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2 hours ago, eddy64 said:

i just followed the youtube video by the nhs.  in that you don't insert it that far.  i can see other people administering the test on you being a bit heavy handed though some are just not very skilled or just plain clumsy.  i just ordered a kit  from the nhs and had it delivered by amazon and followed the nhs video.  



i think you can diy it rather than the hospital do it, though not 100% sure on that :-   https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

I've just contacted my local hospital and was put through to the A & E department.

A nurse said that they go as far up the nose as they can and when I said 5 inches? she said yes.

So conflicting information from the NHS HM government video and those who are actually doing the test.

I will try to get  home testing kit.

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