its frequency so that your mind remains free from the influence of the hive mind set e.g. mind virus like political correctness, peer pressure. The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the Earth and if you are always entrained with the Earth frequency, you are protected. It is stronger than the hive mind.



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